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Pat Robertson’s Cheating Advice Sparks Outrage

Pat Robertson Cheating

Pat Robertson’s cheating advice didn’t go over as well as he may have hoped. The evangelist, who appeared on Thursday’s 700 Club, responded to a woman pleading for advice on how to forgive her husband’s cheating by saying, “well, he’s a man.”

That comment, along with several other snippets from Robertson’s response, have served to spark outrage against the evangelist and his, well, less than tactful response to “Ivy.” The woman wrote:

“I’ve been trying to forgive my husband for cheating on me. We have gone to counseling, but I just can’t seem to forgive, nor can I trust. How do you let go of the anger? How do you trust again?”

Pat Robertson responded that the woman should, “Stop talking about the cheating.” Instead, the evangelist stated she should focus on the reasons Ivy married her husband and what he does. He added:

“Recognize also, like it or not, males have a tendency to wander a little bit. What you want to do is make a home so wonderful that he doesn’t want to wander.”

It was these words, along with the opener, “well, he’s a man,” which sent the internet into a tussle. Users on Twitter had comments ranging from, “I was just thinking it’s been a while since I came across Pat Robertson saying something stupid,” to “Any woman who falls for this is a fool.

Another user added, “Pat Robertson marriage counseling: men sometimes cheat — go make the house nice.” The Hollywood Gossip even got in on the criticism of Robertson’s cheating advice, writing:

“Now, the televangelist has words of wisdom for any woman with a cheating husband: GET OVER IT! CONSIDER THE TEMPTATIONS! BE GRATEFUL HE PROVIDES FOR YOU!”

It’s not the first time Pat Robertson’s comments on cheating husbands have been controversial. When David Petraeus’ affair with Paula Broadwell came to light in November, the evangelist asserted that the affair wasn’t a big deal. In January, Robertson also suggested that “awful-looking” women can cause the spark in a marriage to go out.

What do you think of Pat Robertson’s cheating advice?

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122 Responses to “Pat Robertson’s Cheating Advice Sparks Outrage”

  1. Weston Kathman

    Pat Robertson is a primitive twit. But bellyaching about what he says only gives him more power. The best response: indifference.

  2. Patrick Sorrells

    Brilliant advice, from the same stupid ass who said that feminist agenda is about a soialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.", or that the earthquake in Haiti a few years ago may be a blessing in disguise. Seriously, will this stupid senile fart please ever shut up?

  3. Gayle Gerard

    This ugly old man has no place on television. Let those who follow him follow him right over a cliff like a bunch of sheep. Men can cheat? This is acceptable behavior among "Christians?" Really? SO typical of his ultra-conservative ilk: hypocrisy at its finest.

  4. Lindsay Minnella-Case

    As a women I am not offended by anything he has said and I actually agree with what he is saying about an "awful looking woman". You people are reading WAAAY more into it than there need to be. What he is saying is women, don't let yourselves go! Don't get to comfortable! Be the aggressor when it comes to sex! Put on some lipstick and run a comb through your hair before you husband comes home! But the truth is men are men, I am not saying cheating is okay (it's the reason I divorced my first husband), but what I did come to realize at the end of all of it was that I wasn't giving him something he needed, wanted or desired.

  5. Anonymous

    Get over it libs, you hate filled pieces of shyt. Head on out to your 57 states. I thought you were the party of caring and understanding. Ha! Only when you are sicking the IRS on someone.

  6. Anonymous

    Hollywood of all organizations shouldn't give marriage advice. Pat Robertson is old. His co-hosts cringe every time he opens his mouth. He needs to give up the power and go sit down somewhere. But he will hang on and they will have to pry that network out of his cold dead hands.

  7. Teresa Nash-Stokes

    Pat Robertson is build your husband up and let him know what he has so he don't wonder what is out there. Women you can't look like an old maid. My mom taught me to always look and take care of yourself. A man does not want an old maid.

