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Coke Infographic Outlines The Dangers Of Drinking Soda

The Renegade Pharmacist

A Coke infographic, which was published by The Renegade Pharmacist, outlines several dangers associated with drinking soda. Although it is unclear whether the data is valid, the infographic is gaining a lot of attention. The self-described “ex-community pharmacist turned ‘renegade’” specifically outlines what happens to our bodies within one hour of ingesting a can of… Read more »

Sean Malone Dies: ‘Gone Baby Gone’ Actor Was 54

Gone Baby Gone

Sean Malone, who is best known for his role in Gone Baby Gone, has died at the age of 54. The Boston Fire Department confirmed the actor died of injuries sustained in a near-drowning accident — which occurred last week. Sean Malone succumbed to his injuries this evening surrounded by his son Sean, parents and… Read more »

Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak Confirmed In New York City

Legionella bacterium

A Legionnaires’ disease outbreak was confirmed by officials in New York City. On Wednesday, The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene acknowledged 31 residents were diagnosed with the deadly disease. Two of those infected have died. Although the source of the bacteria is unknown, officials said the outbreak appears to be confined to the South… Read more »

Missing Boys: Search For Florida Teens Intensifies

Florida Missing Teens

The search for two missing boys has entered its sixth day. Unfortunately, the Florida teens appear to have vanished without a trace. On Friday, Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos set sail off the coast of Jupiter, Florida. Two days later, their capsized boat was discovered approximately 77 miles off the Ponce de Leon Inlet. As… Read more »

92-Year-Old Woman Declared Dead, Wakes Up Screaming At Funeral Home

German Woman Wrongfully Declared dead

A 92-year-old woman, declared dead by a German doctor, was discovered very much alive in a Berlin funeral home. Although her name was not disclosed, authorities confirmed that the elderly woman woke up screaming in a refrigeration room. As reported by ITV, the woman was pronounced dead at a retirement home, as the doctor did… Read more »

Mississippi School District Fined $7,500 For Allowing Prayer, Bibles In Schools

Rankin County School District

A Mississippi school district was fined $7,500 for “proselytizing Christianity.” As stated in the lawsuit, the Rankin County School District is accused of allowing prayer during a school-sponsored event and allowing Gideons International to distribute Bibles to students. The assembly in question was held at Brandon High School in April, 2014. Although it was not… Read more »

Peg Lynch: ‘Ethel and Albert’ Writer And Star Dies At Age 98

Ethel and Albert

Peg Lynch, who wrote and starred in Ethel and Albert, has died at the age of 98. Although she was best known for her portrayal of Ethel Arbuckle, Lynch will be remembered as one of the most influential pioneers of broadcast entertainment. A native of Lincoln, Nebraska, Margaret Frances “Peg” Lynch was born in November,… Read more »

Couple Adopts Friend’s Four Daughters, Fulfilling Her Dying Wish

Elizabeth Diamond

A New York couple adopted their dying friend’s four daughters, doubling the size of their family. Although they admit having six children is a challenge, Laura and Rico Ruffino are confident they made the right decision. Elizabeth Diamond and Laura Ruffino met in fifth grade, and developed a close friendship — which spanned several decades…. Read more »

Lucky Blue Smith: 17-Year-Old Mormon Model Takes The Internet By Storm

Teen Model

Lucky Blue Smith is taking the internet, and the international fashion industry, by storm. Although he began modeling at the age of 12, the teen’s career was propelled via social media — including Instagram. With more than one million followers, the 17-year-old Mormon is one of the hottest male models in the industry. As reported… Read more »

McDonald’s: Secret Menu Revealed

Fast Food

McDonald’s’ “secret menu” has been a point of rumor and speculation for years. Although the fast-food giant vehemently denies the existence of a secret menu, a spokesperson confirmed customers have the option to modify official menu items. During a recent Reddit AMA, user Orchidhibiscus, a manager for the fast food giant, invited other users to… Read more »

Steven Michael Quezada: ‘Breaking Bad’ Star Eyes Commissioner Seat

Breaking Bad

Steven Michael Quezada is eyeing a commissioner seat in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Breaking Bad actor is currently a member of the Albuquerque public school board. However, he recently set his sights on an open position with the Bernalillo County Commission — as he wants to “make a difference” in the community. As reported by… Read more »

