Darion Marcus Aguilar Identified As Mall In Columbia Shooter

Darion Marcus Aguilar has been identified as the Mall in Columbia shooter, Maryland police said on Sunday.

The shooting took place inside Columbia Mall in Howard County on Saturday. Police said Aguilar was found dead near ammunition and a shotgun. They also found a “crude” explosive device near the body.

Police said they tentatively identified Darion Marcus Aguilar as the Mall in Columbia shooter on Saturday, but would not release the man’s identity yet. Another media briefing scheduled for Sunday morning at 9:30 am.

Two people were killed in the shooting, who police identified as Brianna Benlolo, 21, of College Park, Maryland, and Tyler Johnson, 25. Both were employees of the Zumiez store where the shooting took place, police said.

Two others were injured in the shooting, though only one was directly related to the incident. One person suffered a gunshot wound to the foot, while two others had medical emergencies while rushing out of the mall, including one with a twisted ankle and another who suffered a seizure.

“This should not happen at the Columbia Mall,” McMahon told reporters. “This shouldn’t happen anywhere.”

But law enforcement sources later told news outlets that the shooting, which took place in a Zumiez store, was related to domestic issues. They did not note the relationship between Darion Marcus Aguilar and the victims.

Howard County Police Chief Bill McMahon police were initially unsure exactly how many shots were fired. Witnesses said they heard were many gunshots, and described a chaotic scene.

“They just kept shooting and it didn’t stop,” said one shopper, who said she helped some children get to safety.

“I work in Cartoon Cuts; I was downstairs getting a tea for my boss,” she said. “And all of a sudden I heard… it sounded like someone dropped something. And all of a sudden I see people fall, three people fall to the ground. And all I see is people going down to the floor and running.

“I just saw everybody run, so I ran.”

Police said Mall in Columbia shooting suspect Darion Marcus Aguilar died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.