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Mike Rowe Reveals His Feelings About The Confederate Flag Controversy

Mike Rowe opens up about the Confederate flag

TV personality Mike Rowe has expressed his thoughts on social media about the ongoing Confederate flag controversy which became a national issue after the horrific Charleston shooting. Mike Rowe has more than once used his Facebook platform to respond to fans’ questions about current issues from a non-ideological, non-partisan perspective. In this instance, a fan… Read more »

Donald Trump Sues Univision, Feuds With Neil Young

Donald Trump suing Univision over pageant cancellation

Donald Trump plans to sue the Univision television network for pulling out of broadcasting the Miss USA Pageant on July 12. In his verbose presidential campaign announcement on June 16 in New York City, Trump prompted a backlash when he complained about rapists and other criminals allegedly coming across the southern border from Mexico. Univision… Read more »

Megyn Kelly Lands On The Cover Of ‘Variety’

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly has gone from just a regular Fox News anchor to a superstar in just five years. If you need more proof, Variety put Mrs. Kelly on the cover of their magazine. It’s the latest coup for one of the most loved and hated female news anchors in cable television history. Variety notes that… Read more »

Don Lemon N-Word Sign Turned Into Viral Internet Memes

Don Lemon

Don Lemon may have held up a sign on the air with the N-word on it – but social media has taken the baton from him and run away with it. Lemon’s controversial sign recently became the primary target of internet memes that have been circulating online since he first flashed the sign on CNN… Read more »

Revenge Porn? Snappening Victim? Google Wants To Help

Snappening, revenge porn: not on Google

Revenge porn, “Snappening,” hacked or stolen phones or computers — there are quite a few ways a person ends up with nude photos on the web, without ever knowing. However, Google is doing its part to help. The site announced yesterday that it will soon give victims the opportunity to remove photos posted without permission… Read more »

Brian Williams To Stay At NBC But In New Role [Video]

brian williams to stay

NBC and Brian Williams have reached an agreement that will allow Williams to stay at the network after his six-month suspension ends in August, but in a new role. Inside sources told CNN about the plan that lets Brian stay, which ends months of speculation about whether Williams would be given the boot altogether. Although… Read more »

Fox News Host Bill O’Reilly Kills Megyn Kelly In Ratings

Bill O'Reilly

Last week, thanks to her interview with the Duggar family, Megyn Kelly inched closer to Bill O’Reilly in the overall ratings. According to Zap2it, Megyn Kelly attracted an average of 2.33 million viewers a night, while O’Reilly averaged 2.57 million viewers a night. Even though Kelly’s interview with the Duggars was a ratings win, it… Read more »

Fox News Star Megyn Kelly Inches Closer To Bill O’Reilly In Ratings

Bill O'Reilly

Megyn Kelly‘s interview with the Duggars didn’t go over very well in a lot of quarters. Even though NPR is a left-leaning organization that usually criticizes Fox News, their television critic Eric Deggans said what a lot of others thought about the interview. “It seemed to be pretty much about helping the Duggars salvage their… Read more »

SoundCloud Has An Agreement With Merlin, Now Eyeing The Future

SoundCloud Merlin Deal

SoundCloud, the site that offers visitors music from independent artists, is changing. After years of looking into ways of acquiring music license deals, including an ill-fated deal with Sony, the highly-trafficked site finally found a taker. SoundCloud and Merlin will partner up, offering an improved ad-revenue sharing program for independent musicians. The news was reported… Read more »

Joan Walsh: The Duggars Have A ‘Twisted Persecution Complex’

Joan Walsh Tees Off On Duggars and Megyn Kelly

Liberal columnist Joan Walsh of Salon is not afraid to voice unpopular opinions, but with one of her latest columns on the embattled Duggar family, she may be shooting at fish in a barrel. Following a Fox News interview Wednesday night that was not well-received, Walsh took aim at how most of the interview attempted… Read more »

United Nations Journalist ‘Training Program’ Will Pay News Outlets $25,000 To $100,000 To Cover Agenda


The United Nations has rolled out a journalist training program in a bid to increase media coverage of the organization’s controversial global agenda. The efforts were designed to increase public interest and media attention to the U.N.’s national “post-2015 development process” by paying news outlets $25,000 to $100,000 to attend the training sessions. However, many… Read more »

Bill O’Reilly Blasts New York Times’ Charles Blow For False Accusations

Bill O'Reilly

Bill O’Reilly never likes when he is misquoted and he didn’t hold back Thursday evening on his show when talking about New York Times reporter Charles Blow, who wrote about O’Reilly’s alleged hatred towards poverty-stricken individuals. “Charles Blow, who writes for the New York Times, put forth another deceptive column about the incident. Using out-of-context… Read more »