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Elaine is the author of seven books from T.F.H. Publications, 11 science fiction short stories, and countless magazine articles. She has written many of the bird care blog posts for Right Pet, the site that helps you choose the right pet for your family. Her newest blog is Passages in the Void, where fans can find news and discussion about SF writer Roger Williams, author of the singularity classic, The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect.

1-Year-Old Baby Shot Dead In Stroller In Brooklyn [Video]

1-year-old shot stroller

A 1-year-old baby boy was shot dead in his stroller on Sunday night while he was out with his parents on a street in Brooklyn, New York near their home in the Brownsville neighborhood. If you hit that button, you can see a video report about Antiq Hennis, who was shot in the left side… Read more »

One Minute Of Exercise Can Really Reduce Your Odds Of Getting Fat [Study]

minute of exercise

Even one minute of exercise could substantially reduce your risk of obesity. That’s the new findings from a University of Utah research team that just published their results Sunday in the American Journal of Health Promotion. In a statement from the university, researcher Jessie X. Fan explained: “What we learned is that for preventing weight… Read more »

How Firefighters Get Cats Out Of Trees In Russia [Video]

firefighters cat tree

Here’s a heart-warming video about firefighters who rescue a cat from a tree. Well, come to think of it, maybe it isn’t exactly all that heart-warming. Here at The Inquisitr, we’re a sucker for an animal rescue story. And there’s nothing that brings a smile to our face like a firefighter who goes out of… Read more »

Egypt Bird Spy Detained On Suspicion Of Espionage But…

Egypt bird spy

A bird in Egypt has been detained as a spy this weekend. In an almost farcical twist, the so-called French swan spy captured in Egypt has turned out to be a plain old migratory white stork. Considering that the white storks in their thousands migrate each and every spring and fall between Europe and Africa… Read more »

Drowning Statistics: Men Three Times More Likely To Drown Than Women

drowning men statistics

New drowning statistics reveal that men drown at roughly three times the rate of women. The new study was released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. You can see the CDC’s rather stunning graphic by scrolling down. The study covered the 12 years running from 1999-2010 for… Read more »

Driver Misses Giant Boulder Crushing Car By Inches [Video]

driver giant boulder

A driver is almost crushed by a giant boulder falling on a mountain road somewhere in Taiwan. If you’re an extremely nervous driver, you better brace yourself before you hit that button to watch this newly posted video of an extremely lucky driver’s extremely close escape. As you can see, the driver apparently does notice… Read more »

David Schwimmer Graffiti: ‘Ross Is Not Cool,’ Neighbors Say

David Schwimmer graffiti

David Schwimmer has been hit with some embarrassing graffiti at his construction site in New York City’s East Village. According to EV Grieve, which is an East Village neighborhood blog, the 46-year-old Friends star is reportedly moving into his new home on East Sixth Street. An unhappy neighbor decided to welcome him with a cold… Read more »

Otter Juggles Rocks [Video]

otter juggles rocks

Here’s a video of an otter juggling rocks. If that isn’t the cutest thing you see all day, I’ll stand amazed. All you have to do is go ahead and hit that button to take a look. According to the post at YouTube, the adorable juggling otter is a member of a group of 13… Read more »

Rob Ford, Toronto Mayor, Now Admits He Smoked ‘A Lot’ Of Weed

Rob Ford

Colorful Toronto mayor Rob Ford came forward on Wednesday to acknowledge that he smoked a lot of marijuana. According to Canada’s Globe and Mail, the confession came after a campaign-style lunch where Ford was taking questions. The Toronto mayor has repeatedly denied claims that he smoked crack. However, when Rob Ford was asked if he… Read more »

Goose Shot In Head With Arrow Flies Free Once Again

goose shot head

A Canada goose shot in the head with an arrow is now once again flying free. After almost a month of intensive care, the healed goose was released back onto its wild pond at Ellis Haven Campground in Plymouth, Massachusetts on Wednesday. That’s the heart-warming story from Jasper Craven for The Boston Globe. He spoke… Read more »

