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Surviving The Apocalypse: Author Ron Foster Talks Post-Disaster Strategies

It is difficult to go a single day without reading or watching a news broadcast that mentions EMP attack threats by North Korea or fluctuating solar flare predictions. One of the most prepared men in America, Ron Foster, sat down with The Inquisitr to discuss survival tactics and the possibility of civil unrest after a disaster occurs. Ron Foster is a post-apocalyptic author who specializes in electromagnetic pulse and survival fiction.

He is an emergency manager and author of the Prepper Trilogy. Foster has a plethora of both academic credentials and real-life experience in managing disasters. He holds seven graduates certificates. Foster’s training courses include, Global Security and Terrorism Studies, Administrative Science, Emergency Management Administration, Law and Public Safety, Displaced Persons, School Security and Safety Administration, and Non-Profit Organization.

IQ – Concerns about solar flares and an EMP attack from North Korea continue to make headlines. Food shortages and long-term storage are always among the top priorities for preppers, survivalists, and homesteading families. As a supporter of the “it takes a community” preparedness mindset, what suggestions can you give for not becoming a victim should such a natural or man-made tragedy occur?

RF – I think that far too many preppers are fixated upon “prep secrecy or OPSEC” because they believe that telling anyone, anything about your food stores or views on preparedness is a huge mistake. Now I am totally in favor of applying basic common sense OPSEC, but the fact remains that it is also extremely important to begin building a like-minded community before a disaster strikes.

Let’s look at it another way, most disasters will not result in a total break down of society. It takes grains and legumes for even a minimalist diet for an impoverished country of folks to survive after the preps run out. You better be thinking on whose land you are going to plant that can of wheat you have stored, as well as how many people it will take to contribute labor to the effort rather than how you’re going to shoot the first person that tries to take it. Organize to protect the field and granary the community will need to survive after you donated that can of wheat to jump start the effort back to recovery.

IQ – Instead of going through a mid-life crisis, you basically went through a massive mid-life career change. After earning a living as a gemologist, serving our country as both an Air Force Airman and as an Army soldier, you earned a Bachelor of Science degree with an emergency management specialty at the age of 50. All of this in addition to a Master of Administration Science and a Master of Human Services. Given your extensive military and emergency management background, what advice would you give folks concerned about civil unrest after a disaster?

soar flares