  8. Patrick McCarthy

    My advice to someone who was harmed by a cheating spouse: either forgive this person or not, reconcile or divorce. The choice is yours. A man of God is still a man.

  9. Heather Lovato Diaz

    Guess I better go make my house nice and get off Facebook now! LMAO

  10. Anonymous

    Are dissenters retarded? Everything Robertson said was true and to the point are people gone mad to say he's wrong? Wow…smh

  11. Cornell Spradling

    Any man who cheats on his woman does not truly love her and the relationship is doomed. Its that simple people!
    Pat Robertson does not have a friggin clue. Its not goanna matter what the woman does at home, if her man does not truly love her he is goanna stray, and she is better of finding a man who will truly love her for who she is and not who she pretends to be in attempts to hold on to a man.

  12. Beth Hagerty

    Gee….how old are you? Are you some crotchety 80 year old still stuck in pre-war era where your hubby made the money and you got to pretty up all day and pop out babies? Wake up. REAL women do not want to be treated like less than. Some of us even make more money than our husbands do. And since WE today do not have the advantage of pensions and such, folks like this old bag should shut up. Today's population has to work harder and our jobs are overseas. My goodness. What is sickening, is that this old bag still gets money from people so gullible.

  13. Spencer Burke

    Pat is perfectly correct. The same Piece of Ass, after two years becomes God Damn boring and all of you know it. The passion to Fu– the same woman with the same conversation and nothing to learn can drive you nuts.

  14. Anonymous

    well if you ask for someones advice and don't hear what you like don't ask.

  15. Ann Raven

    I would like to know why he's still on T.V. & why people still listen to him. He's such an ass.

  16. Patrick Sorrells

    I bet that if we turn the tables, Many women feel this way about their men, so it works both ways. Pat is a horse's ass who belittles women, and treats them with condescending BS. How would you feel if this was your daughter asking for this advice, and Pat Slobbertson told your daughter the same thing he said above to this other woman? Come on, Spencer, get a damn clue, idiot.

  17. Evie Rodriguez

    So you husband cheated and got you to put some of the blame on yourself. I would give that man a high five, he played you so well, and with your mentality….is STILL playing you!

  18. Evie Rodriguez

    So Everyone is saying that a woman needs to keep herself attractive for a man. I have yet to see a comment about a man keeping himself attractive for his woman? Nope, not a single darn comment ….still looking though.

  19. Anonymous

    It's not I or anyone else's opinion of this man's statement that is important. It's God's opinion or judgement and I don't think he would be too happy with this!

  20. Brenda Pridgen

    cheating has nothing to do with the presence or absence of a nice house you moron. Its a character issue.

  21. Patrick Sorrells

    Maybe since Pat Slobbertson is so intuitive he can help women find their G-spots as well, Too bad some woman, or Slobbertson's wife didn't cut off his shriveled huevos years ago, because it sure sounds like he has a hormonal problem and is mentally unbalanced – at least that is what idiot men like this would say to a woman who says something irrational and incredibly stupid. Robertson has saying stupid crap like this for years, it's nothing new. I can't understand how anyone can watch him on TV and take him seriously, let alone give money to the 700 club.

    "He's a man," —Wow, that is so damn profound. And, Pat you are a crusty old senile fart, who does not think things through before you open up your mouth.

  22. Patricia Pack

    I guess he forgot about that commandment. Thou Shall Not Commite Adultery. I wonder how many times he has cheated on his wife.

  23. Rick Avila

    How unfortunate. Pat Robertson, the measuring stick by which the world (non-believers) judge Christians.

