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Woman With Monster Cyst — Includes Apparent Human-Like Features

Woman With Monster Cyst — Includes Apparent Human-Like Features II

Michelle Tolentino has an unusual-but-potentially-probable medical condition. This woman has developed a monster-sized cyst, and it has human-like features. Philippines — It’s reported by ABS-CBN News that Michelle’s condition is one that can happen to many women. As stated by research gained from the news network’s Bandila Extra program, it’s a dermoid cyst. This medical… Read more »

China Gears Up For World War III

China gears up for World War III

Nuclear missiles with multiple warheads, anti-ship missiles, and man-made islands are all evidence China is increasing its military ambitions, and the United States isn’t happy about it. The latest confrontation between the United States and China happened this week after an American spy plane was warned away from Chinese man-made islands eight times, according to… Read more »

Philippines Factory Fire: 72 Workers Killed In Massive Blaze

Massive Blaze

A Philippines factory fire left 72 people dead and several others injured. Authorities confirmed the victims were employees at the Kentex Manufacturing Corp., which produces rubber slippers. Although the details are unclear, officials confirmed the workers were trapped inside the building and were unable to escape. As reported by CNN, the Philippines factory fire was… Read more »

Japan Could Face Mega Earthquake In The Near Future

Magnitude 9.0 Earthquake And Tsunami Devastate Northern Japan

Japan could face another mega earthquake, according to researchers in Japan, who have detected and traced shallow tremors under the ocean floor. It is the first time this technique has been used to predict earthquakes. Japan is located in the most powerful seismic network in the world — having dealt with a devastating magnitude-9.0 earthquake… Read more »

Wish To Help Nepal Earthquake Victims? Here’s How You Can Do Your Bit

Donate to help Nepal Earthquake victims

The massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal earlier today has resulted in tremendous loss of life and has destroyed billions of dollars worth of property and infrastructure. Current estimates put the death toll at at least 1400 people. Countless others are either injured or unaccounted for. The death toll, like in many other earthquakes,… Read more »