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Teenager Working At Best Buy Pleads Guilty To Embezzling $40,000 Online!

Best Buy Black Friday 2013 Deals, Matching Prices

Throughout history, greed has been the primary factor for many crimes. Just within our past, there have been historical accounts of bank robberies in industrial-progressive cities and train robberies in the wild west. These days, greed is still a factor for many crimes, but the methods of such have progressed to a technological level. Here… Read more »

Michael Brown Shooting Reenactment In Class Gets Teacher Suspended

michael brown shooting reenactment

A sixth grade teacher was suspended for having students reenact the Michael Brown shooting in the classroom. The Brantley Elementary School teacher in Alabama allegedly had the white students “play the police officer” Darren Wilson in the Ferguson shooting, and the black children play Brown, according to student accounts shared by parents. The teacher who… Read more »

Utah Pit bull, Shot With An Arrow, Recovering And Owners Come Forward

Utah Pit bull Found Shot With An Arrow Recovering, Owners Have Forward

As The Inquisitr reported this past Saturday, there was a Pit bull that was found badly wounded with an arrow puncturing it. Twenty minutes from Ivin, Utah, a sergeant with the Washington Country Sheriff’s office found the injured pit bull on old Highway 91. The officer called Ivin animal control officer Aggie Smith to respond… Read more »

Ferguson: Darren Wilson ‘Badly Beaten’ By Mike Brown, Police Source Says


Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson was “badly beaten” by Michael Brown, an unnamed “department top brass” source told the media. According to a new bombshell report, Wilson was beaten so badly he was nearly unconscious and suffered an orbital fracture which impaired his vision. The Ferguson police source also maintains that rock “solid proof” of… Read more »

James Foley Rescue: Special Ops Team Mission Tried, Failed To Save Foley In July

James Fly rescue

The U.S. tried but failed to rescue James Foley, along with other hostages in July, launching a “substantial and complex” operation inside Syria involving “several dozen” United States commandos, top administration officials revealed Wednesday. The mission came up short because the hostages, including Foley, were not in the location where intelligence reports indicated they were… Read more »

Iceland Evacuates Area Near Bardarbunga Volcano


Icelandic authorities have evacuated the area directly to the north of the Bardarbunga volcano, amid fears that an eruption may be imminent. The area was cleared due to “intense seismic activity”, and authorities say that they can not rule out the possibility of an eruption, according to Yahoo News. On Monday, airlines were warned of… Read more »

Illegal Immigration: New Poll Shows Hispanics And Democrats Oppose Obama Plan

illegal immigrants

Illegal immigration is not just a border state problem anymore. Approximately 60,000 illegal aliens have crossed the Texas border and been transported to all 50 states so far this year. About one-third of those who crossed from Mexico into the United States were unaccompanied children. President Barack Obama’s plan to deal with the immigration crisis… Read more »