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Woman Eaten By Vultures After Fall From Cliff

Hiker Eaten By Vultures

A woman was eaten by vultures after falling from a cliff in France. The 52-year-old woman was hiking with her friends in the Pyrenees when she fell to her death, over 1,000 feet from the hiking trail. Aggressive Griffon vultures consumed her entire body before she could be reached by rescue workers.

Rescue workers circled the area for around 45 minutes, trying to locate the hiker’s body. Unfortunately it was too late. As reported by MSN, the woman was eaten by vultures before her body could be recovered. By the time they found the woman, they could only recover her shoes, clothing and a few bones.

Major Didier Pericou states that the rescue workers noticed vultures circling the area, but they never thought they would find the woman before they did.

Aggressive vultures have become an increasing problem in France. Historically, the scavengers would feed on carcasses left by French farmers. However, European safety and health regulations have changed through the years, making it illegal to leave animal carcasses out on the land.

As reported by IBT, Farmers are now forced to burn any animals that have died in their care, eliminating the food source. Authorities think this may explain why the 52-year-old woman was eaten by the vultures.

As the vultures’ food has disappeared, they have been blamed for deadly attacks on livestock. Over 40 farmers have filed claims for reimbursement.

Vultures are a protected species, so the farmers are forbidden from killing the aggressive birds. Their protected status, along with depleted food sources, are causing some serious problems for french residents.

Some residents suggest that farmers should be allowed to leave the carcasses on the land, or should be given permission to shoot the vultures that threaten their animals.

Although the birds have grown increasingly aggressive, this has been the first report of a human being eaten by vultures.

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114 Responses to “Woman Eaten By Vultures After Fall From Cliff”

  1. Adam Minnicks

    In more news of the obvious, a group of monkeys flung some poo at each other.

  2. Diane Budziszewski Radell

    Shocking scavenger's ate a dead carcasses! Wow. In Tibet there is something called a sky burial and that is how they dispose of bodies. So, the vultures are not "aggressive" they are doing what vultures do.

  3. Mike Laughlin

    Like Clint Eastwood said, "buzzards gotta eat; same as worms."

  4. Tiffany Darling

    This is the most 'green' disposal of remains. It's how I'd love to be taken care of after death. I can't think of a better way to complete the cycle of life.

  5. Anonymous

    That's nature at work. I don't think there's anything particularly upsetting about it.

  6. Jaeger Huntley

    no but it would be better if it was a dog that was thrown off a cliff and have the vultures feeding on its corpse.. now that would make a good story

  7. Chris Pinkerton

    uhhhh, it's not like they just snatched her up while she was in perfectly good health and ate her alive. I'd think it's safe to assume she died from the fall and so naturally the vultures scavenged her lifeless body for food. imagine that…

  8. Mike Golden

    So what's so unusual or shocking about that, that's what nature does, it's environmental cleansing at it's best.

  9. Doug Boyd

    Sounds like the Marxists/liberals never understand the unintended consequences of their dictatorial regulations and impositions at peril of jail or enforcement at gunpoint. Proves that government must be smaller and individual liberty more aggressively pursued, even in Docialist FRANCE and Europe.;.

  10. Joan Gallagher

    ITs called a SKY BURIAL and this type of burial is commonly practiced by Buddhists in Tibet. WIKI – Sky Burial ( warning, very graphic ).

  11. Anonymous

    What an unnecessary article. What a poorly written article, to boot.

  12. Jim Clark

    The difference between vultures and politicians is that vultures have the decency to wait for you to die before picking your bones.

  13. Kelly Sheffer

    "My Momma done told meee to come back with a rabbit…" ( if you don't get the reference don't comment..) but I came back with a 52 year old womans femur…

  14. Robert Walsh

    Not surprising. I saw a flock of vultures drag a large deer off the middle of a country road so they could feed in peace.

  15. Kathleen Colasanti

    Vultures have to eat….same as worms.

  16. Rebecca Meckel

    Well that is a major lack of common sense. Why protect them when you deny them carcasses? That meat is just going to waste buried underground and now farmers are having their stock killed which costs them more money.

  17. Sherry Porter Young

    Of course people want the birds killed now. How crazy. #1 We have taken all their natural food sources away #2. She was already dead and didn't need her body anymore anyway #3 They were just doing what they are designed to do. This is what happens when people think they are above nature and not part of it.

  18. Jim Denton

    People can resist titillating little peaks into stories that many times end up like the vulture story.

