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ICU Patient Charged With Selling Heroin From Her Hospital Bed

Hospital Patient Sold Heroin

An ICU patient is charged with selling heroin from her hospital bed. Lori Sullenberger, age 38, is accused of selling at least 30 bags of heroin while hospitalized at the Excela Westmoreland Hospital in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Medical staff became suspicious, as Sullenburger had numerous cell phones and an extraordinary number of guests. Hospital spokeswoman Jennifer… Read more »

Pat Robertson Prediction: An Asteroid Will Destroy The Earth


Pat Robertson has a grave prediction for his followers. The renowned televangelist believes the Earth will be destroyed by an asteroid — as early as next week. Robertson made the dire prediction on Monday’s episode of The 700 Club. During the discussion, Robertson explained that no other theory “fulfills the prophetic words of Jesus Christ…… Read more »

Ohio Woman Fakes Cancer, Raises $21,000 In Donations

Misty Taylor Faked Cancer

An Ohio woman is accused of faking cancer to raise $21,000 in donations. Mindy Taylor, age 35, claimed she was suffering with cancer of the small intestine and liver. She further claimed that she had multiple strokes, heart disease, and lupus. Although Taylor was diagnosed with lupus as a child, an investigation revealed that she… Read more »

Homeowner Charged With Murder After Shooting Intruders

Homeowner Charged With Murder After Shooting Intruders

A Minnesota homeowner is charged with murder after shooting two intruders. Byron Smith, age 65, was in his basement when he heard someone break into his home. As the burglars descended into the basement, Smith shot them both dead. The shooting sparked controversy as the intruders were both under the age of 18. The break-in… Read more »

Newborn Survives Being Thrown In Trash Can

Newborn Thrown In Trash Can

A newborn baby survived being thrown in a Greenville, S.C. trash can. Authorities said 28-year-old Sharon Lenise Ferguson gave birth on Monday. She then wrapped her newborn son in a blanket, put him inside a plastic shopping bag, and left him in a city trash bin. The infant was discovered by an unidentified man who… Read more »

America’s First Cat Café Opens This Week

Cat Café United States

America’s first cat café will open in New York City this week. Although the specialty cafés exist throughout Japan and Europe, Purina ONE Cat Café will be the first in the United States. The unique cafés offer coffee shop favorites, along with the option of cuddling numerous cats. The café, located at 168 Bowery in… Read more »

Nine-Year-Old Boy Finds Mastodon Tooth In Michigan Creek Bed

Michigan Mastodon Tooth

A mastodon tooth was discovered in a Lansing, Mich., creek bed last summer. Nine-year-old Philip Stoll said he found the 10,000-year-old tooth while he was exploring. Herpetologist James Harding, with Michigan State University, verified that the tooth once belonged to a prehistoric elephant-like creature. Often confused with mammoths, mastodons originated in Africa. Although the animals… Read more »

Sherpas Consider Strike Amid Everest Disaster


Numerous sherpas are considering a strike following a deadly Mount Everest avalanche. Authorities confirmed at least 13 guides were killed in Friday’s disaster. Although many climbers have died on the notorious mountain, Friday’s avalanche was the deadliest incident in Everest history. A total of 22 sherpas left Camp 2 on Friday morning. The experienced guides… Read more »

Man Fined $525 For Refilling His Drink Without Paying

Man Fined $525 For Drink Refill

A South Carolina man was fined $525 for refilling his drink without paying. Christopher Lewis paid 89 cents for a drink at the Ralph H. Johnson Veterans Affairs hospital in Charleston. However, when he refilled his drink he was issued a criminal citation. Lewis said he thought the refill was free. Lewis, a local construction… Read more »

Three Sisters, Over 100 Years Old, Reunite After A Decade

Three Sisters Over 100

Three sisters, who are each over 100 years old, have reunited after a decade. Rose Shloss, age 101, Ruth Branum, age 104, and Rubye Cox, age 110, were reunited through an organization called Wish of a Lifetime. The nonprofit organization helps senior citizens fulfill their wishes and dreams. All three sisters were raised on a… Read more »

North Dakota Abortion Law Deemed Unconstitutional

North Dakota Abortion Law Unconstitutional

A restrictive North Dakota abortion law was deemed unconstitutional by a federal judge. The controversial law, dubbed the “heartbeat law,” banned most abortions after six weeks. On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Daniel L. Hovland ruled that the law “cannot withstand a constitutional challenge.” The original measure was signed into law last year. Although pro-life supporters… Read more »

