Animal News Timeline

Stray Dog Joins Adventure Team, Follows Them Through Amazon Jungle

Despite the difficult terrain, Arthur refused to leave the team's side.

A team of Swedish athletes competing in a grueling race through the jungles of Ecuador befriended a miserable-looking stray dog, and were astonished when the animal joined up with their group, tackling the daunting terrain to follow them to the finish. As the Washington Post reports, Team Peak Performance was preparing for the final two… Read more »

Pregnant Dolphin Shot And Killed Off Florida Coast

At least 17 dolphins have been shot over the past decade in the gulf coast.

The body of a pregnant dolphin was discovered Friday on the shores of Miramar Beach, Florida. Authorities say the wild dolphin was the victim of a deadly gunshot wound in a series of disturbing violence against dolphins. A bullet was recovered from the dolphin’s body and appears to be from a small caliber gun. The… Read more »

Rare Black Seadevil Filmed In Pacific Ocean [Video]

Black Seadevil videoed alive for the first time.

A Black Seadevil was seen by researchers diving within Monterey Canyon in the Pacific Ocean. Better known as a deep-sea anglerfish, the Black Seadevil is an ugly and dangerous-looking fish that lives at a depth of 2,000 feet, or deeper. The female Seadevil is highly recognizable in pop culture since it was represented in Finding… Read more »

Puppy Love: Science Gives A Glimpse Of What Dogs Really Think


You probably already believe that your dog loves you — it’s evident from the way your dog reacts as if your arrival home is the best thing that has ever happened in the history of the world, and the way your dog always chooses your shoes as the most preferable shoes to chew on. But… Read more »

Dog Treats Used To Maliciously Poison Dog

Dog treats were left in a backyard, stuffed with rat poison.

An 11-year-old miniature schnauzer was treated for poisoning last week after he ate some tainted dog treats he found in his backyard. Popo, the dog in question, is blind and diabetic. When he was let out into his backyard by owner, Hiro Oshida, he found a couple of the dog treats scattered around the area…. Read more »

Dolphins Use Signature Whistles As Names, Researchers Discover

The whistles are similar to the way human beings use names, researchers assert.

Wild dolphins in Africa identify and address each other with unique signature whistles, researchers have discovered, in a process similar to the way human beings use names. The vast majority of research exploring how dolphins communicate has been conducted on animals in captivity, the Daily Mail reports. Those findings have revealed that each dolphin learns… Read more »

Great White Shark Slams Into Cage In South Africa

The shark struck the cage at full force.

A group of divers in South Africa were startled when a great white shark slammed into their cage, ramming the enclosure and leaving the bars bent as it retreated into the sea. The divers had entered Mossel Bay in order to get an up-close view of the sharks, a practice that regularly attracts tourists to… Read more »

Great White Shark Caught In Nets Off Sydney’s Bondi Beach!

great white shark australia

A near three-meter-long great white Shark was caught off waters of Sydney’s popular Bondi beach days before the official commencement of summer in Australia. According to The Australian, the great white shark was dead when a routine patrol of the nets around Bondi beach revealed the animal. The great white shark was 2.5 meters long,… Read more »

Pennsylvania Great Dane Gives Birth To 19 Puppies, Surprises Owners!

19 puppies born to great Dane

A female Great Dane in Pennsylvania has given birth to a staggering 19 puppies in her litter – surprising her owners and more importantly, garnering national media attention! The Great Dane named Snowy is owned by York County residents Brandon and Aimie Terry, reports ABC News. The couple were aware of the fact that their… Read more »

Rare White Tiger Cub Finds Her Voice

At just four weeks old, Maylea is still exploring her surroundings.

A rare white tiger cub, born less than a month ago, is beginning to find her voice, attempting to roar as she prowls her new surroundings at Dade City’s Wild Things Park in Florida. As the Daily Mail reports, the tiger cub has been named Maylea by staff at the park, which is famous for… Read more »