Sam Smith: Segway Accident And Thunderstorm Overshadow Comeback Tour

Singer Sam Smith

Sam Smith’s Segway accident only caused a minor injury. However a severe thunderstorm halted his performance at the Louisville, Kentucky, Forecastle Music Festival. According to reports, Smith sprained his hand when he fell off the battery-powered scooter. As the injury was minor, he expected to continue his 75-minute set. Unfortunately, the show was cut short… Read more »

Sturgeon Fishing Halted Amid Mysterious Die Off

Lake Sturgeon

Sturgeon fishing in Oregon’s Columbia River is being halted amid a mysterious die-off. Officials with the state Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed the ban will begin on Saturday and will continue indefinitely. Although it is unclear what is killing the fish, biologists believe the die-off is linked to drought conditions. Lake sturgeon are commonly… Read more »

El Chapo: Beauty Queen Wife Becomes Surveillance Target

Emma Coronel

El Chapo’s beauty queen wife has become a high-priority surveillance target. On July 11, Joaquín Guzmán Loera, AKA El Chapo, escaped from Mexico’s Federal Social Readaptation Center #1 through a mile-long tunnel. Although authorities have conducted an extensive search, the suspected drug lord’s whereabouts remain a mystery. Officials are now focusing their efforts on Guzmán’s… Read more »

Timbaland Divorce: Monique Mosley Refiles After Prior Dismissal

monique mosley

Timbaland’s divorce seems to be moving forward, despite a prior dismissal. Monique Mosley originally filed for divorce in October 2013. However, she dismissed the case one year later. Although the famous couple attempted to reconcile, Mosley refiled the divorce on June 22. As reported by Us Weekly, Timbaland and Mosely met in 2003 and were… Read more »

Malaysia Air Flight 17: Missile Blamed For Downing MH17


The crash of Malaysia Airlines flight 17 is being blamed on a Russian missile. Although the investigative report was not yet released to the public, United States officials reportedly confirmed MH17 was struck with a Buk missile. The officials also confirmed the missile originated in “a village in Russian rebel controlled territory.” As reported by… Read more »

Blue Bell Ice Cream: Investment Could Save Struggling Company

Blue Bell

Blue Bell ice cream received an investment that could prevent a devastating closure. Although the specific terms were not released, company officials confirmed Texas billionaire Sid Bass made a “significant” investment — which will ensure the future production of Blue Bell ice cream. Beginning on March 13, Blue Bell Creameries, LP, was forced to recall… Read more »

Kris Jenner ‘Furious’ With Scott Disick’s Treatment Of Kourtney

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick

Kris Jenner is reportedly “furious” with Scott Disick’s treatment of her daughter. In recent weeks, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick ended a nine-year relationship. Although the specific details are unclear, Kourtney reportedly initiated the split — after learning Scott spent a romantic weekend with his ex-girlfriend. Kourtney and Scott’s relationship was notoriously rocky. However, they… Read more »

Boston Snow Pile Melts, Leaves Behind A Massive Pile Of Trash

Snow piles up at a "snow farm" on Tide St. on February 10, 2015 in Boston, Massachussets. City workers are dumping tons of snow at the lot in an attempt to clear the streets. Boston has received over 70 inches of snowfall in the last 30 days. (Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

Boston’s snow pile, which reached historic proportions, has finally melted. Although it took nearly four months, Mayor Marty Walsh confirmed the last remaining snow is officially gone. The announcement, which was made via social media, was met with an overwhelmingly positive response. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker responded to the announcement via Twitter with a message… Read more »

Matterhorn Closed For 150 Year Celebration

Matterhorn Closed

The Matterhorn is closed for the 150th anniversary of the first successful climb. In addition to celebrating a milestone, the closure is meant to honor those who lost their lives on the 14,692-foot mountain. Although there were several prior, and unsuccessful, attempts, the first climbers reached the Matterhorn’s peak on July 14, 1865. As reported… Read more »

Burt Shavitz: Burt’s Bees Co-Founder Dies At Age 80

Burt's Bees

Burt Shavitz, co-founder of Burt’s Bees, has died at the age of 80. News of the iconic beekeeper’s passing was announced in an official statement on the company’s Facebook page. A Burt’s Bees spokeswoman later confirmed their namesake suffered complications related to a respiratory illness. Often referred to as “The Bee Man,” Burt Shavitz started… Read more »

