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‘Kidd Cole’ Arrested: ‘Catfish’ Con Reportedly Made Terrorist Threats

Jerez Nehemiah Stone-Coleman

Officials in Washington, D.C., confirmed “Kidd Cole” was arrested and charged with making terrorist threats. According to reports, the reality T.V. participant made a total of 11 threatening phone calls to authorities in the last five months. Although the threats were determined to be “wholly false,” Cole reportedly threatened several locations, including the White House…. Read more »

Chronic Wasting Disease Confirmed In Michigan Deer


The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has confirmed at least one case of chronic wasting disease. Although the infection does not pose any known risk to humans, it often devastates deer and elk populations as there is no known treatment or cure. Wildlife officials said the white-tailed doe was found in a residential neighborhood in… Read more »

Rosie O’Donnell’s Custody Battle Just Got Even More Bizarre

Michelle Rounds

Rosie O’Donnell’s custody battle with estranged wife Michelle Rounds has taken another bizarre turn. According to reports, the women are now arguing over the custody of a photo — which was taken by Michelle and posted on Rosie’s Instagram account. Michelle contends the photo, which features the former couple’s adopted daughter Dakota, belongs to her…. Read more »

Kentucky Man Gives 622 Bikes To Impoverished Kids

Mick Polly

A Kentucky man is credited with giving 622 bikes to impoverished kids in his community. Although he also owns his own business, Mick Polly uses his spare time to refurbish bicycles and distribute them to local children. Polly is humble about his generous contributions. However, his neighbors are calling him a hero. Once a booming… Read more »

China’s Richest Man Loses $15 Billion In Less Than One Hour

Li Hejun

China’s richest man lost $15 billion in less than one hour. Li Hejun currently owns 80 percent of Hanergy Thin Film Power, which manufacturers solar panels. Although it had been a lucrative business, Hanergy shares lost significant value over the last three days. By Wednesday, the company’s value was cut nearly in half. As reported… Read more »

Third Holly Bobo Murder Suspect Arrested, Charged

John Dylan Adams

A third Holly Bobo murder suspect was arrested and charged in the nursing student’s death. John Dylan Adams was previously charged with rape in the same case. However, he is now facing additional charges of premeditated first-degree murder, first-degree murder in the perpetration of a felony crime, and aggravated rape. John Dylan Adams is the… Read more »

WWI Hero’s Purple Heart Returned To His Grandson

Purple Heart

A WWI hero’s Purple Heart is being returned to his grandson decades after it was misplaced. Joseph Hardy said he found the medal in his father’s attic in the 1990s. Although Daniel W. Quinlan’s name was carved into the combat decoration, Hardy had no idea where to find the soldier or his family. A member… Read more »

Alabama’s ‘Rape Bait’ Case: Decision Could Take Months

sparkman middle school

Alabama’s “rape bait” case is now in the hands of the Eleventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. Although the incident occurred in 2010, the case was tied up in court for more than five years. The three-judge panel already heard testimony from both sides. However, deliberations are expected to last several months. In 2010, a… Read more »

Alton Brown Divorce: ‘Iron Chef’ Host Said He Was Simply Unhappy

Food Network

Alton Brown’s divorce from wife DeAnna is now final. Although the Iron Chef America host has been notoriously reluctant to discuss his personal relationships, he recently revealed he was simply unhappy in his marriage. As reported by E! Online, Alton’s demanding schedule may have contributed to the split. In addition to numerous speaking engagements, the… Read more »

Shikha Joshi Suicide: ‘BA Pass’ Actress Was Reportedly Being Harassed

BA Pass

Authorities have confirmed Shikha Joshi committed suicide on Saturday evening at her friend’s Versova, Mubai, home. According to witness reports, the Bollywood actress cut her own throat with a kitchen knife. Although it is unclear what motivated the 40-year-old woman to end her own life, friends suggest she was being harassed. Shikha Joshi’s suicide: Spine-chilling… Read more »

Rare Identical Triplets Born In Texas, Two Are Conjoined

Multiple Births

Rare identical triplets were born at Texas’ Corpus Christi Medical Center Bay Area Hospital on Saturday. Although identical triplets are already uncommon, two of the infants were born conjoined. Silvia Hernandez and Raul Torres Jr. were pleasantly surprised to learn they were expecting identical triplets. However, three months into the pregnancy, doctors confirmed two of… Read more »