  24. Sharon McGuire

    Pat Robertson did not say that cheating is OK. All Christians know that cheating on one's spouse is a sin, but the dilemma this woman was facing was how could she forgive? I'm not saying he gave the best answer, but he is not the stupid man or the hypocrite that some of you want to portray him as. I do think it would have been better if he had told her to pray and ask God to show her a way to forgive, as it takes God's grace to forgive. Human wisdom cannot do it, but God can reveal something or cause something to happen that would motivate and enable her to forgive. When Pat depended on his own wisdom to answer this question, a lot of people apparently just took offense at what he said. We can't always keep people from taking offense, but we are supposed to live peaceably with all men insofar as possible (and that means with all women too). But to whoever said Pat doesn't belong on TV, I would like to remind you that he is there b/c he has a huge following of people who support him. If anybody doesn't want to hear him, all they have to do is flip the channel—same thing we have to do when some of the stuff we don't like comes over the regular networks!

  25. George McCasland

    Daily, men are under a biological attack by women.

    Evolution or creation designed women to produce loads of pheromones during ovulation for the sole purpose of getting their husband's excited during that time of the month. Today, with women in the work place, and the large volume of mixing of the sexes, men are nearly always near a woman who is ovulating and putting out a silent message that she wants to have sex, even if she is not aware of it.

    When Strippers are ovulating, their tips, even from women, go up 400%.

  26. John Butts

    Keep sending this dumbass money folks. You'll get a healing and a screwing at the same time. Boys will be boys!

  27. Judy Baird

    well this stupid man is one of the men who wears God like a coat is the reason I only trust Billy Graham.

  28. Lee Kovacsevics

    "Thou shalt not commit adultery" Pigerson and the rest of his christian Taliban followers conveniently forget the parts of the bible that don't suit them. Then, of course, there is the common fall back position for all these bible dumpers–blame the woman!

  29. Becky Beachler Kolbow

    well, Nancy………….."he's a Man………and men wander, so make your questions so inviting and interesting that Pat Robertson isn't tempted to look elsewhere" hahahahahahahahahhaahhahaha OMG……….the poor man has no idea how ridiculous what he said is!

  30. Heather Watson

    I can't imagine this is the advice Jesus would give.

  31. John Harston

    HUH Huh huh, he's a man, and men have a tendency to wonder! WHAT ABOUT THOSE MARRIAGE VOWS WE TAKE PAT? WHAT ARE WE TO SAY ON THE DAY OF MY JUDGEMENT GEE GOD I'M A MAN. Pat that is one the stupidest things I have ever heard a man of the cloth say, I would like to know what kind of medication or dope you take before you get on television and spew out the stuff? A fw years ago you were talking about having someone go and assasinate the President of Iraq , and you didn't say it they way I wrote it , But you essentially said cant we get someone to go in there and eleminate Saddam Hussien? Do you ever listen to the words that come out of your mouth? I AM SORRY TO PICK ON YOU PAT, BUT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE A BEACON OF RIGHTIOUSNESS! MAYBE YOU HAVE BEEN IN THE SPOTLIGHT TOO LONG.

  32. Heather Lovato Diaz

    ^^^ what did I just read? LOL – Anyone who follows this man is a fool. Plain and simple. Apparently there are an abundance of fools on this planet.

  33. Anonymous

    Sounds like a comment from a guy with a few affairs under his own belt.

  34. Kathy Trim

    I cannnot believe that you believe that baloney. You're making women appear like dogs in heat. And Pat's advice to "touch him" gives new meaning to the song "reach Out and Touch Someone's Hand". And also the song "God May Forgive You But I don't"

  35. Patrick Sorrells

    Sharon – if Pat Robertson depended on his own wisdom to respond to this situation, I have a hard time telling the difference between Robertson's wisdom, and his stupidity, because they are so similar.

  36. Serena Y. Lee

    And you think women really want an old man for a husband?? Why is the responsibility always on the woman to look nice? Humans are the only species where the female has to look beautiful. Just look at the animal kingdom – peacocks and not peahens are the beautiful creatures. I find it funny that Christians, who are supposed to value what's inside the heart of a person over outward appearances, are the ones who say asinine things like this. And you say you are the "chosen" ones, yet nothing makes you stand out as human beings. You are no different than anybody else.

