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Obama Seeks Wilderness Protection For Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Protected Wilderness

President Barack Obama has announced plans to designate the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as a protected wilderness area. Although the designation is meant to preserve undeveloped land and protect native species, the President’s plan is being met with stark criticism. President Obama announced his proposal via the White House website. His reasoning was outlined in… Read more »

Lolita The Orca Is One Step Closer To Being Released

Miami Seaquarium

Lolita the orca is one step closer to being released from the Miami Seaquarium. The killer whale, who was made famous in the 2003 documentary Lolita: Slave to Entertainment, has lived in captivity for 44 years. Although it is unclear whether Lolita could survive in the wild, activists want to her to have a chance…. Read more »

Elderly Georgia Couple Still Missing, Police Identify Suspect

Bud and June Runion

An elderly Georgia couple is still missing. However, authorities have identified a suspect in connection with their disappearance. Bud Runion, 69, and June Runion, 66, were last seen on January 22. On Sunday, Authorities in Telfair County identified Ronnie “Jay” Adrian Towns as their primary suspect. Last week, Bud and June drove to McRae, Georgia,… Read more »

Billy Nye ‘The Science Guy’ Debunks Bill Belichick’s DeflateGate Theory


Bill Nye “The Science Guy” has publicly debunked Bill Belichick’s explanation as to what caused the infamous “DeflateGate” scandal. During a press conference, the head coach of the New England Patriots blamed “climate conditions” and “equilibrium” for the under-inflated balls. However, Nye said Belichick’s theory “doesn’t make any sense.” The DeflateGate controversy began with the… Read more »

Vanderbilt Rape Case: Defense Blames Campus Culture, Peer Pressure

Vanderbilt University

An attorney in the Vanderbilt University rape case is blaming campus culture and peer pressure for influencing his client’s behavior. On Friday, attorney Worrick Robinson asked an expert witness to explain whether college life has an impact on students’ behavior and judgement. Although prosecutors objected to the line of questioning, Robinson made his point painfully… Read more »

Omaha Shooting: Five Injured And Three Killed During House Party

Nebraska Shooting

An Omaha shooting left five people injured and three dead. Authorities said the incident occurred during a house party early Saturday morning. Although they have not identified any suspects, officials believe the shooting was gang-related. According to reports, up to 50 people were gathered in and around a vacant house. At approximately 2:00 a.m., “multiple… Read more »

Montana Man Sentenced To 200 Years For Impregnating 11-Year-Old Granddaughter

Makeal Shane Pruett

A Montana man was sentenced to 200 years in prison for impregnating his 11-year-old granddaughter and sexually abusing her little sister. Although he was a previously convicted sex offender, authorities confirmed 55-year-old Makeal Shane Pruett was the legal guardian of both girls. In June 2014, the 11-year-old was taken to a medical clinic, as she… Read more »

School Bus With ‘Pentagram’ Lights Frightens Tennessee Mom

Pentagram Lights

A school bus with “pentagram” lights has become a point of heated controversy in Cordova, Tennessee. As evidenced in a photo taken by Robyn Wilkins, the brake lights do indeed resemble five-point stars. It is unclear why the bulbs are arranged in an unusual pattern. However, the Tennessee mother is convinced that the pentagram-shaped lights… Read more »

Supreme Court To Review Execution By Lethal Injection

Capital Punishment

The Supreme Court has agreed to assess whether lethal injections violate the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The controversial case, which was filed by four Oklahoma death-row inmates, was sparked by the April 2014 execution of Clayton Lockett. Witness to the execution reported that Lockett “struggled, groaned and writhed in pain for 43… Read more »

Kentucky Senator Brandon Smith Wants DUI Dismissed, Claims Political Immunity

Senator DUI

Kentucky Senator Brandon Smith has requested that his DUI charges be dismissed, as he is “privileged from arrest.” On Wednesday, Smith’s attorney filed a motion for dismissal, citing Section 43 of Kentucky’s Constitution. Although the rule was adopted in 1891, it was never amended. In early January, Brandon Smith was pulled over by the Kentucky… Read more »

Barrett Brown Sentenced To Five Years, Ordered To Pay $890,000


Barrett Brown was sentenced to five years in prison and ordered to pay more than $890,000 in fines and restitution. The journalist, and former member of hacktivist group Anonymous, was originally facing up to 100 years in prison for various crimes — including sharing a link to hacked information. The investigation into Brown’s activities began… Read more »

Ten-Year-Old Strip-Searched In Front Of His Entire Class

School Searches

A California mother is disturbed, as her 10-year-old son was strip-searched in front of his entire fifth-grade class. Gina Gonzalez said she met with Auburn Union School District Superintendent Laura Glassman to discuss the incident. However, she is not satisfied with the school’s response. Last week, a substitute teacher at Rock Creek Elementary School accused… Read more »

