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Nepal Earthquake: 1,700 Injured, 1,100 Confirmed Dead

Kathmandu Valley

A 7.9 magnitude Nepal earthquake left 1,700 injured and more than 1,100 confirmed dead. In addition to the initial quake, The U.S. Geological Survey recorded 15 powerful aftershocks. Although the numbers are already high, officials said the search for survivors has just begun. According to witness reports, the quake was strong and “lasted a long… Read more »

Dallas Zoo Names Baby Giraffe

Dallas Zoo names baby giraffe

The Dallas Zoo’s baby giraffe finally has a name. The female calf, which was born on April 10, was named Kipenzi. In Swahili, the name means “loved one.” Indeed, the baby giraffe is a welcome addition to the Dallas Zoo. Zoo officials report the healthy calf weighed 139 pounds and stood nearly 6′ tall. Although… Read more »

Fraternity Boys Spit On Veteran, Urinated On American Flag

University of Florida

Members of a Florida fraternity are accused of spitting on a veteran and urinating on an American flag. The young men, who attend the University of Florida and Emory University, were all members of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity. According to witnesses, the students spat at disable veterans, who were attending the Warrior Beach Retreat… Read more »

Five Nursing Students Killed In Devastating Crash

Georgia Southern University

Five Georgia Southern University nursing students were killed in a devastating crash. According to reports, the five students were traveling in separate vehicles, which were both struck by a tractor-trailer. Although the truck driver was not yet cited, authorities confirmed the accident was not weather related. As reported by Statesboro Herald, the crash occurred at… Read more »

Supreme Court Limits The Use Of Drug-Sniffing Dogs

Drug-Sniffing Dogs

The Supreme Court has voted to limit the use of drug-sniffing dogs during routine traffic stops. Although officers will maintain the right to use drug-sniffing dogs, they are not permitted to make suspects wait for a dog to arrive — unless they have reasonable cause to suspect the presence of illegal drugs. In their ruling,… Read more »

Max Maisel Found Dead, Cause Of Death Unclear

Missing Man Found dead

Authorities have confirmed Max Maisel was found dead on Friday evening. The 21-year-old son of ESPN writer Ivan Maisel had been missing for nearly two months. Although the official cause of death is unknown, authorities believe the young man committed suicide. On February 22, Max left his Rochester Institute of Technology apartment and drove to… Read more »

Synthetic Marijuana Emergencies On The Rise


Synthetic marijuana emergencies are on the rise throughout the United States. Although the substance is banned by federal law, providers continue to sell, and consumers continue to use, the dangerous product. Although it is labeled as incense, and carries the warning “not for human consumption,” the product is meant to be smoked like marijuana. Synthetic… Read more »

Sábado Gigante: Popular Variety Show Cancelled After 53 Years

Don francisco

Sábado Gigante remains one of the most popular Spanish language variety shows. Although the program holds the world record for the longest running variety show in television history, host Mario Kreutzberger is ready to call it quits. The popular program debuted on Chile’s Channel 13 in 1962. Although it was originally titled Sábado Gigantes, the… Read more »

Divorce Is Bad For The Heart, Could Increase Heart Attack Risk

Heart Health

A recent study suggests divorce is bad for the heart — in more ways than one. Although divorce is commonly associated with heartbreak, it may also increase the risk of heart attack. Beginning in 1992, researchers with the Duke University Clinical Research Institute interviewed 16,000 adults between the ages of 45 and 80 every two… Read more »

Ashley Madison Going Public: Adultery Website Plans London IPO

Adultery Website

Ashley Madison is going public. However, the Toronto-based company’s IPO will not take place in Canada. Although the adultery website is worth tens of millions, Canadian residents are hesitant to support a website the facilitates adultery. Company officials hope a London IPO will have more success. A startling number of websites encourage cheating. However, Ashley… Read more »

Napping Worker Trapped In Alaska Airlines Cargo Hold

Alaska Airlines

A napping worker became trapped inside an Alaska Airlines cargo hold on Monday morning. Although the plane was in the air for nearly 15 minutes, the unnamed man was not injured in the incident. As reported by Washington Post, the worker was an employee of Menzies Aviation, which provides sub-contractors to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Although… Read more »

Rare Whale Found: Omura’s Whale Discovered On Western Australia Beach

Omura's Whale

A rare whale was found dead on a Western Australia beach. Officials have confirmed the juvenile female is an Omura’s Whale, which was feared to be extinct. It is believed that the whale became stranded on the beach amid Tropical Cyclone Olwyn. Previously thought to be a smaller Bryde’s Whale, the Omura’s Whale was identified… Read more »

Meghan Trainor: ‘I’d Love A British Man’

Celebrity News

While touring the U.K., Meghan Trainor said she would “love a British man.” The 21-year-old singer and songwriter explained that she was impressed by the British gentlemen she met on her current tour. Although she expressed an interest in British men, Trainor has not confirmed that she is dating anyone specific. As reported by Yahoo!,… Read more »