  37. Rick Turrietta

    ?? The measuring stick by which the world judges Christians? Why? Because he is a Christian? You without fault cast the first stone. No one is perfect. The 700 Club and Operation Blessing have done more for this world than you will ever do. How much did you help out with Katrina? Japan? New York? Indonesian tsunami? Zilch, I'm sure because you know that suckers like me will step up and make it happen while you are whining about what hypocrites Christians are.

  38. Anonymous

    Once the again, the Republicans reach out for woman voters.

  39. Rick Turrietta

    I'll keep sending lots of money because I know where it is going. I also know where you are going unless you quit being a hater and realize you do have a purpose in life and do something about it. Nobody likes a whiner, least of all God.

  40. Sharon Kirk

    Pat Robertson has clearly lost his way. If your husband cheats….you look at the situation. Was it a one night stand on an odd occaision? If so…you get into counseling and you have to weigh the merits of the situation. Of course it would be hard to trust after that. A man has to understand it takes time. He has to earn it back. If it was a long term affair…you divorce him. If it was a short term affair…again, you weigh the situation. The wife will not be able to trust or be intimate for a long time. If the man wants to keep it together with his wife….he has to deal with that…stick it out over the long haul…and suck it up. If the wife just can't forget at all…and makes his life hell…divorce is the obvious option. Both partners have to take a hard look at their marriage and if it is truly salvagable. Men do look at women. But looking isn't acting. To cross that barrier….either the man has character issues…or the marriage has some repair to do. It doesn't have to be the end of the world. A one time thing means nothing other than he was weak at one point….and somethin.

  41. Betsy Schmidt Woodruff

    Wow, what horrible advice! That was the worst! I'm guessing Pat Robertson wanders too and he has been with a stripper and he watches ponography! I'm getting that from what he just said…ugghhh! What an ignorant person!

  42. Betsy Schmidt Woodruff

    Yes, na-bb-…I noticed his co-host did cringe a bit when he wanted to answer that question!

  43. Anonymous

    jesus doesn't need false profits spreading the word if u don't feel him in your heart then its hard to hear what these so called evangelists r shoving down your nieve throats jim baker jimmy swaggert give give give jesus don't like taking money…..

  44. Jeannette R Warren

    Once again blame the woman. So if a woman cheats what does he have to say about that….bet I could guess.

  45. Rick Stermer

    Anyone who doesn't overlook others faults and points fingers is obviously the FOOL. Say all you want for now, fools, you better look in the mirror if your in the mood the find fault. He was not speaking as evil as you are. Thats for sure.

  46. Ross Featherston

    Remember Republicanwomen… traditionally it was impossible for a man to commit adultery. Adultery was purely a woman's sin. This is where the "traditional family values" sort will lead us.

  47. Judd Carroll

    Sharon McGuire, I want to quote you: "I'm not saying he gave the best answer, but he is not the stupid man or the hypocrite that some of you want to portray him as. I do think it would have been better if he had told her to pray and ask God to show her a way to forgive, as it takes God's grace to forgive." You said it would have been better if he had given actual Christian advice rather than some imbecilic advice. If I could apply your logic to my stock trading, I'd be a great trader if I had sold ATHX at 2.40/share rather than 1.85/share.
    What are you defending? His advice was awful. And I don't think he is a hypocrite. This is par for the course. And I do not care at all about his dumb tv show. I do care though that he has the ear of SEVERAL politicians via the Christian right. I think he does belong on TV so people will know what he is.

  48. Jeannette R Warren

    Rick Stermer This man is suppose to be a Christian and he is miss representing Christ. To listen to this and not step up and say something would be hiding the light under a bush. He blamed the woman for her husbands infidelity and so people believe he is a fool. It is not the first time he has used his pulpit for foolishness.

