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Former Megachurch Pastor, Isaac Hunter, Commits Suicide

megachurch pastor suicide

Former Orlando megachurch pastor Isaac Hunter has apparently committed suicide, according to an email sent to the church he started. The story was first reported by theOrlando Sentinel. Hunter, 36, started Summit Church in Orlando in 2002. Prior to that he had been a youth minister at his father’s church, Northland, A Church Distributed. His… Read more »

Pope Francis: ‘Nun Saved My Life’

Pope Francis says a nun saved his life

Pope Francis apparently owes his life to a nun. The pope specifically revealed that a medication-distributing nun saved his life when he was hospitalized for a lung illness as a young man. The information about the life-saving nun appears in a new book called The Little Flowers of Pope Francis by Vatican journalist Andrea Tornielli…. Read more »

New Jersey Mayor Puts The Christmas Back In Tree [Video]

new jersey christmas tree

A New Jersey mayor has ditched the town’s “holiday tree” for a “Christmas tree.” In an interview with Fox and Friends, mayor David Fried of Robbinsville, NJ said he finally felt that all the political correctness had gone too far and “enough was enough”. Back in 2007, due to complaints from citizens, the town changed… Read more »

Los Angeles Airport Suffers From Contaminated Water

Los Angeles Airport Problems With Water Supply

Los Angeles International Airport is suffering from contaminated water problems in its international terminal. The terminal, which is undergoing renovations, has been plagued with brown water. Planes trying to replenish their drinking supply have been unable to do so as the water coming out in that section of the airport is filled with bacteria, copper,… Read more »

Ugg Boots Are Fourth Most Popular Item On Black Friday

Ugg boots

Ugg boots, or ‘Uggs’ as they are fondly called by many, made fourth place on Google’s Black Friday top trending gifts list. Surprised? We were at how the ugly fashion faux-pas boots even made it on the list. OK, so we know they’re comfortable and warm and cozy, but if you look up the word… Read more »

Kate Moss Nude In Playboy 60th Anniversary Issue… Still Not Sexy Enough?

Kate Moss Nude In Playboy 60th Anniversary Issue... Still Not Sexy Enough?

With Kate Moss nude in Playboy’s 60th anniversary issue, is anyone surprised? Well, some people are… As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Johnny Depp and Kate used to date, but now they are back together for a music video. Playboy director Jimmy Jellinek claims this year’s 60 anniversary celebratory edition needed to feature Kate Moss… Read more »

Black Friday 2013 Shopping Guide: Deals Start Thanksgiving Day

Black Friday 2013 Shopping Guide

Black Friday 2013 is almost upon us and the best Black Friday deals have been announced via leaked ads. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, KMart shocked everyone by announcing they would start Black Friday 2013 on Thanksgiving Day. But then the shock wore off and turned to numbed acceptance as it was revealed Walmart,… Read more »

Costco Bibles Fiction Fiasco Has Christian Pastors Happy… What?

Costco Bibles Fiction Fiasco Has Christian Pastors Happy

The Costco Bibles fiction fiasco actually has some Christian pastors happy about the controversy. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Costco Bibles were accidentally labeled as “fiction” within a small number of stores. Over the years, many have either tried to disprove or prove the Bible. For example, one man recently claimed Jesus was… Read more »

Selfie 2013 Craze Affects Popes, Celebs, Astronauts, And Even Funerals

Selfie 2013 Craze Affects Popes, Celebs, Astronauts, And Even Funerals

The selfie 2013 trend has been infecting popes, celebrities, astronauts, and – disturbingly – now even funerals. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the terms selfie, twerk, and squee were added to the Oxford dictionary in 2013. So all you scrabble players now have full justification in using the newest lingo. Oxford traced the word… Read more »

Burger King Sign Racist? ‘Now Hiring, Must Be Mexican’ [Video]

Burger King Sign Now Hiring Must Be Mexican

A Burger King sign that read, “now hiring, must be Mexican,” has the company apologizing for the alleged racism. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Burger King recently released a Dollar Menu “French Fry Burger.” After you recover from your 19 grams of fat, 360 calorie French Fry Burger-induced heart attack, brace yourself for the… Read more »

Black Friday 2013: Walmart Joins Kmart On Thanksgiving Day

Black Friday Shopping

For Black Friday 2013, Walmart has decided to join KMart in preempting the “holiday” by opening for Thanksgiving deals. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, consumers have already provided some backlash on Kmart’s decision to open Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving morning. The two retailers are not alone in their recent decision to break longstanding… Read more »

Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade Getting Hot Under The Collar With Tie Bar

Miami's Dwyane Wade

After losing two of their first three games, the Miami Heat are warming up eight games into the 2013-14, winning four of their last five. With his powerful performance against the L.A. Clippers—while LeBron was on the bench—Miami’s veteran guard Dwyane Wade is turning up the temperature on the court. And, just in time for… Read more »