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Justice For AvaLynn: School Said Child Fell, Mom Claims She Was Beaten

Child Beaten At School

The Justice for AvaLynn campaign has gone viral. On Tuesday, August 26, the 5-year-old Mississippi girl was severely injured on her school’s playground. Although school officials claim the little girl fell, her mother is certain AvaLynn was beaten. Lacey S. Harris said she was called to Arlington Elementary School, as her daughter was injured during… Read more »

Christian Parents Caught On Tape Beating Their Gay Son [Video]

Christian Parents Caught On Tape Beating Their Son

A Christian couple was caught on film beating their gay son — because they do not agree with his lifestyle. The disturbing footage was posted on Reddit, with the title “how not to react when your child tells you that he is gay.” Although the family members are not named, the man being beaten is… Read more »

Brain-Eating Amoeba Detected In Louisiana Water Supply

Louisiana Water Supply

Brain-eating amoeba were discovered in a Louisiana drinking water system. Officials in St. John the Baptist Parish confirmed the organisms were detected in Water District number 1, which serves more than 12,000 residents. Although the water is potable, residents in Garyville, Mt. Airy, and Reserve, are urged to use caution. As discussed by the United… Read more »

WHO: Ebola Outbreak ‘Continues To Accelerate’

West Africa Ebola

According to the WHO, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa continues to escalate. In their latest report, the World Health Organization revealed more than 3,000 people were diagnosed with the deadly virus. Officials estimate more than 1,500 people have died. Although the outbreak is the deadliest in history, a majority of the cases are concentrated… Read more »

Hello Kitty Is Not A Cat — Contrary To Popular Belief

What Exactly Is Hello Kitty?

Apparently, Hello Kitty is not a cat, contrary to popular belief. University of Hawaii anthropologist Christine R. Yano was preparing an exhibit for the Japanese American National Museum when she hit an unexpected snafu. In her written plans, which were submitted to Sanrio, she referred to the beloved character as a cat. Although her plans… Read more »

Hagg Lake Drowning: Family Of Four Found Dead

Family Found Dead In Hagg Lake

The Henry Hagg Lake drowning has stunned a Washington County, Oregon, community. On Monday evening, the body of a 3-year-old boy was found floating in the water near the Sain Creek picnic area. The following day, authorities found the bodies of his mother, grandmother, and uncle. According to reports, the boy was discovered by two… Read more »

VA In Phoenix: Patient Deaths Not Caused By Appointment Delays

Veterans Waiting List

A VA in Phoenix is accused of forcing more than 1,000 veterans to wait for necessary medical care. Even worse, numerous sources claim up to 40 veterans died while waiting for treatment. Although the accusations are disturbing, an investigation by the Office of Inspector General determined the deaths were not caused by the delays. An… Read more »

Ferguson Cop Justin Cosma Reportedly Hog-Tied A 12-Year-Old Boy

Ferguson Police Officer

Another Ferguson cop reportedly used excessive force against a teen suspect. Officer Justin Cosma is accused of binding the hands and feet of a 12-year-old boy — in his own driveway. A federal lawsuit, filed in 2012, claims the teen was retrieving the mail when he was accosted by Cosma and a former colleague. The… Read more »

Burger King To Acquire Tim Hortons

Fast Food Merger

Burger King has announced plans to acquire Tim Hortons Inc. Following the merger, the fast-food company will become the third-largest in the world, with an estimated market cap value of $18 billion. On Sunday, company executives announced plans for the merger. Burger King will movie their headquarters out of the United States, as Tim Hortons… Read more »

Who Is Jihadi John? Chilling Details About James Foley’s Killer

James Foley

“Jihadi John” is the name being used to identify the man who beheaded American journalist James Foley. Although his specific identity remains unknown, the ISIS Militant is thought to be a former resident of London. Several British news organizations have reported that Jihadi John is the ringleader of a small, but brutal, group of formerly… Read more »