Gypsy Hill Murders: Suspect Arrested In 1976 Cold Case

Gypsy Hill Murders

The Gypsy Hill Murders have remained unsolved for nearly four decades. On Thursday, authorities in Redwood City, California, arrested and charged Rodney Halbower, 66, with two counts of murder and “murder during the course of rape.” At the time of his arrest, Halbower was incarcerated for an unrelated conviction of attempted murder. Between January and… Read more »

Postal Worker Busted For Failing To Deliver 1,000 Pieces Of Mail

1000 Pieces Of Mail Undelivered

A Eugene, Oregon, postal worker was arrested and charged with failing to deliver 1,000 pieces of mail. Authorities said 27-year-old Alex Douma was required to scan, sort, and deliver mail on his designated route. Instead, he hoarded up to 1,000 pieces of mail — including nearly 30 election ballots. In July 2014, authorities discovered several… Read more »

Lizard Squad Hacked, Customer Database Compromised


Hacker group Lizard Squad is famous for causing widespread blackouts on Xbox Live and PSN during the 2014 holiday season. However, the group’s own network has now been compromised. According to reports, hackers made their way into Lizard Squad’s servers and stole their entire customer database. In late 2014, the hacker group threatened to bring… Read more »

Sheldon Silver Arrested Amid Corruption Probe

Assembly Speaker Arrested

New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was arrested by FBI agents on Thursday morning. Although the nature of the charges were not disclosed, Silver was named in a 2013 corruption probe initiated by the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption. According to reports, the probe was sparked by inconsistencies in a financial disclosure form. In… Read more »

Rare Frilled Shark Captured Off Australian Coast

Rare Shark

A rare frilled shark was captured off the coast of Victoria, Australia. With more than 300 teeth and a long sleek body, the unusual creature actually resembles an eel. However, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation confirmed the shark’s identity. As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, the frilled shark was captured by David… Read more »

North Carolina’s Lost Colony May Have Been Found

Roanoke Colony

The location of North Carolina’s lost colony has remained a mystery for more than four centuries. However, as reported by Charlotte Observer, researchers may have discovered what happened; the clue was found on a map of North Carolina and Virginia, which was created by former governor John White. In July, 1587, a group of 117… Read more »

Annapolis Mansion Fire: Six People Remain Missing

Maryland Blaze

An Annapolis mansion fire is still under investigation as authorities attempt to determine what caused the devastating blaze. Officials have also announced that six people, including four children, may have been trapped inside the home. Maryland authorities have not released the names of the potential victims. However, relatives said Don and Sandra Pyle and their… Read more »

UFO Reports Declassified, Project Blue Book Now Available Online

Unidentified Flying Object

Nearly 130,000 pages of UFO reports were declassified by the United States government. In addition to the infamous Blue Book files, documents from Project Sign and Project Grudge are now available online. The controversial files were released to the public per the Freedom of Information Act. John Greenewald spent nearly 20 years trying to gain… Read more »

Kevin Hart Explains Why He Refuses To Play A Gay Character


Kevin Hart has been vocal in his acceptance of those with alternative lifestyles. However, in a recent interview, he admitted that he would never play a gay character in a movie or television show. In fact, Hart admits turning down a role in the 2008 film Tropic Thunder because the character was a “flagrant” homosexual…. Read more »

Raif Badawi Flogging Postponed Due To Medical Reasons

Saudi Arabia

Raif Badawi’s weekly flogging was postponed, as the wounds from last week’s assault have yet to heal. The decision was made by a prison doctor, who examined Badawi on Friday morning. In 2012, Raif Badawi was arrested and charged with insulting Islam and denouncing his religion. He is accused of founding and running the Free… Read more »

Bob Bashara Sentenced To Life In Prison

Death For Hire

Bob Bashara was convicted of first-degree murder, and sentenced to life in prison, for the 2012 death of his his wife. Michigan authorities said the former businessman hired Joseph Gentz to kill Jane Bashara and leave her body in a Detroit alley. In the course of investigation, authorities learned Bob Bashara was heavily involved in… Read more »

Brittany Maynard’s Widower Opens Up About His Wife’s Final Hours

Assisted Suicide

Last year, Brittany Maynard made national headlines with her decision to die via assisted suicide. Although she completed the procedure on November 1, her story will live on through her campaign to allow others to die with dignity. On New Year’s Day 2014, the 29-year-old woman was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Although she was… Read more »

