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‘Star Trek’ In Memoriam: Saying Goodbye To The Original Crew

'Star Trek' In Memoriam Of Doohan, Kelley

Star Trek has seen better days. Many who had followed Leonard Nimoy’s battle with COPD on Twitter expected the worst when it was announced a few days ago that he’d been hospitalized with chest pains. On Friday, the world said goodbye to Mr. Spock for good, and from the sheer mountain of tweets, posts, blogs,… Read more »

Madonna Should Have Seen ‘The Incredibles’ Before BRIT Awards

Edna Mode said "No Capes," Madonna

Singer Madonna should have watched The Incredibles before her performance at the BRIT Awards Wednesday night. By doing so, Madonna would have been reminded of the witty and wise advice given by Edna Mode, the creative and clever superhero costume designer – “NO CAPES!” @robandkaty Madonna should have listened to the incredibles “No capes” pic.twitter.com/5qW4clxQOT… Read more »

Why I Would Vote Donald Trump For President [Opinion] [Video]

Donald Trump for President 2016

Donald Trump has been a celebrity for decades, even before the success of his wildly popular reality TV shows The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice. Say what you will about Donald Trump, the man knows what he’s doing. If Donald Trump does decide to pursue a Republican nomination to run for president in the 2016 election,… Read more »

WWE: Why Roman Reigns Deserves The World Title

Roman Reigns A Deserving Champ For WWE

Roman Reigns has become a controversial figure in the WWE over the last year. At one time, he was an immensely popular cleanup man for The Shield, but after the group broke up, his weaknesses as a performer and a personality started to show through. That wouldn’t have been so bad, except he was derailed… Read more »

Want An Oscar? Play Someone Disabled, Sick Or Shot To Death

want an Oscar

Do you want an Oscar? There are not many actors, actresses, or any other type of person that works in the movie industry that would answer “No” to that question. Throughout Sunday night’s broadcast of this year’s Oscars award ceremony, quite a few people around the world were undoubtedly reminded of their own dreams of… Read more »

Oscar Acceptance Speeches: Why No One Cares About Time Limits

Oscar acceptance speech

The Oscars are one of the biggest award shows of the year. It’s a big night for movie fans. It’s a great spectator event for movie critics. It’s most important to the people that literally played a role in the films that are nominated — both behind the scenes and in front of the camera… Read more »

‘The Voice’ Begins Its 8th Season: What Do You Hope To See? [Opinion]

The Voice Season 8 What I Want To See This Year

After a nearly three month hiatus, The Voice returns to NBC on Monday, February 24. Most of the Voice coaches from last season (Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Pharrell Williams) are back. The exception is Gwen Stefani, who acted as a temporary replacement for long-time Voice coach Christina Aguilera. Aguilera elected to step away from… Read more »

Boston Marathon Bombings Case Should Be Tried Anywhere But Boston [Op-Ed]

Boston Bombings Trial Anywhere But Boston

Is there anyone in the city of Boston who doesn’t believe Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is at least partially responsible for the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings? It’s highly unlikely. And yet, this is the population that the prosecution in the Tsarnaev case expects to somehow produce an impartial jury — preferably, a jury made up of people… Read more »

Lady Gaga Bashed For Not Being Relevant ‘Like Katy Perry’

Lady Gaga

It’s another day and another Lady Gaga bashing occurs in the media. Today, it’s the Huffington Post that is attacking Lady Gaga for being irrelevant. “She sold 1.1 million copies of Born This Way in its first week alone. Beyonce played her backup on ‘Telephone.’ Now, her off-brand engagement to Taylor Kinney (he proposed with… Read more »