Africa Timeline

Watch Up Close & Personal Attack By Great White Shark [Video]

great white shark

A woman in South Africa filmed a scary incident where a great white shark tried to bite its way through the viewing cage she was in at the time. Cue that famous Jaws theme and watch the footage here. People can probably be forgiven if they are starting to think that the vicious toothy predator… Read more »

The Hashtag That Is Changing The World’s View of Africa

The hashtag that is changing the world's view of Africa is sweeping Twitter.

Young Africans have used the hashtag #TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou to post photos of the home they know and love in hopes to change the world’s view of the continent. The effort by Africans to show the world the real Africa was fostered to outshine the usual media portrayal of a desert land comprised of hungry children of… Read more »

Armed Police Flood To Protect Tourists Following Tunisia Attack

Armed police have started patrolling resorts in Tunisia.

Resort towns in Tunisia are on high alert following the terror attack on Friday which left 39 dead, with Reuters reporting a highly-increased police presence in resort towns. Tourism is a vitally important industry for Tunisia, and it is feared that the beach attack, coupled with the attack earlier this year on tourists in Tunis,… Read more »