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Professional Beggar Uses Cash Box, Wireless Credit Card Machine

Professional Beggar Uses Credit Cards For Donations

Even the professional beggar has found a way to make it in the digital age. In a recent piece for the Magazine section of the New York Times, writer Mark Oppenheimer shed light on one Elimelech Ehrlich, a professional beggar from Jerusalem who makes a pilgrimage once per year to Lakewood, New Jersey. Ehrlich stays… Read more »

Creepy Clown Sightings Increase: Towns Nationwide Terrorized By Halloween Pranksters [Video]

Creepy clowns are popping up all over the country

After the news of creepy clowns terrifying the residents of Wasco and Bakersfield, California, earlier this month, menacing-looking clowns began showing up across the country. The Inquisitr recently reported on the scary, weapon-brandishing clowns in California, which were allegedly inspired by an unrelated photography project. Now copycat clowns across the country are showing up. Residents… Read more »

Mysterious ‘Flying Man’ Buzzes Aircraft At 3,500 Feet

Air traffic controllers were unable to spot the flying man on radar.

Pilots of a passenger plane over England were stunned recently, when an object they describe as a “flying man” buzzed past their aircraft, at a height of 3,500 feet. The bizarre incident took place as the Airbus 320 was preparing to land at Manchester Airport on July 13, according to The Mirror. Appearing seemingly from… Read more »

Darth Vader Is Running For Office In Ukraine, Alongside Yoda And Chewbacca

Sixteen candidates in Ukraine's parliamentary election are using the name Darth Vader.

The Ukrainian Internet Party is fielding an unusual candidate for office this year, backing notorious Sith Lord and Star Wars villain Darth Vader for parliament. Ukraine’s parliamentary election will be held on October 26, as The Guardian notes. Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time that Darth Vader has appeared as a candidate for office in… Read more »

Couple, Married For 65 Years, Dies Minutes Apart

Couple married 65-years dies 40-minutes apart.

We have all heard stories such as The Notebook, in which two human beings’ love is literally undying. Apparently such was the case with a couple, married for 65-years, who could not bear to part without the other — the two died 40 minutes apart. Italvino and Diva Possa died recently lying side-by-side in the… Read more »