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Monster Buck Worth Almost $20K Escapes Hunting Pen, Teen Kills It

Monster Buck Worth $19,900 Escapes From Hunting Land, Teen Kills It

A monster buck worth close to $20,000 escaped from Stillwater Trophy Outfitters, a business in Ohio that offers high-fence trophy hunts for a fee. That fee would have been $19,900 for 17-year-old Alex Wright had he shot the 30-point buck behind the fence, but the deer had escaped and found its way onto the land… Read more »

Police Taser Monkey: Primate Attacks Kids During Chocolate-Fueled Rampage

Monkey Tased by police

It’s commonplace to hear of incidents involving human suspects being subdued by a stun gun during interaction with law enforcement. However, when police Taser a monkey, it makes headlines news, as in this case of a chocolate-loving monkey who attacked school children during a chocolate-fueled rampage in France recently, according to a Mirror news report…. Read more »

Catch And Kill Order Issued For Great White Shark Near Warnbro Beach

The shark has lingered around Warnbro since late last month.

Australian authorities are attempting to euthanize a great white shark that has frequented the waters off Warnbro beach, issuing a catch and kill order after the animal was deemed a threat to public safety. In a statement released Friday afternoon, Australia’s Department of Fisheries asserted that efforts to move the great white out of the… Read more »

American Kennel Club Will Recognize Four New Breeds

AKC Dogs

The American Kennel Club will recognize four new breeds beginning January 2015. The Bergamasco, Boerboel, Cirneco dell’Etna, and Spanish Water Dog have met all requirements set forth by the AKC, and will be allowed to participate in AKC-sanctioned competitions and shows. As reported by ABC News, per AKC requirements, all four breeds have “a minimum… Read more »

Will Lydia The Great White Shark Reveal Her Species’ Mating Grounds?

Scientists hope Lydia may reveal her species' mating grounds

Lydia, a record-breaking great white shark tagged early last year by Ocearch researchers, has turned away from her course towards Newfoundland, and scientists are wondering whether her actions may reveal the location of her species’ mating grounds in the Atlantic. As the Telegram notes, Lydia’s satellite tag showed her moving toward Newfoundland last week, though… Read more »