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Why Is Yingluck Shinawatra Being Impeached By Thailand’s Military Junta?

Yingluck Shinawatra Thailand

Yingluck Shinawatra might have thought the worst had already come when she was thrown out of the Thai prime minister slot in May last year, but Thailand’s military government is now pressing the former prime minister even harder. The junta — who have been in power since overthrowing Yingluck’s successor weeks after her departure —… Read more »

China Blocks U.S. Imports Because Of GMO Contamination

Hay Fields

Last year, many countries took a stance against genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The Inquisitr reported on the latest pertaining to such news, including Russia making it illegal to import or grow GMOs in the country. The United States is starting to take a more aggressive stance against GMOs too. Just recently, Maui County in Hawaii… Read more »

North Korea: Kim Jong-Un’s Sister Marries Senior Official’s Son


Reports have confirmed that the sister of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un tied the knot last week with the son of a senior official of the Worker’s Party. Kim Jong-un’s younger sister, Kim Yo-jong, has reportedly married the son of one of the most trusted officials in North Korea, Cho Ryong-Hae, confirmed New York Times Friday…. Read more »

Japan Earthquake Of 6.7 Magnitude Rocks Olympic Village [Video]

Japan Earthquake Of 6.7 Magnitude Rocks Olympic Village

A Japan earthquake rocked the mountainous area of central Japan that hosted the 1998 winter Olympics. The earthquake was a magnitude of 6.7. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, some scientists are warning that Japan could be in for a catastrophic volcanic eruption that would make Japan practically “extinct.” “It is not an overstatement to… Read more »

Chinese Government Does Not Tolerate Muslim Jihad, Executes 13 Terrorists

Muslim Jihadist

Worldwide Islamic terrorism has become one of the biggest issues for many nations, especially when it comes to being a threat to a country’s homeland security. The Inquisitr has been up-to-date when it comes to the latest Islamic terrorist activities, primarily from the Islamic State. Apparently, the Islamic State intercepted an air drop of weaponry… Read more »

No More Vacations To North Korea, Ebola Scare Forces Tourism Ban

Keeping out ebola virus

The Ebola virus hysteria has claimed another victim: North Korea’s tourism industry. The reclusive kingdom has barred all foreign tourists from entering the country out of fear of Ebola, according to tourist agencies specializing in North Korea. Two Beijing-based tourist agencies, Young Pioneers Tours and Koryo Tours, both issued statements saying that tourists would not… Read more »