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Mysterious Crop Circles Spotted In Wiltshire, Near Stonehenge [Video]

Crop Circle

Aerial images captured by a drone have revealed two new intricate crop patterns near the famous Stonehenge, the prehistoric site in the English county of Wiltshire, consisting of an enigmatic circular formation of erect stones within an earthwork. A group called MrGyro, which uses drones to search for and investigate crop circles, announced the discovery… Read more »

Mysterious Pulsating White UFO Over Hertfordshire, England [Video]


A pulsating “white spot” UFO was recently captured on camera hovering over a house in Hoddesdon, near Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, U.K. Suggestions that the UFO was the light of an airplane have been dismissed by enthusiasts who note the light moved to and fro over the building. According to the Mirror, the footage was shot… Read more »

Durban Man Has Lucky Escape As Car Crashes Through His Roof

Lucky escape

A man in Durban had a very lucky escape early Wednesday when a pickup truck, or “bakkie” as it is known in South Africa, crashed through his roof while he was sleeping. Preferring to remain unnamed and wishing to avoid an interview, the KwaMakhutha man was said to have changed bedrooms on Wednesday evening because… Read more »

Black ‘Flying Saucer’ UFO Photographed Hovering Over Stonehenge


UFO hunters claim that a large “flying saucer” UFO visited Stonehenge a few days before the Summer Solstice. Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, is one of the most famous prehistoric construction sites in the world. It consists of a circular formation of erect stone slabs set within an earth bank and ditch. The structure is believed… Read more »

Photographer Charlie Engman Releases Racy Photos Of His Own Mother

Charlie Engman's photography.

When an artistic photographer finds something that inspires him or her, it’s important to run with it. But one particular photographer, Charlie Engman, has been pushing boundaries for years by photographing his own mother in varying states of undress. According to the Huffington Post, Charlie Engman has been releasing the stunning and sometimes unsettling photos… Read more »

‘Drink More Beer’ Road Sign In Michigan Sells For $600

Drink more beer

In these days when road safety is key and drunken driving is a definite “no-no,” an electronic road sign bearing the slogan “drink more beer” definitely caught people’s attention. While some thought that maybe the sign had been hacked, it turns out it is the real deal. The owner apparently wanted to sell the sign… Read more »

‘Insidious’ Error At Ohio Theater Sends Parents & Kids Packing

Ohio theater

A bunch of kids who were expecting an animated Disney film at an Ohio theater were scared silly when the projectionist accidentally screened the PG-13 rated movie Insidious: Chapter 3 instead of the expected Inside Out. It’s easy to imagine a cinema full of children, popcorn in hand, all excited and waiting to watch the… Read more »