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Taco Bell, McDonald’s Play Dirty in Breakfast Wars

Taco Bell and McDonald's play dirty in breakfast wars.

Taco Bell is taking their new role as breakfast providers seriously — much to the chagrin of McDonald’s. Whereas Taco Bell could have chosen to quietly enter the world of breakfast without creating too many waves, the company has obviously opted for a different route. So what has Taco Bell done to escalate the breakfast… Read more »

‘Homestar Runner’ Updates After Three Years

HSA Update Featured

Homestar Runner, the site that introduced a whole generation to wasting their time on the internet, has finally updated after three years! The irony is it was yesterday, April Fools Day, and it is no joke! According to Tube Filter, Mike and Matt Chapman’s creation was one of the first great web series, scoring millions… Read more »

George Washington Never Wrote A Prayer About Jesus

George Washington the Deist

George Washington did not write the prayer illegally recited by Robin Bartlett Frazier Thursday morning, March 27, at the opening of a board budget meeting in Carroll County, Maryland. A lawsuit filed by the American Humanist Society and four other individuals resulted in a ruling by a federal judge on Tuesday, March 25, that placed… Read more »

McDonald’s Fights Taco Bell’s Breakfast Menu With Free Coffee

McDonalds Coffee

McDonald’s is initiating a counter-attack in their war against Taco Bell’s breakfast menu. On Friday, March 28, 2014, McDonald’s announced they’ll be offering breakfast customers a free cup of McCafe coffee. According to Fox, the largest fast-food chain in the world said the campaign will start this coming Monday, and will give breakfast customers, at… Read more »

World Vision Reverses Decision To Hire Homosexuals, Is It Too Late?

world vision reverses decision to hire homosexuals

World Vision has reversed their controversial decision to hire homosexuals just two days after announcing the shocking policy. World Vision U.S. president Richard Stearns came out with the reversal news on Wednesday, following a flood of backlash from the evangelical Christian community. In a follow up announcement, Stearns had this to say concerning the change… Read more »

NYC Welcomes First Cupcake ATM

Cupcake ATM Featured

Over the past two to three years in the baked goods field, cupcakes have seen an upturn in popularity. This includes cupcake baking competitions, cupcake shops, and cupcakes being a central part of television shows, such as 2 Broke Girls. It would only make sense someone would come up with a faster and efficient way… Read more »

All-Inclusive Vacations Benefit Most Travelers


Summer vacation season is fast approaching, and an all-inclusive vacation may be the best way to go. The concept of the all-inclusive vacation goes way back to the Club Meds of the 1950s. Much has changed over the decades, however, and much to the consumers’ liking. For a time in the 1980s, the all-inclusive vacations… Read more »

Eye Makeup: Do’s And Don’ts For A Beautiful Stare


Eye makeup is perhaps one of the most frustrating parts of a woman’s daily makeover. A little bit extra eyeliner here or a mismatch of colors there can drive any girl crazy (and make everyone late for the date). And then you’ll wish you have that glamorous stare those celebrities have in the movies. You… Read more »

Ellen Page Retaliates At Anti-Gay Pastor On Twitter

Ellen Page Featured

Ellen Page seems to be happier after coming out last month. Others, however, feel negatively towards Page’s sexuality, including an anti-gay pastor via tweet. Page doesn’t seem bothered by the criticism responding to the unnamed pastor on her official Twitter page. 2 da Pastor who wrote me-Being gay isn’t a belief.My soul isnt struggling& I… Read more »

Taco Bell Breakfast Menu: Which Items To Avoid [Video]

Taco Bell breakfast items will be released March 27.

The Taco Bell breakfast menu is going to be unleashed on the world on March 27. And although there has already been mixed reviews about whether Taco Bell should be offering items for breakfast, there hasn’t been a real discussion of the (un)healthiness of the breakfast items that Taco Bell will serve up — until… Read more »

Spring Into Summer Sandals

Enjoy a wide range of Sandals this Spring and Summer

Now that Old Man Winter has hopefully gone into a long hibernation, it is time to talk about summer sandals. It won’t be long before we will be able to store away those closed-toed shoes and bulky boots for stylish fun shoes in all sorts of colors and designs. Every year, top designers are anxious… Read more »

World Vision Hiring Homosexuals Ignites Controversy In Christian Community

world vision hiring homosexuals christian controversy

The World Vision decision to begin hiring homosexuals has created a divide among Christian leaders who have previously been the Christian organizations biggest supporters. World Vision currently ranks 10th on Forbes list of the 50 largest U.S. charities. World Vision proclaims itself to be “a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and… Read more »

Red Robin Introduces Wine Milkshake


Red Robin is now selling the Mango Moscato Wine Shake, a new milkshake made with wine, vodka, mango puree, and vanilla soft serve ice cream. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc. announced the shake in a press release last Tuesday, March 18th. “The success of our uber popular O’Fest Beer Shake inspired me to develop another… Read more »

Spring Is Back And So Is Lawn Care

Mow your lawn

Lawn care has moved up the priority list for many Americans who have, until recently, suffered through one of the harshest winters to date. The Spring passing of the Spring equinox on March 20 ushering in spring and a renewed sense of obligation to our lawns. It’s that time of year when many citizens of… Read more »