Will Lisa Kudrow Sing ‘Smelly Cat’ On Rumored ‘Friends’ Broadway Reboot?

Lisa Kudrow must already be super annoyed with the bazillion Friends reunion inquiries that have been plaguing her since the finale aired ten years ago. And when Kudrow visited Conan O’Brien to promote her latest comedy Neighbors, she was again inevitably asked about a rumored Friends-related project.

Lisa initially talked to Conan about her early life in Vassar college, where she finished a degree in Biology. She also divulged a couple of awkward high school experiences she had preying on frat boys. But after a hearty conversation, the ever-curious Conan asked what many had been wanting to – is there really a Friends musical in the works?

“I don’t know”, said Lisa Kudrow, who played the eccentric Phoebe Buffay on the classic 90s sitcom. Appearing uncomfortable to actually answer anything Friends related, Kudrow said that she wouldn’t even be consulted if plans of a musical was really happening.


But when Conan asked Lisa Kudrow if Friends could work as a musical, Kudrow readily answered “sure”, much to the delight of hardcore fans who had been dying to see a reunion for years.

The host pointed out that Kudrow’s character, Phoebe, sang a lot of songs in the show, including the iconic Smelly Cat which had been a staple performance throughout the ten seasons. Although Lisa Kudrow said that hearing Smelly Cat being performed on stage might be “fantastic”, she did not definitely say if she would be (or want to be) a part of any of that.

Lisa Kudrow seems to be reluctant to reprise anything related to the sitcom. The only post-Friends instance that we found of her singing Smelly Cat was when she appeared with Courteney Cox on a benefit show, where she performed rather awkwardly her iconic song in front of thousands of fans.

But it isn’t just Smelly Cat that would potentially make the rumored musical a hit. Phoebe had other wonderfully hilarious songs featured on the show. A couple of her lesser known songs could also make this rumored Friends musical reboot a hit with the old-time fans. A fan favorite is Bisexuals, where she sang to a crowd of kids about complex sexual relations of adults.

A couple of months ago, Lisa Kudrow intimately revealed to Larry King the origins of Smelly Cat, which proves that the show that made her famous is still close to her heart despite the fact that she appears to seemingly distance herself from related projects.