Goulburn, New South Wales: Millions Of Spiders Descend On Australian Town

Angel Hair

Goulburn, New South Wales was recently invaded by millions of baby spiders. The unusual phenomenon, which is called Angel Hair migration, makes it appear as though the spiders are raining down from the sky. Australia Museum Naturalist Martyn Robinson said baby spiders use several different techniques to migrate. However, the ballooning or Angel Hair method,… Read more »

‘Mother Of Lamaze’ Dies — Elizabeth Bing Was 100 Years Old

Elizabeth Bing

The “Mother of Lamaze,” Elizabeth Bing, has died at the age of 100. As a pioneer of the natural childbirth movement, Bing promoted breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to ease the pain of labor without the use of medication. The “Mother of Lamaze” has died at the age of 100. Elisabeth Bing revolutionized childbirth in… Read more »

Ed Asner Files Divorce Papers Eight Years After Separation

Mary Tyler Moore

Ed Asner’s divorce was on hold for more than eight years. Although the 85-year-old actor and his wife, Cindy, legally separated in 2007, they never filed the paperwork necessary to divorce. In recent weeks, Ed reportedly took the steps to finalize the divorce. As reported by People, Ed Asner and Cindy Gilmore were married in… Read more »

Student Gored By Bison While Posing For Photo


An exchange student was gored by a bison while posing for a photo at Yellowstone National Park. The 16-year-old girl, who is a citizen of Taiwan, suffered a painful injury to her buttocks. However, a representative with the National Park Service confirmed she is expected to survive. As reported by Reuters, the girl was touring… Read more »

‘Band Of Ballers’ Shirt Offends United States Veterans

Iwo Jima

Under Armour’s “Band of Ballers” shirt sparked intense controversy as it offended United States soldiers and veterans. The shirt, which parodies “Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima,” features a silhouette of four basketball players “raising” a basketball hoop. “Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima” is the work of photographer Joe Rosenthal. The iconic picture, which… Read more »

Abu Sayyaf: ISIS Leader Killed By U.S. Special Forces In Syria

ISIS Leader Killed

ISIS leader Abu Sayyaf was reportedly killed by U.S. Special Operations forces in Syria. Government officials confirmed Sayyaf was shot and killed during a raid on the al-Omar oil field. Although the troops initially planned to capture Sayyaf, he reportedly resisted arrest. National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan said Abu Sayyaf oversaw the terrorist organization’s… Read more »

B.B. King Reportedly Suffered A Series Of Mini Strokes, Dementia

BB King Dementia

B.B. King reportedly suffered a series of mini strokes in the months leading up to his death. King’s personal physician, Dr. Darin Brimhall, confirmed the strokes were attributed to the musicians long-term battle with type 2 diabetes. A stroke is defined as an interruption in the brain’s blood supply. As a result, patients suffer brain… Read more »

Can Pedialyte Cure A Hangover?

Hangover Cure

Although it was made for children, Pedialyte is becoming a popular hangover cure. A recent study, which was conducted by Nielsen marketing research firm, suggests adults often purchase the electrolyte drink for themselves — not their children. The trend is not lost on Pedialyte officials, who are now marketing the drink to adults. A classic… Read more »

DC Mansion Fire: Four People Killed In ‘Very Suspicious’ Blaze

Savvas P. Savopoulos

A Washington, D.C., mansion fire is being called “very suspicious.” Authorities confirmed the home is owned by Savvas and Amy Savopoulos. However, they did not disclose the identities of the three adults and one child who were found dead inside the home. On Thursday morning, Nelly Gutierrez received an unusual text message from Amy Savopoulos’… Read more »

Dairy Queen Removes Soda From Kids’ Menu

Sugary Drinks

Dairy Queen will remove soda from their kids’ menu in an effort to promote healthier options. The decision was made in April, during Dairy Queen’s Franchise Advisory Council’s quarterly meeting. Company officials said the change will take place on or before Sept. 1. The decision was sparked by an inquiry from the Center for Science… Read more »

Darius Rucker Gives Veteran A Free House

Hootie and the Blowfish

Singer Darius Rucker has given a veteran a free house. The former Hootie and the Blowfish frontman said that Daniel Branham, of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, is not only a fan — he is an American hero. Branham served 15 months in the United States Army before he was wounded by an IED in Iraq…. Read more »

Philippines Factory Fire: 72 Workers Killed In Massive Blaze

Massive Blaze

A Philippines factory fire left 72 people dead and several others injured. Authorities confirmed the victims were employees at the Kentex Manufacturing Corp., which produces rubber slippers. Although the details are unclear, officials confirmed the workers were trapped inside the building and were unable to escape. As reported by CNN, the Philippines factory fire was… Read more »

