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Samantha Green Charged In The Death Of Her Infant Son

Justice Rees

Samantha Green, 23, was arrested and charged in the death of her 20-day-old son. Although Samantha claims she and the infant were kidnapped, authorities believe the California mother abandoned her son and staged her own assault. Samantha and her son, Justice Rees, were reported missing on Monday, February 23. The following day, the young mother… Read more »

‘Walking Dead’ Town For Sale On eBay For $680,000


A town featured in The Walking Dead is currently being sold on eBay for $680,000. The purchase price includes approximately 25,000 square feet of land and nine buildings. Although the area is largely abandoned, Grantville, Georgia, is often used as a location for television programs and movies. Most recently, the downtown area was used as… Read more »

Dimebag Darrell’s Grave Vandalized, Reece Eber Issues Apology

Nuclear Hellfrost

“Dimebag” Darrell Abbott’s grave was reportedly vandalized by former Nuclear Hellfrost singer Reece Eber. Although Eber issued a public apology, fans of the late Pantera guitarist are not impressed. In a Facebook post, the remaining members of Pantera said they will be contacting authorities. A photo of the vandalized grave was originally shared by Reece… Read more »

China Bans Ivory Imports To Prevent Poaching

African Elephants

China’s ivory imports are blamed for depleting the African elephant population at an alarming rate. In response to continued criticism, China’s State Forestry Administration issued a temporary ban on some ivory imports. Although the ban is limited to one year, the agency hopes it will reduce poaching rates. As stated by the U.S. Fish and… Read more »

Banksy Tours Gaza Strip, Displays New Work On Ruins

Street Artist

Graffiti artist Banksy recently toured Palestine’s Gaza Strip to raise awareness about “the world’s largest open air prison.” During his tour, the infamous street artist completed several new works and filmed a compelling video. The results were posted on Banksy’s website in an effort to highlight the devastating effects of war. In July 2014, Israel… Read more »

Purina Beneful: 3,000 Dogs Reportedly Sickened By Toxins

Toxic Dog Food

Purina Beneful is blamed for causing illness in more than 3,000 dogs. A recent lawsuit, filed in the California federal court, suggests the popular dog food contains toxic ingredients. Although Purina denies the claims, thousands of pet owners believe their dogs became ill after eating Beneful dry “kibble” dog food. As stated in the lawsuit,… Read more »

Evgeniy Bogachev: FBI Offers $3 Million Award For Russian Hacker

Russian Hacker

Evgeniy Bogachev is one of the most wanted criminals in America. On Tuesday, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation announced a $3 million award for information leading to the arrest or conviction of the infamous Russian hacker. Bogachev is accused of illegally obtaining bank account numbers and passwords, which were used to steal an estimated… Read more »

Great Barrier Reef Coral Threatened By Plastic Waste


Great Barrier Reef coral is being threatened by an abundance of plastic waste. A recent study, conducted by researchers at James Cook University, suggests corals will eat particles of plastic. Unfortunately, the marine invertebrates are incapable of digesting synthetic material. Plastic waste often goes undetected, as the ocean breaks it down into tiny particles called… Read more »

Shayne Austin: Suspect In Holly Bobo Murder Found Dead

Holly Bobo

Shayne Austin, a suspect and key witness in the murder of Holly Bobo, was found dead in an apparent suicide. Although he was not charged with murder, authorities believe Austin was involved in Bobo’s 2011 disappearance and subsequent death. Holly Lynn Bobo vanished without a trace on April 13, 2011. According to reports, the 20-year-old… Read more »

Kayla Mueller’s Family Shares Her Last Letter Home

ISIS Hostage

Kayla Mueller’s family is still mourning a tremendous loss. However, during their first interview since Kayla’s death, Carl and Marsha Mueller shared their daughter’s last letter home. Although the letter is heartbreaking, it highlights Kayla’s strength, devotion, and faith. With a passion for human rights, the young woman traveled the world volunteering for humanitarian organizations…. Read more »

Neil Patrick Harris: ‘Today We Honor Hollywood’s Best And Whitest’