  49. Melinda Killie

    What do "I" think of Pat Robertson's cheating advice? Well, since I am in mixed company here, I won't say exactly what I am thinking, but suffice it to say it goes along long the lines of "BULL COOKIES!" M.*.

  50. Jeannette R Warren

    No Lindsay, that was not what he was saying and nothing you did or didn't do caused your ex to cheat. He cheated on his own, no justification. Glad you left but you need to look into some self-respecting issues. He was the cheater, he could have chosen another path to improve his marriage and respect his vows.

  51. Jeannette R Warren

    And what would he say if it was a woman cheating. I like sex just as much as a man does.

  52. Jane Hyden

    Sharon McGuire omg………..that doesnt take away what he said……you god people make me sick to my stomach cause you are all a bunch of hypocrites……….what huge following? a bunch of people who cant think on their own and listen to his so called christian crap…….you are too stupid

  53. Jane Hyden

    i have seen more repulsive and nasty filthy remarks made about the potus and flotus than anything else on these sites……….you are stupid if you think that only libs call people names…….you ever heard of libtard???????????/oh excuse me……im sure you never heard of that…….what a hypocrite you are

  54. Jane Hyden

    Rick Turrietta yeah you are judging right now……..why dont you try honesty for once in your holier than thou life

  55. Jane Hyden

    Rick Turrietta yeah you are judging right now……..why dont you try honesty for once in your holier than thou life

  56. Jeannette R Warren

    Serena Y. Lee there are many who call their self Christian and yet do not follow Christ. As a Christian I am so tired of my beliefs being misrepresented by the likes of Pat Robertson and his kind. Jesus asks us not to misrepresent him in the New Testament, that is being ignored by too many.

  57. Jane Hyden

    Evie Rodriguez love your comment and so true………… go girl!!!!!!!!!

  58. Jane Hyden

    Serena Y. Lee you repukes always want to dish it but can never take it…..lmao

  59. Jane Hyden

    you cant spell and you are obviously ignorant……..irs was investigating libs for years you idiot

  60. Jane Hyden

    Jeannette R Warren oh you bad girl…….lol……robertson will tell you for sure that you are going straight to hell lmao

  61. Steve VanLoozenoord

    sounds right on the mark to me, at least he has the balls to put the truth out there.

  62. Jane Hyden

    omg………..someone dumb enough like him to say that bs needs his az kicked

  63. Terri M Lorah

    Yes, I agree, he shot off his mouth before he should have. I think you should listen to the whole answer. If he is one thing, that is brutally honest.

    I work in a nursing home, the men of that generation think differently than most do today. You wouldn't believe even women can be cruel from that gen. I'm not saying it's right, it's not. There was a black girl crying in a conference room one time because an elderly lady would not let her take care of her because she was black. The young girl said that she had never been treated so horrible. Name calling here is not the answer.

  64. Jane Hyden

    Beth Hagerty i dont know why women buy into this bs……..its so ignorant and women hating in general……….i guess they are the ones that think its ok for a man to make more money for the same job than a woman……..alll repukes voted against lilly ledbetter

  65. Jane Hyden

    Evie Rodriguez yes and they dont want us to have birth control but the govt will pay for viagra……….men should be getting vasectomies instead

  66. StJohn Fletcher

    Funnily this lady absolves all because this person removed themselves fom the situation before being caught, lets do that for every criminal in america????????

  67. Anonymous

    he made it sound as if it was her fault. she needs to have a" home so wonderful he doesn't have to wonder" but stated men will wonder. sooooo which one is it? do people still take this jokers advice. is he the white al sharpton or jesse jackson?

  68. Jane Hyden

    @spenser……what an idiot you are………you are whats boring ……not the woman……your teenie weenie isnt satisfying and thats what your problem is lmao

  69. Jane Hyden

    keep syh you idiot…………its not true at all…….i dont see anywhere where men should keep up their appearance etc..their fat bellies hanging over their belts..etc etc…you teeny weenie men have issues and dont know how to resolve them… should be getting vasectomies and go about your way…….we dont need men like you……….

