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Crop Circles Draw Crowds In England, Germany, And Russia

Crop Circles

In recent weeks, elaborate crop circles have appeared in England, Germany, and Russia. Although their origin is a topic of debate, there is no denying the mysterious circles are fascinating. In the last two weeks, crop circles have appeared in Dorset, Southern Russia, and Berlin. It is unclear when crop circles began to appear. However,… Read more »

April Millsap’s Last Text: ‘OMG … I Think I’m Being Kidnapped’

14-Year-Old Killed In Michigan

Authorities have revealed that April Millsap’s last text message was “OMG… I think I’m being kidnapped.” Hours later, the teen’s body was discovered in a drainage ditch near the Macomb Orchard Trail in Armada, Michigan. It was later determined that she was beaten to death. On July 24, April left home at approximately 5:00 pm… Read more »

Nicole Gainey: Mom Arrested For Letting Her 7-Year-Old Walk To The Park

Mom Arrested

Nicole Gainey was arrested and charged with neglect — because she let her 7-year-old son walk to the park alone. The Florida mom believes her son is old enough to walk down the street unsupervised. However, officials with the Port St. Lucie Police Department disagree. On Saturday afternoon, Dominic Gainey asked his mother for permission… Read more »

Austin Shedd: Missing 13-Year-Old Found Alive In Kings Canyon

Missing Teen Found Alive

Authorities have confirmed Austin Shedd was found alive in Kings Canyon National Park. The 13-year-old boy went missing during a hike on Sunday afternoon. Although he was located by a trail crew on Monday evening, a rescue flight could not be arranged until Tuesday. Austin, his father, and a family friend were eight hours into… Read more »

Chagas In The US: ‘Kissing Bugs’ Pose Deadly Risk

Chagas In The US

Doctors have confirmed numerous cases of Chagas disease in the US. Although the “kissing bug disease” is most prevalent in Bolivia, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate more than 300,000 United States residents could be infected. Chagas disease is spread by triatomine bugs, which are commonly referred to as “kissing bugs.” The nocturnal… Read more »

UFO Over Toronto? Mysterious Lights Spark Conspiracy Theories

Toronto UFO

A suspected UFO has Toronto residents trading conspiracy theories. On Saturday evening, authorities received several reports of unexplained lights in the night sky. Although witnesses provided numerous theories, the lights’ source remains unknown. Toronto Police Sergeant Barry White confirmed the lights were first reported at approximately 7:00 pm. Three hours later, the calls were still… Read more »

Oklahoma City Bombing: FBI Video Could Reveal Another Accomplice

Kenneth Trentadue

A Salt Lake City man believes his brother was killed by FBI agents, who believed he was a suspect in the Oklahoma City bombing. Attorney Jesse Trentadue said his brother, Kenneth, died in a federal holding cell under questionable circumstances. In the process of investigating his brother’s death, Jesse determined his brother was likely killed… Read more »

Cops Shoot Dog 15 Times, Owner Files Federal Lawsuit

Dog Shot By Police Officers

Michigan police officers are accused of shooting a dog 15 times. On November 22, authorities were called to a St. Clair Shores home on reports of excessive barking. When officers arrived on scene, they reportedly shot and killed the 1-year-old dog. Brittany Preston admits the dog was left outside by her grandfather. However, she explained… Read more »

Original Owners Take Missing Dog Away From New Family After Seven Years

Family Finds Dog

A Texas family was reunited with their missing dog after seven years. Although the Millers were thrilled to find their lost pet, another family is now heartbroken. Kelli Davis said “Harley” was an important part of her family for more than six years. The dog was eventually returned to his original owners. However, Davis said… Read more »

Skydivers Survive Crash, Plan Mid-Air Wedding [Video]

Skydivers Wedding

A pair of skydivers, who survived a harrowing plane crash, are planning a mid-air wedding. In November 2013, Amy Olson and Chad Ebling were two of nine skydivers to survive a collision between two planes. Although they were shaken by the incident, they are not willing give up one of their favorite hobbies. Amy and… Read more »

Casey Kasem’s Body Was Reportedly Shipped To Canada

Jean Kasem

Late last week, multiple news agencies reported that Casey Kasem’s remains had mysteriously vanished. On Wednesday, a representative with Tacoma’s Gaffney Funeral Home confirmed Kasem’s body was shipped to Canada — one month after he passed. Corey Gaffney said Kasem’s wife, Jean, ordered the shipment. The bitter animosity between Kasem’s wife and children began in… Read more »

