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“End the ECB Dictatorship!” Protester Jumps Onto ECP President’s Desk And Attacks Him With Confetti [Video]

Confetti 'attack'

Mario Draghi’s European Central Bank press conference was dramatically interrupted today by a confetti-throwing female activist who was protesting against the ECB’s policies. Shortly after Draghi’s opening remarks, the woman shouted “End ECB dictatorship!” as she jumped onto his table wearing a T-shirt that offered an obscene version of her chant, and threw confetti in… Read more »

United Nations (UN) Chief Calls 1915 Armenian Slaughter An ‘Atrocity Crime’ – Refuses To Follow Pope Francis In Calling It ‘Genocide’

Armenian Slaughter

About 100 years ago, more than a million Armenians were slaughtered by Ottoman Turks. Despite the fact the event took place about a century ago, ill-fated feelings between Armenians and the Turks remain, especially during the time Armenians commemorate the event. The Inquisitr reported the latest on the century anniversary of the Armenian slaughter, including… Read more »

Ghandi: Adolf Hitler And Nazi Regime No Worse Than British Imperialism

Adolf Hitler and Mahatma Ghandi

Adolf Hitler infamously led the German Nazi party and ruled the country from 1934 to 1945. Under Hitler Germany was transformed from a republic into the Third Reich. Hitler led a single-party dictatorship based on the totalitarian and autocratic ideology of National Socialism. Adolf Hitler aimed to eliminate Jews from Germany and was responsible for… Read more »