Red Lane: Country Music Songwriter Has Died At Age 76

Country Music Songwriter

Country music songwriter Red Lane has died at the age of 76. According to reports, Lane passed away on Wednesday evening after suffering a long illness. A 1993 inductee in the Nashville Songwriters’ Hall of Fame, Lane was best known for the songs he wrote for country music superstars, including Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, George… Read more »

Alcoholism And Eye Color Linked In Recent Study

Alcohol Dependence

Alcoholism and eye color were linked in a study conducted by the University of Vermont. The researchers, who published their work in the American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics, determined subjects with light-colored eyes were more likely to consume alcohol than those with dark-colored eyes — and were therefore more likely to… Read more »

Brain-Eating Amoeba Blamed In The Death Of 21-Year-Old California Woman

Naegleria fowleri

Brain-eating amoeba are blamed in the death of a 21-year-old California woman. Health officials confirmed the unidentified woman reported to the Northern Inyo Hospital on June 16 with symptoms that mimicked meningitis. However, as her condition continued to deteriorate, she was later diagnosed with a rare infection caused by Naegleria fowleri. As reported by the… Read more »

Woman With Amnesia Identified, Ashley Manetta Reunited With Her Family

Ashley Manetta

A woman with amnesia, who called herself “Sue,” was identified and reunited with her family on Wednesday evening. Although her identity was not confirmed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, family and friends are certain she is 53-year-old Ashley Manetta. On February 1, the mystery woman was discovered by firefighters in Carlsbad, California. She was… Read more »

Julie Hamp Resigns Amid Drug Smuggling Accusations


Julie Hamp has resigned amid accusations that she smuggled narcotic medication into Japan. According to official reports, the former Toyota executive was arrested and detained on June 18. Although she was not formally charged, Hamp is being held on suspicion of importing 57 oxycodone pills into the country in a package she mailed to herself…. Read more »

Yemen Prison Escape: 1,200 Inmates Flee Amid Unrest

Yemen Crisis

The latest Yemen prison escape involved an estimated 1,200 inmates. At this time, it is unclear who orchestrated the breach. However, local officials confirmed the escapees fled the prison amid “heavy fighting.” According to reports, an unknown number of escaped inmates had suspected ties to al-Qaeda. As reported by Al Jazeera, one security official blamed… Read more »

Facebook Rainbow Filter: Another Psychological Test?

Facebook Experiment

Facebook’s rainbow filter tool allows users to add some color to their profile photo, and display their support for LGBT rights. Although more than 26 million people have used the filter, some sources suggest the “Celebrate Pride” tool is part of a social experiment. It is unclear whether Facebook offered the feature in an attempt… Read more »

Supreme Court Approves Lethal Injection Drug Blamed For Botched Executions

Death Penalty

The Supreme Court has approved a lethal injection drug that is blamed for several botched executions. Although several inmates were reportedly “tortured to death” when the drugs did not work as intended, the Supreme Court determined the inmates were not subjected to “cruel and unusual punishment” as defined by the The United States Constitution. The… Read more »

Istanbul Gay Pride Parade Interrupted With Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas, Water Cannon


Attendees of Istanbul’s gay pride parade were assaulted with rubber bullets, tear gas, and a water cannon. According to witness reports, Turkish police officials used the weapons to disperse participants and spectators — without prior warning. Istanbul’s gay pride parade has taken place for the last 12 years without incident. Although attendees are protesting government… Read more »

Trevor Moore: Sailor Is Still Missing, Coast Guard Suspends Search

Missing Olympic Sailor

Olympic sailor Trevor Moore is still missing off the coast of Miami, Florida. However, the Coast Guard has suspended all search and rescue efforts at this time. In a combined effort with Florida Fish and Wildlife, Miami Dade Fire-Rescue, the Miami Dade Police Department, and the National Park Service, the Coast Guard searched more than… Read more »

Trevor Moore: Olympic Sailor Missing, Empty Boat Found Off Miami Coast

Olympic Sailing

Trevor Moore, an Olympic sailor, was reported missing on Thursday. Authorities in Miami, Florida, confirmed Moore’s 15-foot boat was discovered near the Dinner Key Marina on Thursday evening. Although the Olympian’s personal belongings were found inside the boat, his whereabouts remain unknown. CBS Miami reports the sailor departed from the U.S. Sailing center at approximately… Read more »

