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Roman Polanski Blames The Pill For ‘Chasing Away The Romance’

Roman Polanski Cannes

Controversial director Roman Polanski is blaming the pill for the death of romance in modern society. He also has some strong feelings about gender equality.

The filmmaker attended this year’s Cannes Film Festival to promote his latest feature Venus in Fur. The Chinatown director’s latest effort stars his wife Emmanuelle Seigner.

According to AFI, Polanski was asked by a reporter about his thoughts on women. It was around this time that he blamed birth control pills for “masculinising” them. The director said that birth control was also “chasing away the romance” in modern society.

“I think that now offering flowers to a lady becomes indecent, that’s how I feel about it,” the filmmaker explained. He added that striving for female equality was a “great pity.”

“I think to level the genders — it’s purely idiotic. I think it’s a result … of progress in medicine. I think that the Pill has changed greatly the woman of our times, ‘masculinising’ her. I think that it chases away the romance from our lives and that’s a great pity,” he added.

Gender roles play a huge part in Polanski’s Venus in Furs. The film tells the story of an actress who turns the tables on a powerful male director. Since his wife stars in the feature, The Guardian reports Polanski was quick to shoot down any suggestions that the same thing may have happened in real life.

“There was a macho element to [the director] character that was torn to pieces. That was enjoyable. People who know me know there is nothing like that in my personality, so it gave me great satisfaction to do it,” the filmmaker explained.

Polanski’s decision to blame the pill for “masculinising” women is the second sexist comment made by an aging celebrity at this year’s film festival. Jerry Lewis came under fire earlier this week after saying that he doesn’t find female comedian particularly funny.

“I can’t see women doing that. It bothers me. I cannot sit and watch a lady diminish her qualities to the lowest common denominator. I just can’t do that,” he said.

What do you think about Roman Polanksi blaming the pill for “masculinising” women and “chasing away the romance?”

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30 Responses to “Roman Polanski Blames The Pill For ‘Chasing Away The Romance’”

  1. Katherine Noel Mumford

    ah, yes, words of wisdom from the baby raper. what is romantic about drugging a teenager and forcing yourself on her while she is incapacitated? what an AH.

  2. Ernie Duadua

    His idea of romance is about young girls, alcohol, drugs, and r a p e! He is still a felon on the loose…

  3. Dean D. Jokiel

    What is so romantic about raping 13 and 15 year old girls? He should talk! He is a big jerk!

  4. Joseph Esposito

    Thank GOD for Roman Polanski, and Jerry Lewis! They Know what feminism is all about! They have first hand Knowledge! PENNIS ENVIOUS JEWS! In fact I believe that Jewish wo=MEN are more Masculine then Christian wo=MEN!

  5. Joseph Esposito

    FOOL! 13 IS NO BABY! That slut was trying to get into Hollywood, and statutory rape, is way blown out of proportion! Never mind the mother was setting up the encounters for money! FOOL! Thank GOD the sissy USA cannot touch Polanski!

  6. Joseph Esposito

    FOOL! statutory rape is way blown out of proportion, and wo=MEN get away with this sort of thing all the time! Thank GOD, the Swiss, are not as controlled by fe=MALE Jews, as America is!

  7. Joseph Esposito

    FOOL! statutory rape is not the crime of the century! MUCK the USA! He is NOT a felon in more democratic societies then America! I'm glad he can't be touched! So what if he fooled around with an under age slut?

  8. Joseph Esposito

    Thank GOD for Jerry Lewis, and Roman Polanski! Two Jewish guys that know the wo=MEN in their race are HOMELY! "Wives, OBEY your husbands! Corinthians, the apostle Paul

  9. Kit Prate

    Joseph Esposito That was the apostle Paul speaking, not Christ. And while I'm at it, there is only one N in penis; and the proper grammar is 'two Jewish guys WHO know…" Debatable is what they THINK they know, as opposed to what is actual fact…

  10. Jeff Becker

    Blaming the pill for lack of romance? I thought it might be that he likes to forcably sodomize underage girls that was the problem.

  11. Steve Urick

    Well, take his words for what they are….not what he once did 40 years ago. Does he have a point or not?

  12. Anonymous

    How does having screaming, crying, pooping, and peeing babies around help a romance? How romantic!

  13. Linda Snyder-Newman

    Roman Polanski does have a point. it does kill the romance, especially if the woman forgets to take her pill for that day.As for Jerry Lewis He will always be a funny man. He has no need to worry about funny women.

  14. Penny Wallingford

    You're pretty much a d ouche, aren't you, Joseph? Single too, I bet. And why do you persist in writing woman in that irritating and stupid way?

  15. Tom Lampman

    Hey joe, i'm sure you've heard this before but worth repeating – what a douche u are

  16. Dawn Coppens

    Oh yes, and sleeping with an underage girl is "romantic." From an over-bloated, self-absorbed pedophile. Please.

  17. Sherri Long

    That is why Polanski always preyed upon super young girls, because he wanted ones that had no opinion of any kind. He raped that one and dated several others who were around 15 or so. That is just plain nasty.

  18. Cindy Poling Hannon

    Well the pill does change the hormone balance, but what a stupid statement for this man to say. His past is evedent of how he views females. :(

  19. Paige Martin

    women and men who love thier women should boycott his films just to let him know we think – No we.
    KNOW he is a AH.

  20. Sterling Gray

    Will someone please put a wooden stake in this fucker. Just when you forget he is still alive out of the grave he hops.

  21. John Flores

    Generally, in our society, women became masculine by necessity through support roles in World War II on assembly lines, etc. War in all its evils created an imbalance between male and female roles–slowly for years. Then the media jumped on it and soon it became politicized and co-opted the race for equality. Then the gays and trans-sexuals jumped on board. Next it'll be manic depressives. Whatever else. Wars have effects that reach far into the future and burrow deeply within our society in terrible ways.

  22. Susan Smeby

    nothing Polanski says is worth listening to. jerry lewis, I get where he is coming from even if I don't agree. he is an old school gentleman; I have worked with older men like him, women are ladies, on something of a pedestal, and they don't like to see a woman "lower" herself. It's a different generation and way of thinking that is not entirely wrong either.

  23. John Flores

    Though the real problem now to me is that women are not treated equally in pay for the jobs they do in the corporate world especially. That's just BS. Fair pay for everybody. Polanski–I am not sure what he is talking about really. How does the Pill make women masculine? What is it that makes males feminine? And what's wrong with either? And as long as people stay out of my private life, I will be happy and stay out of theirs. Like the old Hank Williams Jr. song: "If you mind your own business, you'll stay busy all the time."

  24. Vivian Worden

    Hey Cindy Clement Downing. with a comment like that, may you never be a mother or a school teacher of a male student or a female student who identifies as being male.

  25. Richard Russom

    What astounds me is how all of Hollywood still defends this pedophile and acts like he did nothing wrong. Sad that many people can only see his money. What such a twisted individual knows of 'romance' is questionable.

  26. Richard Russom

    @Joseph Esposito ….no, it is not. It is illegal for anyone 18 or over to have sex with someone who is below 18, end of story. There is no 'grey area' and it is not 'up to interpretation'. It is illegal….period.

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