Giant Rubber Duck Arrives At LA Port

Rubber Duck LA

A giant rubber duck has arrived at The Port of Los Angeles — just in time for the Tall Ships Festival LA. Although the inflatable bird is certainly not a tall ship, it’s a welcome addition to the celebration. Organizers confirmed the beloved duck will remain on display through Sunday, August 24. In addition to… Read more »

Nation’s Leading Lethal Injection Expert Resigns

Mark Dershwitz

The nation’s leading lethal injection expert has resigned his role as an authoritative consultant. Mark Dershwitz, an anesthesiologist and pharmacologist, has testified in favor of lethal injection before the federal government and 22 states. Derschwitz announced his resignation amid numerous “botched” executions, which have led to continued controversy. On January 16, 2014, Ohio inmate Dennis… Read more »

Willie Nelson And Neil Young Join Forces To Protest Keystone XL Pipeline

Harvest Of Hope

Willie Nelson and Neil Young have joined forces to protest the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. Nelson and Young will headline a benefit concert, titled “Harvest of Hope,” on September 27 near Neligh, Nebraska. Although the tickets are $50 each, all proceeds will be donated to environmental groups — who are dedicated to halting construction of… Read more »

Peanut Butter Recalled Amid Salmonella Fears

Salmonella Peanut Butter

A peanut butter recall was announced by nSpired Natural Foods, Inc. on August 19. The voluntary recall was issued after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration identified a potential risk of Salmonella contamination. Officials have confirmed four illnesses, which “may be associated” with nSpired Natural Foods peanut and almond butters. In many patients, a Salmonella… Read more »

Albuquerque Robber Forces Victim To Watch Him Shave And Shower

Dumb Criminal

An Albuquerque robber is accused of forcing his victim to watch him shave and shower. Rudy Chavez, age 43, was eventually arrested on charges of kidnapping and armed robbery. However, authorities are still perplexed by the man’s bizarre behavior. On the evening of August 13, Chavez broke into the home of 94-year-old Glen Miller. According… Read more »

Malaysia Flight 370: Police Name Suspect In Passenger Bank Account Thefts


Many questions remain in the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Most recently, authorities discovered nearly $35,000 was stolen from the bank accounts of three passengers and one crew member. Authorities have determined the theft was facilitated by an HSBC bank employee, who transferred the funds out of the victims’ accounts. Authorities identified the victims… Read more »

Tucker Blandford: Groom Fakes His Own Death To Avoid Wedding

Groom Fakes Death

Tucker Blandford is accused of faking his own death to avoid getting married. Alex Lanchester, a native of the United Kingdom, said she met her groom-to-be while attending a Connecticut college. Although the couple dated for nearly two years, and planned a romantic wedding, their relationship came to a tragic end. Alex said she and… Read more »

Fukushima: Radiation Is Reportedly Affecting Plants And Animals

Genetic Mutation Radiation

Scientists believe Fukushima radiation levels have affected numerous plants and animals throughout the region. In a recent study, researchers noted genetic mutations in monkeys, birds, insects, and several plants, in and near Fukushima, Japan. U.S. and Japanese scientists agree the mutations were likely caused by radiation — which was released in the March 2011 disaster…. Read more »

Community Health Systems Hacked: 4.5 Million Patient Files Breached

Healthcare Data Breach

Community Health Systems was the target of a massive cyber attack, which reportedly originated in China. Officials confirmed 4.5 million patient files were compromised in the data breach. Forensic analysts with Mandiant said the attack was consistent with a known group of Chinese hackers. However, the analysts did not reveal the group’s identity. Community Health… Read more »

NY Subway Stabbing: Suspect Claims Self-Defense

Ivan DeLeon

More details are emerging in the NY subway stabbing that left three people seriously injured. Ivan DeLeon, age 38, is accused of stabbing three men in New York’s Grand Central Station. Although witnesses said DeLeon was clearly in a drunken rage, his attorney claims he was acting in self-defense. At approximately 12:00 am on Saturday… Read more »

