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Xbox One May Have Sold Wii U Better Than Nintendo

Xbox One does more to sell Wii U than Nintendo

Xbox One may have done more to sell Wii U than anything Nintendo has done.

The Xbox One reveal opened a lot of eyes and turned some heads. Unfortunately for Microsoft, some gamers are turning their attention to the Wii U after some details were released and questions were left unanswered.

As we know already, Nintendo has been struggling to sell Wii U, and even the promise of new games on the horizon didn’t seem to be enough to sway skeptics from ignoring their latest console. The Wii U seemed to be heading to an early grave.

However, when the Xbox One was revealed two days ago, some details were glossed over or downright shot down. Microsoft didn’t make it clear what their stance was with the “always online” aspect of their next generation console. First it was confirmed, then denied. Then it was confirmed again. Now Microsoft head Phil Harrison has confused us trying to explain how it doesn’t need to be online to do certain things. This is what he said to Wired:

“I don’t think that’s what was said. Let me try and clarify what is happening. So, there is a lot of anxiety about ‘what if my Internet connection goes down’ and you don’t have connectivity for a period of time. There are a host of features which will be usable without an Internet connection — watching movies, playing certain single player games… all of which will operate offline. We expect most of the more advanced experiences, like online multiplayer games, or games which have a lot of connected features… those games won’t operate if you don’t have an Internet connection. We designed the system to take advantage of a connection to the cloud, and all that that means. But no, it’s not required that you are connected all the time, every second of every day. There is some technology about how often, or how frequently the device has to ‘ping’, but that has not been… we have not talked publicly about that yet, but it will be very user-friendly.”

Thanks, Microsoft, you just cleared up absolutely nothing. Your ex-creative director Adam Orth seemed to be more direct and to the point on Twitter. We didn’t like his answers, but at least they were solid. Add to this the fact that Microsoft’s Don Mattrick told the Wall Street Journal, “If you’re backwards compatible, you’re really backwards.”

That statement alone is enough to make long-time Xbox gamers start looking elsewhere.

After gamers across the county used Microsoft’s unclear revelations to collectively call their console “Xbone,” attention is now turning in two directions; PlayStation 4 and Wii U.

Wii U is actually starting to look pretty good after Microsoft unknowingly confirmed everyone’s fears with their confusing answers. We don’t want to wait until E3 2013 to get straight answers. On Nintendo’s Direct webcast, they announced some titles that have gamers rethinking their views on the Wii U. Mario, Zelda, Super Smash Bros., Batman: Arkham Origins and Mario Kart are luring the masses away from the Xbox One.

At least Nintendo is beginning to regenerate interest in the Wii U, even if Microsoft is doing most of the work for them.

Are you most looking forward to buying an Xbox One, Wii U, or PlayStation 4? Or are you planning to just stick with what you have?

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20 Responses to “Xbox One May Have Sold Wii U Better Than Nintendo”

  1. Orange Lada

    Sticking with what I have and a Wii U. I agree with this article that the lack of backward compatibility, higher price (when announced) and a lack of games initially (always happens) is likely to mean Wii U wins. Have PS3, so not getting PS4 due to lack of backwards compatibility. Nothing in Xbox One I want. Have 2 consoles, PS3 and Wii U and don't want a 3rd.

  2. Eric Degrechie

    I have a PS3 and a Wii U. Like the PS2, the PS3 will be releasing a slew of some of their best games at or around the same time PS4 comes out. I will eventually get a PS4, but I'm gonna wait a while since I'll be busy with all the PS3 and Wii U games

  3. Allen Tam

    netflix has poor penetration into Canada due to licensing issues and resistance from telecom to provide bandwidth at an affordable, non inflated cost, not to mention the telecom in canada owning all the broadcast rights to much of the non canadian content. This makes most of the online/cloud services of xbone very US oriented, they will have the same hurdles to face as netflix to bring digital streaming content. That leaves more of the gaming aspect of the gaming console… imagine that, a console designed for playing games… unfortunately, it seems that this aspect has been scaled back drastically on the xbone, so I will not be looking to add one to my entertainment budget.

