November 19, 2013
Virginia State Senator 'Brutally' Stabbed, Son Shot Dead, Following Attack Inside Home

Virginia State Senator Creigh Deeds was brutally stabbed inside his own home, while Austin Gus Deeds, his 24-year-old son, was found shot dead at the scene.

It's been reported that Senator Deeds was found with stab wounds in his head and across his upper torso, and the 55-year-old has now been flown to a local hospital in Charlottesville. He is believed to currently be in a critical condition.

Gus was pronounced dead by paramedics, despite the best efforts of state troopers at the father's home. It's believed that Virginia State Police and Bath County, Virginia, sheriff's deputies sped to the incident after they received a 911 phone call on Tuesday morning. Upon their arrival, they found the tragic scene and tried to get both victims the medical treatment that they required.

Corinne Geller, Virginia State Police spokeswoman, confirmed these details earlier today. Geller said they are still searching for a motive, but they are not looking for any suspects at this point. She added that authorities are looking into the events as an attempted murder and suicide. Geller also didn't reveal where the call came from, who made the phone call, or other details surrounding the tragedy.

However, Geller confirmed that Creigh Deeds spoke to officers and investigators before he was taken to hospital for treatment, and after. It's now been confirmed that his family are at his bedside

Virginian governor, Bob McDonnell, the Republican senator who went up against Democrat Deeds during their pursuit of Virginia's Attorney General and Governor posts in 2005 and 2009 respectively, has since issued a statement describing Tuesday's events as "heartbreaking."

He added, "In this tough and sad time, our thoughts and prayers are with the Deeds family. The news from this morning is utterly heartbreaking. Creigh Deeds is an exceptional and committed public servant who has always done what he believes is best for Virginia and who gives his all to public service. He cares deeply about Virginia, and the people of Virginia care deeply for him."

Sen. Mark Warner, also took to Twitter to comment on the "stunning news," remarking, "I am praying for @CreighDeeds and his family at this very, very, difficult time." Terry McAuliffe, the Governor elect for the state, labelled it as a sad day for Virginia, before exclaiming, "We join people across the Commonwealth and country in wishing him a full recovery."

It's since been revealed that Austin Gus Deeds withdrew from The College of William & Mary in October, after the school confirmed that he had been studying there, off and on, since 2007.

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