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Sting WWE Run Has Been A Legacy-Killing Failure [Op-Ed]

Sting WWE Run A Disaster

The Sting WWE run has been one of the biggest let-downs in the history of wrestling. While most didn’t expect him to ascend to the status of world champion, they didn’t expect him to make cryptic appearances only to job Triple H at Wrestlemania 31. Oh sure, you can say you knew it would happen… Read more »

Jim Bob Duggar: How High-Profile Dad Could Have Averted Disaster

Jim Bob Duggar, Left, Poses With Wife Michelle

Jim Bob Duggar probably wishes he could have a do-over after the events of the last few days, (and if not, he should). Since In Touch Weekly broke the story of his eldest son Josh’s molestation charges that Jim Bob brought to the attention of authorities more than a decade ago, the Duggar family has… Read more »

WWE: 3 Reasons A McMahon TNA Buyout Would Make Sense

TNA Buyout: Reasons It Should Happen

WWE issuing a TNA buyout may not be realistic, but at this point, it sure would be welcome. Dixie Carter has had every opportunity to turn her Impact Wrestling program around, and after losing her Spike TV deal and, possibly, her Destination America deal (rumored for September), it appears the promotion is circling the proverbial… Read more »

Should Nick Gordon Be Allowed To See Bobbi Kristina Brown?

Bobbi Kristina Nick

Bobbi Kristina Brown has now been under medical care for nearly four months. Her boyfriend and alleged husband, Nick Gordon, has not seen her at all during this time, as he failed to comply with the request of Bobbi Kristina’s father, Bobby Brown. Nick Gordon has recently renewed his battle to see Bobbi Kristina Brown…. Read more »

‘The Voice’ Finale: Which Original Song Impressed The Most?

NBC's 'The Voice' Press Junket

NBC’s The Voice is finally wrapping up its eighth season. With four finalists left standing, each remaining Voice contestant gets their chance to sing an original song. Also, they each filmed a music video to go with the song. So which contestant had the best original single? Join the @Starbucks loyalty program and earn 5… Read more »

Draw Mohammed Day: Free Speech Or Hate?

Is Draw Mohammed Day just mean?

Draw Mohammed Day is approaching — the sixth anniversary of the first one, though the event hasn’t been widely held every year. This year, it’s expected to garner a great deal of attention, thanks to recent events, including the Charlie Hebdo murders and the murders in Texas over a Draw Mohammed event. There was even… Read more »

Samsung Gear VR For Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Is Problematic

Samsung Gear VR

Earlier this week, an article on Inquisitr noted how much Galaxy S6 and S6 edge users were enjoying their new Gear VR virtual reality headset. One enthusiastic user reviewed the product at the Oculus (the makers of the Gear VR) site. “I just had to write a post to say how amazing this device is…. Read more »