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Justin Bieber’s New Album Is Already Iconic: What Fans Need to Know

Justin Bieber 's New Album Is Preparing To Land

Four months ago a photo of Justin Bieber with super-beardy, super-producer, Rick Rubin, put the world on notice that the singer isn’t playing about when it comes to his in-progress, new album. That message was reinforced at the end of March when the Biebs revealed he has enlisted Kanye West as a co-producer. On March… Read more »

Was The Justin Bieber Roast A Cynical Manipulation Of His Fans?

Justin bieber ROAST

Justin Bieber has had his fair share of public relations disasters over the past few years. On Monday night the controversial teen idol subjected himself to a Comedy Central Roast. For those not in the know, The Guardian explains that the roast is an annual pleasure where a celebrity, Justin Bieber, gets their comeuppance at… Read more »