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American Music Awards: Why Certain Performers Should Not Perform Live

American Music Awards

The 2014 American Music Awards were broadcast live on Sunday night. Some artists won American Music Awards. Many more artists got snubbed. Some artists performed on stage at the American Music Awards. Many more artists watched performances either from their seats or their homes. Let’s focus a little more on the artists at the American… Read more »

Willow and Jaden’s Time Interview, What’s So Odd About It?

Willow Jaden

The teenage offsprings of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Willow and Jaden, had a sit down interview with Time magazine recently. And since its publication on Monday, the Smith kids have been on the receiving end of quite a few careless jokes and demeaning insults. I watched as media organizations refer to the interview (them)… Read more »

Teacher Sparks National Outrage By Breastfeeding In Class

Students and parents complain after an Arkansas teacher is caught on camera breastfeeding her newborn during class.

An Arkansas teacher has sparked national outrage and numerous student complaints after she began bringing her newborn to class and breastfeeding the baby when she was suppose to be teaching. Several students have complained at the Poyen, Arkansas school after their teacher returned from maternity leave with her newborn baby in tow. One student told… Read more »

Time Magazine Wants to Ban The Word Feminist, But They’re Sorry For It?

In the year where feminism has become a major part of the public conversation again, TIME Magazine wants to ban the word "feminist" from the American lexicon.

Time Magazine is at it again. First their “bad apple” cover outrages teachers and parents across America sparking boycotts and a petition with hundreds of thousands of signatures. Then Time offends thousands of practicing witches, pagans, and human rights activist when they published an online article that compared witches to terrorists, at a time when… Read more »

Dear Parents: Please, Please Do Your Own Research On Vaccines


The vaccine debate is as ripe as ever in the parenting world. It seems that on almost a daily basis, I hear the pros and cons of vaccination with both pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine movements attempting to tell parents what they should or should not be doing. But who is right? Are anti-vaccine families putting their… Read more »

UFO Sightings Continue To Be On The Rise

UFO Sightings

As humanity’s interest in Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) increase over the years, UFO sightings continue to grow. Director of the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), Peter Davenport, reported that sightings of UFOs around the world have increased by 23 percent since 2014. In January, Davenport stated, “Over the course of the last two weeks, our… Read more »

Dear Parents: Please, Please Vaccinate Your Kids


No, there isn’t a conspiracy to make your kids ill or dumb. There is no “big pharma” agenda to poison your children for massive profits. Vaccines are here for a single purpose: to boost our bodies’ battle against life-threatening infections. They’re incredibly cheap (sometimes even free), virtually painless, and definitely life-saving. Vaccines manufactured in the… Read more »

WWE Opinion: Chris Benoit Should Be Acknowledged By WWE

Chris Benoit should be acknowledged by WWE

It’s been over seven years since Chris Benoit nearly brought down not just WWE, but the entire business of professional wrestling when he committed a double-murder, killing his wife and son, then eventually killing himself. Since the Benoit family tragedy, WWE has stayed true to its word of never mentioning the name Chris Benoit ever… Read more »