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Pork Bullets: New Ammo Not Only Kills Muslims But Sends Them ‘To Hell’

Pork Bullets Guarantee Muslims Are Sent 'To Hell'

Pork bullets are the latest offering from an Idaho-based ammunition manufacturing company.

Also called “Jihawg ammo,” the bullets are pork-infused and are aimed at a specific purpose, as the Dalton Gardens-based South Fork Industries website explains:

“With Jihawg ammo, you don’t just kill an Islamist terrorist, you also send him to hell. That should give would-be martyrs something to think about before they launch their next attack.”

The premise is supposedly based on a prohibition on consuming pork products in Islam.

The bullets, tainted by pork, would supposedly be considered “haram,” and taint the shot man’s soul, barring him entrance to heaven.

Naturally, South Fork Industries has tried to cover their bases by insisting on their website that the bullets are only intended for self-defense and exist as a “peaceful and natural deterrent to radical Islam.”

But an examination of slogans and claims on the company’s website might lead to different conclusions. These include “Give ‘Em a Spankin’ With Some Bacon,” and “Put Some Ham in MoHAMed.”

The ammo manufacturer’s website explains that the pork-laced bullets idea originated in 2010. Part of a segment of Americans outraged over the inaccurately dubbed “Ground Zero Mosque,” executives of South Fork Industries were inspired to create the “Jihawg ammo.”

The premise, however, is flawed, says religious experts.

Huffington Post quotes Shannon Dunn, an assistant professor in religious studies, who says the Idaho ammo manufacturers have misunderstood the Quran. She states that the Islamic book bares no prohibition to merely coming into contact with pork. Instead, the pork must be eaten or consumed.

The Quran, Dunn says, does not state an individual who has done either, against his or her will, would be barred from entrance to heaven.

The “Jihawg” pork bullets, despite this, are gaining in popularity, with the company’s Facebook fan page nearing 5,000 Likes at the time of publishing.

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5 Responses to “Pork Bullets: New Ammo Not Only Kills Muslims But Sends Them ‘To Hell’”

  1. Eileen Julia Toal

    How does such ignorance exist? Shameful. But of course, it's promoting hate that keeps people like you and business

  2. O'Ra Mi H

    o you guys dont have any idea about Islam. you dont need to give them a reason to hate you.. they already do, anyone who dont believe in muhammad as a prophet . is their enemy. and trust me when they get the chance to have power over you. me you any one, will be slaughtered and beheaded, unless dos convert to Islam. its true. they try to deny and say islam is peace.. the have the support over syria now. look what they are doing to ppl there even with muslim that dont agree with. watch what they do in suria a live evident..

  3. Jonathan Tu

    Funny thing; it don't matter if bullets got pork in them or not. Dead is dead. And by the way, people hate one or the other. Suppressing the expression of hate is merely taking away the symptom. It mongers whether you want to or not.

  4. Bush Master

    Funny thing about this so called lie you libs spout about…allied forces in both WWI and WWII started dipping their bullets into pork fat and for some mysterious reason the muslims weren't so problematic anymore…not only that it also carries and breeds bacteria which will turn a non fatal wound into a fatal…so save your unedumicated rants for those stupid enough to listen to it…

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