2015 Academy Awards

Neil Patrick Harris started the 2015 Academy Awards with a controversial, and powerful, statement. During his opening monologue, the actor and comedian said: “Today we honor Hollywood’s best and whitest.” Although he immediately apologized, explaining that he meant to say “brightest,” Harris made his opinion quite clear. The How I Met Your Mother star is… Read more »

Mall Of America Increases Security Amid Terrorist Threat


The Mall of America has increased security measures amid a suspected terrorist threat. Officials with the Department of Homeland Security said the threat was outlined in a video, which was reportedly produced by the al-Shabaab militant group. In 2013, al-Shabaab orchestrated an attack on a Kenya’s Westgate shopping mall. The brutal assault injured 175 and… Read more »

Missing British Schoolgirls Were Traveling To Syria To Join ISIS


Three missing British schoolgirls could be on their way to Syria to join ISIS militants. London authorities said Shamima Begum, 15, Kadiza Sultana, 16, and an unidentified 15-year-old girl left their homes early Wednesday morning. They then traveled to Gatwick Airport, where they boarded a plane to Istanbul, Turkey. Authorities are concerned, as the teens… Read more »

Alaska Tops List Of Happiest And Healthiest States


Alaska has been named the happiest and healthiest state in the nation. In 2013, the Last Frontier state held the eighth position on the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. One year later, the state climbed to the top of the list for the first time since 2008. To compile the list, researchers interviewed 176,000 United States residents…. Read more »

Carnival Float Electrocution: 46 Injured, At Least 20 Dead


An estimated 70 people were electrocuted when a Carnival float struck a power line in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Authorities confirmed 46 were injured and at least 20 were killed in the devastating incident. The accident occurred during the Haitian capital’s annual Carnival celebration — with thousands of spectators lining the streets. Although the incident is still… Read more »

Shirley MacLaine Suggests The Holocaust Was A Form Of Karma


Shirley MacLaine is facing stark criticism for a controversial passage in her latest book. The book, titled What If…: A Lifetime of Questions, Speculations, Reasonable Guesses, and a Few Things I Know For Sure, was published on November 2013. However, MacLaine remains under fire for some of the content. As described by Amazon, the book… Read more »

Slenderman Stabbing: Wisconsin Girls’ Preliminary Hearing Begins


The Slenderman stabbing case began on Monday with a preliminary hearing. Morgan Geyser and Amissa Weier, both age 12, are accused of luring a classmate into the woods and stabbing her 19 times. Authorities said the girls committed the crime to impress a fictional character called Slenderman. According to reports, the girls began planning the… Read more »

Russian Farmer Repays His Bank Loan With Manure

Russian Farmer

A Russian farmer reportedly repaid his bank loan with a truckload of manure. Alexander Bakshayev said he is angry, as high interest rates have made it nearly impossible to reduce his debt. In an unusual attempt at revenge, the farmer dumped a load of manure on the bank’s front steps. Bakshayev said he currently owns… Read more »

Ocean Plastic Increases By 4.8 Million Metric Tons Each Year


A recent study suggests the amount of plastic in the ocean increases by more than four million metric tons each year. Researchers with the University of California, who conducted the study, further concluded that a vast majority if the waste originates in Asia. In addition to being unsightly, ocean plastic poses a serious threat to… Read more »

Beloved Grand Canyon Wolf Shot And Killed By Utah Hunter


Officials have confirmed that a beloved Grand Canyon wolf was shot and killed by a Utah hunter. Echo the wolf was an icon, as she was the first wolf observed in the region since the 1940s. In December 2014, a coyote hunter contacted the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to report he had mistakenly shot… Read more »

Spain: Toxic Cloud Forces 65,000 To Take Cover [Photos]

Chemical Explosion

A chemical explosion in Spain formed a toxic cloud, which spread over several miles. An estimated 65,000 residents were warned to stay inside their homes and close their windows to avoid inhaling the harmful fumes. Authorities said the toxic cloud originated at a warehouse in Igualada. During deliver, ferric chloride and nitric acid were inadvertently… Read more »

