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New England Patriots Tweet Thanks To Racial Twitter Handle

New England Patriots tweet

The New England Patriots officially became the first NFL team to reach the milestone of one million followers on Twitter recently, and so they decided to celebrate. Unfortunately, their social media person celebrated without thinking, and ended up thanking an extremely racist Twitter handle in the process. The Boston Globe reported that the questionable tweet… Read more »

Alex From Target To Quit Twitter?


Two weeks ago, Alex from Target officially owned the entire internet. Today, he is bombarded with death threats from trolls lurking on social media. His sudden fame earned him half a million followers on Twitter and a prime spot on Ellen, but as the hype for Alex sizzles, he quickly realizes that there is a… Read more »

How Alex From Target Could Help Save Target And Retail


Last week, Alex was a typical 16-year-old teenager working at a Texas Target store when someone secretly took his picture, posted it on Twitter and the rest is Internet history. That same day, Alex became “Alex from Target,” and within a few days, he went from having a modest 144 Twitter followers to a staggering… Read more »

‘Alex From Target’ Is Actually A Marketing Ploy By Breakr


It turns out that the popular Alex from Target meme was actually a marketing stunt, one that went viral all over teen social media. Alex from Target started when a teen girl posted a video of Alex Lee, also known as Alex from Target, which then blew up. Spreading through Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc., Alex… Read more »

Chrissy Teigen Draws Anger, Death Threats For Tweet About Canada Shooting

Chrissy Teigen draws ire

Chrissy Teigen is one person that is no stranger to being in a spotlight. Despite being comfortable with all eyes on her, Chrissy would likely rather not be the main subject of discussion this morning. Teigen reacted to the shooting at the Canadian Parliament building yesterday with outrage and disgust. Chrissy threw in a political… Read more »

Monica Lewinsky Joins Twitter, Gets Thousands Of Followers Within Minutes

Monica Lewinsky is on Twitter

Monica Lewinsky joined Twitter on Monday morning, and within minutes of her account going live, Lewinsky had thousands of followers. Monica didn’t join the site with a bunch of fanfair, but with a rather understated approach. So what was the famous former White House intern’s first words on the social media site? Monica led off… Read more »

Donald Trump Questions Obama’s Sanity, Calls President ‘Psycho’

Obama Trump

Donald Trump has always been vocal in his criticism of President Obama, from perpetuating the “Birther” theories to his latest tweet, where he slammed the President for what Trump views as a major oversight in the handling of the current Ebola crisis. “I am starting to think that there is something seriously wrong with President… Read more »