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Activist Leaflets From South Korea Threaten Fragile Truce With North Korea

sad kim jong un

Activists in South Korea released balloons carrying thousands of leaflets into North Korea today, going against the wishes of their government and many of their fellow citizens. The leaflets, which included messages critical of Kim Jong-Un, could be the catalyst that sparks fresh conflict between the two nations. Residents along the border struggled to stop… Read more »

Weather Channel Founder: Climate Change Is Fake

Weather Channel Founder John Coleman rejects man-made climate change

Weather Channel founder John Coleman claims there is no scientific proof behind man-made climate change. Climate change/global warming proponents in politics, academia, journalism, and the entertainment community have insisted that the debate is settled, but Coleman maintains that 9,000 scientists are on board with his skepticism. As The Inquisitr reported earlier this year, Coleman, 80,… Read more »

Arkansas Residents Wake Up To Ku Klux Klan Recruitment Letter On Doorstep


Some residents in Bentonville, Arkansas, woke up to recruitment letters from the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan on Friday morning. KNWA reports that the letter encouraged white Christian people to openly oppose liberal politicians and homosexuals. It then refers people to its website, where it says the group is “apologetically committed to… Read more »

Saudi Arabia Warns Women Not To Protest Driving Ban

Women in Saudi Arabia photograph themselves behind the wheel in protest of the ban that does not allow women to drive there.

Saudi Arabia is warning women im their country not to protest the ban on female drivers. In a statement released by the Interior Ministry for Saudi Arabia, Saudi officials warned that they would punish women who attempt to drive in their country as well as the men who allowed them to do so. “Female drivers… Read more »