justin bieber pregnant

Rumor Mill Claims Justin Bieber Is Pregnant

The fake celebrity rumor mill has taken a turn for the bizarre today with rumors circulating that teen pop sensation Justin Bieber is pregnant.

We’re not even remotely sure where the Justin Bieber pregnant rumor has come from, although there was a smaller rumor circulating last week that Bieber had gotten someone pregnant; we don’t believe that though because men can’t impregnate other men. We do though suspect the rumors to be the work of a certain site that rules 1 and 2 of the internet prevents us from mentioning.

We could joke and claim that perhaps Justin Beiber is pregnant because he simply might be an ugly girl disguised as a man, and therefore biologically able to have children, but that would be marginally unfair…well, only just.

So, as we do with these rumors: Justin Bieber is not pregnant. End of story, nothing more to see.