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WWE Hell in a Cell Predictions

WWE Hell in a Cell preview

This coming Sunday WWE’s annual pay-per-view event Hell in a Cell will take place from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. This past Monday on RAW Triple H claimed that the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view will mark the end of two ongoing WWE rivalries. One of which features Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins,… Read more »

Bill Cosby Rape Allegations: Does He Get A Pass Because He’s Black?

Bill Cosby Rape Demonstrates A Racial Double Standard

Bill Cosby rape allegations are nothing new, but they’ve recently popped back into the spotlight thanks to a rant from fellow African-American comedian Hannibal Buress, who unloaded on the former star of The Cosby Show during a standup routine. “Thirteen,” Buress said, referring to a piece reported on Gawker. that described the number of accusations… Read more »

Jesus Christ Didn’t Exist, Unless You Have Common Sense

Jesus Christ Existence Denial Embarrassing?

Jesus Christ didn’t exist. Earlier this month, that was the claim of Michael Paulkovich, a man who did an analysis of 126 writers active during the periods from the First through the Third Centuries of the Common Era (C.E.). “When I consider those 126 writers, all of whom should have heard of Jesus but did… Read more »

NFL Picks Week 7 (2014): The Winners And Losers

Winners And Losers Of NFL Week 7

Did your NFL picks come out on top? This week’s list of winners and losers features some teams on a roll and a couple of surprises. Check out these NFL winners and losers for week seven and see if your predictions came true! WINNERS: INDIANAPOLIS COLTS Take a bow, Colts. This NFL team can boast… Read more »

WWE: 6 Likely Matches For WrestleMania 31

WrestleMania 31

Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton If you watched this week’s installment of Monday Night RAW you probably guessed that it’s only a matter of time before Randy Orton turns on The Authority because he’s sick of having to clean up all of Seth Rollins’ messes. Orton, who has made it clear in the past that… Read more »

Amber Vinson Isn’t To Blame For Flying With Ebola: The CDC Is

Amber Vinson Blamed By CDC Director

Amber Vinson is the name of the second young nurse to contract Ebola from deceased patient Thomas Eric Duncan, who arrived at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital on September 25, was sent home, and returned three days later to the emergency room. Vinson joins Nina Pham as the second healthcare worker to be infected with the… Read more »

False Ad Settlement: Are Red Bull Customers Victims Or Mentally Lazy?

Red Bull Sued Over Slogan Not Ingredients

Red Bull has agreed to pay $13 million as part of a lawsuit settlement. It turns out that the red drink does not “give you wings” in actuality or even metaphorically. Of course, the plaintiffs weren’t really looking to inexplicably sprout wings and fly away. The main issue rested with Red Bull’s supposed claims to… Read more »

Newsflash: The Duggars Are Christians, Get Over It [Op-Ed]

The Duggars Are Christians, So What?

Newsflash: The Duggars are Christians. I know what you’re probably thinking. How could this be possible in a civilized society? Isn’t Christianity a religion of closed-mindedness and hate because “the Crusades!” or something? Don’t the stars of 19 Kids & Counting often say things that sound a little bonkers and in contrary to what science,… Read more »

WWE: CM Punk Chants The End For AJ Lee?

CM Punk Chants A Nightmare For AJ Lee?

CM Punk ditched the WWE shortly before launch of the WWE Network, and despite fanboy rumors that he’s coming back as well as the more broadly held hope among fans that a comeback is even possible, he remains off the roster. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop fans from starting up at random events throughout the country…. Read more »