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World’s Ugliest Dog Contest Honors Go To ‘Quasi Modo’

quasi modo

The World’s Ugliest Dog contest winner is Quasi Modo. The pit bull Dutch-shepherd mix was born with a spinal defect that caused a hunchback appearance. Quasi Modo, 10, earned the World’s Ugliest Dog title and a $1,500 prize by beating out 25 other dogs for the honor on Friday evening. The dog was abandoned at… Read more »

Python Eats Porcupine: Did The Meal Cause The Snake To Die?


A python eats a porcupine for dinner, and it does not live to see its next meal. A 12-foot-long African Rock python was seen shortly after it swallowed the porcupine whole by a mountain biker, according to CNN. That biker snapped a photo of the snake with its full belly and shared it on social… Read more »

Paddleboarders Encounter Great White Sharks Off Huntington Beach

The sharks have become local celebrities, following their arrival earlier in the year with roughly 10 others.

Two paddleboarders have recorded their interactions with several young great white sharks off the coast of Huntington Beach, revealing how startlingly close they came to the juvenile predators. The video was uploaded to YouTube by Courtney Hemerick, and reportedly filmed on Friday off Seal Beach, according to KTLA. It depicts two men on stand-up paddleboards… Read more »

World’s Ugliest Dog Contest Has A Winner!

World's Ugliest Dog

The World’s Ugliest Dog has been crowned, and he’s not (as some expected) a Chinese Crested dog. Ten-year-old Quasi Modo is a run of the mill mutt with Pitbull and Dutch Shepherd ancestry. That heritage gave Quasi a competitive ugly edge when the world’s ugliest dogs gathered to contest a $1,500 prize, but his unusual… Read more »