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U.S. Troops May Aid Ukraine If NATO Demands

seps in ukraine

Due to recent situations with Russia and the Ukraine, United States military may be asked to help beef up support for allied Eastern European nations by NATO, meaning more of our soldiers could soon be heading overseas to face down our old adversary. In reply, U.S. Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove stated he wasn’t against… Read more »

Sarah Palin – Obama’s ‘Mom Jeans’ Don’t Match Up to Putin

Sarah Palin - Did she predict that Obama would fail when dealing with Russia?

Sarah Palin will never be confused with a Barack Obama supporter. The one-time Republican, Vice Presidential contender has pounced on the current situation in the Ukraine as an opportunity to criticize President Obama. Palin is of the belief that Obama’s weak image has emboldened world leaders to do as they please, such as Russia’s Vladimir… Read more »

United States Stands With People Of Ukraine, Says Secretary Kerry


The United States and European Union stand with the people of the Ukraine as they fight to choose their own alliances, separate from Russia, Secretary of State John Kerry said. A lot has happened in the last week in the Ukraine. The President and his cabinet have resigned amid violent daily protests, a controversial anti-protest… Read more »

Ukraine Protests: Prime Minister Calls It Quits Amidst Uproar

Peaceful protests turned violent after the Ukraine government enacted laws limiting protesters' rights to protest.

Ukraine protests: They began in November over President Viktor Yanukovych’s refusal to sign a trade deal that had been several years in the making with the European Union – choosing instead to accept a hefty and unpopular bailout from Russia. For the most part, the demonstrations were peaceful until after January 16, when the Ukrainian… Read more »

Ukraine Protesters Call Temporary Truce After Deadly Clashes [Video]

Ukraine Crisis Pauses For Second Round Of Talks

Ukraine protesters agreed to a mutual truce Thursday after clashing with police since Sunday. Both sides expect the peace to last only a few hours. Despite this, government opposition leaders are meeting with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych for a second attempt at coming to a peaceful solution. Three anti-government group figures are meeting with the… Read more »

Queen Elizabeth II Gives Prince Charles Added Responsibilities


Queen Elizabeth II is reportedly giving more responsiblities to her son and heir to the British throne, Prince Charles. Could this be a sign that the 87-year-old is getting step down on behalf of her son soon? Not a chance according to experts, however, the second-longest reigning monarch in British history is certainly realizing she… Read more »

Buckingham Palace Intruder Sentenced To 16 Months In Jail


The Buckingham Palace intruder who jumped a barrier with a six-inch knife in his hand has been sentenced to 16 months in jail. Last October, 44-year-old British citizen David Belmar — who has mental health problems — attempted to see Queen Elizabeth II without an audience. Belmer allegedly told authorities that he went to Buckingham… Read more »

Apollo Theatre Collapse In London Leaves Dozens Injured

Apollo Theatre collapse leaves dozes injured in London

A balcony in the Apollo Theatre collapsed in London on Thursday, leaving dozens injured, seven of which were seriously hurt. A house packed with theatergoers in London’s West End was supposed to be enjoying the hugely popular mystery The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time. Instead, one of the balconies in the historic… Read more »

Stonehenge Gets $44 Million Renovation, New Visitor Center To Open

Stonehenge gets a renovation, complete with visitor center

Stonehenge has undergone a $44 million (£27 million) renovation that includes a new visitor center to be opened Wednesday. Visitors will be transported about a mile and a half from the center to the stones via shuttle bus. They also have the option to walk down a newly-reconnected ancient processional approach. The center will feature… Read more »

Ukraine Riots Tense After Police Crackdown [Video]

Kiev Rioters Claim Victory After Police Disperse

The Ukraine riots continue after well-armed police withdrew from Kiev’s Independence Square, or Maidan. A court ruling announced Tuesday night found the protesters in violation of the law. Soon after police in riot gear began pushing on the entrenched anti-government demonstrators camped in the Ukraine capital. Tuesday night police were seen tearing down barricades erected… Read more »

Police In Glasgow Say Helicopter Pub Crash Killed Eight [Video]

Glasgow Police Say Eight Died In Helicopter Pub Crash

Police in Glasgow say that the number of dead has risen to eight after a police helicopter crashed into a crowded pub late Friday. Rescue crews are now digging through the partly destroyed building, hoping to save trapped survivors. Authorities say that 14 people have been taken to area hospitals for injuries. As reported by… Read more »

Pink Star Diamond Sells For Record $83 Million At Auction

Pink Star diamond sells for record $83 million

The Pink Star diamond has sold for a record $83 million at auction in Geneva. The diamond was sold to New York diamond cutter Isaac Wolf, who renamed the gem the Pink Dream. The $83 million price tag included Sotheby’s commission. The winning bid was for $74 million (68 million Swiss francs). “Ladies and gentlemen,… Read more »