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Boston Marathon Explosion: Dozens Allegedly Injured Or Dead

three dead at boston marathon

5:16 UPDATE: The alleged Boston Marathon suspect is reportedly being guarded as a “person of interest.” The individual has reportedly been taken into custody for questioning. Boston law enforcement officers do not yet know for sure if he could be a victim or a legitimate suspect. A total of 100 people are allegedly being treated for injuries at area hospital. An explosives team is reportedly on the way to the Massachusetts Statehouse.

5:00 UPDATE: During the first Boston Marathon explosion press conference. officials stated that they are currently treating the JFK Library fire as possibly related. Law enforcement officers also noted than many witnesses dropped bags and packages after the explosion. Those packages are all being treated as suspicious and being inspected by OED experts. The Boston Marathon explosion is currently being referred to a an “incident.” Law enforcement officers do not yet know if the explosions were possibly the result of either domestic or international terrorism.

4:37 UPDATE: An alleged suspect in the Boston Marathon explosions has supposedly been identified and is being held at the hospital, according to Fox News breaking updates. The alleged suspect is supposedly being treated for shrapnel wounds. The alleged suspect is supposedly a 20-year-old Saudi national. The supposed person of interest allegedly has severe burns to part of his body.

The FAA has established a no-fly zone over the marathon parade route. The latest victim toll has been updated to possibly 12 dead and nearly 50 injured, according to the New York Post. Those numbers have not been confirmed.

4:21 UPDATE: Intelligence officials stated that two more explosive devices were found near the Boston Marathon route. The devices are currently being dismantled, according to the Associated Press report. The Boston Police Department is now reportedly “aggressively” moving people away from the Boston explosion area and the marathon route. Law enforcement officers are allegedly telling people that anyone nearby could be in danger.

4:00 PM UPDATE: A total of 10 Boston Marathon explosion victims at Massachusetts General have had limbs amputated, according to Fox News live coverage. A suspicious package was allegedly found at the Mandarin Hotel. A total of 19 people are currently being treated at Massachusetts General Hospital.

The Boston Marathon explosions reportedly went off about four hours into the men’s race, meaning there were still thousands of runners left along the route.

Two explosions occurred near the Boston Marathon finish line. Two large booms were reportedly heard as the explosion happened. Details about the incident are still unfolding. There is currently no word yet about injuries. Live images from the Boston Marathon streaming on Fox News show many bystanders running and numerous emergency responders rushing to help.

The Boston Marathon explosions reportedly did not take place simultaneously. One witness associated with the race stated that dozens of people have been seriously injured. During the live news footage, a man can be heard saying, “All my God … they are dead” when looking about victims beneath a barrier.

Some preliminary and unconfirmed reports say marathon explosion victims lost limps. A Boston police update shared on Fox News said that three people have now been confirmed dead. Two storefronts were allegedly damaged in the blasts.

The scene at the Boston Marathon remains very chaotic and emergency responders are still trying to remove victims. Cell service has been overloaded in the area. Witnesses are reporting seeing a “flash” explosion followed by a flume of orange-tinged smoke.

Boston police officers are allegedly now looking for a secondary device. One male witness told reporters that a leg flew past his head. The man reportedly took off his belt to use as tourniquet. Unconfirmed reports from witnesses also indicate that rifle or shotgun shells were also found near the Boston Marathon explosion. Some on-scene believe the pieces of metal found were more than likely ball bearings and not shells.

Boston Marathon Live Stream

Some runners supposedly feel that there were two bombs, but that information remains unconfirmed. Windows on a second floor in a building near where most of the carnage occurred were also supposedly blown out, according to witnesses.

Check back with The Inquisitr for more information about the Boston Marathon explosion as information becomes available.

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44 Responses to “Boston Marathon Explosion: Dozens Allegedly Injured Or Dead”

  1. Rachel Si King

    Can someone tell me who runs this website? I am officially un-liking this page. Terrible spelling and grammar and reporting "facts" from unconfirmed sources. I would suggest not using sensationalism and stick to solid information.

  2. Ilene Konyack

    So all you idiots that voted for gun regulation, what are you going to do about fertilizer and other bomb building equipment. You are all a big joke!

  3. Ilene Konyack

    So all you idiots that voted for gun regulation, what are you going to do about fertilizer and other bomb building equipment. You are all a big joke!

  4. Stephanie Sarabia

    Is this really the time to say these things? People have been injured and you turn this political so quickly? You're demented. Please get some help.

  5. Heidi Lynn Latour

    Who cares about misspellings and wrong grammar? People are hurt, some may be dead. Have a heart. If you don't like it don't read the posts. It's easy enough to block the page. You're the one who "liked" it. Go unlike it if you choose but don't be so nasty. It's called sending thoughts and prayers for the victims. Hoping they catch who ever hurt them. Not nitpicking how the story is typed out.

  6. Chantal Whittingham

    I hope they have caught the people tht did it and but then away so they don't have to do it again some where else and pray for all the victims

  7. Nick G

    How a out fuck you. Obama should be all over tv right now dealing with it.

  8. Jacalyn Engler

    this is sad and should not be used by small minded hateful idiots to blame their fellow Americans.

  9. Jacalyn Engler

    believe it or not not all those injured opr killed were nice conservatives like you.

  10. Stephanie Sarabia

    Excuse me people have been killed. Pray for the families and people who have been injured. There is a time and place to do the political bashing, this is not the time.

  11. Rose Oliveras

    Hey Nick leave ovomit where ever he's at. He just going to invent some lies. He must be very busy trying get rid of the second amendment!!

  12. Steve Ritzinger

    Fox News just loves this type of carnage. It's what they sell. Front row tickets to the deaths of our friends and neighbors -all this and more hype for just a few of your dollars.

  13. David McCallister

    We'd better outlaw bombs now….oh wait, they are already illegal. I wonder what blooming door and obozo have to say?

  14. Viva Barbarella

    Everybody write to Anousheh Ansari. She is a Muslim Astronaut and a successful entrepreneur. Tell her to start space industries in Arab countries and train more Astronauts from the middle east, or else.

  15. Viva Barbarella

    Everyone please write to the ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), ask them to terraform Mars and Ganymede for you. There are many space agencies throughout the world.

  16. Ilene Konyack

    I realize people were hurt,Stephanie,and I prayed for them and still do. Everyone knew what I was getting at, had nothing to do with being political, it was about all the peoples rights being taken away from them. Calling me demented with Alice and Wonderland as your cover picture? Now what are you smoking and what color is the rabbit?

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