  4. Tam Swe

    Nintendo = Best Exclusives
    PC = Third Party + Steam Sales

  5. Bob Wilkerson

    I already own a Wii U and was hoping that the XBOX One would be a welcome upgrade to my 360 but sadly that is not the case. I was initially turned off of the projected $500 price but after hearing about fees for used games and possibly fees for other users on the same console to play games purchased I have to say I am very disappointed. I wanted another game console that had entertainment options not an media box that happens to play games.

    This makes the PS4 more appealing but if I am going to have to start new with a game library I am going to invest some money into a decent video card for my already quad-core HTPC which will be more than adequate to play games at 1080P at 60+FPS. Combining that with my Wii U I say I will have the best selection of games without as much fear that my game library will be neglected with future upgrades.

    IMO both Sony and Microsoft missed the point of a console which is supposed to be an affordable alternative to a gaming PC and while you can go extreme with a gaming PC you can still get one to play games at a similar performance level and hook it to your TV for not much more than these consoles. Not to mention the games usually are cheaper and easier to get. Then in a few years when you want to upgrade your gaming PC your games are not left in the dust like Sony and Microsoft are doing here. Seems like Nintendo is the only one that has not lost touch to what it is to be a gaming console. Games first and then extras… Now all the Wii U needs is some killer games which will come soon.

  6. Orange Lada

    FYI – I am in Canada and get US Netflix …. and Hulu. There are services out there for $50 a year. Wii U handles them both nicely, as does PS3 (although Hulu on PS3 isn't up).

    Wii U also has TVii, so if you are using Canadian cable, then it makes a lot of sense (I'm not)

  7. Travis Jungle

    Wii U and PS4 FTW.

    Best first party games, virtually all of the third parties…

    I can live without Halo, Gears, Alan Wake (though it was quite a good game), and I can wait an extra month for COD map packs.

  8. Chadwick Adams

    I've always been a Nintendo junkie. I played the odd PC game but i'm not a pc gamer, i'm an Apple guy and not many games are made for Macs. For me computers are tools, I use mine for surfing the web, storing music and photos, creating documents and music, photo, and video editing, I always desired a dedicated gaming console. Wii U is the first Nintendo console I did not purchase on launch day, there were little to no games I wanted. I purchased my first non Nintendo console in 2009 – the PS3 – because Wii did not give me the experience I had with the NES, SNES, N64, and GameCube where they all satisfied my gaming needs, In those days I did not need a second console. I have never had any interest in Xbox, although the ONE is the first Xbox console I would consider buying, (you may think i'm nuts). Nintendo should have skipped the Wii in 2006 and released the Wii U in its place. An HD Nintendo console with motion and tablet controls, it would have been HUGE! The Wii was too little too late, the Wii U IS too little too late. I will eventually purchase a Wii U when the price drops and Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Mario Kart, and Smash Brothers games are released. Without a doubt I will purchase a PS4, but not on launch day. Nintendo is digging its own grave and I hope that it's next console will rectify that.

  9. Don Vito Korleone

    no halo at launch, no point in next xbox imo, PS4 has the same AMD jaguar 8 core cpu, but the ps4 actually has more graphics cores :)

  10. Eli-javonne Carlitos-Way Colford

    if you look at it like this: Wii-u is a Ferrari its fast affordable and focus on driving Sony PS4 is a Lamborghini fast not as affordable focused on driving then you have the Xbone the cadillac sport car which is affordable but focus's on GPS TV's in every head rest and lastly driving.

  11. Devon Day

    Still though, paying a fee to allow used games, being on once every 24 hours, 7 days a week, and needing your cable box hooked up to it is a big pill to swallow. I do agree with the games you listed, its just that the Xbox One has a lot of restrictions to the hardcore and casual gamer.

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