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Beer Pong Rape Case Lands Maryland Man In Prison For 150 Years

beer pong joey pointdexter

A beer pong sexual assault scheme had landed Maryland man Joey Pointdexter in prison for the next 150 years. The Montgomery County man sexually assaulted multiple men that he met at beer pong tournaments, according to court documents. While Pointdexter was convicted of sexually assaulting five men, Montgomery County prosecutors believer there were at least… Read more »

Panama City Beach Spring Break Gang Rape: Third Suspect Arrested

panama city spring break rape

The Panama City Beach spring break gang rape investigators have now made a third arrest in the case. George Davon Kennedy, 21, was arrested in charges related to the gang rape, according to the Bay County Sheriff’s Office. Kennedy is reportedly from DeKalb County, Georgia and is a student at a the Middle Tennessee State… Read more »

Leonie Granger: Woman Lures Man To His Death In ‘Honey Trap’ Scheme

Leonie Granger - Woman Lures Man to His Death in 'Honey Trap' Scheme

Leonie Granger, part of a “honey trap” scheme, convinced a 56-year-old professional gambler that she was interested in a relationship. Unknowingly, he was lured to his death. Leonie had two other accomplices working with her. She did the seductive work, and after bringing the man close enough, Kyrron Jackson and Nicholas Chandler did the physical… Read more »

Torrance High School Wrestling Coach Held On Charges Of Lewd Acts With Students

Torrance wrestling coach accused of sexual misconduct

A 47-year-old head wrestling coach employed at Torrance High School in Torrance, California, was arrested on suspicion of being involved in sexual acts with several students. According to CBS Los Angeles, the coach, identified as Thomas Snider, was arrested on Wednesday on 33 felony counts. He is accused of “inappropriately touching” 25 male students from… Read more »

Atlanta Judge Gives Educators Jail Time, Calls Cheating Scandal ‘Sick’

Educators Sentences To Jail Time In Cheating Scandal

Judge Jerry Baxter dealt out harsh sentences for educators convicted in one of the country’s largest cheating scandals. Despite the judge’s pointed convictions during the trial, he offered the defendants a plea deal before sentencing. Most did not accept and will soon be serving years in prison as a result. According to CNN, the courtroom… Read more »