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Madonna Makes Taylor Swift Swoon

Taylor Swift swoons over Madonna's compliment.

Yes, you read that right. High praise from the reigning queen of pop has Taylor Swift gushing. So, what did Madonna say to cause such a prideful swell in Ms. Swift’s heart? In an interview with Australian presenter Richard Wilkins for Network Nine’s Today show, the subject of rising pop starlets gave Madonna the opportunity… Read more »

Twitter Might Be The Next Trending Weapon Against Heart Disease


Twitter isn’t just for hashtags and 140-character limit posts anymore. Scientists have found a use for the social media site that will probably become a trending topic in medicine for the next few years. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have discovered that Twitter might actually be a good indicator for predicting rates of heart… Read more »

Social Media Calls For Fans To #SaveTacoBell

The very first Taco Bell is in danger of being demolished.

In Downey, California, the world’s very first Taco Bell is facing the possibility of demolition. Opened by Glen Bell in 1962, the building was eventually taken over by a different fast food restaurant, Seafood & Tacos. Since the latter restaurant closed in December, the building has remained vacant. The old yellow building is boarded up,… Read more »

After Factual Error, #FoxNewsFacts Trends, Mocking Network

#FoxNewsFacts trends -- mocks the network's goof.

The hashtag #FoxNewsFacts is trending on Twitter, after a goof in which a host said that Birmingham is “closed to non-Muslims.” However, according to the city’s Wikipedia page, the population is only about 20 percent Muslim. While every news organization gets things wrong sometimes, this particular error sent viewers into gales of laughter, and started… Read more »

Could Sinking ‘Doctor Who’ Ratings Mean The End For Steven Moffat?


Doctor Who show runner Steven Moffat is once again under fire amid sagging ratings and complaints about the show’s increasingly adult themes. According to the Mirror, the primary complaints among fans are the story lines which have become too complicated and adult oriented. The British TV show has been a child friendly, family show since… Read more »

One Direction Star Niall Horan’s Twitter Prank Backfires Badly

Niall Horan Twitter Prankster

One Direction star Niall Horan is under fire in the British press today after he allegedly accessed another musicians Twitter profile and tweeted that the other man was “experimenting” with his sexuality. The Independent reported on the incident. “Horan, along with TV and radio presenter Eoghan McDermott, is believed to have posted from the profile… Read more »

Twitter Down; Hackers Claim Credit; Phishers Take Advantage

Twitter is down, but doesn't appear to have been hacked.

Twitter has been down to one extent or another tonight for many users. It didn’t take long for scammers and phishers to step up and take advantage of the crash, either. For some users, Twitter seems to be completely down or down on some platforms. Others are just seeing odd glitches — a tweet just… Read more »

‘Ask A Cop’ Goes Awry: #AskACop Hashtag Backfires Horribly, Sparks Outrage Via Twitter


In wake of the controversial deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, many Americans have expressed their frustration with police brutality. The racially-charged nationwide controversy has sparked many debates on nearly every social media platform. However, Twitter has become a battleground for highly opinionated users. A couple weeks ago, hashtags like #CrimingWhileWhite and #AliveWhileBlack emerged… Read more »

Instagram Surpasses Twitter, Now Has Over 300 Million Active Users

Kevin Systrom

Instagram announced Wednesday that there are now about 300 million monthly active users of its photo app. According to CEO Kevin Systrom, Instagram users, 70 percent of whom come from outside the US, share more than 70 million photos and videos daily. The announcement confirms that Instagram, a photo- and video-sharing app, has surpassed Twitter… Read more »