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Firefighter Saves Dog By Giving CPR, Brings Chihuahua Back To Life

Firefighter Saves Dog By CPR

After a harrowing blaze engulfed a woman’s RV, a Texas firefighter saves a dog by giving her CPR. The Addison firefighter, Capt. Scott Ledet, is lauded a K-9 hero for bringing a nearly dead chihuahua back to life. Yvette Childers noticed while driving her RV earlier this month, that the the engine caught on fire… Read more »

Dog Owners Over 65 Are Healthier Than Peers [Study]

Dog Owners Healthier Past Age 65?

Dog owners are healthier than their peers past the age of 65, according to a new study released by St. Andrews University and published in Preventative Medicine. The Telegraph reports that dog owners over the age of 65 have fitness levels a decade younger than their biological age. The study’s authors said public health officials… Read more »

Chimera Cat Named Venus Has Two Faces, Neither Of Which Are Grumpy

Chimera Cat Named Venus Has Two Faces, Neither Of Which Are Grumpy

Venus the amazing chimera cat is probably destined to become another famous kitty just based upon its appearance, but can this amazing feline match up to Grumpy Cat? In a related report by The Inquisitr, a fat dachshund named Obie lost 50 pounds in order to become the world’s biggest loser in the animal kingdom…. Read more »

Secondhand Smoke Is Killing Your Pet [Study]


Secondhand smoke could be killing your pet, according to a new study from Tufts University’s School of Veterinary Medicine in Massachusetts, Colorado State University and other schools and reported by CBS Sacramento. The reports indicate that this deadly smoke can cause lung and nasal cancer in dogs, malignant lymphoma in cats and allergy and respiratory… Read more »

The World’s Loneliest Whale Will Break Your Heart

wolds loneliest whale

His name is 52 Hertz, but he is known to many as “the world’s loneliest whale.” NOAA has been tracking the whale’s mysterious song for decades, after the Navy detected the strange whale calls in 1992. According to Alaska Dispatch, naval monitoring has mapped 52 Hertz’s travel around the Pacific. He zig-zags up and down… Read more »