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Lions And Cars On Fire, Oh My! Family Has Scary Safari Park Visit

A family had a scary experience with a car fire and African lions.

Lions and young children don’t mix well; car fires and small children don’t mix any better. So, what’s a mother to do when her car suddenly breaks down and catches fire in the lion enclosure in a safari park? That’s exactly the decision Helen Clements faced when she took her kids to Longleat Safari Park… Read more »

America’s First Cat Café Opens This Week

Cat Café United States

America’s first cat café will open in New York City this week. Although the specialty cafés exist throughout Japan and Europe, Purina ONE Cat Café will be the first in the United States. The unique cafés offer coffee shop favorites, along with the option of cuddling numerous cats. The café, located at 168 Bowery in… Read more »

Joan Of Shark The Largest Great White Shark Ever Caught? [Photo]

Joan Of Shark The Largest Great White Shark Ever Caught

Joan of Shark is the nickname given by scientists to a great white shark that was tagged off the coastline of western Australia. The reason she was given such a frightful nickname was because she also happens to be the largest animal they’ve ever tagged with a satellite monitoring device. In a related report by… Read more »

Florida Bear Attack Mauls Terri Frana In Her Own Garage [Video]

Florida Bear Attack: What To Do If Confronted Or Attacked

A Florida bear attacked resulted in a woman from Lake Mary named Terri Frana being mauled and dragged out of her own home. In a related report by The Inquisitr, the first reports of the Florida bear attack claimed up to five bears were involved in the vicious mauling. But the Florida Fish and Wildlife… Read more »

Snowy Owls’ Migration From The Arctic Has Easy Explanation [Video]

snowy owl

The snow owls’ migration from the Arctic has some people wondering if they’ve suddenly become native to the southern portion of the United States based upon the greater number of sightings. Apparently, this is not the case, but the snowy owls do in fact have a reason just passing through. In a related report by… Read more »

Man Beats Dog Unconscious For Making A Mess [Video]

Asani Woods

A Louisiana man was arrested for beating his dog unconscious. Asani Woods is accused of violently beating Tiger the pit bull because she made a mess in the kitchen. Authorities identified the suspect, as his friend recorded the incident with his cell phone. On March 26, authorities arrested 21-year-old Johnny Dominick on drug charges. When… Read more »

Pit bull Rescued From Lot Shows The Heart Of Forgiveness

Abandoned pit bull, Gideon, was rescued and is recovering well.

A substantial number of pets get abandoned and abused every day. Gideon was one of those pets. He was found in a dirt lot near the Coachella desert, shaking, sick and hungry. The pit bull was brought to the attention of Annie Hart of the Bill Foundation, who took the two-hour long drive from Los… Read more »

Grumpy Cat May Look Miserable But Is “Such A Happy Cat”

grumpy cat

You may have seen the grumpy cat who became an internet sensation last year before, but on Friday the fantastic feline turned two and has lots to celebrate. You may think to yourself, “what could a cat possibly have to celebrate?” but you’d be wrong; Grumpy is a superstar! A superstar in the world of… Read more »

Native American Tribe May Seek Right To Hunt Bison In Yellowstone

Tribe may hunt Yellowstone bison.

Hunting bison in currently banned within Yellowstone Park, but some tribal leaders among the Nez Perce tribe are looking to reassert their right to hunt on what was once part of their traditional hunting grounds. According to a report in Reuters, the Nez Perce, who are a tribe based out of Idaho, and three other… Read more »

Texas Chupacabra: A Dangerous Tradition Continues?

Chupacabra is a term often used to label mangy canines.

Legend tells of the fearsome chupacabra; a creature of terrifying visage, with large black eyes and dry scaly skin that sneaks into farms killing goats. Many people believe this is a long-standing and ancient myth, but they would be wrong. According to “Tracking the Chupacabra: The Vampire Beast in Fact, Fiction, and Folklore,” by Benjamin… Read more »

Sumatran Rhino ‘Suci’ Dies At Cincinnati Zoo

Sumatran Rhino

A rarely found female Sumatran rhino has died at the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio. Suci, who was one of only 10 Sumatran rhinos in captivity, died on Sunday, after displaying symptoms of a disease that previously claimed the life of her mother. The precise cause of death is not known, and zoo officials have already… Read more »

Pit Bulls Attack And Kill An Elderly Woman Inside Her Home

Pit Bulls Attack Elderly Woman

Two pit bulls attacked and killed an elderly woman inside her Kaufman, Texas, home. Authorities said 85-year-old Dorothy Hamilton’s mauled body was found on the floor her living room Monday morning. Both dogs were standing next to the woman’s body when police entered the home. Although the cause of death is being investigated, authorities said… Read more »

Giant Rat “Ratzilla” Terrorizes Family

Giant Rat invades home

The media in Sweden is going haywire of the news a giant rat (Ratizilla) invasion. This story sounds like something out of a horror movie. But much to the Korsas family, it was their reality. Ratzilla measured almost sixteen inches long, not including its tail, according to the Gnawing its way through concrete and… Read more »

Controversial Zoo That Killed Giraffe Kills Four Lions

copenhagen zoo lions

The Copenhagen Zoo is back in the news again! This time, the zoo is in the spotlight for killing two lions and their cubs just to clear the way for a new male. According to MSN News, the Copenhagen Zoo stated that two old lions and been euthanized as part of a generational shift and… Read more »

Harsh Winter Wipes Out Honeybees In Iowa

colony collapse disorder

Honeybees in Iowa did not survive the harsh winter that seems to be pushing its cold temperatures and snow into the spring. The weather conditions in the state prompted a “drastic” decrease in the honeybee population. The loss of record numbers of the little pollinators in recent years due to colony collapse disorder have beekeepers… Read more »

Tibetan Mastiff Sells For $1.9 Million

tibetian mastiff puppy

A Tibetan mastiff was sold for $1.9 million to a Chinese businessman during a Zhejiang pet expo. The expo displayed and sold numerous animals, which are considered “luxury pets.” Zhang Gengyun, a breeder, said Tibetan mastiffs “have lion’s blood” and are considered “top-of the range” dogs. Although the purchaser’s identity was not revealed, Gengyun said… Read more »

500-Pound Boar Shot And Killed In North Carolina

500-Pound Boar Shot And Killed

A 500-pound boar was shot and killed by a hunter in North Carolina. Jett Web, age 34, bagged the enormous creature at the White Oak Ranch Hunting Club last week. Although he said the experience was “very surreal,” he was proud to capture the elusive beast. Cameras, which are placed throughout the managed habitat, revealed… Read more »