8-Year-Old Boy Helps His Disabled Brother Complete A Triathlon

Brothers Finish Triathlon Together

An 8-year-old boy helped his disabled brother complete a triathlon. Noah Aldrich said his little brother Lucas is his best friend. When Noah decided to participate in a YMCA Kids Club triathlon, he refused to compete without his brother. Although Lucas is unable to talk or walk, he finished the triathlon with Noah by his… Read more »

Man Locks His 98-Year-Old Mother Inside A Hot Car While Gambling

Danger Hot car

A North Carolina man is accused of locking his 98-year-old mother inside a hot car — while he spent time in a casino. Authorities said Dwight Ridgeway McGinnis Jr., age 67, left his disabled mother inside the vehicle for nearly five hours. Although the window was partially open, temperatures outside the car soared above 80… Read more »

Tom Petty Blasts Catholic Church In New Song

New Song Tom Petty

Tom Petty has openly criticized the Catholic Church in a new song. The song, titled “Playing Dumb,” is included as a bonus track on the Hypnotic Eye album. Petty’s lyrics are in no way ambiguous. The new song is a clear criticism of the Catholic Church’s handling of thousands of child sex abuse allegations. Although… Read more »

‘Slender Man’ Survivor Receives Purple Heart From Anonymous Veteran

Slender Man Purple Heart

A 12-year-old girl, who survived an attack prompted by the fictitious “Slender Man,” received a Purple Heart medal from an anonymous military veteran. The young girl gained national attention when she was stabbed 19 times by two of her friends. Although she was critically injured, the girl continues to recover from the assault. In May,… Read more »

Trash Hauler Dumps Two Tons Of Garbage In Customer’s Driveway

Refuse Worker Unloads Tarsh In driveway

A trash hauler is accused of dumping nearly two tons of garbage in a customer’s driveway. Authorities in Red Wing, Minnesota, confirmed an employee of Paul’s Industrial Garage made the mess in retaliation for an unpaid bill. City officials said Paul’s Industrial Garage, or P.I.G., provided services to Red Wing, and several other neighboring communities,… Read more »

Police Search For Father Who Abandoned Infant At Accident Scene

Infant Abandoned At Scene Of Accident

Texas authorities are searching for a father who is accused of abandoning his infant at the scene of a crash. Officials with the Department of Public Safety said the unidentified man was involved in a single-vehicle rollover accident on Sunday evening. Although the father fled the scene, his infant son was abandoned in the middle… Read more »

Three Teens Arrested In Albuquerque Homeless Killings

Homeless Killings New Mexico

Three teens were arrested in the brutal deaths of two homeless men in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The homeless killings shocked the community, as both men were beaten to death. Authorities confirmed Alex Rios, age 18, and two minors, ages 15 and 16, were arrested and charged with murder. On Saturday morning, authorities discovered the two… Read more »

Judge Tells Teen He Needs A Father To ‘Beat The H*ll’ Out Of Him

Latrez Cummings

A Michigan judge sparked controversy when he told a teen he needs a father to “beat the hell” out of him. Although the teen is accused of a heinous crime, witnesses were stunned by the judge’s harsh words. In April, Latrez Cummings and five others brutally attacked 54-year-old Steve Utash. According to witnesses, Utash was… Read more »

Shoplifter Awarded $510,000 For Injury Suffered During Arrest

Shoplifter Wins Lawsuit

An accused shoplifter was awarded $510,000 for an injury suffered during arrest. In May 2011, Kevin Jarman was arrested for shoplifting a bag of shrimp from a Pathmark store in Queens, New York. Jarman later claimed New York police officer Samuel Morales caused him to fall and break his ankle while handcuffed. Although Jarman pleaded… Read more »

Police Seek Identity Of Dinosaur Thieves [Video]

North Carolina Dinosaur Thieves

North Carolina authorities are seeking the identity of two dinosaur thieves. On Monday, the young couple stole artifacts from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and the North Carolina Museum of Natural History. Authorities said the relics are worth more than $11,000. Police have not identified the suspects. However, the couple is believed to… Read more »

UM Sells Endangered Forest To Walmart Developer

Walmart Pine Rockland

The University of Miami has sold 88 acres of endangered forest to a Walmart developer. Although the pine rockland houses numerous endangered species and plants, the developer plans to clear the forest to make room for a new shopping center. The developer, Ram, has committed to preserving 40 acres. However, the remaining 44 acres will… Read more »

Judge Arrested For Drunk Driving, Begs For Leniency

Nora Longoria

A Texas appeals court judge was arrested for drunk driving on Saturday morning. Although Nora Lydia Longoria admitted drinking five beers in the hours prior to her arrest, she begged officers for leniency. Authorities said Longoria identified herself as a judge and said the arrest would “ruin [her] life.” According to court records, Longoria was… Read more »

