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Stephen Hawking: Weapons/AI Like Terminator Needs A Ban – Is He Right?

Stephen Hawking: Weapons/AI Like Terminator Needs A Ban - Is He Right?

According to Stephen Hawking, weapons and Artificial Intelligence which can produce killer robots like the Terminator need to be banned. But are offensive autonomous weapons really likely to turn on us in the short term? In a related report by the Inquisitr, Stephen Hawking’s weapons ban recommendation was part of an open letter signed by… Read more »

Benjamin Franklin: What Would He Think Of Present-Day America?

Ben Franklin

The founding fathers, among them specifically Benjamin Franklin, founded the United States under Christian principles. Benjamin Franklin and his peers strove to break away from the tyranny of the British government, and to set up a system where freedom reigned and morality was deeply ingrained in the citizens. John Adams felt the same way as… Read more »

Bobbi Kristina Brown, Whitney Houston Reunited In Heaven

Bobbi Kristina Whitney Houston

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s tumultuous journey has come to a close. Bobbi Kristina’s short life was filled with much sadness and pain, especially in the past three years after losing her mother, the late, legendary Whitney Houston. At last, Krissi has been reunited with her mom in heaven. While news about Bobbi Kristina Brown has been… Read more »

Josh Duggar’s Attempts To Return To Social Media Are Not Well-Received

The public isn't forgiving Josh Duggar.

Since it was revealed to the public that Josh Duggar had molested several underage children, including some of his sisters, his social media has been more quiet than usual. He pointed the public to the family’s official statement, then disappeared for several weeks. Though Duggar didn’t step forward to defend himself publicly, instead allowing his… Read more »

Jennifer Lopez Is More Vibrant At 46 Than Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey are, perhaps, the two biggest female stars to come out of the 1990s. Both have had their ups and downs since. However, it is Jennifer Lopez that remains relevant. Proof to the point: Ms. Lopez has just turned 46 and, in general, people are celebrating her age. The New York… Read more »

WWE: Hulk Hogan Apology Was ‘Bull’ If This New Report Is Correct

Hulk Hogan Apology BS?

The Hulk Hogan apology did nothing to save the former WWE superstar’s job after a private tape was released to the media last week revealing the Hulkster’s controversial comments about black people. In the tirade, Hogan, commenting about the men his daughter dates, uses the phrase “f***ing n*****” and admits that he’s a racist. Since… Read more »

WWE Network Rumors: Will Hulk Hogan Programming Disappear?

WWE Network Hulk Hogan

WWE Network is the only place that you’re likely to find a trace of Hulk Hogan in the next, oh, 50 or 60 years, wrestling fans, but is that too short-lived? Not likely. Even though the WWE has scrubbed almost every mention of Hogan in his various incarnations — Hollywood, Hulkster, etc. — from its… Read more »