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[Video] Did A Ghost Streak Across Stadium Through Fans In Bolivia?

Ghost Sighting At Football Match

Football spectators are usually used to seeing unbelievable happenings on the field, however, a video grab of the spectator stands is sure to leave them slightly scared for a completely different reason. During a game in Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz, Bolivia, on a Thursday night, video cameras who were set a very wide… Read more »

Attack Of the Pet Duck Causes a Law Suit of $275,000

Pet Duck Attack results in $275,000 Law Suit

A pet duck apparently wreaked havoc for a woman visiting her mother in Oregon. Now the woman is actually suing her neighbor who owns the rogue duck. Cynthia Ruddell, age 62, of Washougal, Washington, was on her mother’s property in Estacada, Oregon, about 25 miles southeast of Portland, when a neighbor’s duck attacked her, according… Read more »

Ohio Woman Discovers Bird Leg In Her Packet Of Dole Spinach!

Dole Spinach pack

Body parts of animals is the last thing you would expect in a bag of packaged food. But that is exactly what Rose Carducci found inside the bag of Dole Spinach when she ordered her groceries from Buehler’s last Monday. According to WEWS News Channel 5, the 28-year-old Wadsworth woman who has a staple diet… Read more »

Pennsylvania Mom Gives Birth To 13 Pound Baby!

Big Babby Waldo

A baby weighing 13 pounds was born to an expecting Pennsylvania couple. The baby was delivered by c-section last Monday, as reported by ABC affiliate WPVI. While the couple knew that their baby was big, they never expected him to weigh four pounds more than what they were told by doctors. The proud parents of… Read more »

Florida Man Kicked Out Of Basketball Game For Being HIV Positive [Video]

HIV positive Dakota Basinger

A Florida man was reportedly thrown out of a basketball game after it was revealed to the organizers that he was HIV positive. 21-year-old Dakota Basinger faced this unwarranted humiliation during a Kissimmee Parks and Recreation basketball game earlier this week, reports the Orlando Sentinel. The incident happened on April 13 about four minutes into… Read more »

US Airways Tweets Bizarre NSFW Photo And Twitter Can’t Stop Reacting

US Airways accidentally tweeted a very NSFW photo as part of a reply to a customer complaint.

US Airways is certainly having a bad public relations experience today, as it seems someone on their Twitter account tweeted an extremely inappropriate photo in response to a customer complaint. The photo fiasco started with the following tweet from an unhappy customer with the Twitter handle @ElleRafter: @USAirways Unhappy that 1787 sat for an hour… Read more »

Appendix Lawsuit Claims The Doctor Forgot To Do The Surgery [Video]

Appendix Lawsuit Claims The Doctor Forgot To Do The Surgery

When it comes to surgery for an appendix, a lawsuit claims the patient did not leave the hospital with that empty feeling they should have… because the appendix was still inside, having never been removed by the doctor. In a related report by The Inquisitr, medical malpractice lawsuits can sometimes be quite bizarre. For example,… Read more »

Pollution In China Allows Person To Auction Jar Of Mountain Air For $860

Beijing artist Liang Kegang sold a jar of Mountain Air From France for $860

The air pollution levels in China have been above the standard permissible levels for quite some time. To protest the Government’s apathy and drive his point home, Beijing artist Liang Kegang brought and then successfully auctioned off a sealed jar containing mountain air collected from Provence, France. Beijing artist Liang Kegang returned from a business… Read more »

Sex Between Divorcing Couples Banned In Massachusetts Soon?

Sex Between Divorcing Couples Banned In Massachusetts Soon

Sex between divorcing couples may be banned in Massachusetts soon if a bill manages to pass the legislature. In a related report by The Inquisitr, one man stabbed his wife after she refused sex and demanded a divorce. The law was originally proposed back in 2013 but it’s slowly making its way through the legislative… Read more »

Brewery Creates ‘Walking Dead’ Beer Made With Goat Brains

The Walking Dead beer made by Philadelphia brewing co.

A Philadelphia brewer has created a Walking Dead-inspired beer in honor of tonight’s season 4 finale of the AMC TV mega hit. Containing goat brains, “Walker Beer” is perhaps the “smartest beer you’ll ever drink” according to Dock Street Brewing Co. where a viewing party for tonight’s The Walking Dead season-ender will be held. In… Read more »

Teen Issues Cop Handwritten Parking Ticket [Video]

Texas teen gives cop parking ticket

A no-nonsense Texas teenager issued a police officer a “violation” notice for illegally parking at the apartment complex where she lives. Annie James, 14, spotted a police cruiser parked near the leasing office at the Bay Oaks Apartments in Baytown, Tex., in violation of the law; Not quite making a citizen’s arrest, however, she got… Read more »