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Michael Jordan Returns To Spotlight With Jordan XX9 Sneakers


Michael Jordan is back…perhaps you’ve heard of him? MJ helped usher in the release of Nike’s brand new Jordan XX9 sneakers yesterday, a cutting edge shoe that is so technologically advanced, designer Tinker Hatfield claims there is no other shoe like it on the planet. As reported by Inquistr, the Jordan XX9 uses “Flight Web”… Read more »

BLM Responsible For 460 Million Acres Of Public Lands

bundy ranch

The BLM (Bureau of Land Management) wields power over about 460 million acres of the 2.27 billion acres of land in the United States of America. The federal agency which folks in western states deal with on a routine basis was largely unfamiliar to residents in other parts of the nation until the Cliven Bundy… Read more »

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Bullet-Riddled, Anti-American Rant Surfaces

Image taken when Dzhokhar was taken out of his hiding place

A new image released by ABC News shows the bullet-riddled anti-American rant allegedly scrawled by alleged Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the inside wall of a boat as he hid from authorities during a manhunt last April. The image shows a piece of the boat sullied with two bloody marks and a message to… Read more »

Mount Everest Avalanche Kills At Least Six, Nine More Climbers Missing

Mount Everest

On Mount Everest, a massive avalanche pummeled the slopes 21,000 feet above sea level Friday, claiming the lives of at least six Nepalese Sherpa guides who were preparing a route to the summit for the foreign climbers waiting to make their attempt to reach the top of the world’s tallest mountain. Nine more Sherpa guides… Read more »

Moore, Oklahoma Hit With Theft, Tornadoes and Sex Crimes


The city of Moore, Oklahoma has had it’s share of bad press over the past few days. You may remember this sprawling metropolis, Oklahoma’s seventh largest city, from the EF5 tornado that ransacked it and the neighboring city of Newcastle, leaving a 1.3 mile wide path of destruction over 17 miles long. While the grief… Read more »

Bundy Ranch Supporters Blast Glenn Beck For Opposing Violence In Standoff

Bundy Ranch supporters Glenn Beck attacks

The Bundy Ranch standoff has become a rallying point for conservative media, with outlets such as National Review Online, American Thinker and Fox News all editorializing in support of rancher Cliven Bundy in his confrontation with the federal Bureau of Land Management — a confrontation that seemed on the brink of violence over the weekend… Read more »

Michael’s Stores Confirm Payment Card Data Breach

Michaels Featured

Michael’s, the nationwide arts and crafts store, recently confirmed Thursday, that there was a security breach at certain systems that process card payments at its U.S. stores, and that of its unit, Aaron Brothers. The letter was sent out to customers about the security breach. The letter said Michael’s said the breach took place between… Read more »

Tiny Houses: Americans Trend To Downsize

tiny house featured

Tiny houses is now the trending “real estate” venture for Americans these days. Because of the real estate bubble popping back in 2007, prices on houses have plummeted and people were suckered into purchasing houses they couldn’t afford at insecure interest rates that would eventually cost someone their soul. Now, it seems Americans are starting… Read more »

Joan Of Shark The Largest Great White Shark Ever Caught? [Photo]

Joan Of Shark The Largest Great White Shark Ever Caught

Joan of Shark is the nickname given by scientists to a great white shark that was tagged off the coastline of western Australia. The reason she was given such a frightful nickname was because she also happens to be the largest animal they’ve ever tagged with a satellite monitoring device. In a related report by… Read more »

Florida Man Kicked Out Of Basketball Game For Being HIV Positive [Video]

HIV positive Dakota Basinger

A Florida man was reportedly thrown out of a basketball game after it was revealed to the organizers that he was HIV positive. 21-year-old Dakota Basinger faced this unwarranted humiliation during a Kissimmee Parks and Recreation basketball game earlier this week, reports the Orlando Sentinel. The incident happened on April 13 about four minutes into… Read more »

Gabriel García Márquez, Nobel Winning Novelist, Passes Away At 87

Gabriel García Márquez dies at 87

Gabriel García Márquez, one of the most important novelists of the 20th Century who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982, has died at age 87. The Colombian-born author had been hospitalized for pneumonia-like symptoms in Mexico, but was discharged about a week ago. Family members confirmed the death of Gabriel García Márquez Thursday,… Read more »

Students Pepper Sprayed By Classmates, High School Evacuated

High School evacuated after children spray classmates with pepper spray.

On Wednesday morning during a class change at Douglas County High School (roughly 20-miles from Atlanta), students sprayed pepper spray in the hallways. Around 10:15a people began showing symptoms of the pepper spray affecting them. “I feel like this air like a wood chipper is going down my throat and I’m coughing like crazy and… Read more »

Raw Milk: Blue Hill Case Heading To Supreme Court

gravelwood farm

Main raw milk farmer Dan Brown will soon be pleading his case in front of the state supreme court. The Gravelwood Farm owner of Blue Hill is accused of selling unpasteurized milk without a license, and two other violations, in 2011. The Maine Department of Agriculture and Brown were able to settle the matter during… Read more »

Man Fined $525 For Refilling His Drink Without Paying

Man Fined $525 For Drink Refill

A South Carolina man was fined $525 for refilling his drink without paying. Christopher Lewis paid 89 cents for a drink at the Ralph H. Johnson Veterans Affairs hospital in Charleston. However, when he refilled his drink he was issued a criminal citation. Lewis said he thought the refill was free. Lewis, a local construction… Read more »

FBI Accused Of Visiting Gun Stores To Investigate Customers Talking About ‘Big Government’

fbi agent gun stores

FBI counterterrorism agents are touring gun stores in search of customers talking about “big government,” according to a report published after a weapons customer’s alleged encounter. FBI agents at South Carolina gun shops are reportedly investigating individuals uttering such a phrase and making “suspicious purchases.” Report author Brandon Turbeville said an individual from Columbia, South… Read more »

Three Sisters, Over 100 Years Old, Reunite After A Decade

Three Sisters Over 100

Three sisters, who are each over 100 years old, have reunited after a decade. Rose Shloss, age 101, Ruth Branum, age 104, and Rubye Cox, age 110, were reunited through an organization called Wish of a Lifetime. The nonprofit organization helps senior citizens fulfill their wishes and dreams. All three sisters were raised on a… Read more »

Colorado Eminent Domain Case Settled, Property Owners Lose Land

white river national forest

The Colorado eminent domain case in Breckenridge is now over, and left Ceil and Andy Barrie feeling that fighting the government is a futile endeavor. A controversial property rights case ended in the Barrie’s agreeing to sell their secluded backcountry land for just $115,000. The Barrie eminent domain case involved a 10-acre parcel of private… Read more »

Powerball Numbers: No Big Winner As Jackpot Reaches $128 Million

Powerball numbers

The Powerball numbers drawn Wednesday came up empty, as far as the top jackpot was concerned, for the eighth straight drawing. The jackpot in the $2 lottery game now shoots to an enticing $128 million for the next Powerball drawing, to be held Saturday. The next Powerball jackpot is only the second in the nine-figure… Read more »