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Caramel Apple Deaths: Listeria Outbreak Spreads To 10 States

Fall Treats

Caramel apples are blamed for causing five deaths in the last three months. Officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said dozens of people were sickened after eating prepackaged caramel apples. CDC officials believe the commercially produced treats are contaminated with listeria. Although the apples are generally a seasonal product, widely available in… Read more »

Emma Czornobaj Sentenced To 90 Days In Jail For Duck Crossing Incident

Duck Crossing

Emma Czornobaj was sentenced to 90 days in jail for a duck crossing incident, which left two people dead. In addition to the jail time, Czornobaj was ordered to complete 240 hours of community service. The Judge also suspended the 26-year-old woman’s driving privileges for a period of 10 years. In June 2010, Czornobaj abruptly… Read more »

American Kennel Club Will Recognize Four New Breeds

AKC Dogs

The American Kennel Club will recognize four new breeds beginning January 2015. The Bergamasco, Boerboel, Cirneco dell’Etna, and Spanish Water Dog have met all requirements set forth by the AKC, and will be allowed to participate in AKC-sanctioned competitions and shows. As reported by ABC News, per AKC requirements, all four breeds have “a minimum… Read more »

Crooks Steal From 5-Year-Old Cancer Patient

Cancer Patient

Authorities are seeking information about crooks who stole from a 5-year-old cancer patient. Quinetta Smith said her son Kamareon was receiving medical treatment when thieves broke into their home and stole his belongings. On April 12,, Kamareon was playing outside when he suddenly became dizzy and disoriented. Concerned for his health, Quinetta rushed her son… Read more »

EU Court: Obesity Can Be Considered A Disability

Obese Disability

An EU court has ruled that obesity can be considered a disability. The ruling is likely to remain controversial, as it could trigger discrimination lawsuits. Although the court did not specifically designate obesity as a protected class, they did rule that excessive weight could cause disability in the workplace. In their landmark decision, The Court… Read more »

School Replaces Blind Child’s Cane With A Pool Noodle

Cane Pool Noodle

A Missouri school is under fire for replacing a blind child’s cane with a pool noodle. North Kansas City School District Spokeswoman Michelle Cronk said Dakota Nafzinger’s cane was confiscated for safety reasons. However, Dakota’s parents said the 8-year-old boy needs his cane to navigate thorough his surroundings. Dakota was born with a condition called… Read more »

Jessica Chambers: Gas Station Manager Receives Death Threats Amid Accusations

Burning Death

Jessica Chambers was found severely burned on the evening of December 6. Although she survived the initial assault and was transported to a Memphis hospital, the 19-year-old died the following day. Authorities have not identified a suspect in Chambers’ brutal death. However, a local gas station manager has received death threats in connection with the… Read more »

Student Goes On Strike After School Removes Ten Commandments Plaque

Religion In Schools

An Ohio student declared a strike after a Ten Commandments plaque was removed from the wall of his high school. Freshman Anthony Miller said he will continue attending classes at Harding High School. However, he has refused to do homework or participate in school sponsored activities. Miller said the strike will continue until the plaque… Read more »

Wealth Gap Between Whites And Minorities Continues To Grow


Although the recession is technically over, the wealth gap between whites and minorities has continued to grow. A recent study, conducted by Pew Research Center, suggests that white Americans are indeed experiencing economic recovery. However, in stark contrast, minority households continue to struggle. As the difference becomes more apparent, the United States wealth gap is… Read more »

John Balyo Sentenced To 40 Years In Child Sex Case

Former Radio Host

Former Christian radio host John Balyo was sentenced to a minimum of 40 years in prison for sex crimes involving children. Although he was well-known and respected in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, community, authorities said Balyo was living a double life. Prior to his arrest, John Balyo hosted the morning program on 91.3 WCSG. Described… Read more »

Debra Milke: Charges Dismissed After 22 Years On Death Row

Death Row Inmate Released

Debra Milke spent 22 years on death row for a crime she insists she did not commit. On Thursday, the Arizona Court of Appeals ordered a Maricopa County Superior Court judge to dismiss all charges without prejudice. Therefore, the case cannot be reopened or retried at a later date. In 1990, Debra Milke was found… Read more »

Crows: Springfield, Ohio, Overrun With 50,000 Birds


An estimated 50,000 crows have descended on Springfield, Ohio. Although they are not necessarily aggressive, the birds are making a mess. Residents and business owners have been forced to spend thousands of dollars to clean up the droppings. Unfortunately, it is an ongoing problem. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources confirmed crows have been roosting… Read more »

