Craigslist Killer: Miranda Barbour’s Father Said She Lied About Mass Murders

Craigslist killer Miranda Barbour claims she went on a spree, killing more than 22 people. However, authorities have found little evidence to support her claims. Barbour’s father, Sonny Dean, said is daughter is a compulsive liar.

Miranda Barbour and her husband Elytte are charged with the November 11, 2013, murder of 42-year-old Troy LaFerrara. The newlyweds reportedly met the victim by placing an ad on Craigslist. The advertisement reportedly offered “companionship” in exchange for money.

The victim and his killers reportedly met for the exchange. However, the meeting did not go as planned. LaFerrara was eventually found dead. Authorities said he was strangled and stabbed repeatedly.

Using cell phone and surveillance records, officials identified Miranda and Elytte Barbour as suspects. Three months after LaFerrara’s death, the Craigslist killers were arrested and charged with murder.

During a prison interview, Miranda claimed LaFerrara was not her only victim. She confessed to killing at least 22 people. The suspect showed little remorse, as she claims she only killed “bad people.”

Miranda claimed she was sexually abused as a child and became involved in a satanic cult at the age of 13. She said she also committed her first murder at the age of 13. She claims her murderous spree spanned numerous states throughout the last six years.

As reported by Hollywood Life, the Miranda provided chilling details about her alleged crimes:

“I knew something was bad inside me and the satanic beliefs brought it out. I embraced it… I would lure these people in… I studied them. I learned them and even became their friend. I did this to people who did bad things and didn’t deserve to be here anymore.”

Miranda Barbour claims she often lured her victims through Craigslist advertisements offering “companionship” in exchange for cash. She recalled killing at least 22 people. However, she eventually stopped keeping track.

Barbour also admitted stabbing Troy LaFerrara while her husband held a cord around his neck.

Following the unusual confession, Miranda’s father spoke out about her claims. Sonny Dean urged authorities to use caution, as his daughter “has a long history of extreme manipulation and dishonesty.”

Although he said Miranda “lives in a fantasy world,” he is unsure about one of her claims. Dean admitted his daughter ran away twice at the age of 13. As reported by Huffington Post, he said he cannot verify “what took place during either of those 48-hour periods.”

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for both Craigslist killers. In a letter to LaFerrara’s family, Dean said he supports capital punishment:

“I would stand side by side with you, take your hand, and silently pray that some good may come of this.”

Elytte and Miranda Barbour remain incarcerated pending their trials. Authorities are still investigating Barbour’s confession. Both Craigslist killers have obtained legal representation.