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Native American And European American Worldviews Collide


The Native American worldview was drastically different from the European American worldview when the two cultures first met. In 1492 Columbus landed in North America and created the first contact between Native Americans and Europeans. Thus began diplomatic negotiations over territory which will become the United States of America. From the very beginning of these… Read more »

WWI Artillery Shells Seized By TSA Were Hardly A Terrorist Plot

WWI Artillery Shells Seized By TSA Were Hardly A Terrorist Plot

WWI artillery shells that were seized by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport were hardly were hardly a terrorist plot. In a related report by The Inquisitr, several months ago the two oldest World War 2 veterans from Pearl Harbor met for the first time at age 107. The TSA has… Read more »

Ultra Music Festival: The End Of All Music Festivals?

ultra music festival

The Ultra Music Festival has seen it’s share of ups and downs in 2014. The blockbuster EDM lineup was the biggest of the festival’s 14-year history. From Tiesto to David Guetta, Avicii to Carl Cox and Nicky Romero, this year was bound to be explosive. The music, was fantastic. The publicity, however, was the worst… Read more »

Dunkin’ Donuts – Best Coffee Ever!

Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Dunkin’ Donuts is one of the top runners in this country for that perfect combination of donuts and coffee. While some breakfast establishments of this type focus more on the quality of one or the other, Dunkin’ Donuts has set equally high standards for both their food and beverage lines alike. Starbucks may be the… Read more »

‘How I Met Your Mother’ Finale – Are The Rumors True?

How I Met Your Mother Cast

How I Met Your Mother has enjoyed nine successful seasons, and is just days away from airing the series finale. On March 31, we will finally learn all there is to know about the highly anticipated mother, and how exactly she was met. This last season of How I Met Your Mother has given us… Read more »

‘Catching Fire’ Captures Spark Of Courage Theme

the-hunger-games-catching-fire-75th quarter quell

“Every revolution begins with a spark.” It’s on the Hunger Games: Catching Fire posters and trailers. It’s a great Hollywood movie quote, but there is so much more to it. This simple phrase captures a profound truth that has echoed throughout history, as one person takes a bold stand to ignite the spark that catches… Read more »

Words, Instant Gratification, Language, And Society


When I was a boy, growing up in the 90′s, my parents made sure to teach me the power of words. Words are a powerful tool. Throughout history language, written and spoken, has established governments, destroyed empires, glorified gods and immortalized people. Used properly, words can be uplifting. A kind remark, an expression of love… Read more »

Republican President Hopefuls Must Find New Voice

2016 Republican President Hopefuls

The 2016 Republican President hopefuls are a list of 10-11 names that many of us have heard before. Names like Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz all show the new blood of the Republican Party. However, the voice remains the same. At each candidate’s core remains similar beliefs including, smaller government, free market… Read more »

‘The Lego Movie’: Is It The Next Big Animated Franchise?

The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie has been a massive success, possibly more than the creators imagined it would be. The cool part is that it came out at a time when movies typically don’t perform major box office numbers. Disney’s Frozen was a clear top favorite from 2013 into this year, but The Lego Movie came out… Read more »

Las Vegas Lawsuit Could Spell Trouble For Travelers

Las Vegas Skyline

Mark Johnston is suing Las Vegas’ Downtown Grand hotel for allowing him to continue gambling while drunk. Johnston argues that he was visibly drunk to the point of blacking out, therefore he should not be responsible for his gambling losses over Super Bowl weekend. Johnston claims that the Downtown Grand hotel loaned him $500,000 while… Read more »

Weight Loss After Baby – What’s Really Important?

Weight Loss After Baby - What's Important

Weight loss after baby is born is the goal of every new mother. Well, MOST moms. Ok, SOME moms. And some new mamas are too busy with snuggling baby, changing diapers, loss of sleep, or feeding baby to even care about weight loss! Is it time for us to change our expectations of what is… Read more »

Should The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Source Code Be Released?

game over ownership online multiplayer

Gamers and press alike have called upon Nintendo to release the online multiplayer source code so that technically-capable gamers can continue to play Smash Bros., and Mario Kart Wii using the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection for as long they want. We reported on Nintendo flipping the kill switch for the Wi-Fi Connection services of the Wii… Read more »

Battlefield 4 Rolls Out Platoons During Player Appreciation Month

battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 has a couple of exciting events happening this month, brought to us by the boys at Electronic Arts. First, player appreciation month is in full swing with about two weeks to go. Second, the addition of platoons to the game will add to the social aspect of Battlefield 4. Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation… Read more »

NYC Mayor Wants To Give ID Cards To ‘Illegal Immigrants’

bill deblasio

COMMENTARY – New York City’s illegal immigrants will be given municipal identification cards courtesy of recently elected Mayor Bill de Blasio. A representative for the NYC mayor told the media that a proposal for “undocumented immigrants” IDs will soon be officially submitted. Although though it is illegal for an individual to enter the United States… Read more »

NameTag Uses Facial Recognition to End Privacy As We Know It


A new app for Google Glass called NameTag uses facial recognition to end privacy as we know it. Originally announced in December of 2013, the new app will make real-time facial recognition a reality for anyone who owns a pair of Google Glasses, iPhone or Android device. Most of us have been in the awkward… Read more »

Disney’s First Same-Sex Couple Sparks Exactly The Outrage You’d Expect

Sarah And Cheryl, A Same-Sex Couple On Disney's "Good Luck Charlie"

Parents, beware: Mickey Mouse is totally trying to gay your kids up! That’s right, folks, Disney is “pushing an agenda,” and deviously promoting deviant gay lifestyles by showing adult couples of the same gender on their programming! At least, that’s the hyperbolic intolerant view of One Million Moms, the conservative advocacy group that wants to… Read more »

Net Neutrality Through Regulation and Competition

net neutrality regulation competition

Net Neutrality through regulation and competition might seem like mixing oil with water depending on what side of the political spectrum you fall on. If you are The Verge and are passionate about the subject you will swear (literally) that the problem lies with the FCC and regulations are the savior of the free and… Read more »

Michael Bay CES 2014 Departure A Positive?

Michael Bay CES 2014 departure could be a positive

The Michael Bay CES 2014 departure yesterday could have been a positive. They say there is no such thing as bad press, and he may have proven it by giving up when he didn’t know what to say. Michael Bay took the stage yesterday to promote Samsung’s new curved 105 inch display, but as he… Read more »

Mary Poppins Family Values: Do They Exist Today?

Mary Poppins 50th anniversary edition blu-ray/dvid

Mary Poppins seems to be more of an era than a nanny’s name if you consider what she represented, especially in 1964 when the Walt Disney movie was made. But what about the nearly 40 years which have passed since then? Are there any households in America which still adhere to the Mary Poppins strictures… Read more »

Betsy McCaughey Talks Obamacare On ‘The View’ [Video]

Obamacare health co-ops may be falling apart

Did you catch Betsy McCaughey on this morning’s The View, talking as a “health policy expert” on the Obamacare plan and its ongoing implementation? While McCaughey’s status as “expert” in policy is shaky, her link with and interest in Obamacare is long-running. In fact, the former New York State Lt. Governor under former Gov. Pataki… Read more »