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Aerial Photographer Captures Crop Circle West Of London [Video]

crop circle

A crop circle was allegedly captured by an aerial photographer in an open field around 100 miles from west London, the Houston Chronicle reports. On Monday, MrGyro FPV uploaded a video to YouTube of the crop circle, which is located in Tarlton, Gloucestershire, U.K. MrGyro did not give much detail about the crop circle, except… Read more »

Long-Lost Siblings Reunited Thanks To Dating App Tinder

Apple Begins Selling iPhone 5 S/C In Berlin

Three siblings were separated at birth after their parent’s messy break-up in 1999, which left twin boys under the father’s care in Belgium and the sister in the mother’s care in Netherlands. The siblings spent years trying to find one another but eventually gave up hope. That is until 24-year-old Erik de Vries moved back… Read more »

Hattie Gladwell Dons Bikini, Colostomy Bag For Revealing Photo Shoot

Hattie Gladwell

Hattie Gladwell (pictured with boyfriend above) may not be the bravest woman on the Internet, but she’s certainly in the upper echelon. That’s because the wise 19-year-old has decided to use her own body to send a message to others who might be suffering from similar afflictions. Not even old enough to drink by U.S…. Read more »

Frustrated Man Gets Busted For Shooting His Computer

Computer Shot By Frustrated Man

A frustrated man shot his computer eight times. According to Colorado Springs police, Lucas Hinch, 37, was so upset with his computer Monday night; he took it in the back yard and “executed” the useless device. Most people can relate to the frustration of having a slow and unresponsive computer – a computer that gets… Read more »

Woman Stabs Husband For Stinking Up The Bathroom With His Poop

A woman stabbed her husband for taking a smelly poo

A Japanese husband is probably wishing he had made a courtesy flush, or at least sprayed a little air freshener, after his wife stabbed him for stinking up the bathroom with his poop. According to Metro, 29-year-old Emi Mamiya of Otaku, Japan, was so offended by the stench her 34-year-old husband left in the bathroom… Read more »