Triathlon criminal

Criminal Completes ‘Triathlon’ Whilst Evading Police

A criminal managed to complete an impromptu triathlon whilst evading police across two states, until he was finally captured thanks to a taser and a projectile launcher.

Brion Adam Kriss was involved in a hit and run car crash in a parking lot in Fenwick Island, Delaware, around 10am on Wednesday July 17. An hour after the incident occurred, officers from South Bethany, located the car after it was spotted driving in a reckless manner.

They then set off in pursuit of the automobile, and Mr Kriss, who was driving the car, they crossed state lines and ventured into Maryland, where a hoard of other officers joined in the chase.

The 23-year-old looked to evade the attention of police by then leaving the Coastal Highway, but when he rejoined it he crashed into two cars, before he then collided with a telegraph pole.

Rather than giving up because of his crash, Mr Kriss continued on foot and managed to avoid police even further by then stealing a bicycle which he rode towards the Gold Coast Shopping Mall, all whilst two police officers from Delaware chased him.

Once he entered the mall his chances of escape plummeted as officers surrounded the building, however Mr Kriss then completed his triathlon by diving into the bay which was located behind the shopping mall and attempting to swim away from police.

Law officials had now brought in dozens more officers and even a Maryland State Police helicopter to assist them in their search. Several policemen were then assaulted by Mr Kriss as they tried to stop him, and then police finally managed to arrest him in the water, and he was taken into custody.

Mr Kriss is currently in Atlantic General Hospital being treated for injuries that he sustained during the chase, and various charges are currently pending into both states.

[Image via Stefan Schurr/Shutterstock]