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El Nino Expected To Be The Strongest In A Half Century

El Nino Expected To Be The Strongest In A Half Century

Meteorologists are anxiously keeping an eye on a potentially historic El Nino. Weather experts are even stating that the El Nino that is coming has the potential to rival the incredibly strong El Nino that hit in 1997 to 1998. AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson talks about El Nino. “El Nino has steadily strengthened over… Read more »

Severe Flooding In Texas Expected Throughout The Week

Extreme flooding takes place in Austin, Texas May 25, 2015. More flooding to hit over the next week.

May was an abnormally wet month for the state of Texas. After a short reprieve, the lone-star state will be seeing more rain and possible flooding. Houston normally sees 5.09 inches of precipitation in May and, according toAccuWeather, this year they saw 14.17 inches. The rest of Texas has not fared much better. Flooding has… Read more »

Hurricane Blanca Downgraded To Tropical Storm As It Nears Baja California

Hurricane Blanca downgraded

Hurricane Blanca — which was threatening several areas in Mexico’s Baja California peninsula has been downgraded to a tropical storm on Sunday. According to the Houston Chronicle, Hurricane Blanca, which was earlier categorized as a category 4 hurricane on Saturday quickly lost strength and has now weakened into a far less severe tropical storm. Following… Read more »

Tennessee Woman Captures Amazing Hail Storm Video [Watch]

Tennessee hail storm

A Tennessee woman captured amazing video footage of a hail storm that hit Gatlinburg, Tennessee, on June 2, 2015. The video shows an immense amount of hail pouring from the sky onto the cars below. The woman noted in the video description that the skies were sunny just before the intense storm hit the area…. Read more »

Icebergs In Cape Cod: Frigid Winter Brings Frozen Formations Ashore

Cold winter creates icebergs in Cape Cod

No one in the Northeast needs reminding that this winter has been a horror show of frigid temperatures and unbelievable snow fall. And in Cape Cod, people are getting a once-in-a-generation display that could’ve only been caused by such weather – icebergs on the seashore. Photos of the Cape Cod icebergs are all over the… Read more »