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Shigeru Miyamoto On Why Tablets Caused The Wii U To Fail


Shigeru Miyamoto stated in an interview with Fortune that the rising popularity of tablets during the Wii U’s launch window is the biggest factor in the ultimate downfall of the console. The Wii U’s predecessor, simply called the Wii, was the third best-selling video game console behind the PlayStation 2 (155 million) and original PlayStation… Read more »

Same-Sex Marriage Possible in Nintendo 3DS ‘Fire Emblem’ Game

Same-Sex Marriage Possible in Nintendo 3DS ‘Fire Emblem’ Game

It’s a win for Nintendo and the LGBT community as Nintendo announced this week its new Fire Emblem: Fates game will allow same-sex relationships and marriage in-game. Nintendo just released Fire Emblem: Fates in Japan, Thursday, and it came with an even better news—characters in the game will be able to marry a person of… Read more »

Dear Nintendo: My Love-Hate Letter To The Video Game Giant

Nintendo Love-Hate Letter

Dear Nintendo, I am really not your target demographic, yet I can’t quit you. As an online entrepreneur/husband/father, who usually has very little time for gaming, I nonetheless developed an urge a few months ago to reenter the video gaming world. I was looking for a handheld gaming experience that had better graphics than what… Read more »

‘Super Smash Bros.’ Leak Reveals Two New Characters [Video]

Super Smash Bros

A leak has revealed two new DLC characters for Wii U’s Super Smash Bros., including videos of both of the fighters in action. Street Fighter’s Ryu and Fire Emblem‘s Roy will be the latest additions. According to Destructoid, fans can expect to see the Super Smash Bros. characters officially debut at the E3 conference tomorrow…. Read more »

‘Splatoon’ Outsells ‘The Witcher 3’ In Japan

Splatoon Outsells The Witcher 3 Wii U

Sales charts from 4Gamer show that Nintendo’s Splatoon outsold The Witcher 3 in Japan making it the number one game in the country during its first week on sale. The hard data on the chart shows a total of 144,818 copies of Splatoon sold during its first week on sale topping Hatsune Miku and Future… Read more »

Wii Burns House Down, Xbox 360 Survives Fire

Wii Burns House Down Xbox 360 Survives

Nintendo has long held a track record in building safe and durable consoles and hand held gaming systems. The original Game Boy was found burned and melted with a copy of Tetris during the first Gulf War and is currently on display in a museum. However, accidents happen as a Nintendo Wii has burned the… Read more »

The Nintendo NX Will Not Be At E3, Says President Iwata

Nintendo NX Will Not be at E3

Nintendo has confirmed that the Nintendo NX will not be at E3 this year. The mysterious “NX” system was first disclosed to the public during the event announcing the partnership between mobile gaming heavyweight developer DeNA and Nintendo. The gaming press and investors were curious if the partnership of the two companies was the signal… Read more »

New Video Game Releases For The Week Of April 12, 2015

New Video Games Mortal Kombat X

This week of new video game releases is not for the faint of heart. The week of April 12, 2105, will undoubtedly be the most violent and gore-filled of the year so far as Mortal Kombat X arrives on shelves this week from developer NetherRealm. Gamers who have conquered Dark Souls II: Scholar of the… Read more »

The Wii U Is Dead, Long Live The Wii U

The Wii U is one life support

The Wii U has been thought of as being on life support almost since the console was first launched by Nintendo. Having said that, it’s hard to know exactly when the company gave up on the Wii U, but industry analysts from every corner of the globe seem to agree that it has indeed given… Read more »

New Video Games For The Week Of April 5, 2015

New Video Games Dark Souls II Bastion Etrian Mystery

The new video games for the week of April 5, 2015, are almost upon us. There are not a great deal of AAA titles this week. In fact, only one title fits that bill which is Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin for the last and current-gen video game consoles. A smattering of… Read more »

Nintendo Mobile Games Projected To Earn $25 Million Monthly For DeNA

Nintendo DeNA 25 Million Monthly Revenue

Many said it would never happen, that the idea was sheer lunacy, that Nintendo would never capitulate to the mobile gaming market and release their beloved franchises onto mobile devices. That idea was rendered obsolete with the announcement of Nintendo’s partnership with Japanese mobile games publisher, DeNA to bring “new gaming applications featuring Nintendo IP… Read more »

New Video Game Releases For The Week Of March 22, 2015

New Video Game Releases March 22 Bloodborne Handsome Collection

Amongst the new video game releases for the week of March 22, 2015, you will find one of the most eclectic gatherings of new games so far in 2015. Claptrap makes the jump to next-gen, PlayStation gets some classic titles, and one of the most beloved series gains a spiritual successor with Bloodborne for the… Read more »