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ISIS Attack On U.S. Soil? Murder Of Gay Couple Raises Questions

ISIS Attack In The States May Have Already Happened

An ISIS attack on U.S. soil has fueled fear and speculation among Americans since the graphic beheading video in which a member of the terrorist group decapitated U.S. journalist James Foley last week. Texas Governor Rick Perry has even pointed out that ISIS members may have gotten in to the country amid the unrest on… Read more »

James Foley Killer Identified? Reports Finger London Rapper L Jinny

James Foley Killer: Has He Been Identified?

The James Foley killer was previously said to be a British national judging by his accent from the horrifying ISIS beheading video of the journalist released earlier this week. But until Friday, that was all we knew about him. Now authorities are said to be investigating London rapper L Jinny (real name: Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary)… Read more »

John Lennon’s Killer, Mark David Chapman, Denied Parole For Eighth Time

John Lennon killer

John Lennon’s killer, Mark David Chapman, was denied release from prison on his eighth appearance before a parole board on Friday, according to New York corrections officials. The decision was handed down by a three-member board, following a hearing on Wednesday. The board determined that Chapman should continue to serve his sentence for the killing… Read more »

Slimy Instagram Pimp Finally Arrested And Charged With Sex Trafficking

Instagram Pimp

Some people in this dreary world possess no moral fiber whatsoever. One such person happens to be Wellington Brown, a slimy 25-year-old Connecticut resident who used Instagram to document his pimp lifestyle. According to The Smoking Gun, the nefarious Instagram pimp was finally arrested and charged, along with co-conspirator and girlfriend Sheena Davis, in late… Read more »

Teenager Working At Best Buy Pleads Guilty To Embezzling $40,000 Online!

Best Buy Black Friday 2013 Deals, Matching Prices

Throughout history, greed has been the primary factor for many crimes. Just within our past, there have been historical accounts of bank robberies in industrial-progressive cities and train robberies in the wild west. These days, greed is still a factor for many crimes, but the methods of such have progressed to a technological level. Here… Read more »

Media Seemingly Hellbent On Revealing Officer Darren Wilson’s Address

Darren Wilson Address

Darren Wilson might want to get out of town, because the mainstream media seems hellbent on revealing his exact home address to the very angry residents of Ferguson, Missouri. For instance, during a broadcast Friday, a CNN reporter showcased Darren Wilson’s home, including the street number. The very same day, USA Today specifically mentioned the… Read more »