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Holy Crap: Holy Man Avtar Singh Muani Wears World’s Largest Turban

World's Largest Turban

Turbans are a dime a dozen these days. Everybody seems to wear one, including former President George W. Bush. Actually, that picture is clearly a fake, though the turban still looks awfully nice on him! Regardless, while turbans appear to be quite the craze these days, what’s definitely not all that popular are turbans that… Read more »

Martha Carolyn Dreher: Arsonist Babysitter Burns House Over ‘Bad’ Kids

Martha Carolyn Dreher Arrested

Martha Carolyn Dreher allegedly set a house aflame early this month and was arrested on arson charges. And the reason the babysitter burned down her employer’s Texas home will shock you: she had a beef with the man’s pre-teen girls over their disrespectful behavior. Dreher, 57, was arrested Thursday for allegedly torching the home of… Read more »

Barack Obama Found Sipping Twisted Teas And Smoking Cigarettes In Park

Barack Obama

Over the past few months, President Barack Obama has been reportedly busy with many matters. As of late, he has been associated with many foreign affairs. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported how our president is sending $400 million of taxpayer’s money to support the Hamas and assigning a non-American to be in charge of… Read more »

Watch: Wild Dogs Chase Russians Up Jungle Gym [Viral Video]

Dogs Chase Russians

A video of a pack of wild dogs chasing some Russians up a jungle gym has gone viral. The video was uploaded just two days ago and has already received over 43,000 hits at the time of this posting. The video made its way to Reddit and has Redditors chattering. Some of the Reddit users… Read more »

Amazeballs: Oxford Dictionaries Adds 50 Cray New Words, Yo!

Oxford Dictionaries New Words 2014

Yo, wassup! There’s some news out today that’s bound to blow your mind, baller! According to TIME, Oxford Dictionaries just added a bunch of totally cray new words to its online dictionary, including but not limited to cray, hot mess, side boob, hot diggity, spit take, subtweet, catfish, clickbait, listicle, adorbs, amazeballs, baller, SMH, YOLO… Read more »

Two-Headed Dolphin Washes Up On Turkey Beach, Shocks Onlookers

Two headed dolphin

Biologists and the scientific community in general are intrigued after the lifeless body of a two-headed dolphin was discovered on a Turkish beach. The body of the two-headed dolphin is believed to be that of a calf, no more than 1 year old. The startling discovery was made by an individual named Tugrul Metin, reports… Read more »

E-Cigarette Kills Man After ‘Exploding Into Flames’

E-Cigarette Explosion Claims Merseyside Man

An e-cigarette exploded in a man’s face who was using oxygen equipment, according to fire chiefs in the Wallasey, Merseyside area (UK). The resulting ignition claimed the life of the unnamed 62-year-old, noted the Independent, who was found dead in the living room of the property at Penkett Road. While the exact cause of death… Read more »

Honeymoon In The Hospital Is ‘Happiest Day Of Our Lives’


Few would consider having their honeymoon in a hospital room as being particularly ideal or romantic. Yet for many couples, it’s the happiest day of their lives. For one couple last week, their happiness was thanks to the team of big-hearted nurses at Regions Hospital in St. Paul. It all started on Friday night when… Read more »