Obama Twitter

Half Of GOP Voters Think Twitter ‘Maybe’ Gives Obama Extra Characters

President Obama gets 140 Twitter characters just like the rest of us, but a recent poll shows that half of GOP voters really aren’t sure that’s true.

This latest Obama conspiracy came about a few days ago when former Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer tweeted Twitter management demanding to know why the president gets more than 140 characters.

Fleischer pointed to a tweet from Obama’s handle promoting his Clinton Global Initiative appearance, which he said ran 140+ characters. He wrote:

“Question to @gov: how come @BarackObama ‘s last tweet was more than 140 characters? Does he play by different rules???”

It actually came in at about 136, as pointed out by just about everyone.

Fleischer later apologized for his errant tweet explaining that when he went to retweet, the message included @BarackObama which tilted the number of characters up above 140. But the damage was apparently already done.

The left-leaning Public Policy Polling organized a poll of likely Republican primary voters whether they thought President Obama really gets more characters on Twitter.

We’re not sure if it’s a testament to the power of suggestion or what, but 13 percent of likely GOP voters responded that Obama absolutely gets more than 140 characters per tweet. A thankful 36 percent said no, but a whopping 52 percent weren’t really sure.

Side note: Do you know who actually gets more than 140 characters per tweet? Amanda Bynes.