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Spanish Theatre Group Ingeniously Bypasses Tax Hike By Selling Porn

Primas de Riesgo Featured

When it comes to performing arts, it has seen an increase in popularity as of late. Thanks to more sociological, hard-hitting plays such as Rent, Wicked, and Book of Mormon, younger generations are now relating to the content and flocking in high numbers just to watch. The Inquisitr also reported on how performing arts are… Read more »

English School Misses Out On Top Rankings Because They Were ‘Too White’

English Middle School Too White

A middle school in the English town of Grimsby has missed out on Ofsted’s top grade after being judged “too white.” The school missed out on the “outstanding” grade due to inspectors classifying the school of not being multicultural enough despite the Grimsby population being 97 percent white. The school had been highly praised in… Read more »

Is The Islamic Salafist Movement The New Nazism In Germany?

Islamic State

Despite its recognition of being a terrorist organization by news outlets as well as governments around the world, the Islamic State has garnered a following of supporters for their cause not just in the Middle East, but in other countries as well. The Inquisitr has stayed up-to-date on these stories, including instances when people outside… Read more »

Vladimir Putin, Russians Celebrate His 62nd Birthday

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin, one of the most popular political figures the nation has ever had, celebrated his 62nd birthday Tuesday, and his nation celebrated with him. Taking a rare day off, Putin flew to Siberia where he spent his birthday in the wilderness he loves. The Russian people celebrated the day with tributes and… Read more »