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Windows Updates To 8.1: Release Date Coming In October, Brings Start Menu Back

Windows Updates To 8.1: Release Date Coming In October, Brings Start Menu Back

As Windows updates to Windows 8.1, some people are probably wondering what the Windows 8.1 release date will bring to the table.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, when Windows updated to version 8 people were upset the Start Menu was missing.

Windows 8.1 Blue will in fact be bringing the Start Menu back but unfortunately it’s just a shortcut to the new Windows 8 Start Screen, not a true Windows 7-like Start Menu. When Windows updates to 8.1 it will also provide the option to boot straight to the desktop instead of the Start Screen. Although, it’s possible to get a true Windows 8 Start Menu with third party software. There’s a bunch of options available that provide options way beyond the original Start Menu, but if you want a free Windows 8 Start Menu this writer suggests the software provided by IObit.

The Windows 8.1 updates also include many tweaks to the security system including better virus protection. Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage system will also be further integrated into Windows 8.1. The biggest change many users will appreciate is that Windows 8 Apps purchased via the Windows Store can now be used in up to 81 devices with a roaming profile (that’s Microsoft making a joke). As a comparison, Windows 8 only allowed up to five devices and Apple only allows up to 10 devices for purchases on their Apple Store.

The Windows 8.1 release date is practically upon us. The Windows updates for Windows 8.1 Blue will become free for current Windows 8 users on October 18, 2013. Boxed versions of Windows 8.1 will be released as well, although some reports claim that newer Windows 8.1 installation discs are incapable of upgrading older versions of Windows, including Windows 7 and Vista.

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14 Responses to “Windows Updates To 8.1: Release Date Coming In October, Brings Start Menu Back”

  1. Chris Rados

    Oh Stephen, You know the company that bailed out Apple back in the day. Yea, that one. Open your eyes and realize that Windows OS blows away your little Apple OS on any given day. And you dont even have to say your an Apple fanboy, I can just tell by your post. But anyways, If you right click the Start Icon in Windows 8.1, it brings up a list of options found in Windows 7.

  2. Justin Victor

    you are a damn fool!!! the mac OS is light years ahead of winBLOWS!!! Plus we can run windows on our macs,not the other way around biotch! anybody who hates on iphones and mac computers is clearly jealous b they cant afford them

  3. Mike Santiago

    Did you ever think he maybe used Linux though?
    Although OS X is eons beyond Windows in many fashions still.

  4. Yuan Taizong

    Justin Victor L.O.L. no, I've had 3 macs and Windows XP today does still better than O.S. X Mavericks, Macs suck, that's why they ain't selling, no matter how much Apple pays T.V.-makers to show them on T.V., people ain't buying 'em literally, I've had Macs and I've had Linux and Windows has every feature found on them and more, most of you people just don't know how to use Windows.

  5. Yuan Taizong

    Windows is more costumizable than any other O.S. you can't really alter your Mac in many ways, it's literally just limited to the way Apple wants you to, so your argument makes no sense.

  6. Yuan Taizong

    The start-menu was never gone, just go to the lowest left corner and click on the right-mouse-button. They've only added a shut-down option.

  7. Joshua Coy

    Lol I find it amusing that grown adults argue and fight over operating systems the same way little obese children fight over the last mcnugget in a happy meal.

  8. Joshua Coy

    A lot of people are too incompetent to know that sadly. They'd rather use the "No classic Start Menu" excuse like they have for the past YEAR and hate MS and Windows 8 for it. It's seriously not that hard to take a little time out of the day (maybe an hour or so) to play around with the new Start Screen and figure out where everything is. Heck, MS even added a new "Help & Tips" app in 8.1 to show people how to navigate Windows 8.1. It's just amazingly ironic how many "tech professionals" are out there that can't even figure out how to use Windows 8 and they'll hate it. True tech professionals adapt to change, not run or hide from it. I bet if iOS or OSX had a major redesign you wouldn't hear people complain about it one bit.

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