Snail Facials Japan

Snail Facials Growing In Popularity [Video]

Snail facials are growing in popularity. The unique beauty treatment is being offered by Tokyo salons to help patrons maintain a youthful appearance.

Apparently snail slime has numerous benefits. As reported by TVNZ, placing the snails directly on one’s face is the best possible method of delivery.

Manami Takamura of the Ci:z.Labo salon explains that snail slime has often been used in beauty products. However, direct contact with the snails provides “100 percent pure snail essence.”

Takamura explains that snail facials are beneficial as “slime from snails helps remove old cells, heal the skin after sun burn, and moisturize it.”

If the claims are indeed true, snail slime may have an anti-aging effect. As women and men continue to seek a miracle cure for aging, snail slime is growing in popularity.

The Ci:z.Labo salon is reportedly the first to use live snails in their treatment. Their “Celebrity Escargot Course” includes a massage, facial, and a five-minute live snail treatment. The treatment cost several hundred dollars.

As the salon only offers one snail facial per day, the waiting list is quite extensive.

Journalist Danielle Demetriou was the first to receive the unique treatment. She explains that she was initially uncomfortable with the concept. However, once the “cool and quite heavy” snails were roaming around her face, it “actually wasn’t so bad.”

Demetriou explains that the worst part was opening her eyes with the snails on her face, as she “could see their little tentacles out the corner of [her] eyes.”

As reported by the Huffington Post, snail slime is promoted as “a 100 percent pure and natural product.” Consumers are offered the same benefits without harsh or potentially damaging chemicals.

The key ingredients in snail slime are hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and proteins. The combination reportedly removes dead skin cells, reduces facial inflammation, and promotes moisture retention.

Snail facials are growing in popularity as consumers seek natural and effective beauty treatments. Snail slime may not sound appealing, but many consumers are willing to trade a bit of discomfort for the numerous benefits.

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