Youth Minister Wanted For 59 Counts Of Sexual Abuse

Youth Minister Wanted

A Minnesota youth minister is wanted for 59 counts of sexual abuse. Authorities said Victor Arden Barnard sexually assaulted at least two girls, who were members of the church’s “Maiden’s Group.” The youth group, which was restricted to young girls, was founded by Barnard in 2000. The suspect is the self-proclaimed leader of a religious… Read more »

Missing Toddler Found Inside Toy Claw Machine

Toddler Inside Claw Machine

A missing Nebraska toddler was found trapped inside a toy claw machine. The 3-year-old boy was reported missing on Monday evening. Authorities said the child escaped his mother’s apartment, walked to a local bowling alley, and climbed inside the machine. The unidentified mother said the her son left the apartment while she was using the… Read more »

Pregnant Woman Stabbed To Death, Baby Survives The Attack

Pregnant Mother Stabbed To Death

A pregnant woman was stabbed to death in Gloucester City, New Jersey, on Sunday evening. Although the woman was killed, her unborn child survived the brutal attack. reports that Scarlett Wilson, age 42, was seven months pregnant. Witnesses said Wilson and her 21-year-old son, Leon, got into a verbal argument at approximately 9:00 pm… Read more »

Male Officer Dresses Like Amish Woman To Expose Flasher [Photo]

Male Officer Amish Woman Disguise

A male police officer dressed as an Amish woman to expose a Pennsylvania flasher. Sergeant Chad Adams, with the Pulaski Township Police Department, said the suspect exposed himself and masturbated in front of numerous Amish children. Although the suspect was identified, the department needed proof. Adams said the children provided a description of the flasher…. Read more »

Father And Sons Survive Three Days In Utah Canyon

Father And Sons Survive In Canyon

A father and his sons survived three days in a Utah canyon. Last week Jason Knight and his two sons, ages 8 and 11, were hiking when they became hopelessly lost. The 35-year-old father said emergency preparedness helped them survive the frightening ordeal. Knight said he and his sons planned a five-hour hike into Leprechaun… Read more »

Utah Mom Admits Killing Six Babies

Utah Mom Kills Six Babies

A Utah mom has admitted killing six babies. Authorities said Megan Huntsman, age 39, killed at least six babies and hid them in boxes inside her garage. Although seven bodies were found, Huntsman was charged with six counts of murder; authorities believe one child was stillborn. Authorities believe the children were born between 1996 and… Read more »

Teen Arrested For Twitter Terror Threat

Teen Twitter American Airlines

A Dutch teen was arrested for posting a terror threat on Twitter. Although the 14-year-old girl said the message was a joke, authorities have taken the threat seriously. The teen, who identified herself as “Sarah,” was arrested at her Rotterdam, Netherlands, home on Monday. On April 13, Sarah posted “@AmericanAir hello my name’s Ibrahim and… Read more »

Middle School Janitor Accused Of Kidnapping And Raping Teen

Teen Kidnapped And Raped By Janitor

A middle school janitor is accused of kidnapping and raping a 17-year-old girl. Authorities said Hernan Zapata, age 51, assaulted the former student at the Brooklyn, New York, school on Saturday afternoon. According to authorities, Zapata was on duty at the time of the assault. The teen reportedly went to the school to meet a… Read more »

California Bus Crash: Dozens Injured, 10 Dead

Dozens Injured In California Bus Crash

A California bus crash has left dozens injured and at least 10 people dead. Authorities said the bus was transporting high school students and their chaperones to Humboldt State University in Arcata. Witnesses said a FedEx truck crossed the median and hit the bus head-on. The impact caused an explosion, which engulfed both vehicles in… Read more »

Family Dollar Vows To Close Stores, Cut Jobs, And Slash Prices

Family Dollar closing locations, opening new stores.

