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White Marine Attacked After Zimmerman Verdict In Possible Hate Crime

29 Palms Marine attacked

A white Marine was severely beaten, stabbed, and robbed in California after the George Zimmerman verdict. The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office is reportedly considering the savage beating gang violence, but individuals claiming to be the parents of the injured 29 Palms Marine in online posts, feel their son’s attack was a racially motivated hate crime.

Local radio station KCDZ 107.7’s crime report about the white Marine stated that the altercation took place around 2 am on Ocotillo Avenue. The radio station also noted that the attack involved about 20 to 30 people. The online pleas by the unconfirmed parents to share the story of what happened to their son maintain that approximately 15 to 20 black youths attacked the Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps, another white Marine and a left their civilian black friend go unharmed. The African American friend reportedly attempted to help his friends and stop the attack, but he was vastly outnumbered.

The white Marine attacked after the George Zimmerman not guilty verdict in the Trayvon Martin murder trial was reportedly stabbed and hit repeatedly with a tire iron. He was transported to the Desert Hospital in Palm Springs for emergency treatment.

An excerpt from statements made by the Marine’s alleged parents reads:

“After being beaten with a tire iron by a mob of 15 plus black men, [he was] stabbed in the chest and kicked unconscious and robbed. This fits the criteria for attempted murder along with a hate crime.”

The large group of men accused of attacking the white Marine from 29 Palms allegedly noticed the three friends sitting on a porch having and smoke and chatting. The attackers were reportedly carrying batons and at least one tire iron. One of the Marines was reportedly able to break free and run to get help for his incredibly outnumbered friends.


Photo allegedly of the beaten white Marine which accompanied an article about the incident on Before Its News website:

29 Palms Marine beaten

The investigation into the attack on the 29 Palms Marine is ongoing and so far one man has been arrested in connection with the crime. Melvin Peters, 23, was reportedly arrested on multiple Orange County warrants. Prior alleged offenses include being drunk and disorderly and resisting arrest. Sheriff’s Office Sergeant James Porter noted that deputies are still reviewing the case and more arrests are expected.

Do you think the attack against the white Marine after the Zimmerman verdict was gang violence or a hate crime?

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37 Responses to “White Marine Attacked After Zimmerman Verdict In Possible Hate Crime”

  1. Kenneth Glenn Koons

    It would be helpful for the media to do its job and tell us how many black on white crimes like this one in 29 Palms occur around the nation as well as how many black on black crimes occur. My bet is that there are few white on black crimes. I and about 300 million Americans would appreciate it if the media actually did its investigative job and tell us those stats. Perhaps then all sides could deal with the crime stats.

  2. Jimmy Snodgrass

    Kenneth in the case of homicides 93 % of black deaths are carried out by other blacks. Which leaves 7% of all other black homicides to be carried out by all other races combined. It's ridiculous.

  3. Jamie Sonneberger

    Jimmy Snodgrass – Just about as ridiculous as 84% of white people each year being killed by other whites.

  4. Janie Hawkins Windle

    Jamie Sonneberger
    Wow. You can call people names.

  5. Jamie Sonneberger

    Janie Hawkins Windle Wow. you can defend hatred.

  6. Jamie Sonneberger

    Jack wallows in hatred. Oh, and he hates black people.

  7. Rick Willsey

    It's absolutely a hate crime what more evidence do you need-GZ not guilty-rioting-thugs carrying batons and tire irons looking for the white guy. You filthy fucking punks are shit without having 10 or 20 other scum to back you up. Bring all your gang up here in the country where I am. Give you one sentence of advice "You best bring more than a tire iron".

  8. Melissa Hurd

    I disagree with the Zimmerman verdict but I don't condone the violence. This man had nothing to do with what happened to TM. He could have been killed for no other reason than for being white and it's exactly the type of hate we African Americans despise when it happens to one of us. So yes this was definitely a hate crime and those responsible should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

  9. Kim LaCapria

    If it happened the way the guy claims. I am suspect of uncorroborated stories, myself.

  10. Dianna Burt

    That is no way to treat our military who fights for all of your freedom. That marine had nothing to do with what happened what is wrong with this country, SAD!

  11. Bo Walker

    Possible hate crime? Good grief that's exactly what it is.

  12. Bill LeBlanc

    Where exactly does anything in the story change what the father said occurred? What information do you have that shows the incident was not racially motivated?

  13. Bill LeBlanc

    My thought is that the President is trying to have everyone take the eyes off the things his administration is being investigated for…… The press is desperate to help him as they always have been. The Zimmerman case is totally politics. Marines are not stupid and retaliation will not be our way of dealing with his socialist regime. Impeachment will be for we all took an oath to uphold the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. This is not the kind of change that America was looking for in my estimation.

  14. Susan Cornett Wade

    I live in 29 Palms and it is amazing what has happened here. Living in a small town, you always know someone who was around or close to the event. I have been advised of the following which is completely consistent with the SHeriff's press release: First, you had two groups of black men, one group chasing the other down the road. The Marine responded to yells of help from the first group and was beaten and stabbed. Keep that in mnd – he was a completely innocent bystander. Considering that 5 people have been arrested and two for attempted murder, it is obvious the story the father posted was not exagerrated. People that attended the party and the Sheriff's department have kind of hung their hat on the fact that the original fight was between groups of black men so this of course states that the fight was not racial but the second group did bypass the black friend trying to help to beat up the two white Marines – one had only minor injuries – the other is from this story. We need to stop trying to lessen or excuse piss poor behavior just because of the race of people. How can we expect better from our young people if we don't admit that their behavior is abhorent? If the races were reversed – the white mob would be characterized as some sort of white supremacist mob attacking two black Marines and there would be no justice no peace rallies…. Maybe race wasn't an issue but it really wasn't investigated. I do know that at least one person at the Sheriff's department believed that race was an issue and reached out to parents advising them to be cautious. Also, please note that the Sheriff's department here was told to be sure to minimize the racial aspect because of already high racial tensions after the Zimmermann verdict.

  15. Reuben Telushkin

    I'd say this is likely race-motivated. However, to be prosecuted as a hate crime, there has to be evidence of hateful speech preceding the attack. Skin color alone is not proof of a hate crime in a court of law. (or at least it shouldn't be).

  16. David Stoutenger

    The Marine that was attacked is my nephew and I can tell you that several of his nearest family members are black and nothing in this story is false. the media is responsible for creating this race problem and dividing americans.

  17. Jonathan Miller

    Jamie Sonneberger Wow, your defense of the guilty side in a hate crime is amazing, and almost as stupid as you appearing with your morbidly obese, white self, with your head in a trash can. Symbolic, but accurate description of where your views belong. If it is possible, your may want to enter an intervention program for that white, and possibly Jewish self-hate problem…

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