Nestle Is Renaming KitKat To Celebrate 80th Anniversary


Nestle is renaming the KitKat bar to celebrate its 80th anniversary. The limited edition candy will be called “YouTube break” and will only be available in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Company officials confirmed the initiative is part of a collaboration between Nestle and Google. .@Nestle is going to rename 600,000 @KITKAT bars to “YouTube… Read more »

Conjoined Twins Separated Successfully

Conjoined Twins

A set of conjoined twins was separated successfully by a team of doctors at Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. Carter and Conner Mirabal shared several vital organs, including their liver and small intestine. However, both twins survived the high-risk procedure. Carter and Conner were born to Michelle Brantley and Bryan Mirabal on December 12,… Read more »

11-Year-Old Boy Reportedly Beat A Dog To Death With A Stick

Animal Abuse

An 11-year-old boy is accused of beating his neighbor’s dog to death with a stick. According to reports, the boy opened Jennifer Knittel’s gate and let her 15-pound Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix out of her back yard. He then proceeded to kick Cookie and hit him with a stick. The small dog was later… Read more »

Medieval Mass Grave Found In Paris Suggests ‘Mortality Crisis’

Paris Mass Grave

A medieval mass grave, which was found in Paris, France, suggests the region experienced a “mortality crisis.” Although it is unclear how the victims died, scientists confirmed the remains belonged to adults, children, and infants — who apparently died within a relatively short period of time. Anthropologist and archaeologist Isabelle Abadie, with France’s National Institute… Read more »

Burt Reynolds’ Frail Appearance Concerns Fans

burt  looks frail at comic con

Burt Reynolds’ frail appearance has fans concerned about his overall health. On Saturday, the 79-year-old actor made a rare appearance at Philadelphia’s Wizard World Comic Con. Although he participated in a Q&A session without issue, Reynolds appeared to be alarmingly feeble. Examiner reports fans were stunned when the former Hollywood heartthrob entered the venue with… Read more »

George Zimmerman Shot In Apparent Road Rage Incident

Zimmerman Shot Road Rage

George Zimmerman was shot in an apparent road rage incident in Lake Mary, Florida. Although it is unclear what sparked the argument, Lake Mary Police Chief Steve Bracknell confirmed an unidentified man opened fire and shot Zimmerman in the face. As reported by WESH Orlando, Zimmerman was transported away from the scene in an ambulance…. Read more »

Rare Cars Found In Barn Estimated To Be Worth $700,000

Barn Find

A collection of rare cars found inside a Texas barn are estimated to be worth nearly $700,000. The incredible collection was originally owned by a man named Jack, who purchased the vehicles in the 1960s. Although he hoped to eventually restore the cars, they remained inside his barn, untouched, for more than 40 years. The… Read more »

Severe Weather Threatens 33 Million Americans


Severe weather will threaten 33 million Americans between Sunday afternoon and Monday evening. Meteorologists confirmed the storms, which will impact numerous states, could produce damaging hail, soaking rain, and tornadoes. As reported by CNN, several different systems are contributing to the storms. Tropical storm Ana, which was downgraded to a tropical depression, made landfall in… Read more »

Guy Carawan Dies: Beloved Folk Singer Was 87-Years Old

We Shall Overcome

Guy Carawan has died at the age of 87. The beloved folk singer was best known for his rendition of We Shall Overcome, which became the anthem of the American civil rights movement. Although the origin of the popular song remains unknown, it is believed to be an adaptation of the hymn “I’ll Overcome Some… Read more »

Whole Foods Considers Cheaper Options For ‘Millennial Shoppers’

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods is considering ways to provide cheaper options to “Millennial shoppers.” The popular grocery chain is renowned for offering a diverse selection of fresh and organic products. However, their prices are notoriously high. In an attempt to appeal to a younger generation, Whole Foods executives are discussing the possibility of debuting a new chain… Read more »

B.B. King: Karen Williams Claims Elder Abuse, Judge Disagrees

Blues Legend

B.B. King’s daughter, Karen Williams, is concerned that her father is a victim of elder abuse. King’s manager, Laverne Toney, currently has authority over the Blues legend’s medical and financial concerns. However, Williams said Toney is stealing her father’s money and neglecting his needs. As reported by SF Gate, Karen Williams alleges more than $1… Read more »

