Randall Stephenson - AT&T CEO

AT&T CEO Sends Cease And Desist Letters To Emailers

Randall Stephenson, the CEO of AT&T doesn’t want to answer or for that matter receive emails from AT&T customers, in fact he’s so against the practice that the company is sending cease and desist letter to repeat offenders.

According to Engadget the AT&T Executive Response Team first sends a warning to people via a phone call when that person sends two or more emails in a two week period, followed by cease and desist letters for further offenses.

Giorgio Galante, an AT&T customer tested the practice and said his first request was a bump up on his iPhone eligibility date and a request for a tethering option, while his other email expressed his displeasure with AT&T data rates and his decision to move over to Sprint and their EVO 4G.

Galante claims that “Brent” from AT&T Wireless called him and thanked him for the feedback but stated that legal action would be taken if his emails did not stop.

In a funny twist, last year Giorgio emailed Randall Stephenson and Steve Jobs about tethering and Jobs took the time to respond back to him. Perhaps Randall couldn’t figure out how to get his iPad/iPhone to work for a reply.