Canada Timeline

Forest Fires in Canada: 13,000 Forced To Evacuate

Blazing Forest Fires in Canada

More than 200 forest fires in Canada forced over 13,000 residents in various provinces of the country to flee for their safety. Smoke from the wildfires has affected areas in the United States as well, with Wisconsin’s News8000 reporting that smoke from the fires in Canada has been seen in the Great Lake state. The… Read more »

Canada’s F-35 Fighter Jet Purchase Plan Draws Scorn


Plans by the Canadian military to purchase F-35 fighter jets from Lockhead Martin Corp. is drawing scorn from the country’s lawmakers, who are asking how purchasing the planes from an American company would benefit the Canadian economy. According to a June 5 article by Reuters, the Canadian military plans to purchase 65 of the F-35… Read more »

Stealth Snowmobiles Being Tested By Canadian Military

Silent Snowmobile In Canada

There is a lot of snow in Canada, which might explain why the Canadian military is currently test driving a $620,000 stealth snowmobile. The snowmobile is part of the military’s plans for clandestine operations in the Arctic. Creating a stealth snowmobile isn’t a simple undertaking. To keep noise levels down while still providing speed, the… Read more »

Quebec Train Explodes, Town Center Reportedly Destroyed [Video]

Quebec train explodes

A freight train reportedly carrying crude oil or other petroleum products exploded in the center of Lac-Megantic, Quebec, Canada at around 1 AM on Saturday morning. The aerial photo above taken by province police shows the extend of the devastation, which occurred after the train derailed — causing four of the train’s 73 cars to… Read more »

Millions Of Honeybees Found Dead [Report]

millions honeybees dead

Millions of honeybees are dead in a new colony collapse disorder crisis being reported from Ontario, Canada. And that’s on a single farm in Elmwood, Canada. Depending on the reports you read, 30 million, 37 million, or even 40 million honeybees may already be dead — a reflection of the expanding numbers as the crisis… Read more »

Two Charged In Canada Day Bomb Plot

2 Arrested In Canada Day Bomb PlotCanada Day Bomb Plot

A British Columbia man and woman have been charged with conspiring to carry out a terrorist attack. Police say explosive devices were placed outside the province’s legislature on Canada Day, where thousands were gathered for the national holiday according to CTV News. Amanda Marie Korody, 30, and John Stewart Nuttall, 39 — both of Surrey,… Read more »

‘Canada Bans Masks’ Law Goes Into Effect

Canada bans masks

The “Canada bans masks” law that makes it a serious felony to wear a mask during an unlawful assembly is now Canadian law. Conviction can carry a prison sentence of as much as ten years. According to a CBC report, Bill C-309 was proclaimed law during a ceremony in the Canadian Senate Wednesday. The debated… Read more »

400-Year-Old Skeleton Unearthed In Canada Costs Couple $5,000

400 year old skeleton unearthed in Canada

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada — A Canadian couple who wanted to build a fence unearthed a 400-year-old skeleton in their backyard. Ken Campbell was digging fence post holes in his backyard when he came across a couple of bones two weeks ago. He put them aside thinking they belonged to an animal until his wife Nicole… Read more »

Reston, Manitoba Selling $10 Plots Of Land

reston, manitoba

Looking for some cheap land? If you’ve got $10, you can buy a plot of land in Reston, Manitoba. The Canadian town, which currently has about 550 residents, is trying to entice people to set up homes in the town to build its economy. The Daily Brew reports that the town is currently experiencing a… Read more »

Canada Money Controversy: Bank Apologizes For Racial Change To $100 Bill

Canada Money Controversy: Bank Apologizes For Racial Change To $100 Bill

A Canadian money controversy is brewing after the nation’s central bank gave into racial pressure to change an image on its $100 bill. The bill originally featured an Asian-looking scientists peering through a microscope, but that came under fire from eight focus groups conducted across Canada, AFP reported. The bank changed the image to a… Read more »

Bridge Between Detroit And Canada Shut Down After Bomb Threat

Ambassador Bridge Shut Down Over Bomb Threat

Detroit, MI – The Ambassador Bridge, the busiest crossing between Canada and the United States was shut down on Monday evening after someone called in a bomb threat. Confirmation of the threat was given by Detroit International Bridge Company president Dan Stamper. In a statement regarding the Ambassador Bridge bomb threat Stamper noted: “We take… Read more »