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Only in San Francisco: New Startup Company Offers To Take Out The Trash

San Francisco Startup Offers to Take Out the Trash

The San Francisco Bay Area in California is the birthplace and melting pot of the world’s startup community. In this techie supercenter, residents can now pay to have their groceries delivered, their restaurant meals delivered, and their dry cleaning delivered, among other things. Now, a new San Francisco startup is offering to take out the… Read more »

Digit Is The App For Anyone Who Stinks At Saving Money

Digit App Saves You Money

The Digit App went live on Thursday, and if you’re one of those people who doesn’t have the discipline to save money on your own, this could really change everything about your life. Most people mismanage their money in little ways that add up, thus convincing them that they don’t have the ability to save…. Read more »

Magic Leap: Mystery Virtual Reality Tech Gets $542 Million From Google And Others

Magic Leap's tech reportedly uses infared cameras to make their computer generated images go both in front of, and behind, naturally occuring objects.

Magic Leap Inc., a startup working in the augmented reality and virtual reality sectors, just secured funding from Google and other interests totaling over half a billion dollars, leading to intense speculation about the nature of the company’s technology, which some are describing as revolutionary. According to Mashable, the investment was announced on Tuesday. Along… Read more »

Is Medical Marijuana Delivery Coming To Your University?

Marijuana Delivery

Medical marijuana delivery might be coming to your university, assuming of course you attend the University of Washington in Seattle. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, two 19-year-old students at the university plan to launch a smartphone application next month that will let you “get cannabis delivered right to your doorstep.” Trippy, right? The app is… Read more »

Kim Dotcom’s MEGA Launches Firefox Extension

Mega Firefox Add-On

Kim Dotcom and the team at MEGA have launched a Firefox add-on that allows users to easily upload their files to the new file storage platform. The browser extension has already been “preliminary reviewed” by Mozilla and has been labeled as “secure and invisible.” Firefox users who have already registered with MEGA will be prompted… Read more »

Pentagon Building Its Own Military Version Of Reddit

Eureka Reddit

Reddit has blossomed into one of the largest website destinations in the world and through its use may social issues have been addressed, friendships have been formed and problems have been solved. It’s the latter outcome of Reddit that has led the Pentagon into building a Defense Department-approved version of Reddit called “Eureka.” The new… Read more »

Übi Turns Any Surface Into A Touchscreen Using Microsoft Kinect

Ubi Touchscreen On The Wall

Startup company Übi is using Microsoft Kinect technology in a new and exciting way that could point to the future of business and school based presentations. By connecting its own software and hardware to the Kinect system and a computer Übi has managed to turn any surface into an interactive touchscreen. Based out on Munich… Read more »