Crime Timeline

Man Gives A Cop A ‘Wet Willy,’ Narrowly Avoids Felony Charges


Remember in elementary school, when you and your friends would annoy each other by licking your fingers and sticking them in each others’ ears (a prank known as a “wet willy”)? An adult man (an airman) gave a wet willy to another adult man (a cop), and the “victim” didn’t find it funny at all…. Read more »

100-Year-Old Woman Raped In Home Invasion, Alleged Attacker Is 35

A 100-Year-Old Raped By Man 65 Years Younger

A 100-year-old woman raped in Kansas, allegedly by a 35-year-old attacker, “will never be the same,” according to one of the neighbors who attended to her when she escaped from her home and spoke of what had happened. At the time of the video posted below, there were no arrests that had been made in… Read more »

Thirty Michigan Students Might Face Felony Charges For ‘Sexting’


Michigan has become prominent in the news for online sex exploits, especially when it comes to students. The Inquisitr reported numerous times on Michigan students utilizing the internet, social media, and online communications just to pass around sexually-explicit pictures of themselves and others. This includes two teenagers facing child pornography charges for posting their sexual… Read more »

Gun Smugglers Arrested On U.S./Canadian Border — Then Released


Two gun smugglers were arrested on the border between the United States and Canada. The two tried to cross over into Canada from North Dakota and were instantly detained at gunpoint, when a loaded revolver was found under the driver’s seat. The owner of the firearm was taken to a holding facility in Winnipeg and… Read more »