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Student Wearing ‘Virginity Rocks’ T-Shirt Sent Home From School

Virginity Rocks Shirt Banned From School

“Virginity Rocks” is the message 1 eighth-grader at Ramay Junior High School in Fayetteville, Arkansas, tried to share with her classmates, but school officials promptly put a stop to it. In a report from 5NEWS, the school stated that it decided to send Chloe Rubiano home for wearing a shirt that contained “sexual content,” which… Read more »

Loch Ness Monster In England? Stunning Photo Reveals ‘Bownessie’

Resembling the Loch Ness Monster, "Bownessie" inhabits England's Lake District.

As a vote on Scottish independence moves forward, one of the country’s most famous residents seems to have skipped town as a stunning new photo reveals a creature resembling the Loch Ness Monster in England’s Lake Windermere. Ellie Williams captured the amazing photograph, according to The Mirror, which depicts a lake monster resembling the fabled… Read more »

Dutch Girl Fakes Five-Week-Long Vacation To The Far East On Facebook!

Facebook fake posts

Zilla van den Born, a Dutch girl, recently told her friends and family members about her exciting five-week-long vacation to South East Asia. As expected of any modern-day youngster who decides to go traveling, her friends and family members watched, liked, and commented on the pictures she uploaded to Facebook that showed her having a… Read more »

Texas Dog Brings Home Human Skull, Leaves Owners Terrified!

Dog brings home human skull

A Texas dog gave a nasty surprise to its owners on Monday morning when the beloved pet bought home something really terrifying. How would you feel if you played fetch with your dog, and instead of getting back the ball you threw, it brings home a human skull? That’s somewhat similar to what happened with… Read more »

Woman Finishes Sex Marathon: 25 Men In One Night Pays For New Implants

Sex Marathon Goes Through

The sex marathon The Inquisitr reported on Saturday is finished, and Quebec porn star Zoe Zebra has “earned” herself new breast implants. Attendees of the event had to pay $15 apiece, and a video of the entire epic saga will be made available at a later, undisclosed date, her production company, AD4X stated. The event… Read more »

Reclining Seats On Airplane: 41 Percent Believe It’s Rude

Reclining Seats On Planes? Don't Do It!

Reclining seats on an airplane is a symbol of rudeness for 41 percent of fliers, according to a new SurveyMonkey Audience poll commissioned by the FiveThirtyEight blog. Inspired by a number of recent events in which cranky airplane riders have been at odds with one another over the common behavior, the website wanted to know… Read more »

Sarasota Homeless To Be Shipped Out Of Town After Unanimous Vote

Sarasota Homeless Get One Way Ticket

Sarasota’s homeless will soon be looking for new homes, thanks in part to a unanimous vote of city leaders to send them packing. Despite the past failures of such plans, leadership moved forward with a proposal to establish the “Homeward Bound Fund” that would pay for shipping homeless people out of town. One similar proposal… Read more »

Hilarious: South Koreans Using Fake Arm Casts To Evade Holiday Chores

South Koreans Fake Injuries

Do you hate chores? How about holiday chores? South Koreans certainly hate them. They hate them so much, reports Reuters, that they are using fake arm casts to pretend that they are injured and thus incapable of helping the family prepare holiday meals. So what holiday are they trying to avoid? These seemingly lazy-beyond-belief South… Read more »