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Your Surgeon Probably Listens To Pink Floyd

Surgery Pink Floyd

Cardiff University Hospital conducted a survey, in which they asked doctors and surgeons to list their favorite songs to listen to while performing surgery. At the top of the list was Pink Floyd with “Comfortably Numb.” The song was originally released on the iconic album The Wall, which released 35 years ago. So there’s a… Read more »

Castaway: American Man Rescued From Deserted Island In Bahamas

Sutterfield drifted for five days before he landed on the tiny island.

An American man who was stranded on a deserted island in the Bahamas, after drifting in an inflatable dinghy for five days, has been rescued, looking little worse for his ordeal. Larry Sutterfield was spotted on an island in the Cay Sal Bank, in the Western Bahamas between Cuba and Florida, by a Coast Guard… Read more »

Alabama Father Hid Heroin Inside Two-Year-Old Daughter’s Diaper, Arrested

Man hid heroin in diaper

Police officials from Birmingham, Alabama, have arrested a man after they found 14 grams of heroin hidden inside his two-year-old daughter’s diaper. The man, identified as 23-year-old Kenneth Bell, was arrested after the toddler’s elder sister, who is five years old, tipped off the police about the heroin. According to Reuters, following the tip-off, the… Read more »

E-Cigarettes Tragedy: ‘Vaping’ Claims Life Of Toddler

E-Cigarettes Claim One Toddler

E-cigarettes are widely accepted as a positive alternative to traditional cigarette smoke, but recent pushback has started to call this reputation into question, and a story reported this week isn’t going to help. According to WABC-TV, a toddler has died after getting into the nicotine liquid used for what e-cigarette users refer to as “vaping.”… Read more »

Men Make Up The Majority Of Stupid Deaths: Study Proves ‘Male Idiot Theory’

Study shows men make up almost 90 percent of stupid deaths

Researchers in the United Kingdom studying “stupid deaths” have delighted women worldwide with evidence of what they have suspected all along: men are idiots. In a study published Thursday in the special light-hearted Christmas issue of the medical journal BMJ, researchers revealed that the majority of Darwin Award recipients are male. Normally, winning an award… Read more »

Toys R Us ‘Layaway Angel’ Pays Off 154 Accounts: Who Is She?

Toys R Us 'Layaway Angel' Strikes Anonymously

The Toys R Us “layaway angel” has more than 150 customers scratching their heads this Christmas season, after walking into the Bellingham, Massachusetts, store and doing the unthinkable. MyFoxBoston reports that “around noon on Wednesday” — this would have been December 10 — an anonymous woman walked into the location and told a cashier she… Read more »

Chinese Newborn Survives Being Flushed Down Toilet By Mom [Photos]

Newborn Recovering

A Chinese newborn miraculously survived being flushed down the toilet by his mother in northwest China. The mother flushed the newborn boy down the toilet soon after she gave birth to him. A passerby reportedly heard the newborn’s anguished screams from inside the sewer and called the local emergency services in Suide County, in the… Read more »

Record Breaking Truffle Weighing 4.16 Pounds Sold for $61,250

Truffle sold for $61,250

A giant White Alba Truffle that weighed a scale-popping 4.16 pounds (1.89 kilograms) was sold for a staggering $61,250 at Sotheby’s, reports CBS News. The record-breaking truffle, which is reported to be the largest one ever found, was brought by a Taiwanese bidder who took part in the process via telephone and placed his bid… Read more »