Arkansas Train Crash Kills Two, NTSB Investigates Head-On Collision

head-on train crash

An Arkansas train crash left two dead and two injured. Authorities confirmed two Union Pacific freight trains collided head-on at approximately 2:30 am Sunday morning. As the trains burst into flames, nearly 500 Lawrence County families were forced to evacuate their homes. Authorities confirmed the fire burned for approximately seven hours. Several roads including Highway… Read more »

Austin Hospital In Australia Accidentally Declares 200 Patients Dead

Hospital Accidentally Declares Patients Dead

Austin Hospital in Australia mistakenly declared 200 patients dead. On July 30, the Melbourne hospital faxed death notices to numerous general practitioners throughout the region. The notices were meant to inform doctors that their patients were discharged from the hospital. Instead, each notice stated that the patient was deceased. As reported by Herald Sun, the… Read more »

Endangered Rhinos Airlifted Out Of South Africa [Photos]

Endangered Species

More than 100 endangered rhinos will be airlifted out of South Africa — in an effort to protect them from poachers. Although they are nearing extinction, rhinos are often killed for their valuable horns. Conservationists are specifically concerned, as the rhino population continues to decline. According to the Republic of South Africa Environmental Affairs, 333… Read more »

14-Year-Old Boy Hid In Walmart Store For Days, Undetected

Teen Hides Inside Walmart Store

A 14-year-old boy hid out inside a Walmart store for several days — undetected. Corsicana, Texas, authorities said the teen built two “hidden compounds,” where he stored his personal items and slept. Although he remained inside the store the entire time, he avoided detection for up to four days. Child Protective Services confirmed the teen… Read more »

Teen’s Science Project Aims To Halt Cyberbullying


A Chicago teen has received international acclaim for her science project, which was designed to reduce cyberbullying. The project, titled Rethink, is a finalist in the 2014 Google Science Fair competition. Trisha Prabhu, age 13, said Rethink will encourage teens to reconsider posting hurtful comments online. Trisha hypothesized that adolescents and teens often post derogatory… Read more »

Five Mont Blanc Climbers Found Dead

Six Die On Europe's Highest Mountain

Five Mont Blanc climbers were found dead on Wednesday morning. Authorities said their guide is also assumed dead, as his “lifeless” body was discovered inside a deep crevasse. The climbers were reportedly ascending Flèche Rousse ridge when they encountered severe weather conditions. Authorities confirmed the expedition was organized by the National Association for Outdoor Sports…. Read more »

Rare Panda Triplets Born At Chinese Zoo

Giant Panda Cubs

A rare set of giant panda triplets was born at a Guangzhou, China, zoo. Although the cubs were born on July 29, zoo officials waited nearly two weeks to announce the birth. A zoo representative confirmed all three cubs are currently healthy and thriving. As giant pandas remain critically endangered, the cubs were conceived through… Read more »

Colgate Continues To Use Triclosan Despite Health Concerns

Total Toothpaste Hidden Danger

Colgate continues to use triclosan in their Total toothpaste — despite numerous health concerns. In 1997, the chemical was approved for over-the-counter use by the Food and Drug Administration. However, its safety is now being questioned. Triclosan is an antibacterial agent, which was originally developed for use in hospitals. Following its approval for consumer use,… Read more »

2,000 Silver Coins Discovered Inside Demolished Home

Demolition Crew Finds Treasure

More than 2,000 silver coins were discovered hidden inside a St. Cloud, Florida, home. Authorities confirmed the half dollars, quarters, dimes, and nickles, were stored in glass pickle jars inside the walls. The stash was uncovered by city workers, who were in the process of demolishing the home. City worker Melissa Howes witnessed the discovery…. Read more »

Ferguson Riots: Anonymous Vows Action In Michael Brown’s Death

Michael Brown

The Ferguson riots have apparently ended. Unfortunately, unrest is still being felt throughout the Missouri community. On August 9, 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed by a Ferguson Police officer. The community is outraged, as Brown was reportedly unarmed. As reported by Chicago Tribune, Michael was shot a total of eight times. In an… Read more »