Michigan Pushes For Drug Testing Of Welfare Recipients

Drug Testing Public Assistance

Michigan lawmakers are pushing for drug testing of welfare recipients. The Republican-backed legislation previously passed the Senate in a vote of 26-10. It was then backed by the House. It is now up to Governor Rick Snyder to approve the controversial program. If approved, the program would require adult welfare recipients to submit to drug… Read more »

Missouri Execution: Inmate Paul Goodwin Had An IQ Of 73

Death Penalty

Missouri’s latest execution has sparked controversy, as the inmate’s IQ was only 73. Although his attorneys filed an appeal with the Supreme Court and a clemency petition with Governor Jay Nixon, Paul Goodwin was executed by lethal injection at 1:17 a.m. Wednesday morning. In 2002, the Supreme Court determined that “executions of mentally retarded criminals… Read more »

China: 100,000 Elephants Slaughtered Amid Ivory Craze

Ivory Trade

Conservationists in China estimate 100,000 elephants were slaughtered amid an ongoing ivory craze. Save the Elephants founder Iain Douglas-Hamilton said the brutal practice could force the magnificent creatures into extinction. Although China law prohibits smuggling and selling ivory the laws are rarely enforced. In a joint report, Save the Elephants and The Aspinall Foundation determined… Read more »

Maryland Teacher Eats Pot Brownie, Student Faces Criminal Charges


A Maryland teen is facing criminal charges for allowing his teacher to eat a pot brownie. According to reports, the Broadneck High School student was caught eating the chocolaty treat during class. When his teacher asked him to share, he failed to inform her that it was laced with marijuana. As stated in the police… Read more »

Bill Cosby To Appear In ‘South Park’ Holiday Special [Video]

Bill Cosby South Park

Bill Cosby is set to appear in Wednesday’s South Park season Finale. “The Washington Redskins’ Go F-ck Yourself Holiday Special” is sure to spark controversy. In addition to Cosby, the special will feature Iggy Azalea, Tony Bennett, Kurt Cobain, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, and the Washington Redskins. In the preview, Bill Cosby and… Read more »

Cops Arrest Uber Driver For Rape, City Bans Popular Taxi Service

Uber Driver

An Uber driver was arrested and charged with raping a female passenger. New Delhi, India, authorities are concerned, as Shiv Kumar Yadav was previously charged with sexual assault. In an attempt to prevent further attacks, police have issued a city-wide ban on the popular taxi service. Launched in 2009, Uber is currently available in 200… Read more »

Pastor Steven Anderson Suggests Executing Gays Will Cure AIDS

Arizona Pastor

Pastor Steven Anderson has suggested that executing homosexuals will cure AIDS. He further suggests AIDS patients are “filled with disease because of the judgement of God.” Although the Arizona pastor’s statements are not unexpected, they are being criticized as unnecessarily harsh. As the founder of Faithful Word Baptist Church, Pastor Steven Anderson believes it is… Read more »

Bus Driver Saves 38 Children From Burning School Bus


A Florida bus driver saved 38 children from a burning school bus. Authorities credit 31-year-old Kristina Buhrman with evacuating the vehicle and saving the children’s lives. Although it eventually burst into flames, all 38 middle school students escaped the bus without injury. Buhrman was transporting the children to the Discovery Academy of Lake Alfred when… Read more »

Pregnant Shark Found Dead, Man Delivers Babies On Beach [Video]

Shark Pups

A pregnant shark was found dead on a Cape Town, South Africa, beach. Although the scene was heartbreaking, witnesses noticed unusual movement in the shark’s belly. An American tourist, who was not named, eventually determined that the shark was pregnant and her pups were still alive. Using a sharp knife, the man performed an emergency… Read more »

300-Year-Old Beer Recipe Revived By Virginia Brewery

Craft Beer

A 300-year-old beer recipe was revived by Ardent Craft Ales of Richmond, Virginia. The unique recipe was discovered in a cookbook, which includes handwritten recipes for beer, food, and medicinal remedies. The book, which belongs to the Virginia Historical Society, is part of a collection dating back to the 1700s. As reported by Edge Boston,… Read more »

