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The Presbyterian Church USA Legalizes Gay Marriage As A Christian Union

presbyterian church votes to accept gay marriage

The Presbyterian Church USA is taking a page out of the Supreme Court’s understanding of the Constitution as they recently added a very controversial (and surprising) amendment to their church doctrine; the legalization of gay marriage as a Christian union. According to Newsmax, the Presbyterian Church USA changed the language stating marriage is a union… Read more »

Pope Francis Condemns Marijuana Legalization In Strongest Terms

Pope Francis Leads The Solemnity Of The Most Holy Body And Blood Of Christ

Pope Francis has made his stance on marijuana legalization plainly understood. The Pontiff condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the legal use of recreational drugs. Since his election as the leader of millions of Catholics, Pope Francis has been seen as a reformer, for his progressive views. On Friday, however, many were surprised at the… Read more »

Victoria’s Secret Models Do This Crazy Thing For Perfect Hair

Barbara Fialho hair secrets

Amongst many other things, Victoria’s Secret models are known for their long and bouncy hair. Either on the runway or in a photoshoot, the smooth tresses of these girls are flawless and envy-worthy. Now, Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Fiahlo has revealed the crazy trick that her and fellow VS supermodels do to keep their mane… Read more »

The Super-Rich Are Customizing Jumbo Jets And You’ll Wish You Had One

Custom interiors can be extravagant, as in this concept design for a 747

Call it a sign of the times: the ultra rich are turning to airline manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus to purchase customized luxury 747’s and A380’s, not content to travel in relatively small private jets. As Wired reports, some of the richest people in the world, including Russian oligarchs and Saudi princes, are turning away… Read more »

Ikea Turns On Internet Fanbase, C&Ds IkeaHackers

ikea ikeahackers lawsuit

If you’re a big fan of Ikea, you’re probably familiar with the practice of “Ikea hacks,” or even the site IkeaHackers — which has probably driven a decent share of sales to the high-profile retailer. IkeaHackers has been hacking Ikea furniture to make some interesting, inventive, and inexpensive new things for eight years. But now,… Read more »

Is Planned Parenthood In The Business Of Teaching Children About Kinky Sex?

Planned Parenthood Scandal

Planned Parenthood is now in the business of educating young 15-year-old girls on the many merits of engaging sadomasochism, bondage, and role-playing, among other things, reports the Daily Caller. This revelation came to light after the pro-life, non-profit advocacy group Live Action captured a counselor at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Indianapolis offering extraordinarily controversial… Read more »

DC Boasts Record Tourism Numbers


In 2013, 17.4 million people visited Washington DC and those numbers are expected to stay the same, or even grow higher, in 2014. For residents, they’re torn between appreciating the economic boost and the chance to show off their city and the hassle that comes from millions of guests year-round. Stanley Horner, one recent visitor,… Read more »