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Ponies Chase Away Wild Boar To Save Couple, Video Goes Viral

viral videos

Ponies chased away a wild boar and saved a couple walking on a rural Belgium road from likely harm. The viral video of the ponies chasing a wild boar shows a fairly tranquil countryside scene until the black wild board comes rampaging into view. The three small ponies in the viral video are now being… Read more »

California Dogs Killed By Bee Swarm

Honey Bees

Three California dogs were killed by a bee swarm early Tuesday morning. Officials with Santa Ana Animal Control confirmed three Australian shepherds were attacked, and stung to death, by a massive swarm of bees. Linnea Chapman said she went outside to check her dogs, Bailey, Bartlett, and Remy, at approximately 1:30 a.m. She was stunned… Read more »

Two Elephants Saved A Truck From Overturning In Louisiana

elephants save truck

Yes, you heard right, two elephants saved a truck from overturning when it got stuck in mud near the Powhatan exit on Interstate 49 in Louisiana. A third apparently stayed safely inside the truck. It all happened on Tuesday when at 7:03 a.m., the 18-wheeler truck, which was actually transporting three of the mighty pachyderms… Read more »

#KoreaDogs: 57 Dogs Rescued From Dog Meat Farm In South Korea

Korea Dogs

According to Korea Animal Rights Advocates (also known as KARA), around 2.5 million dogs are slaughtered every year in South Korea as part of the dog meat farming industry. Organizations such as KARA, as well as those in western countries, like the SPCA, are fighting a battle to not only eradicate dog meat farms, but… Read more »

Watch Slow Loris Pole Dance Like Nobody’s Business

slow loris pole dancing

A slow loris, armed with a metal pole and fruit-print shorts, became Instagram famous overnight after it showed off its impressive pole dancing skills over the weekend. Russian Instagram personality Irina Goncharova trained her pet slow loris to hold on to a metal pole and swivel around whilst performing dancer moves like the spinner variation,… Read more »

Pet-Friendly Miami Hotel Gives Pets The VIP Treatment

A pet-friendly Miami hotel gives pets the VIP treatment

Americans love to pamper their pets, and a Miami hotel is taking advantage of that love for their furry friends. The Trump National Doral’s pet-friendly policy doesn’t just allow pets to stay with their humans — it gives them the VIP treatment, including room service. The hotel even provides pets with their own special room… Read more »

Carolina Butcher: Massive Crocodile Ancestor Discovered In North Carolina

crocodile ancestor found

The Carolina Butcher is a long-lost and massive relative of the crocodile. The new species of reptile found in North Carolina is believed to predate dinosaurs. The Carnufex carolinensis, or the Carolina Butcher, walked on its hind legs and was nine feet long. The crocodile ancestor’s bones were recently unearthed in an old quarry. The… Read more »

Cow Gives Birth To Four Calves In Texas

cow igives birth to four calves

A Texas cow gave birth to four calves, a very rare occurrence in the bovine world. Dora Rumsey-Barling and her husband, Jimmy Barling, said the four black calves, a heifer and three bulls, are all doing well, as is their proud milk cow momma. Dora Rumsey-Barling said the cow that gave birth to four calves… Read more »