Taylor Clark: Suspected Craigslist Killer Arrested In Missouri

Craigslist Killer

Taylor Clark, 19, was shot and killed by a suspected Craigslist killer on Monday morning. On Wednesday evening, Captain Tim Fagan, with the Florissant Police Department, confirmed 24-year-old Michael Gordon was arrested and charged in Clark’s death. As reported by Fox News, the two men met through a Craigslist ad. Clark, who was a student… Read more »

‘Ultimate Survival Alaska’ Star Jimmy Gojdics Dies In Suspected Homicide

Jimmy Gojdics Dies

Authorities have confirmed Ultimate Survival Alaska star Jimmy Gojdics died in an apparent homicide. The 69-year-old reality star was reportedly shot inside his Fairbanks, Alaska, home on Sunday afternoon. As reported by People, Alaska State Troopers responded to Gojdics’ home after receiving reports of shots fired. When the troopers arrived on scene, the reality star… Read more »

Josh Ozersky Dies: ‘Esquire’ Food Writer Was 47 Years Old

Food Writer

Josh Ozersky has died at the age of 47. Authorities confirmed the infamous Esquire food writer was found dead at the Conrad Chicago Hotel on Monday morning. Although his cause of death was yet not determined, authorities do not suspect foul play. Known as Mr. Cutlets, Ozersky wrote for numerous publications, including Newsday, The New… Read more »

Riviera Casino Closes After 60 Years On Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas

The Riviera Casino and hotel has closed. Although it was originally only nine stories, the Riviera hotel was the first high-rise on the Las Vegas Strip. Officials confirmed the iconic hotel and casino will be demolished to make room for a convention center. As reported by Classic Las Vegas, the Riviera hotel opened in April… Read more »

Brian Moore: New York Cop Shot In Face Dies, NYPD Mourns Officer’s Death

New York Cop Shot In Face

Officer Brian Moore has died as the result of injuries suffered on Saturday night. According to reports, the 25-year-old New York Police department officer was shot in the face by 35-year-old Demetrius Black. Authorities confirmed Moore and his partner, Officer Erik Jansen, were “in plainclothes in an unmarked police car” when the shooting occurred. Police… Read more »

Carly Fiorina: Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Announces Presidential Bid

2016 President

Carly Fiorina has announced her bid for the 2016 presidential election. The former Hewlett-Packard CEO holds the distinction of being the first woman to head a Fortune 100 company. She believes her professional struggles, and triumphs, will help her “restore possibilities for every American regardless of their circumstances.” The announcement, which was made via social… Read more »

Richard Gere: Divorce Could Cost Actor $100 Million

Carey Lowell

Richard Gere’s divorce could cost the actor an estimated $100 million. The contested divorce, which was filed by his estranged wife Carey Lowell, has been tied up in court for nearly one year. Although the former couple reached an agreement concerning custody of their 15-year-old son, they continue to argue over money. Gere, 65, and… Read more »

Scott Weiland Botches ‘Vasoline,’ Fans Revolt [Video]

Stone Temple Pilots

During a recent performance, Scott Weiland botched “Vasoline” so badly he was nearly booed off the stage. Witnesses who attended the show at the Brewster Street Icehouse in Corpus Christi said the former Stone Temple Pilots frontman appeared to either terribly confused or drunk. Although Weiland performed the popular hit countless times, he fumbled over… Read more »

Barbra Streisand’s Dog Reportedly Attacked A Flight Attendant

Coton de Tulears

Barbra Streisand’s dog reportedly attacked and bit an attendant on a private flight from New York to Washington D.C. According to reports, the female flight attendant was simply trying to pet the 12-year-old Coton de Tulear. However, the dog unexpectedly clamped down on the woman’s hand with her teeth. As reported by TMZ, the dog’s… Read more »

Mom ‘Lunch Shamed’ For Packing Cookies In Her Child’s Lunch

School Lunch

A Colorado mom said she was “lunch shamed” for packing cookies in her daughter’s lunch. Leeza Pearson insists she generally packs a healthy lunch for 4-year-old Natalee. However, last week she packed a small bag of Oreo cookies, as she ran out of nutritious snacks. Unfortunately, a teacher at Aurora’s Children’s Academy and Childcare Center… Read more »

Ford Recalls More Than 600,000 Vehicles

Vehicle Recalls

Ford is recalling more than 600,000 vehicles, which were sold in the United States and Canada. Although the numbers are daunting, company officials said the potential issues have not caused any serious accidents or injuries to date. Within the last week, Ford issued a total of five recalls — which include more than 600,000 passenger… Read more »