Madeleine McCann: Portugal Police Agree To Help New Investigation

Madeleine McCann

The new Madeleine McCann investigation by the UK’s Scotland Yard will be joined by a team of Portuguese detectives. ABC News announced late Wednesday that Portugal has agreed to help question witnesses on behalf of the British investigators who have re-opened the search for Madeleine McCann. She was three when she vanished without a trace… Read more »

Raptor Prank: Dinosaur Runs Amok In Japanese Office [Video]

raptor prank

A dinosaur raptor prank was caught on video and uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday. If you hit that button, you can see the reaction of Japanese office workers who suddenly find themselves under attack by somebody dressed up like a rampaging carnivorous dinosaur. I don’t speak Japanese, so I had a few questions about the… Read more »

Oral Roberts Eagle Crash Caught On Video, Ouch! [Video]

Oral Roberts eagle

An Oral Roberts University blooper video of an eagle crashing into an undignified heap is making the rounds. Since it’s closing in on half a million YouTube views, it’s worth taking a look behind the scenes of the 14-second bald eagle video that you can see by hitting that top button. Whoa. The footage looks… Read more »

45 Bing Cherries A Day Fight Disease, Says USDA

bing cherries disease

Can just 45 sweet Bing cherries a day fight disease? The United States Department of Agriculture has been pushing the benefits of the sweet fruit from the American northwest this summer as a result of a new study that says they probably do. According to Northwest Cherries, there have been multiple past studies that demonstrate… Read more »

Lasers Will Create Rain, Guide Lightning, Weather Control Group Suggests

lasers create rain

Will lasers be used to create rain where it’s needed and to guide lightning strikes away from danger? There’s been a certain amount of buzz about climate control in recent years. But the debate will get new life when the second Conference on Laser, Weather, and Climate meets at the World Meteorological Organization building in… Read more »

More Americans Living Alone Than Ever Before, US Census Bureau Says

americans living alone

The number of Americans living alone has tripled since 1970, according to some new numbers released by the United States Census Bureau on Tuesday. The new data is from the 2012 Current Population Survey and 2011 American Community Survey. And, according to the results published by USA Today, more than one in four households is… Read more »

Sea Otters And Seagrass Study Shows How The Cuties Save Fish Nurseries

sea otters seagrass

A new sea otters and seagrass study reveals that the otters aren’t just swimming around out there looking cute. The adorable crab-eating marine mammals also protect the health of vanishing seagrass meadows in at least one California estuary. The Santa Cruz Sentinel talked to one of the researchers who worked on the sea otter and… Read more »

Babies Recognize Words Heard In Womb, Says Fairly Alarming Study

babies words womb

Babies may recognize words that they hear in the womb. Oh boy. A new study from an international team of European researchers suggests that when a mother-to-be is giving up alcohol, smoking, and maybe even caffeine, she may have to think about watching her language as well. The team said their research showed that babies… Read more »

Sarah Murnaghan, Lung Transplant Pioneer, Will Go Home Tuesday

Sarah Murnaghan

Sarah Murnaghan is going home from Children’s Hospital in Philadephia on Tuesday. Janet Murnaghan, Sarah’s mother, revealed the good news on Monday in a Facebook post that exclaimed, “WE ARE GOING HOME TOMORROW!” She has frequently used Facebook to let well-wishers know how Sarah is doing. As we reported yesterday, she previously revealed that Sarah… Read more »

Rihanna And Drake Dating Rumors Make The Rounds

Rihanna and Drake dating

Are Rihanna and Drake dating? There’s a new report that the 25-year-old singer and the 26-year-old rapper dined together on Friday night — and that the evening ended with a kiss. According to Hollywood Life, on Friday night Rihanna joined Drake at New York City’s Sons of Essex where he was having dinner with a… Read more »

Haters Gonna Hate, New Study Reveals The Reason Why

haters gonna hate

Haters gonna hate. Sure, we all know that it’s true. But have you ever wondered why? A new study released on Monday may have the answer. It could be that haters are just born that way. According to researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Pennsylvania, people may have a… Read more »