Middle East Timeline

Op-Israel: Anonymous Strikes Israeli Sites, Israeli Hackers Hit Back


Anonymous, the hacking group that has exposed rapists, attacked corporate America and hit the Westboro Baptist Church may have met their match today. The group has a strong following among Arab hackers and today their wing launched Op-Israel. Op-Israel was an attack on Israeli governmental and private websites in the hope of disrupting the Israeli… Read more »

A YouTube Ban Expands Turkey’s Internet Crackdown

YouTube Ban in Turkey

A YouTube ban has been put in place by the Turkish government because of an audio recording leaked on the site. This seems to be business as usual for the Turkish government. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened in the past to shut down both YouTube and Facebook. An anonymous YouTube user posted… Read more »

Killed Jordanian Judge Threatened Israeli Soldiers, Witnesses Say


A Jordanian judge was shot dead by Israeli soldiers at the King Hussein Bridge after he allegedly threatened the troop with a metal bar and tried to grab the gun of one of the soldier, New York Times reports. According to Colonel Yaron Beit-On, officer-in-charge of the Israeli troops in the Jordan Valley, witnesses recounted… Read more »

Saudi Arabia Imposes Partial Ban On Energy Drinks

sports drink ban saudi arabia 1

Saudi Arabia issued Monday a partial ban on all energy drinks in the kingdom, Al Arabiya reports. The ban would prohibit the sales of energy drinks in government offices and hospitals. It would also prevent school canteens in Saudi Arabia from selling energy drinks to students and school personnel. The decision resulted from a cabinet… Read more »

Saudi Arabia To Unveiled Women: Don’t Go To Girls’ Schools

saudi students

Saudi Arabia’s education departments are implementing a new rule that will ban unveiled women from entering girls’ schools, Saudi Gazette reports. In a memo addressed to school principals, education departments in some regions of Saudi Arabia are mandating girls’ schools to abide by Islamic regulations. One of the entries in the memo is a rule… Read more »

Saudi Arabia Calls Emergency UN Meeting On Syrian War Crimes

Saudi Arabia calls for U.N. to address Syrian war crimes as cease fire is broken

Saudi Arabia, along with Turkey and Qatar, is requesting an emergency meeting of the United Nations General Assembly to deal with Syrian war crimes, according to a report by Kuwait News Agency. According to Al Arabiya News, the request was sent on Feb. 7 and cites “growing evidence of war crimes” as the reason why… Read more »

United States Would Overthrow Iran Gov’t If It Could, Says Khamenei

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei claims the US would overthrow Iran if it could

The United States has a “controlling and meddlesome” attitude towards Iran and would overthrow the Islamic republic’s government if it were capable of doing so. Or, at least, so says Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran on Saturday according to a report in The Guardian. The Ayatollah was giving a speech to commemorate… Read more »

Egypt Sees Deadly Violence On Revolution’s Third Anniversary [Video]

Cairo Sees Protester Deaths

On Saturday, Egypt was plagued by violent clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces, killing dozens and injuring many more. At least 29 died in the violence on Saturday, on what was the third anniversary of Hosni Mubarak’s removal from power in Egypt, the January 25 revolution. Those in Egypt who cheered the fall of… Read more »

Afghan Boy Accidentally Killed By US Troops

Afghan Toddler Dead By US Marine Fire

A four-year-old Afghan boy was gunned down by US Marines on Wednesday. Local police officials say that bad weather and poor visibility most likely led to the unfortunate accident. Despite the unintentional nature of the death, the incident only puts further strain on strained relations between Kabul and D.C. According to a public statement made… Read more »

Saudi Arabian Man To Get 80 Lashes, Jail Time For Tweet


A Saudi Arabian man is facing punishment in the form of 80 lashes from a whip. He’ll also get three months of jail and a hefty fine. The man’s crime? According to a Saudi Arabian court, the man, Naif Abdullah, defamed Kuwaiti singer Shams with a Twitter post. The official verdict finds the man guilty… Read more »

American And Iranian Forces Joining To Fight Al-Qaeda In Iraq? [Video]

Iran Iraq

Iran and the United States are taking their new found friendship to the next level, according to Israeli intelligence website Debkafile. The United States and Iran are both contributing troops to the effort to fight al-Qaeda in Iraq. Iraq is two weeks into a major operation in which they are targeting the jihadists who have… Read more »

