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Man Arrested For Firing Warning Shot At Burglar

Arrested Firing Warning Shot

A man was arrested for firing a warning shot at a burglar. Corey Thompson of Medford, Oregon, fired the shot when he found Jonathon Kinsella trying to break into his home. He has now been arrested for firing his weapon.

As a veteran, Thompson explains that grabbing his AR-15 was a natural reaction. He contends that it was never his intention to harm Kinsella, he simply wanted to frighten him off the property. Thompson reportedly warned the burglar that he would fire the warning shot before it happened.

As reported by MSN, Thompson served in Afghanistan and Iraq. Kinsella is a convicted felon who was wanted at the time of the break-in. Despite the circumstances and the backgrounds of both men, Thompson was arrested for discharging his weapon.

Medford Police Lieutenant Mike Budreau states that Thompson simply went too far:

“There was nothing that the suspect was doing that was aggressive enough to justify the shooting. In fact, the suspect was walking away.”

As reported by KDRV News, Thompson admits he did fire the weapon:

“I can see where they’re coming from, with those kinds of ordinances and stuff … I understand yes, I did discharge my weapon but I was careful not to fire it at anybody’s residence. It was at the ground specifically.”

Despite his explanation, Corey Thompson was arrested for firing a warning shot at the burglar. Authorities explain that bullets from an assault rifle can ricochet after hitting their intended target. As the area was residential, police are concerned that someone else may have been harmed.

Thompson had to surrender his weapon as it was used in the commission of an alleged crime. He has been charged with unlawful use of a weapon, menacing, and reckless endangerment. If found not guilty, his weapon will be returned.

People often purchase weapons to defend themselves and their homes. However, discharging a weapon may lead to criminal charges. Corey Thompson was arrested for firing a warning shot at a burglar that attempted to break into his home.

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12 Responses to “Man Arrested For Firing Warning Shot At Burglar”

  1. Warren Drouin

    That is BS! He was being safe and while keeping himself safe!

  2. Matthew Andras

    This is F'n ridiculous….. A man who is defending his property is now subjected to being a criminal….. And I would like to know, just exactly who said the "CONVICTED FELON" was not doing anything aggressive enough, to justify a warning shot…

  3. Mark Seegar

    Medford Police Lieutenant Mike Budreau is a first class idiot. Glad he's in OR. I think the way we handle it here in Texas as a "Prison Costs Reduction Policy" is better. There is a little blame to be placed on victim. He should have waited until Felon Thompson actually entered. Boom! Problem settled.

  4. Ka Sebert

    Way to go police! Going after "the low-hanging fruit!" Some lady gets raped because her county's law enforcement can't send an officer because of budget constraints, this veteran defends his property and you lack the common sense to let it go and take the REAL offender in. You should be thanking Corey for helping you apprehend the criminal AND thanking him for his service!

  5. Andrew Auletta

    So apparently, the convicted felon has more rights than the homeowner who was defending his home. This country is truly beginning to suck.

  6. Anonymous

    the cop is a jerk o__f the criminal was walking away doing nothing jerk cop!

  7. John Hartman

    Just go back and find the Press video of Vise President Joe, where he said that's what to do" Fire a warning shot".

  8. John L. Battey

    Mr. Thompson and his family need to move to Texas, where his neighbors would have cheerfully replenished the expended ammunition.

  9. Robert Ralph

    How shameful can you get? I will NOT EVER go to Medford area again and will advise everyone else to do so for their own safety. No law enforcement. Just looking to steal from a law abiding citizen.

  10. Robert Ralph

    More like bend over. This should be a criminal act itself.

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