Tax Day Freebies — Today’s the Day For Free Stuff!

Tax Day Freebies — Free Stuff For April 15, 2014.

Tax day freebies are perhaps the only redeeming aspect of April 15 every year. And while only a few organizations used to give out free items or services on tax day a few years ago, the number of tax day freebies now is growing into quite a list. Forbes has put some work into compiling some of the best tax day freebies for 2014 — but you better act fast.

Here are some of the best tax day freebies that will ease your pain (albeit slightly):

Orange Leaf Yogurt: Each of the 300+ Orange Leaf Yogurt establishments will essentially let you double the amount of yogurt you get for not a penny more than you would normally pay. This tax day freebie allows you to fill your cup for $4.15 (Get it? 4-15?) This is an average of about 50 percent off the normal cost. You have to visit the company’s Facebook page to get a coupon.

Arby’s: Not only is Arby’s a pirate’s favorite restaurant, but it also will be the favorite restaurant of anybody looking for tax day freebies thanks to the fact that it is giving away free curly fries. All you need is a coupon and we’ve got it here. Don’t say we never gave you anything.

Great American Cookies: What’s the best way to get out of your tax day funk? Eat a cookie. Great American Cookies is giving a free cookie to every man, woman, and child on April 15 as a tax day freebie. All you need to do is stop by a participating location.

Schlotzky’s: What’s better than a deli sandwich? A free deli sandwich. All Schlotzky’s restaurants are offering patrons a tax day freebie of “The Original” sandwich if they first purchase chips and a 32 oz. drink. Sure you have to pay a little bit, but the free sandwich makes it all worth it.

California Tortilla: This might be the most fun of all tax day freebies to claim thanks to the fact that the way to claim your prize is by approaching a cashier at the restaurant and saying: “Taxes, schmaxes.” Once you do this, you can get free chips and queso with any purchase at any California Tortilla location.

Hard Rock Cafe: If you have a great voice (or don’t mind making a fool out of yourself), you can visit a Hard Rock Cafe and sing for your supper. Simply choose a song, perform it on stage, and choose a tax day freebie entree from the restaurant’s new menu.

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Image via Schlotzky’s