32 Disney Employees Convicted Of Sex Crimes Involving Children

Sex Offenders Disney

In the last eight years, a total of 32 Disney employees were convicted of sex crimes involving children. A majority of those convicted were identified through a sting operation conducted by the Lake County Sheriff’s Cyber Crime Unit. The charges include possession and distribution of child pornography and “arranging to meet minors for sex.” Authorities… Read more »

Woman Arrested For Refusing To Leave Hotel, Provides Epic Mugshot

Epic Mugshot

A Cleveland, Ohio, woman was arrested for refusing to leave a Quality Inn hotel room. Although her crime was somewhat unusual, Angela Green’s mugshot is even more bizarre. In the photo, the 34-year-old woman appears to be posing for a “selfie” — complete with an epic “duck face.” Authorities said Green, and a male companion,… Read more »

Rikers Island Officers Accused Of Abusing Mentally Ill Inmates

Prison Abuse

Rikers Island officers are accused of abusing mentally ill inmates. As detailed in an internal review, corrections officers “seriously injured” at least 129 inmates in a period of 11 months. A majority of those injured have been formally diagnosed as mentally ill. The review was ordered following the deaths of two inmates, who were both… Read more »

Police Seek Identity Of Children Molested By Traveling Salesman

Molesting Suspect

Authorities are seeking the identity of numerous children, who were molested by a traveling salesman. Officials estimate Matthew Coniglio sexually assaulted more than 50 children, while traveling throughout the United States. A majority of the victims were likely residing in, or visiting, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, between 2000 and 2014. Coniglio was arrested… Read more »

Parents Kept Autistic Child Locked Inside Dog Kennel

Parents Kept Son Inside Cage

A California couple is accused of keeping their autistic son locked inside a dog kennel. Authorities said Tracy Trang Le, age 35, and Loi Vu, age 40, locked their child inside the cage to control his behavior. Following a thorough investigation, Tracy and Loi were arrested and charged with child endangerment and false imprisonment. Authorities… Read more »

Son Kept His Elderly Mother’s Body In A Freezer For Six Months

Elderly Woman's Body Discovered Inside Freezer

A Pennsylvania man is accused of storing his mother’s body in a freezer for six months. William Carrasquillo, age 58, said his mother was killed in a fall in January. Although he cloaked her death for months, William claims 83-year-old Andrea Carrasquillo died of natural causes. Prior to the discovery of Andrea’s body, William went… Read more »

Mom Accused Of Poisoning Toddlers With Visine Eye Drops

Visine Poisoning

A Maryland mother is accused of poisoning her sons with Visine eye drops. Samantha Elizabeth Unger, age 23, admits she intentionally placed the medication in her 3-year-old son’s drink. However, she did not expect her 1-year-old son to share his brother’s glass. Authorities said both children became serious ill as a result of the poisoning…. Read more »

91-Year-Old Man Beaten To Death With His Own Cane

Elderly Man Killed With His Own Cane

A 91-year-old Oklahoma City man was beaten to death with his own cane. Even worse — the killer was his own son. Authorities said 61-year-old Donald Ray Meyer attacked his elderly father on Thursday afternoon. Although Theodore Meyer survived the assault, he died three days later as the result of his injuries. Police said the… Read more »

‘Cannibal Cop’s’ Conviction Overturned By Federal Judge

Gilberto Valle

The “Cannibal Cop’s” conviction was overturned by a federal judge. In late 2012, Gilberto Valle was arrested and charged with plotting to kidnap, torture, kill, and eat numerous women. Although he never harmed anyone, Valle was convicted on numerous charges, including conspiracy to kidnap. On Monday evening, a federal judge overturned the former New York… Read more »

Dog Unearths Bizarre Burial Plot In Yuba City Back Yard

Remains Yuba City

A curious dog unearthed a bizarre burial plot in Yuba City, California. The 4-year-old Siberian Husky, named Skye, managed to identify and uncover a burial plot in the back yard of a Nadean Drive home. In addition to human remains, the plot contained numerous weapons and unusual tokens. Skye’s owner, Aaron Kind, is currently renting… Read more »

Vendor Shoots Woman During Gun Show Demonstration

Gun Show Shooting

A vendor is accused of shooting a woman during a gun show in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. Although the incident was clearly accidental, Geoffrey Hawk, age 44, is facing criminal charges. Authorities said Hawk was providing a demonstration on how to use a holster, when the gun unexpectedly fired. The bullet struck Krista Gearhart, age 25, in… Read more »

