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Australian Arrested For Fatally Raping And Assaulting A Toddler

Child Abuse & Rape

In what could be described as one of the most gruesome and inhuman crimes, a 23–year old Australian man has been arrested with charges of fatally raping and assaulting a child. While cases of child abuse are unfortunately very common, this attack was on a mere 2 year old child. Australian police arrested the man… Read more »

Monster Great White, Dubbed ‘Joan Of Shark’, Closes Australian Beach

Australia great white shark 'Joan of Shark'

A monster 16-foot Australian great white, which the locals are calling “Joan of Shark,” was detected by a satellite monitoring device dangerously close to the country’s southwest coast, forcing authorities to close a popular beach. The electronic tag attached to the Australian shark sent signals alerting beach-goers to stay out of the waters on Wednesday…. Read more »

Crocodile Attack: One Boy Injured, Another Missing


A crocodile attack in a remote part of the Australian Outback has left one boy injured and another boy missing. Reports state that the attack happened Sunday while a group of children had been swimming in a water hole. CNN stated that police officers and park rangers have been actively searching for the boy since… Read more »

Shark Attacks And Kills Teen Body Boarder Off Australian Coast

Shark Attacks Teenage Boy

A teenage body boarder was killed after being attacked by a shark off of Australia’s east coast. This is the second shark attack that has ended in a fatality this month. The Inquisitr reported that a surfer was attacked and killed by a shark off of the west coast of Australia exactly one week ago… Read more »

Australian Man Earns Bravery Award For Pulling Shark Off Victim

Australia man earns bravery award

An Australian man received a bravery award Monday for pulling a 12-foot great white shark off a victim amidst a cloud of blood. Trevor Burns, 50, earned the Star of Courage for rescuing Elyse Frankcom, 19, off the southwestern coastal town of Rockingham, according to the Associated Press. In 2010, Frankcom was a guide showing… Read more »

Shark Hero Who Saved Toddlers Sacked Because He Was On Sick Leave

Shark Hero Who Saved Toddlers Sacked Because He Was On Sick Leave

A British tourist who wrestled a shark away from toddlers on an Australian beach has been sacked after returning home because he was on sick leave. Paul Marshallsea, a 62-year-old charity worker from Wales, was hailed as hero back in January when he grabbed hold of the shark’s tail as it swam towards toddlers playing… Read more »

Gay Mardi Gras Draws 300,000 People To Australia

Gay Mardi Gras - Australia

Gay Mardi Gras was held this weekend in Sydney, Australia where the annual event attracted more than 300,000 people who stood beside politicians, military personnel, and other supporters of the Australian LGBT community. Held on Saturday night, the event included 108 floats which were supported by 9,000 revelers. Gay Mardi Gras began its annual event… Read more »

Great White Shark Kills Man In New Zealand

great white shark

A man in New Zealand was killed today by a great white shark off the coast of Muriwai beach in New Zealand. Reuters reports that police tried to save the man by firing guns at the shark during the attack. Despite their efforts, the man died in the shark attack. An eye witness said: “We… Read more »

Homemade Cakes Banned In Australian Schools

homemade cakes banned

Knox council in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne has placed a ban on children bringing homemade cakes to school to share in classroom birthday parties. The West Australian reports the action being taken by the council are a health and safety measure to ensure all food shared in the classroom meets suitable food hygiene standards… Read more »

Gender Change Allowed For 12-Year-Old Child

Australian boy raised a girl starts gender change

A 12-year-old Australian child has been permitted to start using drug therapy to begin the gender change process. The child, known only as “Jodie,” was born male but has been raised as a girl since early childhood. The Courier Mail reports the Family Court of Australia has given permission for Jodie to start using puberty… Read more »

Screaming Children Banned From Australian Mall

Food Court

Sydney, Australia – Parents have been asked to keep their screaming and noisy children out of an area shopping center. After receiving complaints from several customers about unruly children, managers at the Dee Why Grand mall have asked parents to keep their kids under control during their visit to the food court. If they refuse… Read more »

Baby Toted To Safety In Gym Bag While Flood Waters Rise [Video]

When flood waters rose, rescuers lifted a toddler to safety in a gym bag.

Australia – With the floods and heatwaves taking Australia by storm, one 14-month-old made headlines after being rescued from the back of a pickup truck caught in flood waters near Biloela. The tyke was stranded with his mother and her friend when the truck got stuck in rapidly rising waters. When the helicopter rescuers came,… Read more »