Marianne Faithfull Claims To Know Who ‘Killed’ Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison Death

Marianne Faithfull claims to know who is responsible for Jim Morrison’s death. On July 3, 1971, James Douglas Morrison was found dead in a rented apartment in Paris, France. Although no autopsy was performed, and the official cause of death is listed as a heart attack, it is assumed that Morrison died of a heroin… Read more »

Kim Jong-Un Tours Lube Factory, Hilarity Ensues

Lube Factory

Kim Jong-un recently toured the Chonji Lubricant Factory as an act of goodwill. However, photos taken inside the factory have become the subject of numerous memes. In the most popular photo, the North Korean leader is standing next to a large vat of lube — grinning ear to ear. According to Jong-un, the factory is… Read more »

Yellowstone: Drone Crashes Into Grand Prismatic Spring

Grand Prismatic Spring

Yellowstone officials confirmed a drone crashed into Grand Prismatic Spring on Saturday afternoon. Authorities are concerned, as the drone may have caused irreparable damage. Grand Prismatic Spring is the third largest hot spring in the world. In general, drones are defined as unmanned aircraft. They were originally developed for use in military operations However, as… Read more »

Genene Jones: Parole Hearing Scheduled For ‘Angel Of Death’

Angel Of Death

Genene Jones is scheduled for a parole hearing on Wednesday afternoon. Although she was arrested and charged in the death of one baby, the former pediatric nurse is suspected of killing up to 46 infants and children between 1971 and 1982. Dubbed the “Angel of Death,” Jones was originally sentenced to 159 years in prison…. Read more »

Costa Concordia: Salvage Workers Discover Human Remains

Human Remains Found On Ill-Fated Ship

The Costa Concordia’s last missing victim may have been found. Earlier this week, salvage workers discovered human remains amid the wreckage. Italian authorities are hopeful that the remains belong to Russel Rebello. On January 13, 2012, the Costa Concordia was cruising through the Tyrrhenian Sea near the Isola del Giglio. According to reports, Captain Francesco… Read more »

12-Year-Old Stabbing Suspect Charged As An Adult

9-Year-Old Stabbed To Death

Prosecutors have confirmed a 12-year-old stabbing suspect will be charged as an adult. Jamarion Lawhorn, age 12, was arrested and charged in the murder of 9-year-old Michael Conner Verkerke. Jamarion reportedly stabbed Michael in the back on a Kentwood, Michigan, playground. Following the brutal attack, Connor managed to run home. However, witnesses said he collapsed… Read more »

Cobra Rock Formation Tumbles To The Ground

Storms Damage Cobra Rock

Utah officials have confirmed the Cobra Rock formation broke and tumbled to the ground. Although nobody witnessed the incident, authorities believe the formation was damaged during “a series of storms.” Cobra Rock was one of many rock pedestals, or hoodoos, which are found in the Fisher Towers Recreation Site. The formation was nicknamed “The Cobra,”… Read more »

Fruit Recall Expands Amid Listeria Concerns


An nationwide fruit recall was recently expanded amid ongoing Listeria concerns. Wawona Packing Company issued the first voluntary recall on June 19. Weeks later, the recall was extended to include all products packaged at the Cutler, California, plant between June 1 and July 17. As reported by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the fruit… Read more »

Twain Harte Lake Drained, Closed Until Further Notice

Lake Drained

Twain Harte Lake was drained to relieve stress on a leaking dam. Additionally, California officials have closed access to the park “until further notice.” On August 3, authorities discovered several cracks in and around the Twain Harte Lake Dam. Although the dam’s infrastructure remains intact, the lake was drained as a precaution. Officials believe the… Read more »