Family Dollar has vowed to close stores, cut jobs, and slash prices, in an effort to remain competitive. Company officials said the changes are expected to save more than $45 million by the beginning of the third quarter. Chief Executive Howard Levine said profits fell nearly 35 percent in the second quarter, which ended on… Read more »

‘Gospel Of Jesus’ Wife’ Determined To Be Authentic

The Gospel Of Jesus' Wife Authentic

The “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” was determined to be authentic by the Harvard Theological Review. The papyrus fragment has been a point of controversy, as it quotes Jesus as saying “my wife.” Although many questioned the document’s authenticity, experts concluded it was written during the eighth century in Egypt. Harvard professor Karen L. King introduced… Read more »

Sriracha Hot Sauce Factory Declared A Public Nuisance

hot sauce factory

A Sriracha hot sauce factory was declared a public nuisance by the Irwindale, California City Council. The council also determined that Huy Fong Foods violated their contract with the city. The council began investigating the facility when residents complained about offensive odors. Last year, several residents appeared before City Council, complaining that the aroma of… Read more »

California Man Confesses To Over 30 Murders

30 Murders California

A California man has confessed to more than 30 murders. Self-described hitman Jose Manuel Martinez said he began working as an enforcer for the Mexican drug cartel at the age of 16. The alleged hitman said his primary job was collecting debt. In early 2013, Florida authorities identified Martinez as a suspect in a 2006… Read more »

101-Year-Old Message In A Bottle Found In The Baltic Sea

Message In A Bottle Discovered After 101 Years

A 101-year-old message in a bottle was found in the Baltic Sea. The brown beer bottle was discovered by a fisherman in March. When the fisherman uncorked the bottle, he was stunned to find a postcard dated 1913. The postcard and bottle were eventually donated to the International Maritime Museum in Hamburg, Germany. Using the… Read more »

Prosecutors Reduce Charges Against Mom Who Drove Children Into The Ocean


Prosecutors have reduced charges against a mother who drove her children into the ocean. On March 4, 32-year-old Ebony Wilkerson drove her minivan through Daytona Beach and into the Atlantic Ocean. Her three children, ages 3, 9, and 10, were passengers in the vehicle. Although witnesses rescued the children and their mother without incident, Wilkerson… Read more »

Babysitter Tattoos Children Without Parents’ Consent

Babysitter Charged With Tattooing Children

A Virginia babysitter is accused of tattooing two children without their parents’ permission. Alexander Edwards, age 20, reportedly used a home-made kit to apply the permanent tattoos. Authorities said both children are under the age of 13. Edwards agreed to babysit the children while Melissa Delp, age 35, and Daniel Janney, age 32, were out… Read more »

2014 El Niño: New Data Suggests Major Impact

El Niño Expected In 2014

New data suggests the 2014 El Niño will have a major global impact. Anthony Barnston, with the International Research Institute for Climate and Society, said this year’s El Niño has a 70 percent chance of making a significant impact on the world’s climate and weather. In general, an El Niño is the temporary warming of… Read more »

Nursing Home Sued For Hiring Male Strippers To Entertain Residents

Nursing Home Sued

A Babylon nursing home is being sued for hiring strippers as entertainment. According to the lawsuit, East Neck Nursing and Rehabilitation Center hired the men to entertain their female residents. However, the son of an 86-year-old woman said the event was “grotesque.” In a photograph of the event, Bernice Youngblood does not appear to be… Read more »

Man Beats Dog Unconscious For Making A Mess [Video]

Asani Woods

A Louisiana man was arrested for beating his dog unconscious. Asani Woods is accused of violently beating Tiger the pit bull because she made a mess in the kitchen. Authorities identified the suspect, as his friend recorded the incident with his cell phone. On March 26, authorities arrested 21-year-old Johnny Dominick on drug charges. When… Read more »

Bob Coy Scandal: Megachurch Preacher Resigns

Scandal Rocks Megahurch

The Bob Coy scandal has prompted the megachurch pastor to resign. On Sunday, Coy announced his resignation as senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. The respected pastor said he is guilty of “a moral failing… which disqualifies him from continuing his leadership role.” More than 7,500 of the church’s 20,000 parishioners gathered to hear… Read more »

Mom Who Drowned Sons Hit Them With A Van Last Year

Pennsylvania Mom Drowns Sons

A Pennsylvania mom, who drowned her sons, was previously investigated by a child welfare agency. According to police, Laurel Michelle Schlemmer hit her two youngest sons with her van in 2013. Although the incident was investigated, authorities eventually determined it was an accident. Last week, Schlemmer was arrested for attempting to drown 3-year-old Luke and… Read more »

UPS Fires 250 Employees Following Protest To Support Co-Worker

UPS Termintates 250

UPS has fired 250 workers following a 90-minute walkout protest. The walkout was organized in support of Jairo Reyes, who was terminated on February 14. Reyes was a union activist, who was employed by the parcel delivery company for 24 years. Reyes’ termination was reportedly sparked by dispute over work hours. According to Reyes, employee… Read more »

Texas Chupacabra Reportedly Captured Live [Video]

