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Aerial Photographer Captures Crop Circle West Of London [Video]

crop circle

A crop circle was allegedly captured by an aerial photographer in an open field around 100 miles from west London, the Houston Chronicle reports. On Monday, MrGyro FPV uploaded a video to YouTube of the crop circle, which is located in Tarlton, Gloucestershire, U.K. MrGyro did not give much detail about the crop circle, except… Read more »

Indonesia: Firing Squad Executions Expected To Go Forward Despite Protests


An Indonesian firing squad is prepared to execute 10 prisoners who were charged and convicted of various drug-related crimes. Although international law limits the use of capital punishment, Indonesian President Joko Widodo has denied all appeals for clemency. As reported by the Guardian, one of the prisoners is a citizen of Indonesia. However, the other… Read more »

Chipotle Going GMO-Free Starting Monday


Chipotle has been in the news quite often lately, especially when presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton stopped at a Chipotle in Ohio and nobody recognized her, as reported by the Inquisitr. #chipotle is now GMO-free via @CristinaAlesci @Pat_Gillespie cc: @ChipotleTweets — CNNMoney (@CNNMoney) April 27, 2015 Now, Chipotle is winning more health-focused fans by… Read more »

16,000 Students Have No School Monday, Heald and Everest Colleges Closing

Corinthian Colleges 28 Campuses Close Affecting 16,000 Students

The for-profit college company, Corinthian Colleges Inc., will close its remaining 28 campuses, affecting some 16,000 students in California, Arizona, New York, and Washington, the company announced Sunday. Corinthian, which owns Heald and Everest Colleges, had been selling off most of its other 100 campuses after striking a deal with the Board of Education, but… Read more »

Journalist Beaten By Baltimore Police During Freddie Gray Protests

Freddie Gray Protests

Tense protests broke out in Baltimore on Saturday in response to the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man who died in police custody after a serious back injury. During the protests, at least one journalist was detained and another was injured by police. J.M. Giordano, photo editor for the City Paper, was taking… Read more »

St. Catherine Residents Angry After Pregnant 12-Year-Old’s Decomposed, Nude Body Found In Bushes, Sets Her Family’s House On Fire

Jameila Johnson found dead

St. Catherine residents set a family’s house on fire after learning missing 12-year-old Jameila “Zella” Johnson’s — who was pregnant — decomposed, nude body was found dumped in the bushes near a river, according to Jamaica Observer. Jameila was last seen running out of the house after asking her grandmother for toilet paper Tuesday night…. Read more »

Georgia County Will Randomly Drug Test Students

Drug test policy to be enacted for students in Carroll County, Georgia

A Georgia county will randomly drug test students beginning in the 2015-2016 school year. The move has many asking if it is a constitutional violation. Based on previous Supreme Court rulings, though, the answer may be more complicated than it seems. It turns out the Supreme Court has visited random drug tests for students before,… Read more »

Tattooed Woman On Welfare Wants Someone To Pay For Laser Removal, Insists She’s ‘Unemployable’ With Facial Tattoos


Kay Bennett insists her facial tattoos are the reason why she’s unemployed. Now, the 33-year-old welfare recipient wants someone to pay for her to have laser surgery because she’s made herself “unemployable.” According to Mirror Online, Bennet receives an estimated $21,000 a year, which includes a $546 supplemental employment and support allowance, and more than… Read more »