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Gender Reassignment: Is It Time To Give Bruce Jenner Space And Privacy?

Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner is reportedly undergoing gender reassignment and has been making headlines for months as his appearance has slowly changed. A former Olympian, Bruce won a gold medal in the decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics held in Montreal. He is a reality TV star as a result of the fly-on-the-wall reality series Keeping Up… Read more »

Extreme NYC Weather – Are Homeless Children Safe? [Video]

Homeless Baby With Parent

New York City weather has not been mild this winter, to say the least. NYC and surrounding areas gear up today in preparation to withstand extreme weather that is expected to be record-setting. The largest snow storm in NYC weather history dumped 26 inches of snow. The weather rolling into the NYC area today may… Read more »

ObamaCollege: The Next Great Governmental Blunder

Aleutie - Getty Images

ObamaCollege, brought to you by Barack Obama, reported on by the Inquisitr. The man who gifted us with such products as cash for clunkers, the stimuli, and ObamaCare. At this point, it is kind of like a teenager who just got out of jail for his second DUI related homicide and you, the parent, buys… Read more »

Victoria Jackson Wonders: Is President Obama A Muslim, Or A Jihadist?

Victoria Jackson believes Obama is a jihadist.

Victoria Jackson, formerly of Saturday Night Live and currently of Tea Partyesque conspiracy theories and post-election tearfests, believes she has evidence that President Obama is not only a Muslim, but a jihadist. She’s compiled a blog post full of conspiracy theories, debunked video footage, irrelevancies, and odd definitions that all lead her to one conclusion:… Read more »

‘The Boy Next Door’ Movie Review: Hotness

Jennifer Lopez movie

According to Google Trends, The Boy Next Door starring Jennifer Lopez received more than 100,000 searches on Friday, a testament to the brilliance that is J. Lo and her non-stop publicity machine for the movie. I’m just glad my husband called me last night on his way home and asked if I still wanted to… Read more »

Vandalism Of Jesus Christ — What’s Your Beef With Baby Jesus?

Jesus Figure Vandalized

I have never understood the point of vandalism in general, but the harming of items depicting our Lord Jesus Christ makes me wonder what events and emotions are behind such desecration. Do these vandals blame Jesus for their problems? Are they angry at Christ for relationships gone wrong, the loss of a job, or other… Read more »