  70. Jane Hyden

    unfortunately these religious nuts will say anything and dumb people believe them…….pr is a complete fool and uses religion to post his ignorant ideas period………these religious nuts are the scariest people in the world

  71. Jane Hyden

    yeah he has the balls to make absolutely ignorant statements under the guise of religion…….too bad you are one of the ignorant ones who believe his bs

  72. Jane Hyden

    prove that with actual facts……..not just your lousy opinion

  73. Anonymous

    What a fake! He has made a living preying on ignorant Bible Thumpers! Catholic priest molest boys, Christians have gay sex and do drugs while advocating against it! Muslims are whacko! Religion is all BS, its all a front. The world is all about money and greed is the root of all evil. Look at our society…Wake up Mother Goose Fans!

  74. Fredd Volvo

    But that is only good advice for those who have an IQ above 56

  75. Fredd Volvo

    But that is only good advice for those who have an IQ above 56

  76. Fredd Volvo

    Sharon McGuire – You Madam, are a fine example of Blind Faith Followers – You have to believe because you give him money! Otherwise you would feel stupid.

  77. Ray Whaley

    It's simple. If you don't like what he says stop watching and/or listening to him. Problem solved.

  78. Steve Paige Davis

    If you think god is supposed to help her forgive-where was god when he was cheating on her in the first place? Enough with this selective application of faith! How about just NOT cheating on your spouse? Men tend to wander? BS! Men(and women) who wander tend to wander. Don't lump me in with all these cretins who can't keep it in their pants. Monogamy is not these folks' problem.

    This is terrible advice no matter what religious background you have. If your husband cheats on you, its not because you home isn't well kept or your 20 pounds overweight. And if your man WOULD cheat on you because the house wasn't sparkly enough instead of just offering to help clean or help you get fit-they're a d-bag anyway. She can't forgive him because he's probably still acting and treating her the same. 'Focus on the Family'-even if that means the women is always left cleaning up the man's mistakes, right Pat?

  79. Fredd Volvo

    Lindsay – I guess you did not put enough lipstick on, or your hair was a mess. But your decision was a good one. Not because he is a man, but because you had the courage to be yourself. – Something that this Self Professed expert on life would never say.

  80. Ray Whaley

    If you don't like his advice ignore it. Stop obsessing over people that are different and/or you don't understand or like. Butt out!

  81. Fredd Volvo

    Rick Turrietta The only difference between the NRA and Robertson is the he is armed with a bible – but he is just as deadly because there are enough believers with double digit IQ's that send him their hard earned money.

  82. Fredd Volvo

    The only difference between the NRA and Robertson is that he is armed with a bible – but he is just as deadly because there are enough believers with double digit IQ's that send him their hard earned money.

  83. Tony Simmons

    I can't believe so many responses to Pat Robertson's tv comments from folks who obviously dislike, or hate, the man. Robertson may have spoken too quickly, and may have said some things that could be misinterpreted, especially by those who are apparently watching and waiting for him to make a misstep. But I would be very careful in any criticism you may like to make of him. This man, whom many of you have called some very ugly names, is a very great and wonderful man. He may be in his 80's, in and of itself may cause some problems in his replies. But the man is a wonderful Christian whose ministires are responsible for providing thousands of people all over the world, food and shelter and clothing, who are impoverished, or have suffered losses through natural disasters. The ones criticizing Roberson may very well find themselves needing the food and shelter and clothing that Robertson's ministry provides. I am sure he will be praying for you.

  84. Anonymous

    Sharon McGuire: Robertson is a effing idiot. Are you serious? How can anyone defend the years of stupid idiocy coming from this moron. Good God! I think you must drink the GOP kool-aid and their views on women's rights. Here is the shame of all this: You vote and probably enable inept people to continue their asinine behavior. Unbelievable!

