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Sick One Direction Fans Promote Self Harm: A New Low For Fandom

One Direction

Many One Direction fans were devastated today when heart-throb Zayn Malik announced he was quitting the band with immediate effect. Inquisitr readers will be aware that rumors were rife that One Direction were likely to be reduced to a foursome when Malik flew back from Thailand last week leaving his One Direction band-mates to continue… Read more »

Ted Cruz Makes It Official On Twitter: He’s Running For President

Ted Cruz Is Running For President

Ted Cruz is officially running for U.S. president. Early Monday morning, the Texas senator announced he is campaigning for presidency in a Twitter post. Mr. Cruz is the first Republican presidential candidate to announce he will run for the 2016 presidential election. Sen. Ted Cruz’s Twitter post at 12:09 AM on Monday says the following…. Read more »

Azealia Banks Bares Her Opinion About America In Latest ‘Playboy,’ Says ‘I Hate Everything About This Country!’

Azealia Banks Playboy Cover

With every generation of new musical artists, there will always be those outspoken individuals recognized by mainstream entertainment as controversial. In the late 80s to 90s, artists like Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson fit the controversial mold with their blasphemous presentations of faith, either through songs or character. Today, the controversial musicians are the… Read more »

Twitter’s New Policy Bans ‘Revenge Porn’


Micro-blogging site Twitter have changed their policy recently which bans the use of “revenge porn,” a report from the BBC claims. The social media giants say that any user who engages in the act will have their account immediately locked. A spokesperson for the site said the company is looking at ways in which they… Read more »

Kendrick Lamar’s Sophomore Album May Break Twitter

Kendrick Lamar's Sophomore Album May Break Twitter When It Releases - Anticipation Already High

After Kendrick Lamar announced the release date of his sophomore album, Twitter jumped into a frenzy. Fans wonder how it will sound. If you have seen the recent trends on Twitter, Kendrick is among the top. Usually trends only last for so long, however this one has been maintaining momentum for a little while. Lamar’s… Read more »

Gabby Schilling Fights Back Against Her Cyberbullies

Gabby Schilling on Good Morning America.

Gabby Schilling, the daughter of former Red Sox star Curt Schilling, was recently the victim of cyberbullying via Twitter when it was announced that she was accepted to Salve Regina College on a softball scholarship. A swarm of Twitter users sent shocking sexually aggressive tweets at Gabby Schilling and her father, which caused Curt to… Read more »

ISIS Twitter Death Threats Issued Against Jack Dorsey And Staffers

isis jack dorsey

Twitter shut down about 2,000 ISIS linked accounts, prompting death threats against the social network’s co-founder. The ISIS Twitter accounts shut down reportedly include some of the “most important distributors” of Islamic State messages. The ISIS Twitter co-founder death threat against Jack Dorsey was issued on Monday afternoon. Supporters of the Islamic State posted online… Read more »

Cindy Crawford And The Eternal Fascination Of Celebrity Flaws

Cindy Crawford - a supermodel for life

Cindy Crawford: one of the original supermodels, a successful businesswoman, a beloved wife, and mother of two. And now, thanks to British journalist Charlene White, inspiration to the many women who seek flaws in celebrities so that they can feel good about themselves. The unaltered Cindy Crawford photo that’s making waves — Hamilton… Read more »