1915 Chicago Shipwreck Footage Discovered By UIC Grad Student [Video]

1915 Chicago shipwreck

In 1915, a Chicago shipwreck left 844 people dead. Although the Eastland disaster was documented in numerous photos, there was no known film footage of the incident. Last week, a University of Illinois at Chicago Ph.D. candidate made an incredible discovery. On July 24, 1915, 2,500 passengers boarded the the SS Eastland. The Eastland was… Read more »

Costa Concordia Captain Guilty, Sentenced To 16 Years In Prison

Francesco Schettino

Former Costa Concordia captain Francesco Schettino was found guilty on numerous charges, including several counts of manslaughter. The former captain is accused of negligence, which contributed to a devastating 2012 shipwreck and the deaths of 32 people. Although he was facing up to 26 years in prison, Schettino was sentenced to 16 years. He is… Read more »

U. S. Government To Remove Cholesterol Warnings From Food Packaging

High Cholesterol

The United States government is set to remove cholesterol warnings from food packaging. The decision was prompted by the The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which advised that cholesterol is no longer a “nutrient of concern.” The findings will likely draw controversy, as the same committee has supported the warnings for nearly four decades. The committee’s… Read more »

MyCoin Ponzi Scheme: $387 Million Reportedly Missing


A suspected MyCoin ponzi scheme has investors concerned, as $387 million appears to be missing. According to reports, 3,000 clients invested an average of $129,000 in the questionable company. In return, they were promised lucrative bitcoin contracts. Less than one year later, MyCoin’s office is closed. MyCoin is suspected of running a ponzi scheme, as… Read more »

Australia Extinction Rates Linked To Feral Cats And Foxes

Invasive Species

Australia’s extinction rate has been linked to feral cats and foxes, which were introduced to the continent by early settlers. In the last 200 years, more than 10 percent of Australia’s land mammals have gone extinct. A recent study, which was published by the National Academy of Sciences, suggests non-native species are to blame for… Read more »

Bernie Madoff Payout: Victims To Receive Up To $57 Million

Ponzi Scheme

The payout to Bernie Madoff’s victims began on February 6, and is expected to top $7.2 billion. Trustee Irving Picard, who is liquidating Madoff’s assets, confirmed more than half of the 2,216 claimants are now paid. Picard said the individual payouts ranged between $431 and $57.1 million. Former NASDAQ Stock Market Chairman Bernie Madoff is… Read more »

Teen Kills His Classmate, Shares Gruesome Selfie On Snapchat

Snapchat Selfie

A Pennsylvania teen is accused of killing his classmate and sharing the evidence via social media. Authorities said 16-year-old Maxwell Marion Morton shot and killed 16-year-old Ryan Mangan. He then took a selfie of himself with his victim’s body. On Wednesday February 4, Mangan’s body was discovered inside the home he shared with his mother…. Read more »

Seventeen-Pound Gold Nugget Discovered By Chinese Rancher

China Gold Nugget

A rancher claims he found a seventeen-pound gold nugget laying on the ground in Xinjiang, China. Berek Sawut said he was resting near a mine when he made the incredible discovery. Although it was not officially appraised, the gold nugget is estimated to be worth more than $220,000. As reported by the New York Times,… Read more »

Nut Rage: Heiress Facing Three Years In Jail For In-Flight Tantrum

Cho Hyun-ah

Prosecutors in the infamous “nut rage” case have recommended a sentence of three years in jail. Authorities said Korean Air executive Cho Hyun-ah endangering passengers during a bizarre tantrum over a bag of macadamia nuts. Hyun-ah is also accused of destroying evidence and obstructing an investigation. On December 5, Cho Hyun-ah was aboard a plane… Read more »

Death Row Inmate Jermaine Wright Released After 23 Years

Wrongly Convicted

Death row inmate Jermaine Wright was released on Friday after spending more than two decades in prison. In 1992, Wright was convicted in the 1991 murder of Phillip Seifert. Although he confessed during interrogation, Superior Court Judge John A. Parkins, Jr. ruled that Wright’s confession was inadmissible. Parkins said Wright was impaired during interrogation, as… Read more »

