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Teri Hatcher Addresses The UN With Emotional Speech About Sexual Abuse

Teri Hatcher,

Teri Hatcher, known for her role on Desperate Housewives and as Lois in the television series, Lois & Clark, addressed the UN on November 25 about the sexual abuse that she horribly experienced as a young child by her uncle. Abuse that, as ET Canada reports, continued throughout her childhood, which Hatcher kept silenced about… Read more »

Rare White Lion Cub Born At Omaha Zoo

Lion Cubs

On Wednesday, the Doorly National Zoo and Aquarium in Omaha, Nebraska, announced the birth of a rare white lion cub as well as his more commonly-coated brother and sister, who were born to first time mother, 6-year-old lioness Ahadi, on November 21. The cubs are fathered by the zoo’s 15-year-old male lion, Mr. Big. At… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Paid Up To $300,000 For Delivering Speeches

Hillary Clinton Paid Well

Hillary Clinton is making hundreds of thousands of dollars for speaking at universities, Wall Street banks, and industry conventions across the United States. Clinton is the only 2016 presidential contender being paid for speeches she delivers. Under the Freedom of Information Act, the Washington Post obtained copies of e-mails and other internal communication of Clinton’s… Read more »

Thanksgiving Storm: 344,000 Homes Across The U.S. Remain Without Power

Power outage Thanksgiving

It was a dark Thanksgiving meal for several thousands of Americans after a massive power outage left more than 344,000 homes without electricity on Thursday. According to NBC News, several places in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts remained without power on Thanksgiving day, leaving many people frustrated. The report confirmed that 181,000 customers in New… Read more »

Brazilian Football Legend Pele Hospitalized, Placed Under ‘Special Care’

football legend Pele in hospital

74-year-old Brazilian football legend Pele has been admitted to a special care unit at a Sao Paulo hospital after complications following treatment for a urinary infection. According to BBC, Pele, a three time World Cup-winning team member for Brazil was admitted to the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo after suffering “clinical instability”. There were… Read more »

Acrobatic Seal Narrowly Escapes Great White Shark

The shark missed the seal, throwing it into the air.

A lucky seal in South Africa narrowly avoided the razor-sharp jaws of a great white shark as it burst from the ocean, tossing the prey animal through the air. According to the Daily Mail, the stunning interaction was captured in a series of images by underwater photographer Sergio Riccardo, just off Seal Island, a prime… Read more »

Michael Brown’s Father Says Darren Wilson Is A Murderer [Video]

michael brown's father

Michael Brown’s father, Michael Brown, Sr., says Darren Wilson is a murderer, and Wilson’s version of events is simply not true. In an interview on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Michael Brown Sr. says Wilson intended to kill Michael Brown on that fateful day in August. “He’s a murderer. He understood his actions. He understood exactly… Read more »

Vampire Skeletons Exhumed In Polish Cemetery With Sickles Over Necks


Recently, vampirism has been channeled through the threats of ISIS, however, there was a time the threat was real for those afraid of the unknown. For hundreds of years, vampires were more than just stories that parents told children to scare them away from areas they shouldn’t go. Instead, they were mysterious people that lived… Read more »

Wishes Come True With The Help Of Magnificent People [Video]

Wishes Can Come True

Much of the news reported today is bleak and grim. Violence, death, war, and crime take place all around the world. However, in the midst of all this turmoil, magnificent people in all parts of the United States are helping to make wishes come true. Many U.S. citizens are quite familiar with granting wishes. This… Read more »

Phil Hughes Dead: Cricketer Hit On The Head By Ball Dies Of Injuries

Phil Hughes dies of injuries

Australian cricketer Phil Hughes has died, two days after being hit by a ball on his head. Hughes has been in a state of an induced coma since Tuesday, the day he was hit and never regained consciousness after the incident, reports Hindustan Times. Doctors performed emergency surgery on him — but were unable to… Read more »

Michael Brown’s Ex-Con Stepfather: ‘Burn This B***h Down’


In the wake of the chaos surrounding the rioting and civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, after a grand jury failed to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown, Brown’s family’s previous pleas for peaceful protest and demonstration gave way to obscenities and calls for arson. After the grand jury’s announcement, general… Read more »

Atlanta Shooter Kills The Homeless While They Sleep

Hate Crime

An Atlanta shooter is killing homeless people while they sleep. Authorities said two homeless people were shot and killed within the last five days. Both victims suffered multiple gunshot wounds. Officials believe the crimes were related, as both victims were wrapped in blankets and were likely asleep when they were killed. Even more disturbing, it… Read more »

What To Watch: The 2014 Thanksgiving Day Televison Lineup

2014 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thanksgiving is filled with much more than family and an overabundance of turkey. In fact, Thanksgiving marks a prime television day that is full of parades, dog shows, football and holiday features. There is something for the whole family. Thanksgiving television viewing typically starts with the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This year, starlet Taylor… Read more »

Ebola Vaccine ‘Safe, Effective’ According To First Study


Sporadic cases of Ebola in the United States have left scientists scrambling to manufacture a vaccine against the deadly virus. While the disease has been prevalent in many third-world African countries, the demand for a vaccine increased greatly when several U.S. health-care workers were diagnosed with Ebola, and particularly since there seemed to be few… Read more »

First Folio Of Shakespeare Works Discovered In France

First folios are rare, with only 233 accounted for.

First folios of Shakespeare’s plays are among the rarest books in the world, and now scholars have announced that a previously unknown copy has come to light in a small library in northern France. Containing 36 plays, nearly all of Shakespeare’s output, first folios are considered the only reliable original text for half of the… Read more »

Consumer Confidence Rises Just In Time For Black Friday Sales

Black Friday Sales

Consumer confidence has reached its highest point since July 2007. This could mean good news for retailers, as an increase in consumer confidence is directly related to an increase in retail sales. Economists are confident that this holiday season could be the best for retailers and consumers since the recession began. Traditionally, the holiday shopping… Read more »