Bill Cosby’s Accusers Ask Him To Waive Statute Of Limitations

Cosby Sexual Abuse

Bill Cosby’s accusers have asked him to waive the statute of limitations, which currently prevents the women from filing lawsuits. Attorney Gloria Allred, who requested the waiver, said a trial would be beneficial for both Cosby and his accusers. During a news conference, Allred explained that a trial would provide a fair resolution, which would… Read more »

Anaconda: ‘Eaten Alive’ Star Discusses His Motive And Experience

Paul Rosolie

Anaconda man Paul Rosolie survived being “eaten alive” by a 18-foot snake. Although he is facing stark criticism for the stunt, Rosolie said he was confident that he and the snake were “going to be safe.” Indeed, Discovery confirmed the snake survived the incident. However, Rosolie said he is “much worse off” as the snake… Read more »

University Of Texas Reports 100 Missing Brains

Human Brains Missing

The University of Texas is reportedly missing 100 human brains. Officials said the missing brains account for half of the university’s collection, which was donated by the Austin State Hospital in 1987. It is unclear how long the specimens have been missing. However, Professor Lawrence Cormack, who is co-curator of the bizarre collection, believes they… Read more »

Francesco Schettino Testifies: Costa Concordia Captain Takes The Stand

Costa Concordia

Former Captain Francesco Schettino has taken the stand to testify in his own defense. Schettino is accused of negligence, which caused the sinking of the Costa Concordia and the loss of 32 lives. Although he has vehemently denied the accusations, authorities have determined the former captain is largely responsible for the catastrophe. In January 2012,… Read more »

Anderson Cooper Undergoes Emergency Surgery


Anderson Cooper has revealed that he underwent emergency surgery on Monday night. According to a message, posted via Twitter, Cooper was diagnosed with appendicitis. As the condition required immediate surgery, the talk show host was absent during Monday’s taping of Anderson Cooper 360º. Although no explanation was provided during the show, John Berman stepped in… Read more »

Iraq Ghost Soldiers Blamed For Military Collapse

Islam Militants

Officials in Iraq are blaming ghost soldiers for weakening their military forces. Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi estimates up to 50,000 army soldiers continued to collect their salary despite the fact that they failed to report for duty. In addition to wasting financial resources, the Iraqi ghost soldiers are blamed for crippling the country’s defense. In… Read more »

Atlanta Shooter Kills The Homeless While They Sleep

Hate Crime

An Atlanta shooter is killing homeless people while they sleep. Authorities said two homeless people were shot and killed within the last five days. Both victims suffered multiple gunshot wounds. Officials believe the crimes were related, as both victims were wrapped in blankets and were likely asleep when they were killed. Even more disturbing, it… Read more »

Consumer Confidence Rises Just In Time For Black Friday Sales

Black Friday Sales

Consumer confidence has reached its highest point since July 2007. This could mean good news for retailers, as an increase in consumer confidence is directly related to an increase in retail sales. Economists are confident that this holiday season could be the best for retailers and consumers since the recession began. Traditionally, the holiday shopping… Read more »

Bernie Tiede Wins Appeal, Granted New Sentencing Hearing

Texas Appeal

Convicted killer Bernie Tiede was granted a new sentencing hearing by The Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas. Although he was convicted of murder, and sentenced to life in prison, Tiede will remain free on $10,000 bond pending a new sentence. Tiede was charged and convicted in the 1996 death of 81-year-old Marjorie Nugent. According… Read more »

Anonymous Releases New KKK Member Info Amid Ferguson Unrest


Earlier this month, the KKK threatened to use “lethal force” in the city of Ferguson, Missouri. The threats were made amid tension and unrest surrounding the shooting death of Michael Brown. In response to the threat, “hacktivist” group Anonymous said they were prepared to unveil the identities of the KKK members, and release their personal… Read more »

Bubonic Plague Strikes Madagascar: 40 People Reported Dead

Plague Putbreak

A bubonic plague outbreak has stuck Madagascar, causing at least 40 deaths in the last three months. According to the World Health Organization, the disease has spread to seven regions and 16 districts — rendering more than 100 people ill. The WHO blames the devastating outbreak on dense populations and the lack of a sound… Read more »

Kurt Cobain Documentary Promises ‘Intimate Portrait’ Of Music Legend

Montage Of Heck

Kurt Cobain’s fully authorized documentary promises a “intimate portrait” of the music legend. Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck is set to debut on HBO in 2015. The highly anticipated film was directed by Brett Morgen and produced by David Byrnes, Larry Mestel, and Kurt’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. As reported by Rolling Stone, the film… Read more »

