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Blood Moon: A Collection Of Hilarious, Awful Photos

Blood Moon Photos: The Best Of the Worst

The blood moon has come and gone, but it’s memory will live in our minds (and on Twitter) forever. Whereas there were apparently several professional and amateur photographers who got some excellent shots of the blood moon, there are just as many more who fell a little short of perfection. Here are some of the… Read more »

US Airways Tweets Bizarre NSFW Photo And Twitter Can’t Stop Reacting

US Airways accidentally tweeted a very NSFW photo as part of a reply to a customer complaint.

US Airways is certainly having a bad public relations experience today, as it seems someone on their Twitter account tweeted an extremely inappropriate photo in response to a customer complaint. The photo fiasco started with the following tweet from an unhappy customer with the Twitter handle @ElleRafter: @USAirways Unhappy that 1787 sat for an hour… Read more »

Almost Half Of Twitter Users Prefer To Sit On The Sidelines

Large Majority of Twitter Accounts Inactive

Twitter may be considered one of the fastest social media platforms to spread the buzz about any topic, but a new report suggests that a high number of Twitter users seldom use the service. A report by Twopcharts, a firm that monitors Twitter usage, reveals that nearly half of the Twitter users have no say… Read more »

Stephen Colbert Announcement Garners Wide Range Of Reactions On Twitter

Stephen Colbert move draws Twitter outrage

Stephen Colbert is replacing David Letterman on the Late Show. That particular announcement has drawn quite a few reactions from the truly excited to those are a bit bewildered about the move. The truly interesting reactions are from the ones who identify themselves as conservatives or proud members of the Tea Party and are operating… Read more »

Twitter Rolls Out Redesigned Profile Pages For Select Users

Michelle Obama Twitter Page

Twitter has rolled out a new design for its profile pages for a select group of users around the globe. This is the same user interface that Twitter was testing back in February. In a blog post announcing the redesign, Twitter says that the new web profile lets the user choose a larger profile picture… Read more »

Twitter Buys Lockscreen App ‘Cover’ In Surprise Acquisition


Social media giant Twitter has acquired the popular lock screen App, Cover. The team that developed the popular application which lets users customize their lock screens on Android powered devices is now a part of Twitter. A blog post on the official “Cover” blog announcing the official takeover by Twitter does not describe the financials… Read more »

Stephen Colbert Offends Twitter, Inspires Hashtag #CancelColbert

The Colbert Report Twitter Account

A Stephen Colbert tweet has stirred up a Twitter storm demanding that the Comedy Central show be canceled, with the hashtag #CancelColbert. The offending tweet references a character on his show, Ching Chong Ding Dong: I am willing to show #Asian community I care by introducing the Ching Chong Ding Dong Foundation for Orientals of… Read more »

Zayn Malik’s Sexy Selfie Drives Instagram Crazy


Zayn Malik’s social media presence is just pure genius! He knows what his fans want and he gives exactly that! Just look at that super sexy selfie the One-D singer just took. Just give yourself a moment and stare at its magnificence. I mean, how hot and gorgeous is that! It’s Zayn Malik, looking into… Read more »

Scott Walker Battles With Atheists Over A Bible Verse

Scott Walker Image

Scott Walker has atheists upset over a tweet of a Bible verse that posted on the Govenor’s Twitter account. Walker tweeted “Philippians 4:13.” The NIV Bible translation of this verse is, “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” The same Bible verse also appeared on Scott Walker’s Facebook page. The Freedom… Read more »

Russian Officials Take To Twitter To Mock ‘Comrade Obama’ Sanctions

comrade obama

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin took to Twitter to mock President Barack Obama and the sanctions he levied against the former USSR yesterday. Rogozin called the president, “Comrade Obama” and basically stated the sanctions designed to be repercussions for ongoing actions in Crimea, will have no negative impact at all. Shortly after President Obama announced… Read more »

Jenny McCarthy Slammed On Twitter For Anti-Vaccination Views

Jenny McCarthy Discusses Marriage To Donnie Wahlberg

Jenny McCarthy probably didn’t think she would find herself in the midst of a Twitter debate when she posted a simple, philosophical question to her followers on Thursday. The ex- Playboy Playmate Of The Year got slammed by many after her controversial anti-vaccination views were called into question. It all started when she Tweeted: “What… Read more »

Twitter Crashes And Returns In The Biggest Outage Since Its IPO


In what has to be the longest outage since its 2013 initial public offering, popular social networking service Twitter went down for “most users” earlier today, reports ZDNet. The outage started at 11:01 am Pacific Time and continued until 11:47 am. As the norm is, Twitter confirmed that the service was indeed down, on its… Read more »

True Detective Finale Brings HBO GO To Its Knees, Fans Overwhelm Server

True Detective Season One Stunning Finale

True Detective, the HBO cop series that brought a pair of Hollywood heavyweights to the small screen for an eight-episode mini-series blending brooding character study, vaguely existentialist philosophy, obscure literary references and a convoluted serial killer plot — oh yeah, and plenty of sex — turned out to be a winning formula for the pay… Read more »

Richard Dawkins Tweets Risque Poem, Sets Twitter Nerds Abuzz


Richard Dawkins – evolutionary biologist, outspoken atheist, and all-around serious guy – surprised Twitter Wednesday morning when he tweeted to his 900,000 followers a rather risque poem inspired by genetics and pure libido. Darling let us wean a type Of mixture of us 2. Offer up your genotype & shuffle our codes anew Let me… Read more »

Ellen DeGeneres Creates Most Famous Selfie At Oscars

Ellen DeGeneres takes a selfie at the Oscars with many of her A-list star friends.

Ellen DeGeneres was busy tonight with hosting duties at the Oscars, but she still has time to take a selfie on Twitter…with many of her A-list celebrity friends. The internet is all abuzz over the first selfie ever taken at the Academy Awards. Ellen first asked Meryl Streep to take a selfie on Twitter with… Read more »

Jen Selter, Internet Butt Goddess, Causes Stir With New Twitter Pic

Jen Selter new pic

Jen Selter, the increasingly famous Instagram butt-queen, is stretching her 15 minutes of fame as long as it will last. And in her case, maintaining her sudden and astonishing popularity is as easy as posting a new photograph of her world-famous, perfectly sculpted posterior. This time, however, perhaps she was attempting to boost her 318,000-strong… Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg Blamed For WhatsApp Downtime


Mark Zuckerberg was blamed by netizens for WhatsApp’s Saturday downtime three days after Facebook bought the app for $19 billion dollars, The Daily Beast reports. WhatsApp users filled Twitter with their frustrations over the newly-bought messaging app’s downtime. Some joked that the WhatsApp team is currently celebrating the buyout at the app headquarters, causing their… Read more »

Potential Twitter Redesign Abandons Text Stream For Photos


A potential Twitter redesign may be abandoning the 140 character text wall that has changed the way we share and receive our social information. First reported by Mashable,profiles may be changing to better feature photos and videos rather than the short text blurbs that most people know. In the example below of Mashable’s features editor… Read more »