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Breaking Bad Fan Convicted In Attempted Ricin Delivery

Man Found Guilty In Ricin Case

A Breaking Bad fan who ordered what he believed to be ricin from an undercover FBI agent has been found guilty of attempting to acquire a chemical weapon. Mohammed Ali, age 31, of Liverpool, claimed that his interest in ricin was sparked by its use in the TV show, where it was featured several times,… Read more »

Charged for Terrorism: Kiev Captures Alleged Russian Soldiers

Ukrainian military soldiers man a highway checkpoint against allegedly Russian insurgents, two of which might be charged for terrorism

Kiev has announced that a pair of allegedly Russian soldiers captured by the Ukrainian Security Service will be charged for terrorism. The two men facing terrorism charges are being detained in Shchastya, a small town near the Russian border. Ukrainian security chief, Vitaliy Naida, stated that the pair are linked to Russia’s foreign military intelligence… Read more »