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Three Reasons To Skip The Valentine’s Day Roses

Red roses aren't always the best choice on Valentine's Day.

Roses and chocolates seem like the natural gift to give your love on Valentine’s Day, but let’s face it, roses, while tried and true testaments of affection, should be skipped on Valentine’s Day for the following reasons. 1. Boring. 2. Expensive. 3. Not fair trade. Boring? “Love is like the wild rose-briar; Friendship like the… Read more »

Men Are From Mars, And Jesus Christ Is From Venus?

Jesus Christ And Buddha Were Aliens

You know that saying, men are from Mars and women are from Venus? Well according to the Aetherius Society, it’s all wrong because it was Jesus Christ who was actually from Venus. The Big Questions TV Show aired on BBC on Sunday and featured the head of the Aetherius Society, Mark Bennett, to discuss whether… Read more »

Nagasaki High Tech Henn-na Hotel Will Have A Robotic Staff

Henn-na Hotel Robots Actroids

In Walt Disney World’s Carousel of Progress, a scene is presented where a robot bell boy is helping a lady out of her futuristic car. While the robots at Nagasaki’s high tech Henn-na hotel will not be driving around on one wheel, the hotel will be primarily staffed by robots. In a world where nearly… Read more »

Red Bull Events Energize Fans

Red Bull drink offers energy to fans, but their events help expend some.

Red Bull is a well known energy drink. Love it or hate it, the thought of it is almost enough to make people feel the rush. Although Red Bull is famous for giving people energy, the company is also a master of offering its fans the opportunity to expend it. In the next few months,… Read more »