Wendy Williams Talks Ask Wendy Book

Wendy Williams Talks Weight Loss And Oprah Winfrey

Talk show host Wendy Williams is riding high at the moment. The talk show host’s daytime talk platform was just renewed through the 2017 season, and she has just released her sixth book, Ask Wendy.

If you are unfamiliar with her talk show, the segment Ask Wendy is one of the shows highlights. The segments involve everything from dealing with backstabbing friends to cutting off deadbeat boyfriends and everything in between

The new book talks about everything from body image and office etiquette to style and wild sex questions.

Wendy Williams recently sat down with theGrio to open up about her struggle with weight loss, a big topic in the Ask Wendy book.

According to Williams:

“I could lie to you and tell you that I’m fine with the way that I am right now, but the fact is my parents have done a number on me. And that number will forever have me pinching an inch, checking in the mirror and obsessing over calories for the rest of my life… I’ve been on a diet every single day of my life.”

Wendy Williams is currently being called the “queen of daytime talk,” but she has long said Oprah Winfrey didn’t inspire her to jump into the talk show game. Talking about the lady she is largely replacing on network TV, Williams says:

“Hats off to all the woman and men who did it before me. Especially Oprah, because she was the first one to grab the brass ring and not just take ownership of her show, but turn everything she is into what culminates into a billion dollar business, which is fantastic. But I just want my fair slice of the pie here on daytime.”

You can pick up Ask Wendy at national retailers, and you can turn in Monday through Friday to watch her chat up guests and fans.

If you need a good laugh Wendy Williams almost always appears on The Soup segments thanks to her often outrageous segments and choice of words.