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Taco Bell To Battle Starbucks And McDonald’s At The Breakfast Table

Taco Bell Starbucks McDonald's

Taco Bell isn’t the only chain that wants you to spend some money on their tasty selection of breakfast items. Since it’s reportedly the most important meal of the day, restaurants want to capitalize on your urge to satisfy those cravings in their own unique ways. Now that Taco Bell has stepped into the battlefield,… Read more »

San Francisco Sex Club Latest Silicon Valley Sensation For Tech Geeks

San Francisco sex clubs serve tech geeks

The San Francisco tech boom of the past decade has brought a lot of changes to the City by the Bay. Rising rents, expensive restaurants and — a swelling membership in sex clubs. It appears that the new techies of Silicon Valley have a heightened appetite for unusual sexual arrangements. “There’s a correlation between intelligent… Read more »

Pickup Trucks: Women Most Turned On By Men Who Drive Them, Poll Says

Pickup trucks turn women on

Pickup trucks are apparently the best for picking up women, according to a recent survey. That’s right, gentlemen. You just put yourself into hock to drive home that cherry-red 2014 Corvette Stingray thinking it would put an end to your mid-life crisis, when what you really should have purchased is a black Ford pickup truck…. Read more »

Burger King Goes Even Bigger Than the Big Mac!!

Burger King - Taking on McDonalds with the Bigger Big King

Burger King wants to ensure that we don’t leave their restaurants feeling hungry, or that we’re able to keep to those pesky New Year’s resolutions about losing weight! If imitation is the highest form of flattery, than Burger King must really like McDonald’s. The burger war No. 2, BK, has recently announced that its Big… Read more »

Krispy Kreme Hot Now: New Latte Flavored Doughnuts

krispy kreme hot now lotta latte doughnuts

The Krispy Kreme hot now sign calls out to passing customers to stop in for some of the sweetest nectar known to humans. Now the Winston Salem, NC born doughnut maker is releasing two new flavors to go with their “lotta latte” promotion. Through March 30th, coffee lovers can pick up either a Mocha Kreme… Read more »

The Michelle Obama $12,000 Dress: Should America Say Yes To The Dress?

Michelle Obama $12,000 dress

Michelle Obama reportedly wore a Carolina Herrera-designed $12,000 dress to the recent state dinner for French President Francois Hollande. By some estimates, the White House dinner itself cost the taxpayers about $600,000. This is happening while the Obama administration is trying to address “income inequality.” Given rampant unemployment and the fact that millions of Americans… Read more »

Facebook Gender Options Explained: What Does Gender Fluid Even Mean?

Facebook Gender Options Explained: What Does Gender Fluid Even Mean?

The Facebook gender options have launched and now people have had a chance to check out all 50+ options. Beyond the terms normally associated with the LGBT community, some of the terms might seem confusing to many people. For example, what does gender fluid even mean? In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Facebook… Read more »

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries: Protect Your Valentine’s Heart [Video]

Chocolate-covered strawberries are one way to win your Valentine's heart.

What is it about chocolate-covered strawberries and Valentine’s Day? There’s a lot that make these luscious little treats a wise way into your Valentine’s heart. They are appealing to look at and delicious to the taste, but there’s more to this treat than you might think, especially if you are partial to dark chocolate. If… Read more »

Valentine’s Day Is Coming, So Reserve A Table At McDonald’s

McDonald's Reservations

For those who haven’t noticed, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you discover that your favorite restaurant is completely booked because you forgot to make reservations, then rest easy — there are still a few options still available. Although you run the risk of completely offending your date by suggesting such an idea,… Read more »

10 Absolute WORST Gifts To Give On Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is only two days away! The biggest romantic holiday of the year is widely depicted as a time where people show their sincerest regards and admiration for the ones the love and adore. Romantic observances for the heartwarming day may include sending beautiful greeting cards with expressions of love, having delectable candy and… Read more »

Valentine’s Day Gifts are Perfect for any Stage of a Relationship

Image from:

Valentine’s Day gifts are a hot topic now as the holiday approaches, but what do you do if you’re not sure where you’re going in your relationship, or if you’ve been together forever and have already given each other everything? Here are some gift suggestions for each stage of your relationship. 1. First Date Who… Read more »

This Valentines Day Get A Little More Personal

Get More Personal With Your Valentines Day Gifts

Buying gifts for your sweetheart should always be a personal affair. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, ensuring that your gifts for her are thoughtful and innovative should be at the top of your list. Most women today are unimpressed with the default gifts of love usually associated with Valentine’s Day. In fact, 97%… Read more »

Sri Lanka: Pope Francis Plans To Visit, No Date Set


Sri Lanka is an island nation in the Indian Ocean with history and culture steeped in Buddhism. Roman Catholics make up roughly 6 percent of the island’s inhabitants. According to Vatican Radio, Pope Francis addressed a group of Sri Lankan immigrants living in Italy this Saturday and accepted an invitation to visit their homeland. The… Read more »

Engagement Rings For Women Too Expensive For Valentine’s Day 2014

Engagement Rings For Women Too Expensive For Valentine's Day 2014

Engagement rings for women are too expensive according to a majority of Americans, but is the bad US economy responsible for this shift in thinking? In a related report by The Inquisitr, Emily Maynard was given four engagement rings as part of the proposal by Tyler Johnson. There’s also rumors that Johnny Depp and Amber… Read more »