  19. Anonymous

    The circle of life, Vultures need to eat too!

  20. Joyce Fitch

    I'll bet your face book friends don't know you think of them as a niggers. That was such a hateful remark.

  21. Anonymous

    They are scavengers and hungry. Not surprised. I bet this isn't the first time. People are less likely to die in the open like animals that live in the wild. That is why it doesn't happen.

  22. Keith Ransom

    Jaeger Huntley seriously…immature and child-like…grow up!

  23. Brandon Lars

    Trolls posting reaction-bait responses are also part of the internet cycle.

  24. Doug Boyd

    Not to liberal elites. Such idiots believe that they can continue making the same stupid mistakes and get a different answer each time. Of course the vultures will eat dead things and if that happens to be a human, they will eat it. Liberal policies deny food to the vultures when their stupid laws forbid farmers from leaving dead animals in the field. That is also a Socialist way of letting farmers (or any individual ) know that it is The Government's Land and the Government will decided what takes place on it– Even though the Government never paid a cent toward the purchase of that land. Moreover, liberals never consider the Unintended consequences of their wacko actions.

  25. Pete Brown

    Blah. A "woman" was not eaten by vultures, a "woman's body" was. The former makes it sound like a hiker was attacked. But I know, have to go with the more sensational link-baiting title. Vultures eat dead things. It's laughable to say a scavenger is being aggressive by eating a dead thing, human or not.

  26. Rob Lindsay

    Fish gotta swim….birds gotta eat.

    ~Nigel~l from Finding Nemo.

  27. Anonymous

    Oh, wait a minute! The headline should read "Woman's Body Eaten by Vultures"…to be honest, the way the headline reads currently, the story was a bit of a letdown for me; not nearly as gruesome as I was hoping it to be.

  28. Constance Habit

    They should never have stopped the practice of leaving dead animal carcasses to begin with, albeit a farm animal.

  29. Mari Mason

    Amen, Sher! Humans are getting dumber and dumber…

  30. Rosa Muzo

    Some hikers are not going to go hiking in France! Do not burn dead animals you're polluting the environment! Let the birds feed on the carcass. You're disrupting the food chain and soon the vultures are going to start attacking people or anything with flesh.
    Algunos excursionistas no van a ir a escalar en Francia! Por favor! No quemen los animales muertos que están contaminando el medio ambiente! Dejen que los pájaros se alimentan de las carcasas de animales muertos. Están interrumpiendo la cadena alimentaria y pronto los buitres van a empezar a atacar a la gente o lo que sea que tenga tejido muscular.

  31. Anonymous

    Greedy vermin peck away at you while you're struggling to get on your feet and the government protects the vermin instead. Typical modern socialist country.

  32. Anonymous

    In Tibet it's called a Sky Burial when they put your dead body on the mountain for vultures to consume.

  33. Anonymous

    In Tibet it's called a Sky Burial when they put your dead body on the mountain for vultures to consume.

  34. Daniel Dalon

    May her soul Rest in Peace…and may the vultures get their daily bread.
    I wonder which is better, to be buried and eaten by worms, burned (aka cremated) and your ashes scattered aimlessly…or to give life to starving vultures?

  35. Barry Ray

    WHAT GOVT. WILL DO….Spend a lot of money to determine the guilty birds, then kill them.YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.LOL.

  36. Anonymous

    I don't think that it's a bad thing to be eaten by an animal after you are dead.

  37. Margie Kekko

    This is absolutely horrific. Why in the world are the vultures a protected species? If I were this woman's family member, I would not only be grieving her loss, I would be furious that I didn't have a body to bury.

  38. Bubba Usry

    Here is a solution as to what to do with the unclaimed body of the Boston Bombing Muslim suspect.

  39. Julie Johnson Kraus

    I know, right? I was thinking the same thing.

  40. Daedulus Non

    QUOTE: "the rescue workers noticed vultures circling the area, but they never thought they would find the woman before they did".

    You did NOT think; you assumed based on your utter and complete ignorance of reality.

  41. Daedulus Non

    QUOTE: "the rescue workers noticed vultures circling the area, but they never thought they would find the woman before they did".

    You did NOT think; you assumed based on your utter and complete ignorance of reality.

  42. Anonymous

    Stupid people! We think we're so special. A vulture doesn't differentiate between a dead human or road kill. Why be so shocked about that!

