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92-Year-Old Woman Declared Dead, Wakes Up Screaming At Funeral Home

German Woman Wrongfully Declared dead

A 92-year-old woman, declared dead by a German doctor, was discovered very much alive in a Berlin funeral home. Although her name was not disclosed, authorities confirmed that the elderly woman woke up screaming in a refrigeration room. As reported by ITV, the woman was pronounced dead at a retirement home, as the doctor did… Read more »

Dominique Lisbirel: Meet The Woman Who Plans To Marry Her Dog

[Photo: Twitter]

Dominique Lisbirel is not your average pet-lover. This Dutch woman’s love for her pets extends much beyond the customary hugs and morning walks you commonly associate with pet owners, to the extent that Dominique plans to marry her dog in the near future. It all happened when Dominique’s husband, Doerack, died recently from kidney failure… Read more »

Couple Take Homemade Personal ‘Shark Cages’ To North Carolina Beach

The "cages" were made from PVC, and intended to be used in a spoof photograph.

A couple visiting the Outer Banks in North Carolina made waves this weekend when they were filmed stepping into the ocean wearing homemade, personal shark cages as part of an intended spoof video. Scott and Sandi Bergman, who hail from Richmond, Virginia, were filmed in Kill Devil Hills, according to the Huffington Post. On Sunday,… Read more »

This Girl Can Play Piano In Her Sleep While Sleepwalking [Video]


A young girl in New Zealand is so good at playing the piano she can even do it in her sleep. Her amused parents recently caught her on video, playing a few scales while sleepwalking and she’s pretty good. Living in Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand, 12-year-old Isabelle can be seen in the video slumped… Read more »

Masturbating Woman Crashes Into Seafood Truck

Mini cooper

An unidentified woman from England was masturbating so furiously while driving that she accidentally crashed into an M&J Seafood truck. According to the Bristol Post, the woman was driving a Mini Cooper through a Gloucestershire town while pleasuring herself with a sex toy. She was so distracted with the activity that she took her eyes… Read more »

Woman Shops Naked At New Jersey’s Wawa Convenience Store [Video]

woman shops naked

Early Monday morning, a naked woman was spotted strolling along New Jersey’s 130 before heading into a busy Delran Wawa convenience store to apparently do some shopping. According to NBC10, who happened to have been there to capture the strange occurrence, the unidentified naked woman walked into the store and then left empty-handed after about… Read more »

Women Arrested For Using 911 To Complain About Chinese Food

Tracey McCloud and Chinese food

There have been stories in the past about people using 911 for stupid reasons, and even one story about a woman who used a food order in place of 911. But a woman from Alliance, Ohio, may have taken the cake for most unnecessary 911 call when she phoned the emergency service to complain about… Read more »