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Tim McGraw, Faith Hill Divorce Rumors Swirl Amid Claims He Cheated With Taylor Swift

Tim and Faith divorce

Will Tim McGraw and Faith Hill divorce amid swirling rumors that the 46-year-old country music singer cheated with 23-year-old country pop singer Taylor Swift?

That’s the rumor exploding across the internet on Monday morning. The story partly comes from a sensational September 2 National Enquirer cover story that alleges Tim and Faith will file a $135 million divorce agreement.

According to NewsOxy, the tabloid claims that Tim McGraw has been threatening to walk because of multiple issues in the 16-year marriage. Faith Hill apparently insisted that McGraw get sober and cut the negative friendships out of his life.

One negative influence may be Taylor Swift. The tabloid alleged that the middle-aged McGraw may have had a fling with the much younger Swift.

Maybe so. But Swift isn’t known for keeping a lid on her relationships. If the claim is true, I imagine we’ll get the whole story in a bitter song sooner or later.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry repeats much the same claims. But they too go back to the Enquirer story. Reportedly 45-year-old Faith Hill asked Tim McGraw to sell his Nashville ranch — supposedly the last straw that has sparked him to seriously consider divorce.

But Tim and Faith’s representatives deny the divorce rumors, calling them ridiculous.

So who’s telling the truth? At this point, who knows?

Taylor Swift can’t seem to stay out of the tabloids. But I don’t know if she’s really at the point where she needs to mess around with a guy Tim McGraw’s age to stay in the headlines.

She seems to be doing just fine continuing her feud with Harry Styles. When she can get publicity just by swearing at the One Direction cutie, why does she need to get busy with someone twice her age?

Now I wouldn’t gamble that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will never get divorced. But I’d like to see more evidence than a National Enquirer cover.

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6 Responses to “Tim McGraw, Faith Hill Divorce Rumors Swirl Amid Claims He Cheated With Taylor Swift”

  1. NeNe Davis

    So you are saying Tim will divorce Faith and his daughters ages 16, 15 and 11 because Faith wants to sell one of many homes? And Taylor Swift? Bless your heart….

  2. Role Guy

    What the hell are you saying? Nothing. Quit posting worthless statements.

  3. Dawn Breaux Lagarde

    I can't stand Taylor Swift. She is narcissistic and immature. She really needs to come off her cloud. She's not that great!

  4. Melanie L Abbott

    I'm sorry people..but you will be able to sell me some ocean front property in Arizona before I believe this stupid bullshit. Tim and Faith are both mentors to Taylor, not someone she screws when the tabloids see fit to start something. The least you dumb shits could do is make it BELIEVEABLE…stupid.

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