Marlboro Man Darrell Hugh Winfield Dies At Age 85

Darrell Hugh Winfield

Long-standing Marlboro Man Darrel Hugh Winfield has died. The 85-year-old horse rancher was featured in cigarette ads for nearly two decades. Although he was not the first Marlboro Man, Winfield was certainly the most recognizable. As stated in his obituary, which is provided by County 10, Winfield passed away on Monday at his Riverton, Wyoming,… Read more »

California Apple Processing Plant Linked To Listeria Outbreak

Listeria Outbreak

A California apple plant was linked to a Listeria outbreak which sickened 31 people between October 2014 and January 9, 2015. The United States Food and Drug Administration confirmed samples collected from Bidart Bros. apple processing plant tested positive for two strains of the deadly bacteria. As reported by the FDA, the strains “are believed… Read more »

Blenkinsopp Castle For Sale, Haunted Landmark Listed For $500,000

Castle For $500,000

Blenkinsopp Castle is currently listed for sale with The Grade II. The historic landmark, which was built during the fourteenth century, is being sold for just under $500,000. In addition to four bedrooms, two family rooms, and a courtyard, the castle comes with its own ghost. The original castle was built by Thomas de Blenkinsopp… Read more »

Yosemite Climbers Push Toward 3,000-Foot Summit

El Capitan

Two Yosemite climbers are pushing toward the 3,000-foot summit of El Capitan. Tommy Caldwell, 36, and Kevin Jorgeson, 30, have both conquered Pitch 15, which is one of the most challenging portions of the climb. As they continue their ascent, Caldwell and Jorgeson hope to become the first to “free climb” the Dawn Wall. As… Read more »

Dante Martin Sentenced To Six Years In FAMU Hazing Death

Robert Champion

Dante Martin was sentenced to six years in prison for the hazing death of 26-year-old Robert Champion. In 2011, Champion was killed during a brutal hazing ritual at Florida A&M University. Authorities said Champion was the ringleader, as he arranged and participated in the bizarre ritual. Martin and Champion were both members of the FAMU… Read more »

‘Beetlejuice’ Sequel: Writer Plans To Bring Back Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton

Seth Grahame-Smith confirmed that he hopes to bring back Michael Keaton for the Beetlejuice sequel. In a recent interview, the screenwriter confirmed he will not replace the lead character with another actor. However, he plans to use “less is more” approach with Keaton’s role. During an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Grahame-Smith explained that “Beetlejuice does… Read more »

Rare Identical Triplets Born In Montana

Monozygotic triplets

Rare identical triplets were born on December 5 at the Billings Clinic in Montana. Although Cade, Ian, and Milo, were born a few weeks early, doctors confirmed all three boys are “in excellent condition.” Jody and Jase Kinsey were shocked to learn they were expecting triplets. However, multiple births do run in the family. As… Read more »

Jackie Chan’s Son Sentenced To Six Months On Drug Charge

Jaycee Chan

Jackie Chan’s son, Jaycee, was sentenced to six months in prison by the Dongcheng District People’s Court. Last summer, Jaycee and a close friend were arrested on charges of drug possession. Officials said they found “more than 100″ grams of marijuana in the 32-year-old actor’s apartment. Jaycee’s arrest was specifically disturbing, as his father was… Read more »

News Anchor Leslie Roberts Suspended Amid ‘Journalistic Integrity’ Probe

Global News Anchor

Global Television news anchor Leslie Roberts was suspended indefinitely amid an ongoing investigation into his “journalistic integrity.” Roberts is accused of using the Morning Show and News Hour programs to promote clients for a PR firm — which he partially owns. In addition to hosting two programs, Leslie Roberts is Global News’ executive director. Spokesperson… Read more »

Vince Gill Partners With Frontier Communications To Invest In Small Town America

America's Best Communities

Vince Gill has announced plans to partner with Frontier Communications, DISH Network, and CoBank in an effort to revitalize small-town America. The official announcement will take place n January 15 at Nashville, Tennessee’s, Country Music Hall of Fame. During the announcement, Gill will join Frontier Communications CEO and Chairman Maggie Wilderotter, DISH CEO and President… Read more »

White House Investigates Unauthorized Photo Of Malia

Malia Obama

The White House is reportedly investigating a questionable photo of Malia Obama. The apparent selfie was shared via Instagram by hip hop collective Pro Era. Although the photo’s authenticity has not been verified, it appears to feature Malia wearing a Pro Era T-shirt. Joey Bada$$, who heads the collective, said the photo is indeed authentic…. Read more »

Kornegay Sisters Kill Their Brother, Family Had History Of Sexual Abuse

Family Murder

The Kornegay sisters are accused of killing their brother while their parents were out of town. Authorities in White Springs, Florida, said 15-year-old Misty Renee shot and killed 16-year-old Damien while he slept. Nicole Kornegay, 11, was also charged with murder, as she “assisted in the shooting.” Keith Kornegay, 37, and Misty Kornegay, 33, were… Read more »