Black Flamingo: Rare Bird Discovered In Cyprus Wetland


A black flamingo was spotted in the saltwater wetlands of Cyprus. Although the unusually colored birds are not unheard of, conservationists confirmed they are incredibly rare. There are six known species of flamingo. However, a vast majority of the birds are tinted either orange or pink. As explained by Web Exhibits, the pigment in the… Read more »

Powassan Virus Spreads, Could Be More Deadly Than Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease

The Powassan virus is spreading, and doctors are concerned that it could be more deadly than Lyme disease. Although both illnesses are transmitted to humans by infected ticks, Powassan virus is far more severe. As explained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Lyme disease is transmitted by blacklegged ticks infected with the Borrelia… Read more »

Giant Methane Mass Over The Southwest Baffles Scientists

Global Warming

A giant methane mass over the Southwest United States has scientists baffled. According to reports, the existence of the mass was confirmed by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Although the source is unknown, the giant methane mass was present over the Southwest for at least six years. As reported by Christian Science… Read more »

Taco Bell Delivery Service: Testing To Begin ‘Late This Year’

Fast Food

Taco Bell delivery service is set begin testing “late this year,” according to CEO Brian Niccol. Although the logistics of delivering fresh, hot, crispy tacos are a specific concern, Niccol said plans are in the works. As discussed on the company’s website, Glen Bell opened the first Taco Bell in Downey, California, in the mid… Read more »

‘The Interview': North Korea Receives 80,000 DVDs Via Balloon Drop

Kim Jong-un

An estimated 80,000 copies of The Interview were delivered to North Korea via balloon drop. Defector Lee Min-bok, who currently resides in South Korea, confirmed the DVDs were delivered in a series of four drops — which began in January and ended last weekend. The Interview is an American comedy starring Seth Rogen and James… Read more »

Illinois: Baby Bison Born For The First Time In 200 Years


In Illinois, a baby bison was born for the first time in 200 years. The birth was quite unexpected. However, it has given ecologists hope for the future of Illinois’ bison population. Restoration ecologist Cody Considine confirmed the baby bison was born at Illinois’ Nachusa Grasslands prairie restoration project. He said the mother and her… Read more »

Dayton, Ohio, Police Officers Have Shot 49 Dogs Since 2011

Use of Force

Police officers in Dayton, Ohio have shot nearly 50 dogs in the last four years. In a majority of cases, the officers insist they were simply following protocol. However, as the numbers are unusually high, the division has taken steps to reduce the use of lethal force. As reported by Dayton Daily News, Dayton police… Read more »

Sea Lion Pulls San Diego Man Overboard, Pushes Him Underwater

Sea Lions

A hungry sea lion pulled a San Diego man overboard and briefly pushed him underwater. Authorities confirmed the 62-year-old man was injured in the incident. However, he is expected to survive. Witnesses said the sea lion was attempting to steal a fish from the man’s hand. According to reports, the fisherman was aboard a boat… Read more »

Chris Jans Fired: College Coach Reportedly Groped Women In Bar [Video]


BGSU Coach Chris Jans was fired over a March 21 incident at a Bowling Green, Ohio, bar. According to his letter of termination, the former basketball coach inappropriately touched two women. Chris Jans was hired as Bowling Green State University’s Men’s Head Basketball coach in 2014. As reported by Sports Illustrated, he signed a six-year… Read more »

Big Ang: ‘Mob Wives’ Star Diagnosed With Cancerous Throat Tumor

Mob Wives

Big Ang was reportedly diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her throat. Early this week, the Mob Wives star was hospitalized, as she was experiencing considerable pain. Her doctors later determined she has a lemon-sized tumor on her voicebox. Further tests revealed that the tumor is, in fact, malignant. As reported by TMZ, the reality… Read more »

France: Thin Models Banned In An Effort To Prevent Eating Disorders


Lawmakers in France have banned thin models from working on the catwalk. Although the ban is meant to prevent eating disorders, including anorexia, modeling agencies are concerned that it will have a negative impact on their business. Although the ban does not specifically define the term “thin,” the amendment states “the activity of model is… Read more »

KKK: Florida Prison Workers Arrested In Plot To Kill Black Inmate

Ku Klux Klan

Three KKK members, who were also Florida prison workers, were arrested in a plot to kill a black inmate. Thomas Driver, 25, David Morgan, 47, and Charles Newcomb, 42, are charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Authorities confirmed all three men are members of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. At the… Read more »

Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law Revised To Prevent Discrimination


Indiana’s religious freedom law remains a point of heated controversy. However, lawmakers have agreed to revise the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to prevent discrimination against homosexuals and same-sex couples. Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act was signed into law by Governor Mike Pence on March 26. As outlined by the Indiana General Assembly, the new law… Read more »

Andrew Getty’s Death Was Likely Accidental


Andrew Getty has died at the age of 47. Toxicology results are not expected for several weeks. However, Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter confirmed his death was likely accidental. According to reports, Andrew Getty was found dead at approximately 2 a.m. Tuesday morning. Authorities later confirmed was they were called to the scene by an… Read more »

