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United Nations (UN) Chief Calls 1915 Armenian Slaughter An ‘Atrocity Crime’ – Refuses To Follow Pope Francis In Calling It ‘Genocide’

Armenian Slaughter

About 100 years ago, more than a million Armenians were slaughtered by Ottoman Turks. Despite the fact the event took place about a century ago, ill-fated feelings between Armenians and the Turks remain, especially during the time Armenians commemorate the event. The Inquisitr reported the latest on the century anniversary of the Armenian slaughter, including… Read more »

A Third Of Domestic Abuse Victims Are Male, Statistics Say


Statistics from the ManKind Initiative say that more than a third of domestic abuse victims are male, according to a report from the Independent. The stats were published in the newspaper after a man from Peterborough, UK, came forward with his own personal account of being a victim of abuse. Mark Brookes, Chair of ManKind… Read more »