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NJ Police Officer Crashes Cruiser Into Dunkin’ Donuts


A New Jersey police car and a Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant became one Friday (September 19) after the police cruiser crashed into the stereotypical police favorite. In a report on the crash of the police car into the Dunkin’ Donuts, Mediaite’s Andrew Kirell had a bit of fun discussing the incident. “We could make the joking… Read more »

Parents Risk Baby’s Life On Cliff’s Edge for Vacation Photo

Parents place a baby on the edge of a cliff for a vacation photo

Hiker Fred Sirevag snapped this shocking photo when the parents put their baby on the edge of a cliff overlooking Pulpit Rock in Norway to take a scenic vacation photo. The photo, which has been circulating online and in the Norwegian media, shows a woman taking a picture while the baby crawls dangerously close to… Read more »