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That #@$% Viral Flag House: The Real Scoop

Flag House

Chances are, you’ve seen a picture of this flag-themed house in Cambridge, Maryland, at least once in recent years as you scrolled through your Facebook or Twitter feeds. Even though it started making the viral rounds in 2011, it’s still popping up, right alongside the lies about how it ended up that way. Another meme… Read more »

Derby Hats: The Best (and worst) Of The Kentucky Derby

Derby Hats Are As Talked About As The Kentucky Derby Itself.

Derby Hats are as much of a part of the Kentucky Derby as the race itself. It seems as time goes on, the extravagance of the hats also increases. With no further ado, here are the best derby hats tweets from the Kentucky Derby. Derby hat at Swayze! @OleMissBSB — OleMissPix (@OleMissPix) May 3,… Read more »

‘Waffogato’ Is The Cronut Creator’s Latest And Newest Invention


First came the illustrious cronut (doughnut + croissant). Then came the milk and cookie shots. Now the creator of those two is at it again. This time, the creation is known as a “waffogato”. According to Delish, Dominque Ansel stopped by the Wendy Williams Show to show off his latest creation. The waffogato features a… Read more »

10 Facts About Albert Einstein That You Gotta Know


You think you know somebody… Heard Albert Einstein wasn’t good at math? Married his cousin? Find out some interesting tidbits and add to your cocktail party knowledge. 1. Albert Einstein did not fail math. Many people have blamed their bad math skills on Einstein with quips like, “Well, Einstein flunked math!” He didn’t. He wasn’t… Read more »

Olive Garden Offers New ‘Pronto Lunch’ Starting At $6.99 [VIDEO]

Olive Garden Pronto Menu

Previously on The Inquisitr, it was reported that Olive Garden was now offering a “Cucina Mia” menu at $9.99. It was also noted in that report that Olive Garden would probably still have problems because they are a restaurant catering to the dining experience in a time when people want their food fast and on-the-go…. Read more »

Tornado Season Becomes Healing Season For Radio Personality

Caldwell's book, 'The Healing Season,' tells of her journey to cope with her loss through prayer and blogging.

How does tornado season become a healing season? Tornado season is upon us in 2014, that time of year when we all pay extra attention to weather alerts and make what preparations we can in the event that nature throws its worst at us. For one woman, a morning show host on Family Life Radio-… Read more »

World’s 50 Best Restaurants for 2014 Announced

Best Restaurant Featured

The world’s 50 best restaurants have been officially announced, which means phone lines are going to ring frantically for reservations for the best of the best restaurants that made the list. According to CNN, the best restaurant in the world was given to Noma in Copenhagen. The prestigious title was announced, along with 49 other… Read more »

Chinese Chocoholics Could Cause Catastrophic Cocoa Crisis

Chocolate Header

The world is facing a potential crisis over the supply of cocoa – and, as with many things today, it’s all the fault of the Chinese. The price of chocolate is expected to soar in the near future as increasing demand outstrips supply, and experts are predicting that by 2020 the price will be unsustainable…. Read more »

Shopping Mall Lanes: Born From A Little Girl’s Rage

Shopping Mall Lanes, Good Or Get Over It?

Shopping mall lanes have overtaken the Meadowhall Centre in Sheffield, following a complaint letter from 10-year-old Chloe Nash-Lowe in the United Kingdom. Like any of us who’ve ever gotten annoyed by a person (or group of people) oblivious to the fact that there’s a world that exists outside their dome of awareness, Chloe got ticked… Read more »

The Rev. Obama On Easter As A Secular Sport

Barack Obama Easter

The Rev. President Barack Obama made the dais a pulpit during his weekly address on Saturday and sounded an awful lot like the most secular preacher you’ve ever heard. After reminding everyone how Sunday, April 20, holds significance for millions of Americans (leaving out how the date 4/20 holds significance for many millions more), marking… Read more »

Lululemon Yoga Pants Cased Dismissed-Shareholders “Bummed Out”


NEW YORK (Reuters) – Lululemon Athletica Inc, best known for their ultra-expensive and barely there yoga workout pants, stepped out of the courtroom drama victorious Friday morning, beating a shareholder lawsuit that accused 11 executives and directors of purposefully using low-quality material on their high-end goods. Shareholders accused the men of failing to disclose the… Read more »

8THEIST License Plate Denied, Atheist Claims First Amendment Lawsuit

8THEIST License Plate Denied, Atheist Claims First Amendment Lawsuit

An 8THEIST license plate design request by an atheist named Shannon Morgan was allegedly denied by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, and now the woman is filing a lawsuit claiming a First Amendment violation. In a related report by The Inquisitr, atheists who are seeking to prevent the 9/11 museum from displaying the World… Read more »

‘Babies Are Jerks’: It’s Not Funny, So Stop Saying It

Babies Are Jerks, Excuse Of Bad Parents

“Babies are jerks” is a phrase we’ve been hearing quite often these days from a slew of hipster media types, who think they can get a laugh out of it even though virtually everyone else is mining the same “comic gold.” Example: recently on Digg, I came across an article that was having fun with… Read more »