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A freelance pop culture journalist who specialises in film, television and football, I refuse to call it the s-word, that would like to use his twitter account more, but never will. Heroes include Gheorghe Hagi, Kevin James, John Ford and Chris Martin. Villains begin and end with Carlos Tevez. You can follow my plight at Email:

Taylor Yocom: Art Project Shows Lengths Women Go To For Self-Defense


A stirring and provocative photo series from a University Of Iowa art student has been drawing more and more attention over the last days thanks to its vivid depiction of the weapons women use for self-defense. 22-year-old Taylor Yocom was the individual who created the series, and the Des Moines native has found her stock… Read more »

Belinda Stuckey Has Been On 136 First Dates, Yet To Go On A Second


Online dating is a terrifying ordeal for pretty much everyone who ever ventures onto it. Most people slowly do acclimate to it though, and eventually get used to this modern way to find love. However one, Belinda Stuckey, is still struggling to do just that, even though she has been on 136 first dates. The… Read more »

Victoria Beckham Is Apparently The Worst Hotel Guest Ever


Victoria Beckham has been accused of being the worst hotel guest ever. Page Six have alleged that one hotel in particular has corroborated with rumors that the Spice Girl singer is so high maintenance when staying in hotels that she asks cleaners and maids to do twice their usual work load when she is visiting…. Read more »

Prince Charles Reveals Why He Wanted A Granddaughter


Prince Charles has been opening up about the latest addition to his family, Princess Charlotte. The heir to the English throne has admitted that he was hoping for a granddaughter because he wanted to make sure that he was looked after when he’s old. Princess Charlotte was born last Saturday, and Prince Charles engaged in… Read more »