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Restroom Ban: Boys Over 6 Not Welcome In Women’s Restroom

Restroom Ban For Boys Over 6 From Women's Restroom

A restroom ban for boys six-and-up has social media abuzz with anger. The sign, initially posted to the Oklahoma City Moms blog, according to Huffington Post, reads plainly that boys over six should use the men’s restroom, making some Moms feel guilty if they’re out with their male children and aren’t comfortable about leaving them… Read more »

Kathy Griffin: ‘Fashion Police’ Host Plotzes After Giuliana Rancic And Kelly Osbourne Backlash From Zendaya Slam

Kathy Griffin gives 'Fashion Police' advice to Giuliana Rancic.

Kathy Griffin, who replaced Joan Rivers, is plotzing over the Fashion Police problems stirred up by co-host Giuliana Rancic. The controversy, which resulted in Kelly Osbourne’s dramatic exit, resulted from Rancic’s slam of Zendaya’s dreadlocks, reported MSN. Reflecting on Giuliana’s much-maligned commentary about Zendaya, Griffin now says that she would never have chosen that attempt… Read more »

Burger King: No More Soda For Kids

Fast Food

Burger King has removed soda from their kids menu, in an effort to encourage healthy eating. Although the fast-food giant offers milk and juice as healthier options, soda remained the most popular choice. In response to the ongoing issue, Burger King announced that they will remove soda from their children’s menu, effective immediately. The important… Read more »

‘American Sniper’ Criticism Costs Chaplain His Job

'American Sniper' Gets Pastor Fired, Or Rather His Interpretation Of It

American Sniper and the controversy it created has just about worn off. The film has polarized America mostly on the conservative-liberal dividing line, but the daily headlines do seem to be wearing down now that the Academy Awards are over. However, that could be about to change when you hear what happened to Christian chaplain… Read more »