Odd News Timeline

‘Dead’ Milwaukee Man Starts Breathing On The Way To The Morgue

Toe tag and cardiac monitor

A bizarre story has come out of Wisconsin this week when a Milwaukee man who was pronounced dead started breathing again while he was being taken to the morgue. According to WISN, the 46-year-old Milwaukee man was considered officially deceased, and police had already contacted his family to inform them. But in a strange turn… Read more »

UFO: Marvin Gaye Impersonator Films UFO Fleet Over Alum Rock, England

Alien UFO

Mike Bedward, a Marvin Gaye impersonator, photographed a UFO fleet over Alum Rock, Birmingham, U.K., on Monday. Although Bedward, 44, had been told that extraterrestrials and their flying machines were often attracted to beautiful sights in the sky, such as rainbows, spectacular sunsets, and sunrises, he was not expecting to capture UFOs on camera when… Read more »

It’s No Joke: A Beaver Walked Into A Hardware Store

beaver hardware store

A beaver walked into a hardware store, and we’re completely serious. A Lowe’s home improvement store in Fairbanks, Alaska, had a busy customer visit last Friday. A beaver strolled through the parking lot and through the automatic doors of the hardware store early in the morning. If you think the punchline of this story is… Read more »

Indiana Teen Goes To Junior Prom With Great-Grandmother

junior prom great-grandmother

An Indiana teen took his 93-year-old great-grandmother to the junior prom last Friday and had a good time, even though they only got to dance one dance together before they had to call it a night. According to the Seymour Tribune, Drew Holm originally didn’t plan to go to the junior prom because he didn’t… Read more »