Toledo Mayor Suffers Cardiac Arrest, Remains Critical

Toledo Mayor

Toledo Mayor Michael D. Collins suffered cardiac arrest and subsequently crashed into a pole on Sunday afternoon. Authorities said Collins was driving home after a press conference when the incident occurred. Although his prognosis is unclear, officials confirmed the Mayor remains in critical condition. Prior to the crash, Collins met with Lucas County Sheriff John… Read more »

Suge Knight Arrested And Charged With Murder

Death Row Records

Rap legend Marion “Suge” Knight was arrested and charged with murder in connection with a fatal hit-and-run. Los Angeles authorities said “a man matching Knight’s description” backed into Terry Carter and Cle Cloan with his vehicle. He then drove forward over both men as he fled the scene. Cloan was rushed to a local hospital… Read more »

Fossilized Human Jawbone May Belong To Previously Unknown Species

Prehistoric Human

A fossilized human jawbone, which was found by a Taiwanese fisherman, may belong to a previously unknown species. Researchers estimate the bone is between 200,000 and 10,000 years old, and could represent a new species of hominid. The prehistoric bone was originally discovered by an unnamed fisherman, who was dredge fishing in the Penghu Channel…. Read more »

Sierra Nevada Red Fox Spotted At Yosemite For The First Time In 100 Years

Rare endangered species

A rare Sierra Nevada red fox was spotted at Yosemite National Park on two separate occasions. Park officials confirmed the elusive fox was photographed using a remote motion-sensitive camera on December 13, 2014 and again on January 4, 2015. Wildlife officials said the small foxes are “one of the rarest mammals in North America.” Historically,… Read more »

Jan Morgan Declares Her Shooting Range A ‘Muslim Free Zone’

The Gun Cave

Jan Morgan has declared her Arkansas shooting range a “Muslim free zone.” Although she gained a lot of negative attention, the business owner said she stands behind her decision. Morgan contends that she is simply trying to protect herself, her property, and her customers from needless threats. In an interview with Arkansas Matters, Morgan said… Read more »

Bound Brook Teens Banned From Shoveling Snow


Authorities in Bound Brook, New Jersey, banned two teens from shoveling their neighbors’ driveways. On Monday, Matt Molinari and Eric Schnepf distributed flyers throughout the neighborhood, hoping to make some extra cash during the blizzard. Apparently, the teens unwittingly violated a local ordinance. Molinari and Schnepf were not arrested. However, they were stopped by a… Read more »

Marissa Alexander Released From Jail Per Plea Agreement

Stand Your Ground

Marissa Alexander was released on Tuesday after spending three years in jail. The Jackson, Florida, mother is accused of firing a gun at her estranged husband during a physical altercation. Although Rico Gray was not harmed in the incident, Alexander was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She was facing up to 60… Read more »

Gold Nuggets Stolen From San Francisco Wells Fargo Museum

Gold Nuggets Stolen San Francisco

An estimated 10 ounces of gold nuggets were stolen from the San Francisco Wells Fargo museum. Authorities said the thieves drove a Chevy Suburban SUV through the museum’s glass front doors. They then held a security guard at gunpoint while they raided the museum’s gold nugget display case. According to reports, the three masked suspects… Read more »

U.S. Exonerations Soar In 2014, 125 Wrongly Convicted Inmates Released

Wrongfully Convicted

The number of United States exonerations has reached historic proportions. In 2014 alone, 125 wrongly convicted inmates were released from U.S. prisons. Six of those inmates were convicted of murder and sentenced to death. Although the availability of DNA testing has contributed to the increasing numbers, a majority of the exonerations “were obtained at the… Read more »

Obama Seeks Wilderness Protection For Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Protected Wilderness

President Barack Obama has announced plans to designate the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as a protected wilderness area. Although the designation is meant to preserve undeveloped land and protect native species, the President’s plan is being met with stark criticism. President Obama announced his proposal via the White House website. His reasoning was outlined in… Read more »

Lolita The Orca Is One Step Closer To Being Released

Miami Seaquarium

Lolita the orca is one step closer to being released from the Miami Seaquarium. The killer whale, who was made famous in the 2003 documentary Lolita: Slave to Entertainment, has lived in captivity for 44 years. Although it is unclear whether Lolita could survive in the wild, activists want to her to have a chance…. Read more »