Terri Schiavo: Ten Years Later, The Debate Rages On

Life Support

Terri Schiavo was declared dead on March 18, 2005. Although she suffered cardiac arrest in 1990, and was left in a persistent vegetative state, she remained on life support for 15 years. Schiavo has now been gone for ten years. However, her story remains a topic of hot debate. Following the cardiac arrest, Terri Schiavo… Read more »

McDonald’s To Test All-Day Breakfast


McDonald’s will reportedly test an all-day breakfast menu in the coming months. Analyst Mark Kalinowski, with Janney Capital Markets, said it simply “makes sense” to include breakfast items on the regular menu. Although McDonald’s was founded in 1948, breakfast options were not available until 20 years later. As reported by McDonald’s, the concept of fast-food… Read more »

Andreas Lubitz Wrongly Identified In Media Photos


A photograph of a man, mistakenly identified as Andreas Lubitz, is causing quite a stir. The photo, which originated on Twitter, is being used by media outlets to identify the man accused of deliberately crashing a passenger plane into the French Alps. However, the man in the photo is Andreas Günter not Andreas Günter Lubitz…. Read more »

Jose Chua Lopez: U.S. Denies Visa That Could Save Man’s Life

Visa Application

Jose Chua Lopez is in desperate need of a heart and liver transplant. Although he secured an appointment at Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic, the 20-year-old could be forced to cancel. As a citizen of Mexico, Lopez requires a travel visa to enter the United States. On Tuesday, U.S. officials denied his application for the second time…. Read more »

California’s ‘Kill The Gays’ Initiative Sparks Outrage

Sodomite Suppression Act

California’s “Kill the Gays” initiative has become a point of heated controversy. Officially called the Sodomite Suppression Act, the initiative suggests executing homosexuals “by bullets to the head or by any other convenient method.” Although the initiative is unusual, it is not a joke. The Sodomite Suppression Act was written and filed by attorney Matt… Read more »

California Dogs Killed By Bee Swarm

Honey Bees

Three California dogs were killed by a bee swarm early Tuesday morning. Officials with Santa Ana Animal Control confirmed three Australian shepherds were attacked, and stung to death, by a massive swarm of bees. Linnea Chapman said she went outside to check her dogs, Bailey, Bartlett, and Remy, at approximately 1:30 a.m. She was stunned… Read more »

Van Halen Announces United States Tour Dates

David Lee Roth

Van Halen has announced 39 dates for their 2015 United States tour. The highly anticipated tour will begin on July 5 at the White River Amphitheatre in Seattle, Washington, and conclude on October 2 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California. Representatives confirmed original singer David Lee Roth will be fronting the band. As… Read more »

Wisconsin State Trooper Killed By Bank Robbery Suspect

Trevor Casper

A Wisconsin state trooper was killed by a bank robbery suspect on Tuesday evening. Authorities confirmed Trooper Trevor Casper, 21, and suspect Steven Timothy Snyder were both shot and killed during an “exchange of gunfire” in Fond du Lac. Although the investigation is ongoing, Snyder is suspected of robbing two banks at gunpoint. He is… Read more »

Amanda Knox: Italian Court To Decide Whether Conviction Will Stand

Meredith Kercher

Amanda Knox’s fate is once again in the hands of an Italian court. On Wednesday, Italy’s Court of Cassation will determine whether to confirm Knox’s 2009 murder conviction. If the conviction is upheld, the 27-year-old woman could face extradition. On November 2, 2007, Meredith Kercher, 21, was found dead inside her Perugia, Italy, apartment. An… Read more »

Are Schools Liable When Bullied Teens Commit Suicide?


An estimated 16 percent of high school students have considered, planned, or attempted suicide, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Unfortunately, many teens who contemplate or commit suicide are victims of bullying by their peers. In 2007, Stephen Patton, 13, ended his own life with a single gunshot to the head. As… Read more »

Tsunami Debris Approaches U.S. Coast

Japan Tsunami

Tsunami Debris remains a concern along the U.S. west coast. Although it has been four years since the catastrophic Tōhoku earthquake, an estimated one million tons of debris threatens to litter the United States shoreline over the next three years. The 2011 Tōhoku earthquake, and resulting tsunami, left nearly 20,000 dead and more than 2,500… Read more »

Miguel De Cervantes’ Remains Discovered In Spain

Miguel de Cervantes

Miguel de Cervantes’ remains were reportedly discovered in a Spanish crypt. The infamous Don Quixote author was originally buried in Madrid’s Barefoot Trinitarians convent. However, the casket was moved to an unknown location during a 17th century renovation. More then 360 years later, archaeologists believe they found Miguel de Cervantes’ remains. It is unclear whether… Read more »

Loneliness Linked To Early Mortality

Loneliness Health

Loneliness was linked to early mortality in a recent study conducted by psychologists at Utah’s Brigham Young University. Although loneliness is most often associated with mental health, the researchers found feelings of isolation can have a negative impact on physical health as well. To conduct their meta-analysis, the scientists reviewed the results of 70 prior… Read more »