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These Bald Women Became Empowered By The Beauty Of Alopecia

Being Bald

Three bald women in New York City share some secrets, self-consciousness, and an obsession with other people’s reactions. All three women try refraining from referring to their condition, called alopecia, as a disease. Each woman agrees that calling their situation a disease is too strong of a term for a problem that is not life-threatening,… Read more »

Donald Trump Axes Campaign Adviser For Racial Remarks On Social Media [Video]

donald trump adviser

After allegations of racist remarks made on social media, Donald Trump axed his campaign adviser, Sam Nunberg, on Sunday. According to the International Business Times, Trump’s adviser has a history of making racial remarks on social media going back as far as 2009. The adviser not only wrote Facebook posts containing racist remarks, but belittled… Read more »

United States Will Retaliate Against China After Hacks

U.S. will retaliate against China

According to the New York Times, the Obama administration has decided to retaliate against China’s hacking of a U.S. government database. How the government will retaliate against the attack made by the Chinese hackers is not known. As The Verge noted, the personal information of millions of current and former government employees was stolen after… Read more »

Firefighter David Ruhl, 38, Dies After Being Trapped In Wildfire

Firefighter dies in wildfire

Firefighter David Ruhl, 38, of Rapid City, South Dakota, died after being trapped in a wildfire in Alturas, California, while helping to fight the Frog Fire blaze, reported San Francisco CBS Local. Since June of this year, the married father of two had volunteered to work in California for the Big Valley Ranger District of… Read more »

Passenger James Bassos Suing Airline For Seating Him Next To Obese Person

James Bassos Sues Airline

James Bassos, a 38-year-old airline passenger from Brisbane, Australia, has brought a lawsuit against Abu Dhabi-based Etihad for an unusual reason. It seems as though Bassos experienced some unusual injuries as a result of being sat next to an unnamed obese person on a 2011 flight from Dubai to Sydney. The obese person reportedly hacked,… Read more »

White House To Unveil Clean Power Plan Monday

Obama and the EPA release Clean Power Plan

The Obama Administration and the EPA have been working on a proposal they call the Clean Power Plan, and the White House has announced that the details of this plan will be revealed on Monday. White House official social media accounts have been promoting the plan, and in a video released Sunday, President Obama asked… Read more »

Clay Aiken Joins Mark Cuban In Praising Donald Trump

Donald Trump Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken may not agree with Donald Trump‘s politics, but he thinks his run for President can change things in the two-party system. Billboard quotes Aiken talking about Trump. “I think he has a really great opportunity even if he doesn’t win the Republican nomination to do something I think the country has needed for… Read more »

Snake Bite Scare With Albino Cobra On The Loose In Houston

Albino Monocled Cobra Snake Bite

There was a snake bite fear when an albino cobra was found in the hall of a luxury apartment building in Houston. The young snake was on the loose when it was spotted by a resident of the high-rise complex as she was making her way to the elevator last week. “I look down and… Read more »

Firefighters Told They Can No Longer Work Shifts For Cancer-Stricken Colleague

Tanner Brotzel

A firefighter, Tanner Brotzel, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma last December, and his fire department brothers immediately took action to ensure that the man would still receive his full paycheck while he received treatments for his cancer and spent time recovering. Brotzel’s firefighter crew from Saskatchewan, Canada took turns working Brotzel’s shifts for the past… Read more »

Memphis Cop Killed During Traffic Stop, Suspect On The Run

Memphis cop killed during traffic stop

The Memphis Police Department is mourning the loss of one of their own after a veteran cop was shot and killed during a traffic stop on Saturday by a male suspect who fled the scene, according to CNN. At approximately 9:18 p.m., a civilian – whose name has not been released – was heard over… Read more »