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Dennis Hastert: Former U.S. House Speaker Indicted By Feds

Hastert has been indicicted

Former United States House Speaker Dennis Hastert agreed to pay $3.5 million in apparent hush money to a longtime colleague, then lied to the FBI when asked about suspicious cash withdrawals from several banks, federal prosecutors alleged Thursday, according to the Chicago Tribune. This case is quite interesting, but at the same time extremely complicated…. Read more »

Rand Paul Says GOP Hawks Are To Blame For ISIS

Rand Paul Speaking

The Senator and Republican presidential candidate, Rand Paul, says that hawks in the GOP created ISIS. Speaking with Joe Scarborough on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the junior senator from Kentucky said that politicians within the GOP were responsible for the creation of ISIS. “ISIS exists and grew stronger because of the hawks in our party who… Read more »

Did Justin Way Commit Suicide By Cop?

Justin Way shot dead by police.

Did Justin Way commit “suicide by cop,” or were the actions of Florida police officers over the top and unwarranted? That is one of the questions being asked in the case of a man who went from suicidal and drunk to being shot dead by cops in a matter of one fateful evening. Gawker reports… Read more »

103-Year-Old Twins Die Weeks Apart

Oldest Twins

A set of 103-year-old twins died within weeks of each other at the Abermill Care Home in Caerphilly, Wales. Prior to their deaths, Florence Davies and Glenys Thomas were the oldest known identical twins in the world. Born in 1912, Florence and Glenys dedicated their lives to their community, church, and their families. Most importantly,… Read more »

Rachel Salters: Woman Beats Boy With Bag Of Potatoes

Rachel Salters potatoes

Rachel Salters, 46, was arrested Wednesday night after she allegedly beat a young boy with a sack of potatoes. WESH Orlando reports that the Florida woman repeatedly hit the 12-year-old child with a sack of potatoes after he asked her a question about dinner. The child later told the deputies that, shortly after he asked… Read more »

New Orleans Boy Suffered Unthinkable Abuse, Put In Medically Induced Coma

Heather Simpson and Christian DeGregory have been charged with cruelty to a child.

A New Orleans child has been placed under a medically induced coma after authorities say he was brutally abused by his own mother and her live-in boyfriend. The Daily Mail reports that 37-year-old Heather Simpson and her 34-year-old boyfriend, Christian DeGregory, face abuse charges after the heartbreaking abuse was discovered. As if the horrifying injuries… Read more »

Rice Family Speaks Out: Tamir Rice Shooting Investigation Continues

rice family speaks out

The Rice family is speaking out about the Tamir Rice shooting by a Cleveland police officer last November. Relatives of the 12-year-old boy addressed protesters in front of the Cudell Recreation Center on Saturday. Eugene Rice, the boy’s grandfather, said that he feels Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and the police department are “side-stepping” the shooting… Read more »

Military Sent Live Anthrax To 9 States

live anthrax sent to 9 states

The U.S. Military sent live anthrax to 9 states. The live anthrax cultures were reportedly sent to 18 different labs. One of the bacteria samples was shipped to Osan Air Base in South Korea. Military officials have also revealed that 22 Air Force personnel who “may” have been exposed to the deadly bacteria sent to… Read more »

Paula Jones: The Clintons Do Not Belong In The White House

Bill and Hillary Clinton

Paula Jones said the Clintons do not belong in the White House, as they both reportedly lied amid her sexual harassment case. In January of 1994, Jones filed a federal lawsuit claiming she was harassed by Bill Clinton while he was governor of Arkansas. A former Arkansas state employee, Jones claims the former president harassed… Read more »