Africa Timeline

Two Ugandan Men To Face Court On Homosexuality Charges


Two Ugandan men are expected to defend themselves in court after being charged for homosexuality. A 24 year old businessman, Kim Mikusa, was charged with “having sexual knowledge of a person against the order of nature” after prosecutors confirmed Wednesday that they have gained enough evidence against him and Jackson Makusa, who is 19 years… Read more »

United Nations Base In Sudan Attacked, 58 Killed, 100 Injured

UN Peacekeepers

A United Nations base in South Sudan was attacked, leaving 58 people killed and another 100 people injured during the attack. According to the Washington Post, an angry mob of youths attacked the United Nations peacekeeping mission’s camp in Bor in Jonglei state on Thursday. Ethnic Nuers, about 5,000 of them, fled there after fighting… Read more »

South Africa, Rwanda Feud Heats Up With Expelled Diplomats

South Africa and Rwandan feud heats up

South Africa and Rwandan relations have taken a turn for the worst as both countries have expelled the others’ diplomats. The feud, which is rapidly escalating is over the murder of a former Rwandan government official who was killed in South Africa’s capital of Johannesburg three months ago. Bloomberg news reports that Rwanda’s foreign minister… Read more »

Nigerian School Attack: Islamist Militants Burn Students To Death


A Nigerian school attack staged Tuesday by the Islamist group Boko Haram resulted to the death of 59 students in Yobe state in Nigeria, Reuters reports. Some of the victims were reported to have been burned alive by the attackers. The Nigerian school attack happened in the Federal Government College of Buni Yadi. All of… Read more »

South Africa Political Rally Turns Ugly

South Africa political rally turns ugly

South Africa’s opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, staged a protest rally Wednesday in downtown Johannesburg that produced more than a little tension on both sides. The march is a precursor to the South African general elections scheduled for May 7th. The Democratic Alliance marched with the intention of sending a message to the current ruling… Read more »

Nelson Mandela $4.1 Million Estate To Be Split Among Family, Staff, Schools

Nelson Mandela will

Former South African President Nelson Mandela left around $4.1 million to his family, former staff, schools, and the African National Congress (ANC), the reading of his will revealed on Monday. During a news conference one of the will’s executor Dikgang Moseneke said the estate was valued at 46 million rand ($4.1 million), excluding royalties. The… Read more »

South Africa: Hundreds Of Endangered Animals Found Dead At Airport

South Africa: Hundreds of Animals found dead at airport

Hundreds of amphibians and reptiles have been found dead, crammed in crates at South Africa’s International Airport, officials said on Friday. Authorities are investigating whether any laws were broken in South Africa after approximately 400 amphibians and reptiles have died of dehydration and improper shipping, according to animal inspectors. The animals were found in crates… Read more »

South Africa: Rare 29.6 Carat Blue Diamond Found In Mine

Rare 29.6 Carat Blue Diamond

A mining company says it has found a rare blue diamond in a South Africa mine. Petra Diamonds says the 29.6 carat diamond came from the Cullinan mine, the source of some of the world’s most famous diamonds according to ABC News. Petra also operates mines in Botswana and Tanzania and the company has previously… Read more »

Lesego Motsepe Dies: HIV Positive Actress Found Dead In Her Home

Lesego Motsepe, a popular South African soap opera actress, passed away in her home on Monday.

Lesego Motsepe was found dead at her home in Randburg, South Africa on Monday. Motsepe starred on SABC3‘s popular television soap opera, “Isidingo”, from 1998 to 2008. Playing the role of Letti Mattabane, she was adored by fans. Lesego Motsepe, 39, also revealed a secret prior to her death. The beautiful South African actress had… Read more »

Boko Haram Islamic Terrorists Kill 12 At Christian Wedding In Nigeria

Boko Haram Victims

A Boko Haram terrorist attack by militant Islamists has killed 12 at a wedding in Nigeria. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Boko Haram has caused much suffering in the past. Several months ago the Islamists killed 42 children in a school. Unfortunately, the jihad continued to target schools in a war on Nigerian students…. Read more »

Nigeria Destroys 240,000 Bottles Of Beer For Being Against Islamic Law

Nigeria Destroys 240,000 Bottles Of Beer For Being Against Islamic Law

Nigeria destroyed nearly a quarter million bottles of beer in a strike against behavior that violates strict Sharia Islamic law. The crackdown happened in the city of Kano, where police enforcing Islamic law destroyed close to 240,000 bottles of beer. The beer had been taken from trucks entering the city in the past few weeks…. Read more »

M23 Rebels Crushed By Congo Army, Hutu Rebels Are Next

M23 Rebels Crushed By Congo Army, Hutu Rebels Are Next

The Democratic Republic of Congo army claims they “crushed” the M23 rebels during a recent battle. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the United Nations reports many massacres in the Congo by rival warring groups. The M23 rebels are reputed to be a movement of mutineers from the Congo army. The uprising allowed other rebel… Read more »

Zimbabwe Elephant Poisoning Death Toll Reaches 300

Zimbabwe Elephants Poisoned Park

Zimbabwe’s elephant poisoning death toll rose past 300, according to a wildlife conservation group. Other animals have also been killed in the massacre, due to cyanide poisoning by poachers. The deaths are happening in Hwange, and they were first discovered by a group of hunters who flew over the area, according to Johnny Rodrigues, chairman… Read more »

Al Qaeda Most Wanted Captured In Libya During US Raids

Al Qaeda msot wanted captured by US in daring raids

One of the most wanted Al Qaeda terrorists was captured in Tripoli, Libya on Saturday according to reports from officials. Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai, known as Anas al-Libi is suspected in the 1998 African embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. A three car convoy of US special forces grabbed Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai outside his home in… Read more »

Kenya Mall Attack Torture Claims Begin To Emerge

Kenya Mall Torture Reports

The Kenya mall attack left many dead, and more terrified as the al-Shabab terrorists ran through not only looking to kill, but according to new evidence, to torture and mutilate their victims. According to USA Today, the terrorists who seized the Kenyan shopping mall for four days tortured, maimed and mutilated some of their 67… Read more »

Blast Targets Benghazi On Anniversary Of US Consulate Attack

Blast Benghazi No Casualties

A massive blast hit Benghazi on Wednesday morning, just one year after the US Consulate was attacked by al Qaeda militants. Four Americans died in the attack. The blast was the result of a car bomb, which exploded outside a Foreign Ministry building in the Libyan city, according to state media. There were no casualties… Read more »

Dalga, Egypt Torched By Muslims, Christians Threatened With Death

Dalga, Egypt Torched By Muslims, Christians Threatened With Death

Dalga, Egypt – Muslims favoring Morsi took over the town of Dalga in Egypt after ex-President Mohammed Morsi was removed from power. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Egypt ousted Mohammed Morsi with the help of the military, an action that was popular with the majority of the Egyptian people. Mohammed Morsi will stand trial… Read more »