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Watch 100 Years Of Beauty Trends In Under A Minute [Video]

100 years of beauty has followed up their popular “100 Years of Beauty in 1 Minute” time-lapse video with a century’s worth of African-American beauty trends. The video shows model Marshay Mitchell’s hair and makeup being transformed to match every decade from 1910 to 2010. The first beauty trend video, which featured a white model, has been viewed… Read more »

Flipped Iceberg In Antarctica: Photographer Captures Stunning Images

Stunning flipped iceberg images captured by photographer.

A photographer recently captured stunning photos of a flipped iceberg in Antarctica, and his photos are going viral since this is such a rare occurrence. In general, about 90 percent of an iceberg’s surface is under water, according to Science Focus, making the likelihood of one of them flipping over extremely rare. In this case,… Read more »

Punching Pastor Apologizes, Saying ‘I Do Not Condone Abuse’

Punching Pastor has apologized.

Eric Dammann, the ‘punching pastor’ who is the subject of a video that’s gone wildly viral, in which he describes punching a teenager in the chest for ‘not taking the Lord seriously,’ is responding. He says that the story was a bad example to use in a sermon, that he’s not okay with abuse, and… Read more »

Detroit Muslims’ Charity Largely Unnoticed As Anti-Islam Sentiment Rages

Detroit Muslims' charity evokes further verbal attacks.

While anti-Islam sentiment grows with the terror attacks in Paris, leading to the bombing of mosques and an influx of anti-Muslim cartoons in Detroit, Muslims’ charity and generosity has gone virtually without mention, except, perhaps, by those residents thanking their neighbors for keeping their water running. Two Muslim groups in Detroit have combined efforts to… Read more »