  43. Michèle Greene

    Personally, I think this a nice way to go — it is like a Buddhist Sky Burial, which I had told my ex (a Buddhist) I would honestly want. I love birds, I know I'm in the food chain, I'd be contributing to the circle of life, and would not be pumped up with formaldehyde, painted up, but in a cushy box, and made to look like maybe I'm just asleep for some sort of weird allusion of 'permanence'. It's all 'impermanence', and cyclical.

  44. Terri Adams Blackwood

    Why would the government decide to legally protect an animal if they're just going to let it starve to death by taking away its primary source of food?

  45. Tori Long

    1.000 feet. She wasn't killed by vultures. They don't typically kill animals / people, they eat dead animals / people. It's sad that she fell, not sad that vultures ate her body, simply natural since she was left dead in an area near vultures.

  46. Anonymous

    What!!!!! is this guy on the same planet????????

  47. Walt Ledbetter

    Why is this even reported? The rescuers should have zeroed in on the circling buzzards. They have keen eyes and certainly would have helped the rescuers find the woman's body. Vultures do what vultures do…and they were hungry.

  48. Pamela Pam Verrinder

    I don't see a problem with the Vultures eating her, she was already dead. No one complains when bugs eat dead people in their caskets.

  49. Wendy Reynard

    They need to take the Boston bombers body there and let the vultures eat it. That would solve the problem of where to bury him.

  50. Anonymous

    The Buzzard Tweet repts " Flash Feed at the Cliff " free food, the other white meat………

  51. Michelle Campbell

    That's a sad way to go out. The family can't even give her a proper burial.

  52. Kevin Barvitskie

    Diane – I was going to post that too! I'd love to have a sky burial.. If she was 50+ and still outdoors, she prob had an adventurous sprit.

  53. Michelle Campbell

    Yeah but what is that was your mother or sister? Would you be upset if you couldn't give her a proper burial. I know the animals are just doing what is natural to them, but it's still sad for the lady's family.

  54. Carina Alejandro Gonzalez-Medina

    Its sad though for the family you know the obvious funeral services and no body that sucks….

  55. Bradley Ward

    "Even worms gotta eat." – Josie Wales, outlaw.

  56. Tanya Litherland Hohe

    My prayers go out to family and friends but I am sorry someone is 1000 ft up in the air? they are a glutten for punishment. Why do people insist on putting themselves in harms way? As far as the birds, you going to starve them what u expect?

  57. Coral Kookan

    Vultures do not harm any living creature. The author of this post is misrepresenting the truth. Vultures only consume carrion (Carcasses) and they're not going to discriminate between the carcass of a human being or anything else.

  58. Susan Tinnelly Cinotti

    45 minutes? It took the rescuers 45 minutes to get to her and so 45 minutes for the vultures to devour her mostly excepting shoes, clothes, and SOME bones.. IN 45 MINUTES? Methinks the Franks need to feed the burds.

  59. Anonymous

    I wonder if they all said, "ahhh, tastes like chicken."

  60. Anonymous

    Brandon Lars Always can tell a democrat as they call everyone "Trolls". They get that from the "Let's Be Stupid Playbook".

  61. Phili B Tee

    Vultures are protected species, but farmers have to destroy their food supply? This does not compute!

  62. Sabine Luis

    i remember reading in a book once that a culture believed that to have your body eaten by vultures was the highest respect of a life well-lived.

  63. Colin McLaughlan

    That's what I want to do too. Very hard to find if you are not a member of particular religious group.

  64. Vicki Perizzolo

    Mother Nature has a balance. Animal dies, vulture is the clean up crew. Whichever human made the decision to jigger that up needs to remove that law and let Nature go back to what she does best.

  65. Noe Mi

    I can not believe all these posts I am reading. How insensitive of all of you to say that "she didn't need her body" anymore! I am not perfect. I am far from being perfect. But I would like to see your faces if you are told that a person you care about ( your SON, your MOTHER, your SISTER, your WIFE, your HUSBAND) has died and you can not bury her (or HE) because the corpse was eating by vultures… Have some RESPECT for the pain of the family of this woman.

  66. Reginald Moore

    I hate to sound harsh, but why is this news? Vultures eat dead things.This woman died and was then eaten by vultures.

  67. Jeff Diaz

    Hi Michelle, You make a good point. It's not the nature of the thing, it's our culrural need for a certain way of burial and goodbye, be it cremation or burial underground or fed to wildlife, that's a nice holistic observation.

  68. Christine Hazlett-Allen

    How disrespectful for this woman's family….is this really NEWS? Sad….

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