Justin Bieber Featured On Anti-Minimum Wage Increase Billboard

Justin Bieber Anti-Minimum Wage Ad May Make Him More Mad Than Sad

Justin Bieber’s image has adorned a lot of, lets just say stuff, in his time.

Singing toothbrushes, mint floss, dolls, Adidas NEO clothes, Motorola, small-print laden prepaid credit cards — you name it, he’s been on it. But, even this financially astute 19-year-old may draw the line at being plastered on a billboard backed by a public policy organization lobbying against a rise in the federal minimum wage.

Bieber’s face, avec a suitably glum expression, has popped up on a just installed billboard in Los Angeles.

“Why is Justin Bieber so sad?” asks the Employment Policies Institute, the organization behind the ad. “Could it be because 24% of teens who want a job can’t find one?”

The billboard’s core message reads:

“Teen unemployment makes us all sad. Unfortunately, raising the minimum wage will only make things worse.”

The EPI added a disclaimer saying:

“Justin Bieber’s image on this billboard does not imply his endorsement of any particular minimum wage policy or an endorsement of the Employment Policies Institute.”

Justin Bieber Anti-Minimum Wage Ad Is On A Billboard