Jessica Barth: Love Scene With a Teddy Bear Was ‘Awkward’

Ted 2

Jessica Barth’s love scene in Ted 2 was more far difficult than it may appear. In a recent interview, Barth revealed the teddy bear, which was prominently featured in the film, was not actually present during the filming of many of scenes. Instead, the 36-year-old actress was often forced improvise. Ted 2, which is the… Read more »

Whole Foods: Inspectors Confirm Overcharging, Mislabeled Products

Grocery Chain

During a recent sting operation, New York’s Department of Consumer Affairs discovered Whole Foods is not only overcharging their customers, but many of their products are mislabeled. Whole Foods is celebrated for offering customers a diverse selection of fresh and healthy products. However, the grocery chain has faced stark criticism for their unusually high prices…. Read more »

Walter Scheib: Autopsy Reveals Former White House Chef Drowned

White House Chef

Walter Scheib’s autopsy revealed his death was indeed accidental. On Wednesday, the New Mexico Department of Public Safety confirmed the former White House chef drowned in a drainage ditch near the Yerba Canyon hiking trail. Authorities said they have no reason to suspect foul play. According to reports, Scheib began his hike June 13 and… Read more »

Audrey Hepburn Weighed 88 Pounds, Was Reportedly Malnourished After WWII

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn weighed 88 pounds and was “extremely malnourished” by the end of World War II — according to her son. Although the iconic actress was known for her delicate and slender frame, Luca Dotti confirmed his mother’s physique was caused by malnutrition. In his new book, Audrey at Home, Dotti details Hepburn’s early years… Read more »

Paul McCartney Honors Charleston Shooting Victims During Firefly Festival [Video]

Charleston Church Shooting

Sir Paul McCartney honored the Charleston shooting victims during Dover, Delaware’s, Firefly music festival. On Friday evening, the legendary musician dedicated his performance of “The Long and Winding Road” to the victims and their families. On June 17, an armed gunman opened fire and shot 10 members of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Authorities… Read more »

Tainted Liquor In Mumbai Blamed For 41 Deaths

Tainted Alcohol

Tainted liquor is blamed for killing at least 41 people in Mumbai, India. Authorities confirmed 21 others were hospitalized and are currently listed in critical condition. Police Chief Atulchandra Kulkarni said all 62 victims were residents of Malvani. Although it is illegal, homemade and diluted liquor are popular among India’s poorest residents. As it is… Read more »

Tiger Woods Greeted With ‘Cheater’ Banner At U.S. Open

U.S. Open

Tiger Woods was greeted with a “cheater” banner during the 115th U.S. Open championship. According to witnesses, the banner was attached to a small plane, which circled University Place, Washington’s, Chambers Bay range — repeatedly. Although he attempted to ignore the embarrassing display, the PGA legend was obviously distracted. Photo: There was a “Cheater” Banner… Read more »

Toyota PR Chief Arrested: Julie Hamp Accused Of Smuggling Drugs

Julie Hamp

Toyota’s PR chief was arrested and detained on suspicion of smuggling drugs into Japan. Authorities confirmed Julie Hamp was arrested in Tokyo on Thursday and remains in custody. It is unclear whether charges were, or will be, filed. As reported by Financial Times, an undisclosed number of Oxycodone pills were found inside a package —… Read more »

Ellen Pao Ordered To Pay $275,966 In Failed Discrimination Lawsuit

Kleiner, Caufield, Perkins & Byers

Ellen Pao was ordered to pay $275,966 in attorney fees and court costs associated with a failed discrimination lawsuit. In 2012, Pao filed a $16 million lawsuit against her former employer, Kleiner, Caufield, Perkins & Byers. As stated in the complaint, the venture capitalist believes she was denied promotion because she is a female. During… Read more »

Trace Adkins’ Divorce Settled During Mediation

Country Music

Trace Adkins’ divorce was reportedly settled out of court, during private mediation. The country music superstar’s estranged wife, Rhonda, originally sought a $20 million settlement and full custody of their three daughters. However, the former couple eventually compromised and have reached an amicable agreement. As reported by TMZ, Rhonda originally filed for divorce in March… Read more »