Live Chupacabra

A Texas chupacabra was reportedly captured live in Ratcliffe. Jackie and “Bubba” Stock said they trapped the mythological creature on Sunday evening. Although numerous sightings have been reported throughout the Southwest United States and South America, scientists insist the legendary creatures simply do not exist. Chupacabra is a Spanish term, which literally translates into “goat… Read more »

Mom Who Left Children In Car During Interview Raises $85,000 In Donations

Shanesha Taylor Kids In Car

An Arizona mom, who was arrested for leaving her children in the car during an interview, has raised more than $85,000 in donations. Shanesha Taylor was charged with child abuse after leaving her 2-year-old and 6-month-old locked inside her SUV while attending a job interview. Authorities said the car windows were open. However, the engine… Read more »

Malnourished And Beaten 5-Year-Old Discovered Inside Locked Closet

5-Year-Old Found Locked Inside Closet

A malnourished and beaten 5-year-old was discovered locked inside a closet in a Spring, Texas, home. The child was reportedly found by his 16-year-old brother on March 27. Authorities said the boy was emaciated, covered in bruises, and wearing nothing but a diaper. The 16-year old confronted his father, Bradley Bleimeyer, about the child’s condition…. Read more »

Army Hair Regulations Criticized As Racist

Army Hair Rules

The United States Army’s hair regulations are being criticized as racially biased. Army Regulation 670-1, which was published on Monday, includes numerous rules about uniforms, tattoos, and hairstyles. Although the rules were developed to help soldiers maintain a professional appearance, some soldiers believe the hairstyle standards are unfair. The new rules are a specific concern… Read more »

Mom Drowns Son In Bathtub, Claims ‘Crazy Voices’ Made Her Do It

Laurel Michelle Schlemmer 1

A Pennsylvania mom was arrested for drowning her son in the bathtub. Laurel Michelle Schlemmer, age 40, claims “crazy voices” encouraged her commit the heinous crime. Although she attempted to drown 6-year-old Daniel and 3-year-old Luke, Daniel managed to survive the assault. According to the criminal complaint, Schlemmer sent her 7-year-old son to school on… Read more »

Blood Moon: Total Lunar Eclipse Expected April 15

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

A blood moon is expected during a total lunar eclipse on April 15. The eclipse will begin at approximately 3:07 am EST, with full coverage occurring at around 3:36 am EST. The entire eclipse will last just over an hour. As the sun’s rays reflect off the Earth’s atmosphere, the moon is expected appear deep… Read more »

Duggar Family Reveals Unusual ‘Courting’ Rules

Duggar Courtship

The Duggar family has revealed some unusual “courting” rules, as two of their daughters currently have boyfriends. Jessa, age 20, and Jill, age 22, both announced that they have begun dating. However, their parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, have some very specific and unusual rules for their daughters and the young men in their lives…. Read more »

Pit Bulls Attack And Kill An Elderly Woman Inside Her Home

Pit Bulls Attack Elderly Woman

Two pit bulls attacked and killed an elderly woman inside her Kaufman, Texas, home. Authorities said 85-year-old Dorothy Hamilton’s mauled body was found on the floor her living room Monday morning. Both dogs were standing next to the woman’s body when police entered the home. Although the cause of death is being investigated, authorities said… Read more »

Parents Arrested For Forcing 4-Year-Old To Sleep In A Dog Cage

Locked In Dog Cage

An Oklahoma couple was arrested for forcing their 4-year-old son to sleep inside a dog cage. Johnathon Lee, age, 31, and Suzanne Satterfield, age 33, are facing charges of child neglect and abuse. Authorities said the child spent up to 14 hours per day locked inside a wire cage, which was designed for dogs. Caseworkers… Read more »

Frankie Knuckles, ‘Godfather Of House Music,’ Dies At Age 59

DJ Frankie Knuckles

Frankie Knuckles, the undisputed “Godfather of House Music,” has died at the age of 59. Business partner Frederick Dunson confirmed that the Chicago DJ passed away unexpectedly on March 31. Dunson said the legend suffered with diabetes. A native of the Bronx, Knuckles got his start in New York. While attending New York’s Fashion Institute… Read more »

California Man Swept Out To Sea During Baptism

Baptism California

A California man was swept out to sea during a baptism in Santa Barbara County. Pastor Mauro Cervantes said his cousin Benito Flores was assisting with the Sunday morning baptism when he was overcome by a rogue wave. Although Cervantes attempted to save his cousin, it was simply too late. A total of three people… Read more »