Toddler’s Mother Also Researched Child Deaths In Hot Cars

Justin Ross Harris

Authorities have determined that Cooper Harris’ mother also researched hot car deaths — weeks before the Georgia toddler died inside a hot car. Leanna and Justin Ross Harris contend their son’s death was a tragic accident. However, authorities are beginning to question their involvement. On June 18, Justin Ross Harris was supposed to take his… Read more »

Parents Lock Adopted Son Inside Garage For Four Years

Adopted Son Locked In Garage

A Dripping Springs, Texas, couple is accused of locking their adopted son inside a garage for four years. Jenifer and Dane Thyssen were arrested and charged with kidnapping on Wednesday afternoon. The parents admitted holding 22-year-old Koystya captive for more than four years — in an attempt to protect their other children. Authorities were alerted… Read more »

KFC Hoax: GoFundMe Suspends Donations To Victoria Wilcher

Victoria Wilcher

As a suspected KFC hoax has gained national attention, GoFundMe suspended all donations to 3-year-old Victoria Wilcher. Victoria’s grandmother, Kelly Mullins, claims the little girl was asked to leave a Jackson, Mississippi, Kentucky Fried Chicken. According to Mullins, KFC employees said the little girl’s facial scars were offensive. Mullins’ story soon went viral, sparking outrage… Read more »

Woman Slashed Her Husband’s Face Because He Urinated On The Floor

Urinated On The Floor

A Billings, Montana, woman is accused of slashing her husbands face — because he urinated on the floor. Sheryl Lynn Downs, age 52, was arrested and charged with felonious assault. She is currently being held at the Yellowstone County Detention Center on $5,000 bond. On Monday afternoon, the Billings Police Department was called to the… Read more »

Toddlers Survive Locked Inside Apartment For Five Days

Toddlers Locked Apartment

Two toddlers survived being locked inside an apartment for at least five days. Authorities said Qiara Te Dennis, age 23, was arrested on four outstanding warrants on June 10. Five days later, Dennis’ children were found locked inside her apartment. At the time of her arrest, the defendant did not reveal that she had any… Read more »

Authorities Doubt Dad’s Story About Forgetting Toddler In Hot Car

Justin Ross Harris

Authorities are beginning to doubt that a Georgia father accidentally left his toddler inside a hot car. Justin Ross Harris, age 34, claims he forgot to take his son to daycare last Wednesday. Instead, he proceeded directly to work and completed his shift. When he returned to the vehicle, his 22-month-old son was dead. Harris’… Read more »

22-Year-Old Nurse’s Aide Convicted Of Raping 92-Year-Old Patient

Samuel Onyenweaku

A 22-year-old nurse’s aide was convicted of raping a 92-year-old woman in Cincinnati, Ohio. Authorities said the victim was a resident of the Amber Park Nursing Home, where the defendant was employed. In the early morning hours of November 24, 2013, Samuel Onyenweaku locked himself inside the elderly woman’s room and took advantage of her… Read more »

Father Of Seven Required To Get Vasectomy In Plea Agreement

Forced Sterilization

A father of seven is being forced to get a vasectomy as part of a plea agreement. Jessie Lee Herald, age 27, was recently convicted of driving under suspension, hit-and-run, and child endangerment. Although he was facing nearly five years in prison, Shenandoah County, Virginia, assistant prosecutor Ilona White offered to reduce the sentence —… Read more »

Woman Injured In Port-A-Potty Explosion

Woman Injured In Portable Toilet

A Washington woman was injured in port-a-potty explosion on Saturday afternoon. Karikaye Finch and her family were visiting an Oregon park for her daughter’s softball tournament. Although she was not looking forward to using the port-a-potty, she certainly did not expect it to explode. While Finch was sitting on the toilet, she felt and heard… Read more »

Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law Now Includes Warning Shots

Gun Rights

Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law was expanded to include warning shots. The expansion was designed to “fill gaps,” which exist in the original law. Although the original legislation remain controversial, the extension was signed into law by Florida Governor Rick Scott on Friday. The Stand Your Ground law grants Florida residents immunity from prosecution —… Read more »

Spider-Man Arrested For Groping Woman In Times Square

Street Performer

Spider-Man was arrested on Friday, as he reportedly groped a woman in Times Square. Authorities said Moussa Rabaoui, age 22, is a street performer, who dons an elaborate superhero costume. However, instead of saving lives, this Spider-Man was up to no good. The unidentified victim was posing for a photo when Rabaoui proceeded to grope… Read more »