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Kanye West T-Shirt Is Plain White, Costs $120 And Has Already Sold Out

Kanye West Plain White T-Shirt

Ladies and gentlemen, be prepared to be amazed, maybe even in awe. Rapper Kanye West has designed a t-shirt that may very well revolutionize the clothing industry. That’s right: It’s the Kanye West t-shirt with a plain white design.

Yeezus posted the “new” design online, and his masterful creation of nothingness quickly sold out. What’s most amazing is the t-shirt’s $120 price tag.

So what does one get for a plain white t-shirt designed by Kanye West? Here’s the description:

“Very loose T-shirt in Egyptian cotton. Short sleeves. Ribbing at neckline. Reinforced neckline and shoulders. ‘A.P.C. KANYE’ silkscreened inside neckline”.

To put the t-shirt into perspective, Kanye West just sold a $.50 t-shirt to a bunch of fashion crazed wannabes for a profit of about $120.

But how could anyone pass up the chance to own a plain white Kanye West t-shirt that has his name screen-printed on the inside of the neck.

Don’t worry if you missed your chance to buy the shirt, you can still pre-order his $265 blue jeans or a $250 short-sleeve hoodie.

You know when you walk into an art gallery and there is a plain white canvas with a very subtle off-white line running down the middle and the painting costs $100,000. That painting is Kanye West’s new plain white t-shirt.

With that being said, I have to applause Kanye West; he didn’t even have to come up with some BS reason for the plain white t-shirt. He could have taken the artist approach by claiming it was a statement on whitewashing or something else involving the color white. Instead Kanye just said, “hey my name is on this and its made out of that rare material known as cotton.”

Here’s the sales page for the Kanye West hip hop t-shirt:

Kanye West Hip Hop T-Shirt

Could you possibly justify spending $120 on a plain white t-shirt that has your favorite celebrity’s name written on the neck?

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32 Responses to “Kanye West T-Shirt Is Plain White, Costs $120 And Has Already Sold Out”

  1. Altsune

    I just started trying to sell t-shirts of my own, but this is just.. This is just ridiculous, lol. Why even try?

  2. Linda Coburn

    It's made of Egyptian cotton. That's got to be pretty expensive these days since most Egyptians are spending their time at government protests rather than picking and weaving cotton for Kanye's shirts. So that's probably it.

  3. Frank Knight

    Yayo Cash remember the av used to give you like 5 for 20

  4. Cathy Sparks Frost

    This is just plain nuts – and anyone that actually spends this kind of money for anything, just because of a name – has no sense at all.

  5. Marko Manojlovic

    Its 120$ cuz he picked the cotton himself xD.

  6. Simon Perry

    I go by a saying: why pay extra for a fancy LABEEELLL!

  7. Simon Perry

    I go by a saying: why pay extra for a fancy LABEEELLL!

  8. Carlen Pumphery

    Do you have to applause Kanye West…or applaud him?

  9. Sophia Varnava

    I'm I the only one who views this as social commentary on our current state of mind?
    i think he is very well aware of the absurdity of this and he is proving a point as well as make money and promote his clothing line.
    when I first heard it I thought "he is a genius" my only complain is that there is a label on the inside, it should be even plainer.
    how is it worse than buying an expensive plain white t-shirt with a tiny logo on it? if you ask me that's worse..

  10. Olga Forkyercelf

    I like crackers. They are tasty. Kanye West is an idiot with an ego who lacks the sense to invest in wiser things. If anything, this is a testament to the legacy of 'blind follow' that pervades HipHop culture.

  11. Evan Newton

    Olga Forkyercelf what are you talking about he invested 50 cents and made $120 hundreds of times. sounds like damn good investment. speak on what you know.

  12. David Yussef Guerrero Yustis

    Are you serious? Eyptian cotton, its a kind of cotton, not comming from Egypt, its like say, KFS around the worls uses, Actually Kentucky chikens. Probably the stupids who give a like to your coment, are the on
    es, who spend $120 bucks in a plain T-shirt. What do they have in their heads?. CRAPP?????

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