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‘Billboard 200’ Album Chart: Yay Shawn Mendes, Nay Taylor Swift

Shawn Mendes

Billboard released their Billboard 200 album chart on Wednesday morning and Shawn Mendes came out a winner. Billboard describes Mendes‘ victory. “Sixteen-year old Shawn Mendes has grown from Vine stardom to topping the Billboard 200 chart, as his debut full-length album Handwritten arrives at No. 1. The set, which was released on April 14 through… Read more »

How Will Ariana Grande, Big Sean Breakup Affect Her ‘Honeymoon Tour’?

How Will Ariana Grande, Big Sean Breakup Effect Her Concerts?

During Ariana Grande’s recent “Honeymoon Tour,” the pop starlet incorporated her beau-at-the-time Big Sean into almost every performance. Now, following their much publicized breakup, are her Arianators in for some major changes to the show? As reported by MTV, Ariana made it a point to showcase her affection for Big Sean into her blockbuster arena… Read more »