Animal News Timeline

Bison Rams Straight Into Parked SUV — And It’s All On Video

Bison charges SUV

Sitting in his parked SUV at Yellowstone National Park, Tom Carter recorded a peeved 2000 pound bison charging 200 yards into the Nissan Xterra. The captivating video shows the bison slowly barrelling towards the car, then he rams his head into the side of the vehicle. Before the impending impact, a surprised Carter could be… Read more »

Dutch Terror Owl: Like Being Hit With A ‘Brick Laced With Nails’


The Dutch are a peaceful nation of people, tall and often blonde, and it has been many years since their mighty warriors colonized other parts of the world. These days, Dutch folk are more associated with chilled out coffee shops and tulips. However, the otherwise peaceful Dutch town of Purmerend and its residents are under… Read more »

China Bans Ivory Imports To Prevent Poaching

African Elephants

China’s ivory imports are blamed for depleting the African elephant population at an alarming rate. In response to continued criticism, China’s State Forestry Administration issued a temporary ban on some ivory imports. Although the ban is limited to one year, the agency hopes it will reduce poaching rates. As stated by the U.S. Fish and… Read more »

Texas Teenagers Stole Pet Emu, Tortured It To Death On Valentines Day

Pet emu tortured and killed

Eight teenagers from Comanche County, Texas, have been either arrested or cited by the police after it was found that they were behind the torture and killing of a pet emu. According to Action 4 News, Cassius Mankin, an 18-year-old high school football player, has been named the primary suspect and has been charged with… Read more »

Mother Cow Tries To Protect Newborn Baby By Hiding Her From Farmer

mother cow protects baby

Clarabelle, a former dairy cow who carries the unfortunate memories of having her babies being taken away from her by a farmer, decided to do something about the situation by hiding her newborn calf so she could keep her baby with her. The sad but amazing discovery was made by persons at the Australian farm… Read more »

Purina Beneful: 3,000 Dogs Reportedly Sickened By Toxins

Toxic Dog Food

Purina Beneful is blamed for causing illness in more than 3,000 dogs. A recent lawsuit, filed in the California federal court, suggests the popular dog food contains toxic ingredients. Although Purina denies the claims, thousands of pet owners believe their dogs became ill after eating Beneful dry “kibble” dog food. As stated in the lawsuit,… Read more »

Rami The Odd Pit Bull Dachshund Mix Gains ‘Ambassador’ Status


Pit bulls rarely attract much attention, besides maybe some apprehension, due to various misconceptions. However, when a pit bull mated with a Dachshund, heads began turning and the newly created creature went viral. The Pit bull-Dachshund mix named Rami, hailing from the deep south of South Georgia, has become something of an internet celebrity. He… Read more »