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Is Explainer Journalism A Fad That Is Already Fading?


Are you familiar with explainer journalism? If not, let me give you a quick crash course — you take a complex or sometimes a non-complex issue in the news, use charts, graphs, and graphics to simplify it to terms understandable by the general public, and then add some language to help explain what you are… Read more »

Does Drudge Skew the News on Ferguson?

ferguson missouri 58

As rioting and protests in Ferguson, Missouri continues, coverage on the popular news outlet The Drudge Report, is often cited – especially in “right wing” publications and similar websites. The release of the St. Louis County medical examiner’s autopsy report of Michael Brown, the teen shot by a police officer whose death sparked the riots,… Read more »

Premier League: Don’t Post Unofficial Goal Videos

Premier League Videos

The Pemier League is cracking down on unofficial, fan-posted goal videos ahead of its season opening Saturday, according to the BBC. The concern apparently arises from a huge number of videos posted to Vine during this summer’s World Cup. Vine is a social media network centered on short, six-second video clips. But as the English… Read more »

Is The Food Network Star Winner Lenny McNab In Hot Water?


Food Network Star Winner Lenny McNab, the so-called gourmet cowboy and chuckwagon cook, allegedly has left a trail, as it were, of offensive comments on social media. Based on an online vote, McNab emerged as the winner Sunday night in the 10th season of the Food Network’s reality show over his last remaining rivals Luca… Read more »

Ebola Outbreak In Atlanta: Yahoo News Retracts ‘Unauthorized Tweet’

Ebola Outbreak Still Hasn't Happened In U.S., Despite Claim

The Ebola outbreak continues to be a source of global concern, and unfortunately, an “unauthorized tweet” from the Yahoo News Twitter account added to those fears on Sunday when someone posted the following: “BREAKING: EBOLA OUTBREAK IN ATLANTA! Estimated 145 people infected so far since Doctors carrying the disease were flown in from Africa.” Users… Read more »

CNN Places Hong Kong In Brazil, To The Surprise Of No One

CNN Hong Kong Report Places Country In Brazil

A new CNN Hong Kong report has placed the country smack-dab in the middle of… Brazil? That’s right. Apparently, the Cable News Network does not require basic geographical knowledge for their graphics editors, because according to an image making the rounds, they’re a bit confused as to where Hong Kong is. Zero Hedge caught the… Read more »

Facebook Outage Sparks 911 Calls, Angers Sheriff’s Officials

Facebook Outage Not A Good Reason To Dial 911

The recent Facebook outage led to an unfortunate revelation regarding the intelligence of some U.S. citizens, and it has left some L.A. County Sheriff’s officials fuming as a result. When the popular social network went down on Friday morning, the first reaction from a number of people living in L.A. County was to place 911… Read more »

Newspaper Reporters On 2014 Endangered Jobs List


The days of newspaper reporters outnumbering other types of journalists — i.e. television, radio, and online — could soon be a thing of the past if industry trends hold true, according to one study. A report posted to, listing the 10 most endangered jobs in the United States, included newspaper reporter as one of… Read more »

George Stephanopoulos Nabs Obama Interview, ‘Chief Anchor’ Spot

George Stephanopoulos Obama Interview

We reported yesterday that George Stephanopoulos will become ABC’s Chief Anchor following Diane Sawyer’s departure from the flagship evening news program, “World News Tonight,” later this year. David Muir, currently the weekend host, will be manning the desk on “World News,” but Stephanopoulos will be the network’s go-to anchor for breaking news and major events,… Read more »

Diane Sawyer To Leave ‘World News’, David Muir To Take Over


In an announcement just posted to ABC News’ website, the network news division said “World News” anchor Diane Sawyer will step down from her position later this summer. The announcement comes about a year and a half after the network denied reports of Sawyer’s impending retirement, according to a previous Inquisitr report. Sawyer, who has… Read more »

Fox News Is America’s Most Trusted News Source [Poll]

Fox News, Honest As They Come

For years, Fox News has claimed to be “fair and balanced,” much to the disagreement of other news sources like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report. They’ve even taken a great deal of targeted criticism from the Obama administration and the President himself. A frequent target of mockery in what… Read more »