Weather Timeline

New York Snowstorm: Governor To Ban Travel As Blizzard Closes In


Weather forecasts in New York show a snowstorm approaching the northeast of the US could devastate the city and surrounding areas. In a report from the BBC, Governor Andrew Cuomo has warned New York residents against the dangers of leaving their home during the storm. If you are in your car and you are on… Read more »

Rare ‘Ice Halo’ Appears In New Mexico Sky

The ice halo was composed of multiple arcs that are rarely observed.

A rare and complex ice halo appeared in the sky above New Mexico on Friday, as a record breaking arctic blast continued to make its way across the country. The optical phenomenon was photographed above the town of Red River, which has experienced sub-zero temperatures in recent days, according to the Daily Mail. Ice crystals… Read more »

The Polar Vortex Is Back: Arctic Blast To Send Temperatures Plunging


Remember the dreaded Polar Vortex from last year? It’s back with a vengeance! Temperatures across the Midwestern U.S. are expected to plummet into the single digits and below in many areas over the next few days, Mashable is reporting. Just about every part of the country east of the Rockies is going to feel the… Read more »

January Tornado Rips Through Mississippi


As a large section of the country prepares for a deep freeze starting later today, the deep South was ravaged by tornadoes yesterday. The severe storms heavily damaged trees, power lines and mobile homes in Mississippi. Other areas cowered as tornado watches and warnings were issued for a large area of the South, including parts… Read more »

Polar Vortex: Winter Is Coming Very Early This Year

polar vortex

A polar vortex is going to bring extremely frigid temperatures and Arctic blasts in the United States this weekend, if weather warnings are accurate. Americans should begin bracing and preparing now for temperatures to drop 20 degrees below normal. A polar vortex is expected to dump snow and send freezing air blowing around the country… Read more »

Strong Winds Prevent Water From Reaching The Bottom Of A Waterfall! [Video]

Waterfall upstream

Waterfalls are fairly common geological features across the world. The way a waterfall behaves is also pretty much known to all. You know, a river flowing downstream approaches a sharp drop and the water cascades hundreds of feet downstream. However at times, a normal waterfall can behave unnaturally. Perhaps the most famous example of this… Read more »

Tropical Storm Simon Likely To Become Hurricane

Tropical Storm Simon is expected to become a hurricane.

Up until now, there have been 17 named storms during the 2014 eastern Pacific hurricane season off the coast of Mexico. Tropical Storm Simon has become the 18th. The tropical storm should track toward the west-northwest during the next few days. The center of the storm should remain just off the Mexican Pacific coast. The… Read more »

Hurricane Marie Intensifies In Pacific, Dangerous Forecast

Hurricane Marie

Hurricane Marie is becoming a relatively rare occurrence as a storm in the South Pacific that may affect latitudes north of South and Central America. Headed west-northwest, Hurricane Marie is currently a Category 4 weather event, with wind speeds over 150 miles per hour. These winds are expected to slow to 105 mph by Tuesday… Read more »

Ex-Hurricane Bertha Winds Down On Approach To UK

Predicted To Bring Heavy Rains

The southern coast of the U.K. is predicted to see rain this weekend as the remnants of Hurricane Bertha head towards Europe. There is a 40 percent chance of heavy rain, strong winds, and large waves along the southeast coast. Born at midnight as a tropical storm on July 31 275 miles southeast of Barbados,… Read more »

Hawaii Braces For First Hurricane In 22 Years

Hawaii Hurricanes 2

Hawaii braced Thursday for its first hurricane in 22 years as Iselle took aim at the Big Island. The fast-moving Category 1 hurricane was expected to lose momentum before hitting the island state, but the storm strengthened instead. Hurricane Julio is tracking right behind Iselle and the Category 2 storm should hit Hawaii two days… Read more »

Tornado Hits Boston Suburb Revere, Massachusetts

Tornado Strikes Revere, Massachusetts

A tornado struck Boston suburb Revere, Massachusetts, Monday morning, downing trees, closing several streets, and crashing multiple cars. Despite the damage to trees and homes, no serious injuries were reported. The National Weather Service confirmed the tornado, noting it was the first time in at least 64 years that a twister touched down in the… Read more »