Suspected Arson: Fire In Poland Damages 750-Year-Old Tree


A suspected arson may have destroyed Poland’s oldest tree. Authorities confirmed the 750-year-old oak tree was extensively damaged in the blaze. Although it is protected under Polish law, officials believe someone intentionally burned the tree. Nicknamed Chrobry, after a medieval king, the beloved tree is the oldest in Poland and the second oldest in Central… Read more »

Actor Dwight Henry Eyed In 2006 Killing

Buttermilk Drop Bakery

Actor Dwight Henry is being eyed in a killing that remained unsolved for nearly nine years. On February 5, 2006, Leroy Paige was stabbed to death outside his New Orleans home. Although Henry was identified as the primary suspect, and subsequently arrested, criminal charges were never filed. Orleans Parish Assistant District Attorney Christopher Bowman is… Read more »

3-Year-Old Boy Shot In The Mouth By His 4-Year-Old Friend

Accidental Shooting

A 3-year-old boy was shot in the mouth by his 4-year-old friend. Although Michael Holzworth survived the shooting, he is currently hospitalized with serious injuries. Authorities in Snohomish County, Washington, believe the shooting was accidental. However, the incident remains under investigation. Jon Holzworth said the two boys were playing alone in a bedroom when he… Read more »

Ferguson Riots: Michael Brown’s Father Pleads For Violence To End [Video]

Michael Brown

Michael Brown’s father wants the rioting in Ferguson, Missouri, to end. Although he demands justice in his son’s shooting death, Michael Brown Sr. said violence and destruction are not the answer. On August 9, 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed by officer Darren Wilson. As Brown was unarmed, his family, friends, and the community,… Read more »

Joe Arpaio Sues Obama Over New Immigration Policy

Executive Order

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has sued President Obama over his new immigration policy. On Thursday evening, the president revealed details of a controversial executive order. The new policy would allow an estimated five million illegal immigrants to remain in the United States. However, Arpaio argues that the order is unconstitutional. As stated in an official press… Read more »

Graco Recall: Strollers Pose Amputation Risk

Stroller Recall

Graco has announced the recall of five million strollers. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission confirmed at least 11 children were injured on the strollers’ hinges. As a result, at least six children lost a finger. The recall includes Aspen, Breeze, Capri, Cirrus, Glider, Kite, LiteRider, Sierra, Solara, Sterling, TravelMate, and Travel Systems. The… Read more »

Leon Taylor Execution: Attorneys File Last-Minute Appeal

Death Penalty

Leon Taylor’s execution is scheduled for 12:01 a.m. Wednesday morning. However, his attorneys have asked Missouri’s Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals to grant a stay. In their appeal, Taylor’s attorneys argue that their client’s sentence is unjust. In addition to the appeal, Taylor’s attorneys have requested clemency from Missouri Governor Jay Nixon. In 1994, Leon… Read more »

Mama June Shannon Cleared Of Wrongdoing By Children and Family Services

Honey Boo Boo

Mama June Shannon was cleared of wrongdoing by Georgia’s Department of Children and Family Services. The government organization was alerted amid allegations that Shannon was dating a convicted pedophile and allowing him to spend time with her children. Although their investigation is ongoing, Georgia’s DCFS has determined that Alana “Honey Boo Boo,” Lauryn “Pumpkin,” and… Read more »

Boy George Cancels Culture Club Comeback Tour

Culture Club

Boy George has cancelled the much-anticipated Culture Club comeback tour. On his Facebook page, the iconic performer revealed that he is suffering with a polyp on one of his vocal chords. As the polyp is hemorrhaging, singing could cause serious and irreparable damage. Boy George said that he is “devastated” that he was forced to… Read more »

‘Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas’ Debuts With Scathing Reviews

Saving Christmas

Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas debuted over the weekend with scathing reviews. Despite making an estimated $1 million at the box office, the critics were not impressed. The limited-release holiday film was featured in select theaters beginning November 14. The cast includes Kirk Cameron, his sister Bridgette, and Darren Doane. Although Kirk is a seasoned actor… Read more »

Surfer Attacked By Shark In Indian Harbour Beach, Florida

Florida Shark Attack

A surfer was attacked and bitten by a shark in Indian Harbour, Florida. Authorities confirmed the 44-year-old man suffered a serious injury to his left hand. Although he was “bleeding profusely,” the unidentified victim is expected to survive. According to witness reports, the man was surfing off the shore of Bicentennial Beach Park when he… Read more »