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Camille Cosby: Bill Cosby In The Media Is A Man I Do Not Know

Cosby Statement

On Sunday, Bill Cosby broke his silence to tell a New York Post ‘Page Six’ reporter that the black media should remain neutral and keep an open mind when it comes to the rape accusations being reported about Cosby – before Bill quickly ended the call, telling the reporter that “they” didn’t want him talking… Read more »

Did Johnny Manziel Hype Ruin The Playoff Hopes Of The Cleveland Browns?

Johnny Manziel Hype Machine To Blame

Disgruntled Cleveland Browns fans may want to shift their team’s terrible fortunes on the shoulders of 22-year-old Johnny Manziel, but the truth is that their team was probably doomed before his Cincinnati Bengals debut. In fact, I’ll say that however anyone feels about Johnny Manziel personally, it isn’t so much HIM that people can’t stand… Read more »

‘The Voice’ Finale: Can Team Blake Beat The Odds And Upset Team Adam?

The Voice Can Team Blake Beat The Odds

As the season finale of The Voice approaches, it’s blatantly obvious that Voice coach Adam Levine has a strong advantage over fellow Voice coach Blake Shelton. Following the nail-biting results of last Tuesday’s first ever Voice wildcard round, Team Adam’s Damien Lawson stunned America by revealing himself on the Today show as the fourth finalist…. Read more »

Sony Playstation Hack: Our Generation’s Citizen Kane?

playstation hack and data leak like Citizen Kane attacks

Sony’s been hacked again, but these attacks – which are opposition for an upcoming movie release – may just be history repeating itself, as one of the greatest movies of all-time received similar opposition as it made its way to theaters. Director Orson Welles began working on the movie Citizen Kane in 1939. Welles developed… Read more »