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Lightning Strikes In Southern California Injure At Least 14


Lightning strikes in southern California have injured at least 14 in a rare surge of July thunderstorms, authorities reported on Sunday. According to The Weather Channel, 13 of the 14 victims were struck by lightning near the Ocean Front Walk in Venice Beach. The second of the lightning strikes injured a 57-year-old man on a… Read more »

Lightning Strikes Seen Across NYC, Creating Breathtaking Images

nyc skyline lightning

Lightning strikes were seen across NYC this week, creating some amazing images that were captured and shared across social media. The storms blew through the Big Apple on Wednesday evening, lighting up the skies over Manhattan. A number of curious residents snapped pictures of the lightning strikes in NYC, including a breathtaking shot of a… Read more »

Mississippi River Flooding Terrifies Residents

Mississippi River Flooding Terrifies Residents

The Mississippi River is steadily bearing down on St. Paul, Minnesota and has risen well above flood stage in many southeastern Minnesota counties. Earlier this morning, the Stillwater Lift Bridge, a crucial conduit between Minnesota and Wisconsin over the St. Croix River, which feeds into the Mississippi River, was closed by transportation officials, according to… Read more »

Great Lakes Ice Finally Gone Just Days Before Start Of Summer

Great Lakes Ice Finally Gone Just Days Before Start Of Summer

The Great Lakes ice is finally gone, marking a winter that stretched from November to just 10 days before the start of summer. Large chunks of ice left over from the frigid winter remained on the lakes well into the spring, with the last holdouts floating in the waters of Lake Superior near Marquette, Michigan…. Read more »

Lake Superior Still Frozen

Lake Superior temperatures.

A long and brutal winter has left Lake Superior frozen on the surface well into spring. According to Detroit News, the surface water over the deepest sections of Lake Superior are at least 6 degrees colder than normal. This weather anomaly will delay the point at which heavy evaporation begins in Lake Superior, which will… Read more »

Slide Rock State Park Threatened By 4,500 Acre Wildfire In Arizona

Slide Rock State Park Threatened By 4,500 Acre Wildfire In Arizona

A wildfire near Arizona’s Slide Rock State Park has spread to cover more than 4,500 acres of land between Flagstaff and Sedona, with roughly 500 firefighters called in to control the blaze and evacuations mounting. Authorities have already evacuated resorts and campgrounds within the park, which sits in the northern portion of the state. They… Read more »

Have You Seen These Strange Clouds? [Photos]

Mammatus clouds are strange and rare.

Strange clouds have been reported over Oklahoma, Nebraska and other states affected by recent strong storms and tornadoes. News station’s social media account have been bombarded with pictures of the strange clouds that look like fingers forming out of the sky. A Slate Magazine writer described them as he saw them, “As they fell, many… Read more »

Arkansas Tornado Death Toll Climbs To 15, Could Still Rise

arkansas tornado damage

The death toll from an Arkansas tornado has reached 15 and emergency workers say it could still rise as they try to sort through what they say was “utter devastation.” The large tornado struck in communities northwest of Little Rock, Arkansas, on Sunday night, growing to half a mile wide. The Arkansas tornado death toll… Read more »

California Drought Is The Worst In Fifteen Years!

Drought California

While mid-western US is readying itself to bear the upcoming onslaught of this year’s wet and windy tornado season, there is another state on the west coast that is reeling under severe drought conditions. That’s right, California is currently in the midst of the worst drought it has seen in the past 15 years. According… Read more »

Mississippi Tornado 2014: Warning Forecasts Predict Storm Conditions By Monday

Mississippi Tornado 2014: Warning Forecasts Predict Storm Conditions Over Next Three Days

The latest Mississippi tornado warning in 2014 is forecasting possible storm conditions that could form tornadoes through the Mississippi valley. In a related report by The Inquisitr, the 2014 tornado season is predicting massive twisters this weekend, with Tennessee and Texas likely to be hit first. Based upon the Mississippi tornado warning, the greatest threat… Read more »

Tornadoes in California Wreak Havoc

Tornadoes in California

Tornadoes touched down and several funnel clouds were reported in Northern California Wednesday afternoon. In fact, according to NBC News, NBC Bay Area chief meteorologist Jeff Ranieri said, ” that there had been reports of four tornadoes and six funnel clouds in the region. Two of them were confirmed by the NWS.” The most significant… Read more »