Screaming Goat Mistaken For Man

Goat Mistaken As Man Yelling For Help In Tennessee

A screaming goat was recently mistaken as a man yelling for help by police in Tennessee.

A concerned citizen in Putnam County decided to call police after the woman heard screaming in the neighborhood. She told dispatchers that she thought someone was yelling the word “help.” 911 operators reportedly heard the screams through the phone.

Officers expected the worst when they arrived at the location of the shouting on Wednesday afternoon. It was then that authorities discovered a screaming goat had been mistaken as a man yelling for help.

Police discovered the one-year-old goat tied to a fence in the yard. The animal was reportedly screaming because it had been separated from the other animals.

“He’s used to being with the other goats and we separated him, I guess he didn’t want to be alone so he wanted to get back with the other goats,” his owner explained to WTVF.

“It almost sounded like a chimpanzee to be honest with you and then you could mistake that for a woman screaming, ya’ know what I mean? Or like a nagging woman, I don’t know,” a neighbor who lives across the street from the goat explained.

Police let the woman who placed the 911 call know that everyone was okay. They informed the woman that she had heard a goat instead of a man yelling for help.

Authorities said they have to take every single 911 call seriously. Although it turned out to be just a goat in this particular instance, they have to investigate every call for help they receive.

Screaming Goat Mistaken For Yelling Man

A similar incident reportedly happened in the area last fall. Authorities received a call that someone was desperately yelling for help. Officers discovered a goat tangled in a fence when they arrived on the scene.

Since goats can often sound like humans, they tend to fool folks into thinking someone is crying for help. Screaming goats have also been featured in a number of viral videos in recent days.

What do you think about the screaming goat that was mistaken as a man yelling for help?

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