  85. Kim Carson

    None of that "Pat Robertson" talk is biblical, you know? It's a man, saying what he believes, his opinions. Don't confuse that with God, the bible, etc. He is 83 years old, he was 17 when women were given the right to vote.

  86. Anonymous

    I think she should forgive and forget right after she signs the divorce papers!

  87. Steve Paige Davis

    Its not possibly true. If women cheat far more than men do-who are the women cheating WITH? Aliens? Lesbians? I can tell this genius didn't major in statistics!

  88. Anonymous

    Gee, Pat, I don't remember seeing that one in The Bible. You are such a loser, that even God has doubts about you.

  89. Rick Avila

    Whoa big boy. Just as his comment was perhaps misunderstood by the non-believer, you too are missing the point of my remark. All believers should be aware and beware of what we spout from our mouths. For by it, the world judges all believers. and most importantly our ambassadorship of Christ. Do we bring a reproach to our Savior or do we make the lost desire the sweet fruit of redemption and salvation. I don't condemn him for his comment. Men can be sexual pigs- as women as well. Much of what we do is often times sexually motivated, and this being the case, this is what we must war against- the lust of the flesh. I got what he meant. But the world is looking for anything to disgrace the believer and nullify Christ's finished work on the cross. Note that I used the term non-believers, there was no judgement or condemnation against Mr. Robertson on my part. And you got it right, why, because he is a believer- and we are called to be salt and light to a dieing world. When we say anything, yes say the harsh truth, but share it with hope and trembling.

  90. Patrick Sorrells

    Rick Stermer – Anyone who doesn't overlook others faults and points fingers is obviously the FOOL. Say all you want for now, fools, you better look in the mirror if your in the mood the find fault. He was not speaking as evil as you are. Thats for sure.

    I can overlook a situation where someone says something stupid once or possibly twice, but the idiotic rants that have come out of Pat Robertson's mouth over the years on a consistent basis, even if I dismiss all the stupid garbage that Robertson has said as not being evil, anyone with a shred of common sense realizes that Robertson is an idiot, and lacks the ability to think before he opens his mouth.

    The sad thing is, it sounds like you don't want to hold Robertson accountable and responsible for what he has said, and what does that say about you, Rick? Perhaps you should take your own advice and if you are willing to overlook all the ignorant thoughtless crap that Pat Robertson has said over the years, then you can look in the mirror and you should ask yourself why you are willing to accept so much ignorance and incompetence?

  91. Patrick Sorrells

    Rick Stermer — Liberals always want to call people names. You didn't even watch the video. WAKE UP you fools
    Rick, have you ever heard some of the venomous hateful crap that has come out of Ann Coulter's mouth? Yeah, and of course there is NEVER any name calling from conservatives. There's mud slinging on both sides, Rick, get real, Rick, and get a clue.

  92. Terri M. Lynn

    He should have said, if he has said he is sorry than you have to "forgive him seven times seven" like it says in scripture. Then go from there. An evangelist should always give a Christological answer. If the husband isn't repentent than "take him to the Church". The other remedy scripture gives. The problem is that most Christian churches have been cut off from the Church.

  93. Lindon Lovsness

    Hey Rick, pretty tough guy you must be, hiding behind your computer. I 'll bet you would run like a little girl if confronted by person you responded to.

  94. Peg Diamond

    He's being honest and being ostracized for it. Monogamy was introduced to bring economic and financial stability in Western populations. Societies that didn't have disparate economies didn't need monogamy. At the present time women are as much a part of this problem as men are. Our whole society is pre-occupied with sex so what do we expect!

  95. Laurie Anne

    Everyone should value what's inside the heart, but Christians are also human, so of course there is chemistry and attraction to the outward appearance as well. The meaning is to keep yourself up and look attractive to each OTHER, not just the woman for the man. The man should be doing the same to keep the attraction alive.

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