Justin Bieber Defended By Rumored Girlfriend Jacque Rae Pyles

Justin Bieber Defended By Jacque Rae Pyles Against His Critics

Justin Bieber had one of his DEFCON5 Internet days on Tuesday after snaps of him being carried up steps at the Great Wall of China by two bodyguards surfaced.

The 19-year-old is in China on the Asia leg of his Believe tour but can’t have failed to notice the wall of criticism the photos sparked, and even included shade from some fans as well as a slew of media monikers — “Emperor,” “Elf King,” “Lord Joffrey,”Diva” and “Brat,” to name just a few.

But there is one person in Bieber’s corner, long-standing friend and rumored girlfriend, Jacque Rae Pyles.

The actress-dancer, who met Bieber back in 2009 when they filmed School Gyrls, has spoken out about the snark the singer received over his man-mountain lift at the famous landmark.

Asked by Twitter user @AlexandraAdda9 if she ever felt the urge to defend her superstar buddy from his detractors, Pyles replied:

“Yes, I do feel like I want to defend Justin Bieber, I am his friend & have been for a long time (or anyone that is a kind & giving) he is one of the kindest people I know.”

Justin Bieber Carried By Bodyguards At Great Wall Of China
(Photo: BelieveTourUPD Twitter)

The brunette added: “It makes me sad, when Media & others say unkind things about Justin. But! It tells me they really do not know him, or they are listening to rumors about him & they feel the need to pass along [what] I call ‘Sludge.’ It is unfortunate that social media feels this way and they talk so badly about Justin.”

Expressing the view that Justin was just having fun with his security guards and crew at the Great Wall and that the brouhaha is unwarranted and perhaps engineered, Pyles offered her personal insight on the “Baby” star.

“How crazy is it they are now talking about Justin being carried by his body guards on the Great Wall of China?” she added. “I am very sure they [were] playing around like they always do, Justin is still a kid, playing like a kid, he is funny & very smart.”

Justin Bieber And His Crew
(Photo: alfredoflores Instagram)

Ironically, in some ways Jacque’s opinion does mesh with the Los Angeles County District Attorney Office’s determination of the teen star as “immature.”

Prosecutors have declined to charge Bieber over allegations that he threatened a neighbor in his Calabasas, Calif., gated community and spat in the man’s general direction after an argument on his property over his alleged speeding.

The “Beauty and A Beat” star also avoided charges over alleged reckless driving on May 27, after security video footage revealed he wasn’t driving his Ferrari at the time in question.

Continuing her defense, Pyles also said Justin’s critics rarely mention, “All the kind things he does for people, I feel like they do not take the time to find out about his acts of kindness? [Or] do they know & they just want to pick on him?”

“Normally, I would not reply, but I feel it is important for Justin’s Fan’s & Friends to start letting the media know what he is really like,” Jacque concluded.

Justin Bieber Takes Jacque Rae Pyles To New York Fashion Week

Pyles recently hit the headlines when she was snapped with Bieber at several high profile events, including New York Fashion Week and boarding a Las Vegas bound private jet with the singer to watch Floyd Mayweather’s boxing match against Canelo Alvarez on September 14.

The 19-year-old was also invited on a Bahamas break with Justin and a group of his friends back in August, which she later told Hollywood TV was the “best week” of her life.

Do you agree with Pyles that criticisms of Bieber aren’t balanced by the enormous good he does, or do you think his detractors have a point?

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