Gafsa Beach: Mysterious Lake Could Contain Carcinogens

Mysterious Lake Gafsa

Gafsa Beach has become a popular tourist attraction in Tunisia, Africa. Unfortunately, the mysterious lake could contain dangerous carcinogens. Despite the possible risk, the desert oasis remains open for swimming. However, Gafsa’s Office of Public Safety said the water likely contains radioactive chemicals — including phosphate. The mysterious lake was discovered by sheep herders three… Read more »

California: Record Drought Covers 58 Percent Of State

United States Drought

California’s record drought has reached 58 percent of the state. On Tuesday, officials confirmed California is currently experiencing the worst drought in the state’s recorded history. The “exceptional” conditions prompted officials to fine residents for overuse and misuse of water. On June 29, California lawmakers passed an emergency regulation to conserve water supplies. The new… Read more »

Calico Lobster Set To Debut At Explore The Ocean World Oceanarium

Unique Crustacean

A rare calico lobster is set to debut at Hampton’s Explore the Ocean World Oceanarium. The orange and blue crustacean was donated to the oceanarium by a local fisherman. Josiah Beringer said he and his nephew found the unusual lobster in a trap, which was set near the mouth of New Hampshire’s Hampton Harbor Marine… Read more »

Seattle Cop Issues 66 Marijuana Tickets In Six Months

Marijuana Decriminalization

A Seattle cop reportedly issued 66 marijuana tickets is a period of six months. Although the number may not seem unusually high, the officer was responsible for 80 percent of all marijuana tickets issued by the Seattle Police Department. Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole admits the officer was somewhat overzealous. According to the department’s “biannual report… Read more »

Six Philadelphia Officers Arrested In Corruption Sting

Narcots Cops Arrested

Six Philadelphia officers were arrested in a corruption sting operation. The narcotics officers are accused of stealing over $500,000 worth of cash, drugs, and luxury items — while employed with the Philadelphia Police Department. The arrests follow a 26-count indictment, which was issued by the United States Attorney’s Office. In addition to theft, the officers… Read more »

Crop Circles Draw Crowds In England, Germany, And Russia

Crop Circles

In recent weeks, elaborate crop circles have appeared in England, Germany, and Russia. Although their origin is a topic of debate, there is no denying the mysterious circles are fascinating. In the last two weeks, crop circles have appeared in Dorset, Southern Russia, and Berlin. It is unclear when crop circles began to appear. However,… Read more »

April Millsap’s Last Text: ‘OMG … I Think I’m Being Kidnapped’

14-Year-Old Killed In Michigan

Authorities have revealed that April Millsap’s last text message was “OMG… I think I’m being kidnapped.” Hours later, the teen’s body was discovered in a drainage ditch near the Macomb Orchard Trail in Armada, Michigan. It was later determined that she was beaten to death. On July 24, April left home at approximately 5:00 pm… Read more »

Nicole Gainey: Mom Arrested For Letting Her 7-Year-Old Walk To The Park

Mom Arrested

Nicole Gainey was arrested and charged with neglect — because she let her 7-year-old son walk to the park alone. The Florida mom believes her son is old enough to walk down the street unsupervised. However, officials with the Port St. Lucie Police Department disagree. On Saturday afternoon, Dominic Gainey asked his mother for permission… Read more »

Austin Shedd: Missing 13-Year-Old Found Alive In Kings Canyon

Missing Teen Found Alive

Authorities have confirmed Austin Shedd was found alive in Kings Canyon National Park. The 13-year-old boy went missing during a hike on Sunday afternoon. Although he was located by a trail crew on Monday evening, a rescue flight could not be arranged until Tuesday. Austin, his father, and a family friend were eight hours into… Read more »

Chagas In The US: ‘Kissing Bugs’ Pose Deadly Risk

Chagas In The US

Doctors have confirmed numerous cases of Chagas disease in the US. Although the “kissing bug disease” is most prevalent in Bolivia, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate more than 300,000 United States residents could be infected. Chagas disease is spread by triatomine bugs, which are commonly referred to as “kissing bugs.” The nocturnal… Read more »