Automotive Timeline

Corvette Sales Screech To A Halt Due To Serious Issues


New Corvette models have a pair of problems which need to be addressed as soon as possible, and General Motors dealers have been told to stop the sales of the vehicles until the situation is under control. According to Newsmax, General Motors admitted on Thursday that it was stopping the sales of 2015 Corvettes from… Read more »

Dodge Viper Gets Huge $15-30k Price Cut To Spur Lagging Sales

2015 Dodge Viper

The Dodge Viper is an iconic American muscle car with five generations of history and legendary power. The current-generation Viper, however, has not been selling well despite being America’s premier hand-built pavement screamer. For the 2015 model year, the Dodge Viper sees a $15,000 price cut in order to lure buyers to the car as… Read more »

2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoosted Fuel Economy Is… Yawn

Ford Mustang EPA numbers

Some leaked window stickers for the 2015 Ford Mustang show the estimated EPA fuel economy for the highly-anticipated pony car in both it’s EcoBoost four-cylinder and V6 engine options. The one most Ford Mustang enthusiasts wonder about is the tiny 2.3-liter inline-four cylinder EcoBoost engine that is a first for the car. Well, sort of… Read more »

3 Wheels, 1 Door, Unbelievably Low Price – Examine The Elio Equation

Elio with 3 wheels

Elio Motors is a startup automotive manufacturer currently located in Louisiana. They’ve been promoting their self-named car with 3 wheels for several years, but have recently been getting noticed thanks to prototypes of the car making tours of the country to entice people (and the media) to see the vehicles with 3 wheels first hand…. Read more »

In the UK Driverless Cars Coming Soon

Driverless car in the UK

Starting next year, driverless cars will be allowed on public roads in the UK as ministers in the Kingdom open up roadways to experimental self-driving vehicles. The cars you see on the roads in the near-future may not have anyone (technically) at the wheel. Driverless cars are one of those things that elicit either awe… Read more »

Mini Cooper S Gets Maxi-Tuner Treatment, 220 HP

Mini Cooper S Maxi-Tuner

German tuner Maxi-Tuner has given the 2014 MINI Cooper S an upgrade package which boosts the little car over the 200 mark. This is the 12th year the new Mini Cooper has been on the market and just before it becomes a teenager, Maxi decided to give it the tuner treatment. And it’s impressive. Maxi-Tuner… Read more »

Flying Car Company Starts Taking Orders For Its Parajet SkyRunner

flying car

If a flying car is something you’ve always wanted and you have enough cash to spare, you could possibly own your own flying car in the near future. Even though the Parajet SkyRunner isn’t really for sale yet, the company that makes the flying car is ready to start taking orders to bring the prototype… Read more »

Powerful Ford Mustang 2015 Model Muscle Secrets Unveiled

2015 Ford Mustang

In a few short weeks, the Ford Mustang 2015 model will appear in showrooms to customers awaiting the latest rendition of the pony car. With baited breath, fans of the Mustang have been waiting for the full specifications list for this car, especially the power plants that will drive the new Ford Mustang forward for… Read more »

New Tesla Model III May Not Be As Sexy As Expected

Tesla Model III

Tesla Motors plans to take the electric car mainstream with the Tesla Model III. Their current electric vehicle, the Model S, sells for an average price tag of about $90,000. Their next model, called the Model X, is set to release sometime in the next year and will be a crossover with a price tag… Read more »

BMW Joins The Laundry List Of Air Bag Recalls

BMW-2014-Airbag Recall

BMW, the widely popular automobile manufacture, is considered by many to be the ultimate driving machine. It blends luxury and sport to accomplish the task at hand. The 3-Series tends to be their most economical of their line of cars. It comes with leather, power everything, and explosive passenger-side front air bags. BMW is facing… Read more »

Safest Cars 2014: Some Of The Best Cars May Surprise You

Safest Cars 2014: Some Of The Best Cars May Surprise You

The safest cars in 2014 vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and even based upon the category. In a related report by The Inquisitr, a list of the top three most reliable cars has also been published. But what may interest you more is the upcoming car from Elio Motors which gets 84 MPG and costs… Read more »

Top Three Most Reliable Cars

Honda Civic Hybrid

With climate change on the horizon and the economy still recovering, consumers are looking for reliable cars to get them where they need to go as efficiently and affordably as possible. As you might expect, certain types of cars are more reliable than others. Factoring in cost and fuel efficiency, we’ve put together a short… Read more »

Toyota To Recall 2.3 Million Cars Hit By Airbag Snag


Less than a month after The Inquisitr reported that Toyota recalled nearly half a million cars due to various manufacturing defects, we have some fresh news coming in. According to the NY Times, the Japanese automobile major announced that it will recall a staggering 2.3 million vehicles worldwide for potential airbag related defects. In the… Read more »

Google’s Self-Driving Car: Details Have Been Revealed [VIDEO]

Google Car

Google unveiled the first generation of its long-rumored self driving car today on its official company blog, revealing that it will soon be testing about 200 of its two-seat, teardrop shaped commuter buggies. The project, which has been the subject of speculation on tech blog’s for at least two years, is apparently now ready for… Read more »