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Saudi National No Longer Boston Marathon Suspect, May Face Deportation

Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi deportation

1:30 pm UPDATE: Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was asked about the deportation of the Saudi national during a House hearing today. Napolitano was asked if it would be “negligence” to deport an individual who was considered a person of interest in the Boston Marathon bombing just several days ago. The Homeland Security Secretary denied any knowledge a deportation plan. She also refused to answer the question about negligence because she felt it was full of “misapprehensions.”

Senator Rand Paul stated he would look into the Saudi national deportation claims during an interview with Glenn Beck. Senator Paul also stated that more scrutiny must be used when foreign students arrive in America.

The Saudi national briefly identified as a Boston Marathon person of interest will allegedly be deported on Tuesday. Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi will allegedly be deported on “security and related grounds.”

President Barack Obama met with Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal at the White House yesterday. The meeting was not on President Obama’s “public scheduled,” according to a Reuters report.

“The president and Prince Saud al-Faisal reaffirmed a strong partnership between the United States and Saudi Arabia and discussed developments in the region,” White House spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said.

Sources from the Saudi Embassy and the FBI allegedly told The Blaze that the Saudi national is “connected” to an important family in Saudi Arabia. An “event” or file was supposedly created on the man once reportedly considered a person of interest in the Boston Marathon bombings. The file reportedly contains a deportation record. The reasons for deportation are allegedly noted under ICE section 2123B. The section reportedly pertains to “terrorist activities” and security and related grounds.

One source allegedly stated that a voluntary departure form has now been signed. The file supposedly notes that the young man wants to go home. If such a scenario did take place, the Saudi national would be able to leave the United States immediately. The deportation file on the student briefly linked to the Boston bombings investigation has reportedly been declared classified.

Shoebat, a blog run by Walid Shoebat, recently published two images of a man smiling inside a hospital. The supposed photos of Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi also appeared in a report on an Arabic language news website.

As has been observed over the past few days, the investigation is deemed “fluid.” The Inquisitr notes that, as such, any information from unconfirmed or single-sources should be treated skeptically until verified through official channels.

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12 Responses to “Saudi National No Longer Boston Marathon Suspect, May Face Deportation”

  1. Thomas J Hein

    I can't help but question: was he a suspect for the bombings because he was Saudi Arabian, or because there was solid evidence pointing to him being the culprit? It's suspicious enough he was deported right after being taken in as a suspect, but I can't let go of the possibility he was accused solely because of his nationality.

  2. Anonymous

    its a war zone. He was right there. He has links to the two brothers. Think they need to keep him around for due process.

  3. Löhr Brooks

    Smells Extremely Fishy! More of Barry's shady, back room deals!

  4. Edward David Whitcomb

    I remember 911 and Bush flew the bin Laden family home from 'the ranch' in Texas, but all flights were grounded for the rest of us. Now that was an amazing administration!

  5. Edward David Whitcomb

    Geo. W. Bush had the Bin Ladens as house guests and flew them home when all flights were shut off because of 911. Did the American public know Osama was behind the attack at the time?

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