U.S. Alcohol Poisoning Kills Six People Every Day

Binge Drinking

In the United States, alcohol poisoning kills an average of six people every day. Research conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests alcohol poisoning has become a significant issue in recent years. The data is specifically disturbing, as the deaths are preventable. As discussed by the CDC, the statistics were complied… Read more »

Israeli Teen Murders: Hussam Kawasmeh Sentenced To Three Life Terms

Israeli Teens Murdered

In June 2014, three Israeli teens were murdered in the southern West Bank. Authorities believe Eyal Yifrach, 19, Gilad Shaer, 16, and Naftali Fraenkel, 16, were abducted while hitching a ride home. Three weeks later, their bodies were found on in a field near Hebron. The teens’ kidnapping and murder sparked outrage, as authorities suspected… Read more »

Jodi Arias Retrial Postponed Amid Appeal, Dispute Over Witness

Travis Alexander

Jodi Arias’ sentencing retrial was scheduled to resume on Monday — following a break for the holidays. However, before the proceedings could begin, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sherry Stephens called a recess. The judge eventually sent the jury home as the court is awaiting a decision from the Arizona Supreme Court. Arias’ defense team… Read more »

Khentakawess III: Archaeologists Discover Tomb Of Unknown Egyptian Queen


Archaeologists have unearthed the tomb of Khentakawess III in Abusir, Egypt. Although she was previously unknown to historians, inscriptions in the queen’s tomb suggest she was married to Pharaoh Neferefre. Also known as Raneferef, Neferefre ruled Egypt for approximately five years during the Fifth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom. The specific period of Neferefre’s reign… Read more »

Rare Grand Canyon Snow Is Simply Stunning [Photos]

Winter Storm

Snow is incredibly rare on the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. However, it provides a stunning addition to the magnificent landscape. On December 31, Northern Arizona was struck with a rare winter storm. As a result, the Grand Canyon was blanketed in a layer of fresh snow. I’m pretty sure this is how the movie Ice… Read more »

Ecuador Voted World’s Best Place To Retire


Ecuador has been named the world’s best place to retire. Situated near the Equator in South America, Ecuador offers a wide variety of climates and landscapes. Not only is the country beautiful, the cost of living is surprisingly affordable. International Living compiled The World’s Best Places To Retire In 2015 using data from their Annual… Read more »

Rare Fanged Frog Gives Birth To Tadpoles

New Frog Species

A new species of fanged frog was observed giving birth to live tadpoles. The frogs are unique, as they are the only known species to have internal fertilization and give birth to tadpoles. The unusual frogs were discovered on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi by scientists with the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Jim… Read more »

Las Vegas Snow? Forecasters Predict One To Three Inches

Weather Las Vegas

Las Vegas snow is incredibly rare. However, forecasters are calling for one to three inches before the end of the week. The National Weather Service said Las Vegas and Reno are in the path of an arctic blast, which is expected to bring frigid temperatures and a possible dusting of snow. The anticipated snow prompted… Read more »

Opry Legend Jimmy Dickens Hospitalized In Nashville

Grand Ole Opry

“Little” Jimmy Dickens is currently hospitalized in Nashville with a undisclosed illness. Representatives confirmed the Grand Ole Opry legend was admitted on Christmas Day and remains in critical care. The country music singer and guitar player turned 94 on December 19. On December 20, he performed at the Grand Ole Opry during his birthday celebration…. Read more »

Indiana Pit Bull Kills His Owner On Christmas Day

Dog Kills Owner

An Indiana pit bull reportedly killed his owner on Christmas Day. Authorities in Portage, Indiana, said 40-year-old Edward Cahill was home alone when the incident occurred. Although nobody witnessed the brutal attack, Porter County Coroner Chuck Harris confirmed Cahill suffered multiple bite wounds. Cahill’s wife, Bianca Rodriguez, was visiting relatives throughout the day on December… Read more »

FDA To Lift Ban On Gay Blood Donors

US Food and Drug Administration

The FDA has announced plans to lift the ban on gay blood donors. Although the agency will continue to impose a deferment, gay and bisexual men would be able to donate blood one year after their “last sexual contact” with another man. In 1983, U.S. Food and Drug Administration determined gay and bisexual men are,… Read more »

Fernando Bermudez Awarded $4.75 Million For Wrongful Conviction

Wrongful Conviction

Fernando Bermudez spent 18 years in prison for a crime he insists he did not commit. Although the charges were dismissed in 2009, and Bermudez was released from prison, he lost nearly 20 years of his life. The former inmate has now announced that he settled with the state of New York for $4.7 million… Read more »