Saudi Arabia Tries To Cut Jobless Rate By Kicking Out Foreigners

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is taking the direct approach when it comes to reducing unemployment. The Arab kingdom has simply been kicking foreign workers out so that native Saudis can take their jobs. However, the practice will work better in theory than reality, experts say and will have a far- reaching effect on economies throughout the Middle… Read more »

Bomb On Bus in Israel: Miracle – Nobody Hurt! [UPDATE]


A mid-sized bomb has exploded itself on an inter-city bus in Bat Yam, Israel. Miraculously nobody was injured. The Jerusalem Post reported that Passengers riding the 240 Bus in Bat Yam, Israel, noticed a suspicious package left in the Bus and alerted police. One of the passengers on the bus, David Papo, opened the bag…. Read more »

Syrian Civil War Bombing Death Toll 76, Rising In Aleppo

Saudi Arabia calls for U.N. to address Syrian war crimes as cease fire is broken

A bombing related to the Syrian civil war has produced a death toll of at least 76, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Monday. Army helicopters dropped something called “barrel bombs” on the rebel controlled city of Aleppo, impacting civilian areas of the city. Syrian President Bashar Assad uses his air force quite… Read more »

Drone Strike In Yemen Kills At Least 14, None Militants

Drone Strike Hits Wedding Convoy In Yemen

A US drone strike in Yemen on Thursday left at least 14 dead and injured at least 22. An unnamed security official says that none of the dead were wanted militant suspects. He calls the attack directed at a wedding convoy a “tragic mistake.” Two important tribal leaders were among those killed in the strike…. Read more »

Yemen Attack Led By Al Qaeda, 52 Killed [Video]

Yemen Attack Leads To Clashes In Capital

A militant attack in Yemen’s capital, Sana’a, resulted in 52 deaths on Thursday. At least seven victims were foreign nationals. The attack included two-stages, first a suicide car bomb and then a firefight with armed militants. Credit for the terror strike was claimed by the Yemen branch of al Qaeda, known as al Qaeda on… Read more »

Al Qaeda-Linked Terror Group Leader, Nasiruddin Haqqani, Killed

Nasiruddin Haqqani Terrorist Army

An Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist network leader, Nasiruddin Haqqani, was shot dead in Pakistan on Sunday. Unidentified gunmen attacked the senior commander on the street in the evening, killing him in a residential neighborhood of Islamabad. Haqqani’s death was confirmed by Pakistani Taliban leadership and an intelligence official, reports New York Post. Bystanders recall the shooting… Read more »

Iran Nuclear Talks End With No Deal, Though Officials Still Hopeful

Iran Nuclear Talks No Deal

Three days of intense talks about Iran’s nuclear program ended early Sunday with no deal. However, key players insisted that the process is moving in the right direction. Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif commented, “I think we are all on the same wavelength, and that’s important.” CNN reports that the inclusion of top diplomats like… Read more »

Israeli Airstrikes Blast Syrian Military Bases

Israeli Airstikes Target Syrian Missile Locations

Israeli airstrikes conducted on Wednesday were carried out on two military bases in Syria. The strikes were confirmed by U.S. officials to CBS News national security correspondent David Martin. The airstrikes both occurred near Damascus and the coastal city of Latakia. The presumed targets were missiles believed to be headed to Hezbollah militants. During the… Read more »

Saudi Arabia Warns Women Against Driving Ban Protest

Saudi Arabia Women Driving

Saudi Arabia warned women in the ultraconservative kingdom against challenging the male-only driving rules, saying that even supporting the protest online could be cause for arrest. The warning cam on the eve before a planned protest by Saudi women activists who obtained driver’s licenses abroad. The internet has been key to organizing the protest and… Read more »

Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan Kidnapped By Gunmen

Ali Zeidan Kidnapped

Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan was kidnapped by gunman while at a hotel in Tripoli before dawn on Thursday. The abduction was reportedly a response to a US operation in Libya over the weekend, which resulted in the capture of an al Qaeda operative, Abu Anas al-Liby. The Libyan government confirmed Zeidan’s kidnapping in a… Read more »